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Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter,
But That Doesn’t Matter

EPISODE 114 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today I have some good news and some bad news.  

The bad news is that YOU’RE WRONG.

But the good news about that is, THAT DOESN’T MATTER. You see, it doesn’t matter  whether you’re right or wrong. Either way it’s okay. You don’t have to be perfect. ​You just gotta get going.
On today’s show we explore the dozens, or hundreds, probably THOUSANDS of mistakes  we make… and not only how it just doesn’t matter…

But, how it’s NECESSARY for us to be wrong, most of the time. ​And how to EMBRACE it.


How often do you find yourself, looking back, and realizing… that you were totally, and  utterly WRONG about something that you used to believe as a certainty?


“The path is math.” – Brandon Powell

The path is math


Stop guessing. Stop gambling.
Start knowing by “selling” the vision and the mission of your message or your  movement–FIRST.
If you’re writing your book, or want to write a book, do what I tell my clients to do: DECLARE and PROMOTE your book BEFORE you create it.


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Hey guys welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest.  

And today I have some good news for you and I’ve got some bad news. The good  news is that you’re usually wrong, you’re wrong and you’re you’re but the good news is  your opinion doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter whether you’re right or wrong.  

That’s a subject of today’s episode. It’s called YOU’RE WRONG. YOUR OPINION  DOESN’T MATTER, BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER. 

I know you’re gonna love this show. 


Alright, so if you are watching this on video right now you’re going to see that I’m  in my war room that’s what we’re calling my room and the top of the stairs here in my  house we’ve got a big whiteboard and I’m about to shoot a Q training videos today and I  was thinking about this subject. 

In fact, I learned about it, I just read about it from my brother Russell Brunson  who was telling me that oftentimes in his marketing, he’s wrong. And oftentimes, when  he’s doing a split test, he’s saying, I don’t know should it be some of this or should it be  that you know. 

And he makes a guess. He says, “You know what, this is what I think we should  launch.” I guess he’s looking at two funnels, and he’s like, let’s do a split test. Should we  do this one or this one? Should we make this offer or that offer? 

And 80, 90% of the time he’s wrong. I don’t know about you but when I was  growing up I thought oh my god, I’m Just in love with this gal. I hope that I can spend the  rest of my life with her and I was wrong. I thought I should be in one career another  career and I was wrong. 

I started my watersports and parallel business at one stage. And I spent $5,000 on  building a on painting my Paris sailboat and I was living in Naples Florida we had a  contract at the Ritz Carlton and so excited because that’s like the it was the number one  resort in the country and I was like well we’re going to get these brand new pair sailboat  and brought all this money my buddy and I did. 

And we bought this brand new pair sailboat and it was stark white. And the  builder said, “You know what? To stand out, what you need to do is put a paint job on  this thing and we’ve got a professional painter here who can paint they’re outside your  boat What do you want.” 

And so my buddy and I spent $5,000 painting the outside of this boat and we put a  sea creatures on it we almost named the boat Great Escape which we thought was like a  really cool thing I something it’s really cool, but we but we let me just share with you that  with the turtle we painted on the side. The manatee that we painted on the side that  dolphin we painted on the side. The octopus, we painted on the side of this thing. 

We had this idea was we’d sell t shirts and merchandise with turtles, manatees  dolphins, octopus, we thought we live in Florida, run the coast, run the water. This  makes a lot of sense. $5,000 on a paint on a paint job. And not once did we get a client  because of the paint job on our boat. We were wrong. And then I thought you know  what, but you know, what we need to do is we need to get those t shirts done.  

So I hired another artist to draw all the pictures for our T shirts that we did. And I  had them made up and I don’t know what i spent on but a lot of money and a lot of time  on making this beautiful turtle swimming underwater. And stuffing is really cool.  

I had these t- shirts made. I had t-shirts made with manatees on them. And the T  shirts I thought were cool. In fact, I put a logo on the front of my shirt and we should put  it like a left breast logo because that’s the way it was done back in the day. 

And nobody wanted these damn t shirts. They didn’t like the turtle and then like  the management every once in a while we’d sell them but what I thought I liked and I  wanted was not what the audience what our audience wanted. 

In fact what we ended up when I started just finally learning how to sell a T shirt  and learning how to listen and ask questions and and test my marketing before I spent  $5,000 are hired in our district created all of this this stuff when we found soul best with  something I did not want.  

It wasn’t something I like we had what what ended up with the best selling t shirt  we ever had was a huge yellow smiley face with a red tongue sticking out of it. We put  that on the back of it. No, we put that on the front of the shirt I can’t remember was on the front of the back. I don’t even remember but it was that’s what people like this as God  is. It could be and actually was sold. The best was a tie dye shirt, a big loud tie dye shirt,  not a really nice white gray with a little logo on the back and the boat and I’m not what  ended up happening I was wrong.  

So the fun thing about this is I’m now helping people in my business with their  storytelling. I help people tell their story in such a way that it can connect with their core  audience. And what I find is that my great idea and your great idea, in your opinion, in  my opinion, are good and sometimes we are in the right vicinity, like we’re going in the  right direction, but oftentimes we’re just butt ass wrong.  

And that’s okay. The good thing about this is you don’t have to be perfect. You just  need to be good enough. We make it good enough. And then we go.  

When I’m helping people with a book and I’m I’m reviewing my webinar that I’ve  done and I’ve got notes up on this whiteboard that’s behind me because I’m reviewing  the content of the webinar to make it even better.  

I’ve got new things that are coming out about this webinar to make it better to  help people more so that they can go ahead and win and then yesterday it’s an invitation  for people to work with me. If you want to go to that webinar, go to ​epicauthor.com​ and  you’ll see the newest webinar have out what here’s. 

My point is that when I’m working with my clients and they start telling their  story and they want to write their book and they want to improve their marketing and  they want to create a message that connects with their core audience, we don’t guess we  don’t gamble.
We test and we market and we try and make our best we come up with an  opinion and we know that we’re probably going to be wrong. We create a plan and the  plan is to talk to our core audience and find out what they want.  

Now here’s a key thing you may go ahead and say, Trevor, I know that that makes  total sense. I do that makes total sense. I do that I know that my clients want I know what  the people want that I try to serve. But here’s the thing when I started helping people  write their book, I’m going to give you a little insight to what I’m about to teach. 

I don’t have them sit down and write their book. In fact, and 9 times out of 10, I tell them to stop writing their book. Instead of writing their book, I have them go into  promotion and then go into promotion and start talking about their book before they created. 

And here’s the crazy thing, that you will find when you go to sell something. When  you go to get try to get somebody to do something. Just because people say that they will  do something that they will buy something that they will take action because you will  start to maybe you’ll take my advice and you’re gonna go “You know what, dude, that  sounds like it like makes a lot of sense.” 

Maybe sometimes I am wrong. Maybe my opinion doesn’t matter. Maybe I should  test my messaging before I go out and sell it before I go write the whole book before I  create the webinar before I paint my boat. Maybe you’ll do that and you’ll talk to some  people and they’ll say one thing and do another. I don’t know about you, but I’ve said one thing and done another. 

And when I was in college, we did this marketing I was a junior as a senior in  college and I studied marketing. And we, as one of our projects, we went and found a  real client who needed some help.  

And we did marketing research. And we took surveys of people that might come  in and buy their mattresses or better furniture, whatever that store actually sold. And we  found out that they said, Oh, yes, if it was XYZ, I would buy it. And here’s what they said.  But then we gave them that and then they didn’t do it.  

And I can’t tell you how many times people will write a book, create a course,  build a funnel, spend all the time creating the videos, all the trainings for it, I have done this, maybe you’ve done this as well, and people will leave and you’ll do this on the back of research.  

