For a decade, I’ve been helping business owners and entrepreneurs monetize their message.

If you want to help more people and STAND OUT from your competition, this message is for you!

Here’s the TRUTH:

Writing and marketing the “right” book is the best way to grow your brand and business.

But just having a book isn’t going to cut it.

Here’s the LIE:

There is a misconception that “If you build it (write it), they will come.”

The problem is, you’re not Kevin Costner and you don’t live in the Field of Dreams.

For 20-years, I failed to write a book.

I set a goal each year to get it done, and I failed.

I wasted hours spinning my wheels, believing I should do it on my own.


Every successful author had an “army of advocates” who helped make their book amazing.

Nobody creates something “extraordinary” alone.

If you want proof, look at the “acknowledgments” in the book of any author. You’ll find “tons” of other people who helped make it happen.

Once I understood this, I found the “right” mentor to get my book done.

Better than that, I 10X’d my income in less than 12 months.

This changed my world!

What would 10Xing your income mean to you?

Here are 5 ways to monetize YOUR book:

1. Use Pre-Promotion

I call this a “declaration.” Announce to the world what you’re about to do. Letting people know what’s coming and pre-selling are strategies used by millionaires and billionaires across industries.

A great example is Elon Musk. He promoted his new car with the amazing features it would have, 2 years into the future! He simply announced it was coming! He openly admitted they hadn’t built the factory that would build the batteries for the car. And then, he pre-sold over 325,000 cars in a week!

HERE’S THE SECRET: Tell the world what’s coming. Build a desire for what you’re about to create. This way, when the book is ready, you’ll already have people clamoring to work with you and buy more of your stuff!

2. Conduct Book Interviews

This is one of the most powerful, and underutilized strategies at your disposal.

It’s time to put on your “author hat” and interview the coolest people you can find.

I suggest you target prospects, peers, and promotional partners.

PROSPECTS are your target audience for your book, products, and services.

PEERS are other amazing people in your space.

PROMOTIONAL PARTNERS are leaders who have the “attention” of your ideal audience.

Find a hungry audience, ask them what they want, give it to them.

Think of yourself as Sherlock Holmes.

Dig deep to find “challenges” they’re facing and learn the “language” they use to describe how it makes them feel.

Discover the “problems” your avatar has and “results” they want.

Remember, you haven’t written your book yet.

This is your opportunity to “research” and test what you’re going to create – BEFORE you write an encyclopedia about it.

At the end of every interview, you should either schedule a followup “discovery call” (for good prospects you can help); or an “introduction” to someone else, when you’re talking to a promotional partner.

Here are 7-Magic-Words to set that up:

“Would you like my help with that?” Or, “Who do you know I can interview?”

Success Tip: When talking to peers and promotional partners, choose established people who “already” have your audience’s attention and collaborate with them!

Discover win-win-win ways to build your businesses/brands together.

3. Build Your Book Launch Team

You’ve told the world you’re writing a book and started connecting with top dogs in your industry. Now build momentum by asking interviewees to help launch your book.

I like to create a simple Facebook group. Inviting people to join, gives you an easy way to connect with key supporters, and keep them engaged.

The “channel” of communication doesn’t matter; whether you use Facebook, LinkedIn, or something else.

Assemble your “army of book advocates” who will promote and test your content to make your book a hit!

4. Offer A Course, Coaching, or Consulting Program

If your book was a religious text, the services you offer would be the church.

Most authors think the “information” in their book is enough to move people. The most successful authors and influencers in the world know the real secret is “implementation.”

Consider what you can offer to help people implement strategies in your book. Provide multiple ways to better serve your clients and help them get results.

Don’t be afraid to presell and pre-promote your new program.

Here’s a foundational question you can use to craft a new offer to wow your audience: “How can I best serve my client, and increase my freedom?” Consider what they want, and how you can help them get fast results.

5. Build Your Book Funnel

A funnel is a predetermined set of steps you lead a visitor through towards the desired result. Consider an example of the Amazon purchase funnel. A visitor on Amazon has a few simple steps to go through before they can purchase a product.

A book funnel is a website where you point people to learn more about your book. It’s also a way you can introduce them to the products/services you offer to help them implement the promises made in your book.

In the beginning, this can be a simple page saying, “My book is coming soon! Enter your email for updates.” You can create a more complex funnel that gives access to content, webinars, checklists, etc. so you can add new clients to your business.


Writing a book isn’t the most obvious way to “monetize” your brand, and that’s what makes this strategy so great…

Nobody else is doing it!

I call this “Epic Ninja Marketing.”

EPIC: It creates phenomenal goodwill for you and your brand.

NINJA: Nobody sees it as marketing.

It’s a great way to attract and convert your perfect customer!

WARNING: If you do the steps in the wrong order or fail to put in the work, your book will sit on the shelf – useless.

LAST THING: I really believe that you’re a badass.

You probably have a dozen books inside you. And, I believe you have a “responsibility” to share your gifts with people in the world who need your message.

Your message is my mission.


Make a difference.
Leave a legacy.
Change the world.