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EPISODE 142 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today I’m giving you a strategy about how to get your book up on Amazon – ​before it’s written
It’s called a “PRE-LAUNCH.” And you get to PARTNER with a BILLION DOLLAR  COMPANY. That company is AMAZON. You don’t need a website. You don’t need a  shopping cart. You don’t need ANYTHING… except, what I call the 3D’s:

1. DESIGN your cover
2. DESCRIBE your book
3. Pick a DATE.

Well, the only other thing you probably need, is some HELP, to make sure your book is BADASS and make sure you turn it into your MOST POWERFUL MARKETING tool.

Details about that here: ​www.EpicAuthor.com (check out the FREE TRAINING) 


If you could partner with a BILLION Dollar company who would offer you FREE  MARKETING help to promote you and your best ideas, what would you do? 

Guess what BILLION DOLLAR company I’m talking about?

“You can get your book up on Amazon before it’s written…” – Trevor Crane

You can get your book up on Amazon before it’s written.


Are you ready to PRE-LAUNCH your book on Amazon? ​If so, follow the following instructions.​ If not, visit: ​​www.EpicAuthor.com

1. Design your book cover.​ (Check out my episode on this, to help you create a  GREAT TITLE. Click this link: ​https://www.trevorcrane.com/how-to-title-your-book/​ )

2. Describe your book.​ Ask and answer these 4 questions:

a. Who is the book for?
b. What is it about?
c. Why would people care?
d. What do you want them to do next?

3. Pick a date.​ Amazon will give you a maximum of 90 days to get your book done.  Or to make it REALLY EASY, let Epic Author Publishing do the hard-work for you.

Details: ​​www.EpicAuthor.com


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On a regular basis, I have people ask me how to publish their book, how to get  their book up on Amazon, how to make it alive, how to go ahead and get all that done. Let’s talk about that.
Today I’m going to share with you a strategy on how to get your book up on  Amazon before it’s written. And the subject of today’s episode is called pre launch, HOW  TO PRE LAUNCH YOUR BOOK ON AMAZON. 
I know you’re gonna love the show. 


Okay, so this is a strategy that I learned from my mentor, my first book mentor  that kind of hooked me up and said, Okay, stop doing those things like this is really  important. If your gift my mentor, he said, Hey, brother, and I got this from his coaching  his course and his community.  

He didn’t actually say these specific words to me, I want to be clear. So when you  buy somebody, a coaching program, when you buy somebody is community when you  buy access to their health, I think you should care learn from their shit. You don’t have to  actually be on a private conversation with them to be able to have them tell you this, so,  but I learned it through him. So I still got it through him.  

Okay, so I’m giving it to you. Now. I hope what I give you right now you use that’s  the only thing I’m going to give. As far as a pregame here. It’s a waste of time. If you  listen to what I’m about to share with you. And you don’t use it. However,you’re anything  like me, I’m going to say one more thing. If you’re anything like me, you might need more  help. 
Like I needed the whole program, the whole protocol, you know, just giving me  one piece to the puzzle wasn’t my answer. I needed all the pieces of the puzzle and the  whole damn map.  

So when I say I’m going to give you exactly how to do it, you absolutely can do it.  But if it’s only feeling like you don’t have the whole, the whole puzzle, the whole map, I  get it, because that’s what I needed. I needed more help someone to hold my hand and be accountable with me and, and give me the team that I needed access to.  

That’s why I created my epic author publishing company. Okay. So you know,  you’ve already guys that help if you need it. But let’s get into how to get your book up on  Amazon, and how to use this strategy of pre launching. Because it’s really cool. And I’m  not going to hold anything back. But I’m going to be really brief too, because we don’t  have to go into this long. It’s just, this is how you do it. It’s really simple.  

So number one, you can upload your book to Amazon partner with them as a  billion dollar company. Now listen to that, you can upload your book on Amazon, they  want to sell you your stuff, I want to tell you, I don’t know that they sell humans, but they  want to sell your book.  

And they would love to go ahead and handle all of the logistics. They will even if  you properly keyword your book and put it in the right categories, even before it’s written just your book idea and concept, you can put it up on Amazon. And they’ll sell it  for you and the market it for you. And they’ll promote it for you. And they’ll try to end  they’ll collect the money for you. 
And they’ll pay you your percentage got two choices. When you upload your book  on Amazon, you can put it up for I think they pay you 30% or 70% of what you sell it for.  So you get to pick and it is based on I don’t even understand the wide the distinction  really between them all. 
If it’s if it’s under a certain amount of money, you’re only allowed to get 30%. And  if it’s over a certain amount of money on it gets you can you can get 70%. So it actually  depends on how much you sell your book for. For right now. Let’s just say you put it up  and you put it up for 10 bucks. He really simple Okay, put it up for 10 bucks.  