You will find out what they say they want and yet they won’t buy like what did  you do wrong? You asked, you listened. You took their advice and now you created it and  you built it and they don’t buy. 

Here’s the reason why. Like when I’m helping people with a book and I’m about to  do the training for my new webinar and i’m i’m looking in my office if you just listening  to this on audio, I’ve got a big whiteboard with two big posters on them.

One is about my wife and one of her books and one of them was about one of my  books, How To Make Big Money With Your Book Without Selling A Single Copy. The  whole premise of that book is to find out what people will buy. See that when people vote  with their credit card when people buy something from you.
Now you’ve really learned you’ve got some marketing research so when I’m  helping people publish a book and a lot of creators and artists don’t like this because they  just want to create something amazing and help people but I don’t guess with our  marketing I don’t guess with your hours countless hours and time of how you go create a  book create a funnel create a webinar create a video. 

We don’t guess, we test, you know. There’s a cool quote that is from Brandon  Powell that the path is math when people vote with their credit cards. You know, when  they tell you, they might say one thing, but what they do can be entirely different. 
So what we do in our book program when I’m helping people craft a marketing  message, and your book becomes your most powerful marketing tool, we test our  marketing, we don’t guess. And then we we.  

So my challenge for you today is to stop guessing, stop gambling and start  knowing what the hell’s going on. By selling the vision and the mission for what you  what you believe in and what you offer and how you help people and doing that today. 

Selling the vision and the mission first, before you go create the path before you  go build the whole program before you build the whole course and the whole the whole  support system because the path is math and when people vote with their dollars in my  program. 

I spend 90 days of helping people promote their message to make sales. My  average client will add an extra 10 extra clients before they ever write a word of their  book 10 extra clients and not only $27 clients either my first book on a habit here was  called High Paying Clients.  

I help you I help my clients craft an irresistible offer that takes them from  invisibility to in demand, an irresistible offer something that people want to buy it.  Hopefully it’s a high ticket offer something over $1,000. 

So imagine selling 10 of those before you even wrote one word of your book like how badass with that. Because here’s the thing, swallow your pride, swallow your ego. Just know look in the mirror how many freaking times and you’ve been wrong have has  science been wrong.
You know what, there’s four food groups and you should avoid it you should eat  all this low fat shit wrong no you need you need healthier fats you don’t need to eat all  those polyurethane saturated fats they said that you should not drink whole milk you  know that are first of all, they said whole milk is healthy for you back in the day back in  the 70s or like a whole milk is where it’s at.  

Then they took that off the thing in there you know No, no, no, that’s not we were  wrong. Sorry about that. It’s a 2% male then a little while later they’re like no no, you  shouldn’t do that you should drink skim milk. 

So man, I remember taking the journey they’re wrong you know. They were  wrong that the world was flat man that they were wrong you know it then then they said  you know what? You need to drink soy milk so I started drinking soy milk then they’re  like oh no, no, no, hold on, soil is bad for you.  

Wrong, wrong wrong so he’s bad for you. You should drink rice milk Oh hold on. What’s wrong? You shouldn’t drink shouldn’t drink any milk hold on no you know what  you can drink is coconut milk like frickin dude I don’t know I don’t know what your  support but I do know that oftentimes you’re wrong and that’s okay just do the best you  can and get out and test your message. 

And if you’d like some help, on my last podcast was about making book a free 15  minute call with me and I’d highly advise that you check on my webinar first at  epicauthor.com​. I’m cutting a new one here really soon. And if you go to ​epicauthor.com​, you get the most recent version of my webinar and we’ll have some badass time  together. 

I’m taking 15 minute calls out of my repertoire tho those are going to be run by  my head coaches in the future and and I’m going to do very few of those you skim in and  and still get in on one. 

So we can connect and I can craft help you craft a message that matters to your  audience but that’s all I got for you today went on a little longer than I thought it would  but I care about you. I love you and I got on a rant. So what are you gonna say?

That’s all I got for you today. Make today magnificent. I can’t wait to see you  tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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