High energy, incredible insights, and loads of experience are the ingredients for this interview!

A few exciting highlights include:

  • Mentors, meeting your mission, and powerful marketing messaging — we cover it all.
  • 4 questions you NEED to answer in order to write a successful book
  • When is the best time to write your book?
  • Learn the first step in successful book marketing!
  • How can writing actually help with ADHD and PTSD?
  • Find out the SECRET SAUCE behind Trevor’s journey from struggling to write his first book to 10x best-selling author.
  • Learn about his 9-time Best-Selling Author daughter!! Yes, she’s just 10!! What’s your excuse again?
  • Get ready to take notes on the knowledge dropped in this episode! Plus, Trevor has a generous special offer that involves free copies of books and an in-person event around publishing.

Check it all out here!

Learn How To Write A Book & Grow Your Business: