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EPISODE 139 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Crappy title? Crappy book. Great title, great book. Let’s face it, people do judge a book by it’s cover.

So today’s show is about HOW TO TITLE YOUR BOOK. ​So it’s awesome. ​Let’s get it done. 


How do you pick an amazing title for your book?

“You’ll probably change the title of your book at least 10 times. And that’s okay.” – Trevor Crane

You’ll probably change the title of your book at least 10 times, and that’s okay.


Go to a bookstore and find book titles that you love. (Or go online.) 

At first, choose at least 20 titles. Then, make them your own. Insert YOUR content, into the title, so that it makes sense, and sounds good.  

Now, take those 20 titles, and narrow down the best of the best into your top 10. 
Next, share them on social media. Get some feedback. See if people like your title, and your subtitle and the description of your book.  


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Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. This is Trevor Crane. And today  is a video episode and we’re going to be talking about how to pick the right title for your  book. 
How do you pick an amazing title? That’s gonna be the subject of today’s episode  and if you’re only listening to this on audio make sure that you can check us out on  YouTube by ​trevorcrane.tv​ to go ahead and get right to our channel. Check out trevorcrane.com​ for all of our stuff.

I know you’re gonna love the show.

So today I am here in Target. And I am in the ryan all the back to school stuff for  my daughter. So we’re getting pens and dividers and paper. And I just stopped in the  book section because I thought this is a great place to share with you how you can come  up with an amazing book title like if you look in any bookstore. 

So your homework today is to try to go to a bookstore and find books that you  love. So I just happened to be going by this this amazingly sexy dude with all of his abs  shown up. I’m just kidding I that I was actually I wasn’t looking at at all.  

But what you can do is in order to find an amazing title for your book is you find a  book titles that you love. Now you can look on Amazon, you can look on Google, you can  go to the New York Times number one bestseller list and you can come up with your favorite books or your favorite book titles. And then what you want to do is just make a list. 

So I like to write this down in a journal. Or I like to write this down, like on a  spreadsheet. And I’ll just go ahead and all the keto. The keto reset diet, reboot your  metabolism and 21 days and burn fat forever. So what’s cool about this as you write  down the titles that you like, of the books that actually turn you on.  

And then what you want to do is go ahead and try to input your content, rewriting  the the keto reset diet, maybe yours would be, let’s say your book is about  marshmallows. I’m trying to come up with something random so that we can see how that would work. The marshmallow reset diet sounds like you’re really good diet, reboot  your metabolism fill in the word. Maybe it needs to be something else in 21 days and  burn fat forever. That would be an awesome book, a book about marshmallows. That  was a diet.  

So if you didn’t like that one, you could go to the next one. I’m just gonna look  here. The Golden Girls 100 images Okay, that would never have hit my ass. Hitman. But  let’s look at whole 30 Day by day. I’m just going into this. So now yours could be  something else. And you just replace the 30 and the day by day and just see if it works for  you.  

And so I actually have a list in my Epic Author Academy Program. And I actually  help you with a lot of the number one bestsellers, whether they’re on Amazon or on New  York Times bestseller list. And I have this present process for people and I take the 25  number one best selling self help books of all time, and I have them on a list so you can  go ahead and look at that list and then change the language for you.  

So like the four hour workweek might turn into the four day body or something  like that something amazing so your homework then is to go ahead and find the book  titles that you love make a list of them and in our instant book money machine where  again very specific I give you some of the greatest titles ever that are number one  number one bestsellers. 

And I’m just gonna go ahead and see if we’ve got any other books. And then I give  you a list so that you can go ahead and recreate your own title. And then my instructions  to you are not to just come up with one title that you love, but to do at least 20.  

You want to do at least 20 titles, pick your top 10, break that down, share it on  social media, you want to put your your message out and ask the people who like you  who are excited about your new book to come out and get some feedback. See if they can  help you with your title and your subtitle.  

