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10-Time #1 Bestselling Author, Advisor, Speaker and the Founder of Epic Author Publishing.


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Hi, I’m Trevor.

I’m an entrepreneur, author and speaker dedicated to helping you take your life and your business to the next level. For over a decade, I’ve worked relentlessly to help entrepreneurs around the world re-design their businesses so they can have the time and money freedom they deserve…. without doing stuff that sucks.

I have a special passion for helping service-based businesses, consultants, coaches, authors and speakers take their businesses to the next level–no matter how successful you already are.

One of my favorite things to do is host my podcast, and online TV show called Greatness Quest, where I interview extraordinary business owners and “extract” their secrets of success so you can quickly apply them in your own business.


I was born the son of a horseshoer in Phoenix, AZ. Growing up, my family struggled to put food on the table, and pay the bills. When I was 7 years old, I heard that great, great grandfather had made millions of dollars. I looked around me, and wondered where it went. I knew we were poor.

I knew it, because my parents fought about money, we were always told “we can’t afford that,” and all the rich kids I had as friends all had stuff I didn’t. I decided then, that I would learn how to “make millions” and re-build the family fortune. (I don’t know if I’ve built that “fortune” yet… but I’m working on it.)

When I looked around me, I quickly learned that the best way to do that, was to have your own business.

Here’s a little timeline…

  • In 2016, we are living life without limits.
  • In 2015, my wife, my daughter, and I published 7 #1 bestselling books. (The 3 Ninja Kitties is my favorite)
  • In 2014, my team and I helped our clients generate more than $13 million in bottom line profits. (Nice)
  • In 2011, I married my little honey-bunny, Robyn Crane. (We were married on 11-11-11)
  • In 2009, I filed a $2.2 Million dollar bankruptcy. (Don’t try this at home)
  • In 2001-2008, I made more money than I’d ever made in my life. (Definitely try this at home)
  • In 1998, I had 2 kids hit by lightening on my boat. (It’s a long story, but they survived)
  • In 1994, I traveled the world. (I highly recommend this)
  • In 1993, I graduated from college. (I played soccer and college Rugby)
  • In 1989, I graduated from high school. (Yes, I had a mullet)
  • in 1974, I started my first business. (I sold rocks, but missed the whole Pet-Rock “bubble”)
  • In 1971, I was born. (Yeah… do the math.)


One of my favorite things in the world, is to be in front of a room, and give my heart and soul to help people transform their lives. When I’m given the chance to show up and deliver, I promise you, I’ll give you everything I’ve got – and a bag of chips. The next couple of sentences are written in the third person, as if you didn’t know it was “me” who was writing it. (Sneaky.)

When you have Trevor speak at your event, you can trust that your audience will receive world-class content delivered in a wildly engaging manner that electrifies audiences into fast action. Trevor’s hilarious, high energy interaction is as entertaining as it is educational.

With a relentless focus on RESULTS, Trevor is committed to helping your group to succeed. Interactive Processes are coupled with Comprehensive Material that illustrate every concept he teaches. Audiences get to see real-world examples, translated into templates and guides that participants can customize to their lives and their business.

Most of all, Trevor Crane is loaded with passion. Whether he’s speaking in front of an audience or consulting business owners and executives, Trevor gives his heart and soul to help people achieve the results they desire. He transforms the “complicated” into simple-to-understand and easy-to-implement steps that anyone can apply.

In an industry where most speakers spend all day selling you something rather than training you, Trevor breaks the mold. With a focus on SERVING versus SELLING, Trevor is a Master Trainer who transforms the “complicated” into “SIMPLE AND ACTIONABLE STEPS” that anyone can apply.


Why books?

Well, I believe that they are one of the best ways we can make a difference, leave a legacy, and grow our businesses. For your business, there is no more powerful tool to build your Credibility, Authority, Trust and Desire to get people to want to work with you.

That’s why I think you need a book. ?

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I’ve had some ups, and I’ve had some downs.

A couple of times in my life, I earned millions in the three different businesses I started in pretty different industries: marketing, tourism and environmental protection. But then, I lost everything. Twice. (Not something I’d recommend.) The most painful time was when I filed a $2.2 Million dollar bankruptcy. While I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, it ended up being one of the greatest gifts of my life. (If you hang-out with me long enough, or read one of my books, you’ll probably find out why I think that’s the case.) It’s not where we start in life, that matters. Our failures, even our successes, don’t define us.
I believe we are all put on this earth to make a difference. Every day I go out and do my best to do just that.


Whenever I’m not working you can find me with my wife Robyn, my daughter Phoenix and our dog Moxie.

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