I typically have my authors put their books up for $20 when the pre launch  because when we’re pre launching, we’re establishing our book up on Amazon. And  we’re making a declaration to the world. And we’re doing some promotion. And we tell  people Oh my God, look, my book is up there.  

And we put it up initially to just make sure we figured out all the logistics. And  you get to test your market with Amazon when your book is available for pre launch. It’s  just a description of your book. And it’s a cover. And what they also asked you to do is  come up with a date.  

Now, I mentioned this before as well. My other podcasts that had this in my  course and program and I go into every little element step and detail here. But all you got  to really do to get your book up logistically before you contact Amazon and upload it is  you need to get what I call the 3D’s.

Okay, ​design your cover​, ​describe your book​ and ​pick a date​. That’s it.

So if you’re listening right now, and you want to write and you want to get a book  up on Amazon, and you want to be how to blank how to tie your shoes, how to do this  how to do that. And a great title by the way, could be how to blank without blank.  

Okay, that’s a really good title. And I have a an episode I did just recently about  how to pick a great title. And if you go back and look at that, I go into some detail as  walking around target. And I did a video where I was looking at other pick up their titles. And I said that you can do the same thing.
And you can go watch that episode. And you can kind of come up with some cool  titles based on number one best selling titles. And then you kind of tweak it to make it  yours. So now if you title your title your book, you don’t need to just upload it or not  uploaded to answer these three days. 
So now you’ve got the How to blank without blank or you’ve modeled the four  hour workweek and you’ve made your seven our abs or whatever your thing is. Okay.  See, I did that it’s except four hour workweek. And I changed the number and I changed  the deliverable the four hour workweek turned into the seven our abs, I got a book title.

Now the 3D’s design a cover and if you go to ​trevorcrane.com/resources​ and a lot  of free resources there. And that’s where I have my design places I go for design, and you  can find them all there. I could give you a ton more links. And going I go here, go here, go  here, go to ​trevorcrane.com/resources​, there’s some free stuff there, you can go ahead  and find and then pick design. And you can pick one of those links.  

And whether you spend a little bit of money five bucks, or hundred bucks or 1000  bucks, you can find some options on getting your covered up. Or you can just design it on  your own. And I have a cover. Okay, so that is the design your cover.  

The next thing is to describe your book. So describe your book, you already know  the title. And then answer four questions when I’m looking at how to design my cover and look at my description. And it’s 
1. Who is the book for?
2. What is it about?
3. Why would people care?
4. What do you want them to do next? 

So if I think about the top 10 problems, top 10 results that people want that I’m  going to answer in a book and you write that stuff down. And then the fourth question is, what do you want them to do next?
And if you ask and answer those four questions, and if you need to pause this  podcast and go back and write those down, those are the four questions or go read the  transcript. And you’ll see that I’ve got those questions right now for you from today’s  show. Those are the four questions you ask and answer. 

And if you can do that in your description, you’ve now described your book. And  now the last thing you need is just to pick a date and the date for us the day that you  upload your book to Amazon. But you also want to look at the date that your book is finally going to be delivered because this is a pre launch which is a pre sale.
And so in order to presale your book resell your book, you have to promise  Amazon that you’re going to deliver this book within a certain timeframe. So when  you’re looking at the date element, it’s okay are you going to do this on a Saturday, you  can figure out how to upload it next Saturday.
And you’re going to have your book up because it’s just the description and I’ll ask  you to put up a file of your cover a file of your summer in description of your book as  you’re like working manuscript even though it just a short description. So okay. And you  know, they’ll when you put it up there, they say, when do you want to deliver this book. 

Now, this is where the rubber meets the road. This is where it can be really scary,  because you’re like, Oh, I know, I got to write this sucker. And the answer is, yes. So I  typically don’t advise that you do all of the things I just described, until you figured out  like how to write your book and get the path and the plan to write a frickin great book  and make sure that you get it done really quickly.
Because it can be very overwhelming. One of my clients right now sent me a message recently, and she was kind of freaking out. She’s like, Hey, I only have three  months left to get my book done. She spent three months in promotion, trying to grow  her business, adding new clients, interviewing people doing some cool things for her business and her brand. 
She’s like, Trevor, I only have three months left. I still have to pre launch I still  have to set the right man books that have it edited format it I’m like, Hey, girl, just  remember day one. We talked about this, that you this was this was the process. This is  the process, I suggest you can totally get this done. You’ve done so much work. I  understand. You’re nervous. You’re putting pressure on yourself. 
But my daughter is nervous about entering the sixth grade. Like it’s freaking her  out. And I know she can handle it. And you can handle it too.  

