The secret to living is giving…
One of the things we love, and get to enjoy as a family is giving back. Each year we choose to donate not only our money, but our time, our energy and our hearts to help transform lives.

We believe that there are countless ways that people in need can benefit from the generosity of others. One of our family motto: Make More to Give More.

Mexico (2012)
During our family vacation in Mexico, we delivered meals, backpacks and supplies to 250 families, supporting a non-Profit organization called Desayunos para los Ninos de Vallarta (Breakfast for the Children of Puerto Vallarta).

We also continued our contributions at “The Dump” in Vallarta, giving aid to the families there as a family. This place is literally a garbage dump, where whole families live and work in the city dump overlooking the resort of Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico. Families go there to rummage through trash to find things to sell, use or eat. Though it was difficult to see, it was heartwarming to see smiling faces receiving the sandwiches and backpacks with deep gratitude. Our 5 year old daughter, having never seen this depth of poverty before was timid, but proud of giving them a better Christmas.

SurfAid (2012)
While on a trip in Australia, we had the opportunity to meet the founder of SurfAid, Dr. Dave Jenkins and were incredibly moved by his story and the foundation he created which has been given several humanitarian awards.

Dave founded SurfAid, after a surfing trip in 1999 to the Mentawai Islands. As a physician he witnessed women and children dying from malaria, malnutrition and inadequate living standards, (preventable and treatable diseases).

Committed to becoming a part of the solution, we supported a 300 person village by funding a Malaria Prevention Program.

Panama (2011)
While we were on our honeymoon in Panama, we passed a little hut on the side of the road, oozing with children. It was the day before Christmas. As we talked with them, we had an idea… So the next day, we played the role of Mrs. and Mr. Clause, bringing the 2 families boxes and bags of food, shoes and wrapped presents and toys. While our honeymoon was amazing, this day was by far the best day of our trip.
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