And again, you don’t have to make these up on your own. I’m just walking around  you’re seeing that we’ve got I’ve got this one says call. It’s a number one New York Times  bestseller called make your bed little things that can change your life and maybe the  world so you can now insert your content there. Make your marshmallows Hey,  whatever. Like you need to go ahead and input your stuff.  

But your homework is to do this. Make your list of at least 10 or 20 of number one  best selling book titles that you like whatever those are and then try to input your  content and if you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, you want to pick books that are  relevant to you. And that and if you want to go to the store to look at some cool book  titles, you can, if you want to Google that, you can do that as well.
And then make sure your next step after you make that list is get your top 10 are  your top three or top five and share them with people and get some feedback because  your book needs an amazing cover and needs an amazing title.  

And you shouldn’t figure this out on all on your own. You should be using other  amazing people who love you and want to support you in making an amazing book title.  Because sometimes we come up with these great titles. In fact, most of the time I’ll give  you this one more WARNING. 

This one warning ever given you two warnings. Let me give you one warning.  You’re gonna come up with a title for your book, and you’re gonna like it, love it, hate it,  whatever it is, you’re going to come up with the one you’re like, that’s it.  

And you put the word out and you say, Hey, I’m publishing this book and it’s going  to be about the world of dinosaurs or whatever it is for you. And you’re gonna think it’s  great and you’re going to move forward. Hopefully you’re going to move forward and  getting your book written, getting your book done.  

And then before the book comes out, you will probably change the title. And a lot  of people freak out. I don’t want to change my title. I want to make it perfect. I want to  make sure I make it perfect. First, I can’t do my book cover. I can’t tell people I’m writing  a book until I figured out what the content is going to be, and on and on and on.  

So I don’t advise that you go that route. I want you if you want to get a book done.  Think about your titles, share them with the world. Don’t make it perfect. By the time  you put your final book project together. What you’re going to find is you will probably change your title.  

I can’t think of one book I have published or haven’t changed the title. I announced it I started with one thing my book that is my first book called that became a  number one bestseller. My first book ever is called High Paying Clients. And I love that title. 
It is not the first title I began with the first title I begin with for that book. I wrote  the entire book under the context of the holy grail of sales, the holy grail of sales. I  thought it was cute. I liked it. I had these holy grails I was looking at at the cover and I  ended up changing the whole thing and I think you will agree that a High Paying Clients  makes good, communicates more of a result than some kind of airy fairy Cudi thing.  

Like how does the holy grail of sales make it sound, but I’m not actually asking for  your feedback. Here I am sharing with you that I made that choice. And I think it made  more sense for my book, my brand and what people are going to get out of the book.  

My point for bringing it up is not to get your feedback on my book title, but as to  let you know that it’s okay if you change yours. Pick some titles. Make sure you lock one  down, get out there and get your book written.  

If you have not yet invested or looked at the instant book money machine or it’s  not available yet because this is a pretty raw podcast before the instant book money  machine is available. That is going to hook you up and talk to you about how to write a  book instantly or get an instant book, The Benefit Of Being An Author Within Days, the  benefits of being an author.  

And then it also talks to you about how you can turn your book into your most  powerful marketing tool and make big money while you write it. And it’s a phenomenal  program. We also have some support in epic author Academy to give you more support  to help you get it done.  

And that’s pretty cool. That’s a brand new that’s not brand new. It is a brand new  delivery system to help you get even more results faster. And then we have a mentoring  program where you can work with me and I can help you just get your book done.  

And I kind of partner with you for six months. I move into your house. I bake you  breakfast, make your breakfast at breakfast I don’t even know if you do that. You can  always check us out at ​epic author.com​ to get more details and shoot me some messages  on social media if you have any questions about it.  

All right. I’m just looking at more book titles. I don’t see anything else that’s  drawing my attention. Although I strongly advise that you go out there and start your book. It starts with the book cover.
Hopefully, this has been helpful for you and I can’t wait to talk to you soon. 

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