So I work with my clients for typically six months, if not a year. I’ve got two  programs ones, that six month program and one’s a 12 month program. And I help them  throughout that process. Just do one step at a time. That doesn’t mean you won’t feel  pressure to get your book down. You totally will doesn’t mean that you have to kill you  though it’s not hard.  

Like my daughter still goes to school the same hour, she went last year for the  most part. And she gets a little bit of homework when she comes home. Not that  overwhelming. But she freaked out because it’s new. And when you’re becoming an  author, it freaks us out as well.  

And sometimes when you’re looking at getting your book done, I know that myself  at a whole lot wrapped up in and I didn’t want to look stupid, and I want my book to be  awesome. And I needed help, which is why I provide that help.  

But real quickly. We’re just about at the end of this. I’m just kind of telling you  what else to expect. If you upload your book on Amazon like I just described that is you  picking a date, they give you 90 days at maximum to get your book done. Like I said, and  now your book can be up and gives you 90 days to write it.  

Now my clients typically write their book in 30 days or less. I spend the first  month or two or three helping them with marketing and promotion and turning their  book into the most powerful marketing tool. And then getting clarity around the message  and adding clients about an around their message that they can showcase results for inside the book so that they’re so congruent around their content.
And I help them with a table of contents. The structure of a great story is and I do  all that stuff with you in our on our ethic author publishing program. But for you, since  all we’re really talking about today is just how to get your book up on Amazon. That’s  about it on the logistics of how to go to Amazon to find out how to upload it and do all.
That I would just advise that you invest in epic author publishing will help you or  you can go to YouTube, and you can probably Google how to do it, you can probably go  on to Amazon, you can search and they’ll probably have some how to is about how to do  it. 
I will say that if you want to become a number one bestseller, there are some  logistics when it comes to the actually what buttons to press when you upload your book  on Amazon that if you if you click the wrong button. If you don’t do that if you click I  don’t even know which ones they are anymore. 
Because I have someone on my team who’s our Amazon expert. And she does this  for us. Because if you click the wrong button, and you think it makes total sense, click a  button and say, Oh, my book is going to be like this, my book is going to be like that you can take yourself you cannot kind of hurt yourself when it comes to positioning your  book to become a number one bestseller, because you lose some control. And I don’t  remember which buttons you’ve got to click.  

But again, the cool thing is an epic author publishing will show you how I there’s a  module in my program shows you which buttons to click, and which ones not the  collective so that you are still positions so you can do some phenomenal marketing for  your book and you can move put your book everywhere on the problem is, is that there’s  a difference between marketing your book only on Amazon and having the ability to  market your book everywhere. 

So I don’t know about you. But this is pretty exciting stuff. You know, I thought the  publishing my book was really hard. And there are a lot of hard elements of making  something amazing. It typically takes a group of people to build an amazing house you  know, you’re there’s rarely just one guy or one gal that’s out there with hammer figuring  it out. 
So I don’t recommend you do it on your own not as you’re going to be really impressed with the final result. But I’m pretty excited that you now have the the How to  when it comes to how to put your book up on Amazon and use the power of this how to  pre launch your book on Amazon and you now understand one of the rules when it  comes to you have up to 90 days to get her done.  

Now the last thing I’ll go ahead and tease here and maybe tomorrow record a  podcast about how to become a number one bestseller is that he I like to do some  promotion to go ahead and position my book when the upload it so that it becomes a  number one bestseller and have a whole bunch of people go buy my book.  

I mean why put your book up on Amazon if nobody’s going to find it and read it  now like I said Amazon will do some marketing for you. But you’ve got to help them out.  Like if you don’t meet their algorithm if you don’t properly position your book on their  platform, they’re not going to know how to promote you and support you. 

And they’re not going to double down on their marketing for you where they will  actually send messages to people I send emails to people who have bought similar books  like yours who are searching for topics like yours. 

And then we’ll go ahead and say hey this is a hot new release you should go get it  like isn’t that cool you can do this just in the United States you can you do this across all  their platforms across the whole world so it’s pretty cool. I’m going to talk about that  tomorrow because I think you might like that.
And then I highly suggest that you get some help with this whole process instead  of trying to do it yourself today is definitely a very simplistic description of how to but it  is a very accurate one so I love you can’t wait to talk to you can’t wait to meet you in Epic  author publishing. If you haven’t done so lately, check out our new webinar at epicauthor.com​.

And I can’t wait to see you on another daily dose of greatness quest.
To get even more awesomeness, which means all my best stuff, download my app by texting ​Trevor​ to ​36260​. It will show up right on your cell phone.