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EPISODE 171 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


What would you do if you approached a drowning person?

In any life-saving situation, be it the swimming pool or ocean or wherever, NUMBER  ONE: you have to take control of the situation.

The drowning person is in a ​sheer panic,​ and you need to ​break their pattern​ by doing  WHATEVER IT TAKES… and often-times, that means smacking them right in the face.

And if you don’t? They’ll bring you down with them.
How about you?
In your life, where are you flailing about like a drowning person?

My suggestion? Give yourself a sharp, “smack in the face,” and break that pattern!


Where in your life are you drowning or just flailing about?

“The road to heaven goes through the gates of hell.” – Garrett J. White

The road to heaven goes through the gates of hell.


Ask yourself, “Where in your life are you flailing about like a drowning person?”

Take control. Snap out of it. Get help.


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Welcome back. Today we’re going to talk about drowning and what to do if you  find yourself in a situation where you are in over your head. I’m not talking just about  physically. I’m talking about emotionally, in your life in your business.  

We’re going to talk about how to save yourself in a situation where you are  struggling. I know you’re gonna love the show. 


Okay, let me ask you a question. I don’t know if you’ve studied this at all. If you’ve  done any kind of lifeguard training or spent any time in the water ever been in the water  where you’re struggling to just keep your head above water, it feels very uncomfortable.  

And if you’re ever been in a situation where you’ve been trained to help someone,  I have a question for you. ​What do you do when you approach a drowning person? Like what, actually hold on, if someone’s drowning and if you’ve ever felt like this  before? What is your emotional state? 

And I’ll tell you, for me, it is one where you and you can’t breathe. You’re scared,  you’re going to die. And so there’s so much fear and flailing energy that is unproductive.  But it’s just absolutely ​sheer panic​. And maybe you’ve seen this, maybe you felt this and  maybe you felt this in areas of your life that are more raw to you than experiencing it in  a body of water.  

Maybe it wasn’t in a swimming pool where you felt like this utter sheer panic and  then your behavior in the middle of that the flailing around know what we learn when  we are doing lifeguard training. 
And when I was training to be a scuba instructor and dive master and a rescue  diver in these different things, we had to learn how to go save someone who was  drowning and flailing about. 
And one of the things that was the core problem if you are doing any life card  training is it oftentimes the rest you are can be harmed by the person that they’re trying  to rescue. Because that flailing energy that that fear that raw panic, what will happen is the person will try to climb up on top of the rescuer and start to drown the person that  came to rescue them. 

Now, this happened to me, just very recently, I was having a conversation with  someone and they were flailing around, they were drowning in a story of of their own  making. And they were running a pattern they didn’t, I could tell that they didn’t  necessarily feel that’s the direction that they were that that was going on.  

But what I needed to do in that time frame was to change the pattern when I was  communicating with them like they were flailing all over themselves, and all over me  and in the water. You can’t do that. If you’re in the water, if you give if the for 30 seconds  out. They’ll punch you in the face. Not on purpose, but because they’re just so definitely  spread.  

And this is a lot of Dave a day, I had to look in the mirror about this. When I  asked her, I had this conversation with this one person. And wonder ​where it is in my  life that I am drowning? and that I am flailing about?​

So this is relevant to all of us today. And​ in the lifesaving situation in the  swimming pool or ocean or whatnot, you have to take control of the situation​. If you  are going to rescue and help someone oftentimes that means you need to punch him in  the face. You need to break their pattern in order to do that.
So think about this. Why do you need, why do they teach that if necessary, yes,  smack someone in the face in order to save them? What has to happen for the person to  be saved? 

And I was thinking about this this morning because I was reflecting on my own  situation and my own the places in my life, see that I know I need to grow the places in  my life that I know I need help.
And I was thinking about this drowning analogy. And I’m like, why do we do that?  Why do we as the rescuer? ​Why are we trained to smack someone in the face?​ And  the word that came to me and I feel like this is the key is to submit.

What we’re looking for the person to do is to​ submit​, to just ​relax​ and ​allow  themselves to be helped​. And the situation where the lifeguard is coming to save someone who is drowning. The drowning person is their own worst enemy. 

And as I was reflecting on this phone call that I had with someone, and I had the  opportunity to be their rescuer. And let’s say that it went well that I saved them. That  would be great. That’d be great to the story. 

But what I really wanted to talk to you about today is asking the right question  about where in your life do you need this lesson?  

Because I was proud of myself for having a great conversation with this person.  And I was able to interrupt their patterns and ask new questions and get them to focus  on something slightly different and basic, slightly different. And basically submit to, to  receiving help. 

And I’m going to pat myself on the back and say that it went awesome. But that’s  not the focus for today. The focus is really the second part of looking in the mirror and  asking yourself rather than just listening to this and saying, Oh, my gosh, that’s so  amazing. 
I would agree. I feel the same way I have certain people like I do in the past and I  have saved them. Okay, that’s cool. And I’m sure you have, as have I, but the real  question here is to the talk to the reflection and to look into your own life.

So here’s my question for you today. ​Where in your life are you drowning?​And  do you need not to be saved, but to submit? So I don’t want to be anybody’s savior. That  is a tough journey. It’s hard enough to get up the mountain on my own, rather than put  people on my back to carry them up.  

So I’m not asking for you to seek for say to, to, to find somebody who’s going to  save you. You’re not broken and nothing’s mess. It’s just you’re going through your  process right down the road to heaven. And I read this in the book this morning, I’m  going through the book, ​Be The Man.

If you don’t have that book, I don’t care with your man or woman, you should go  get that book. It’s by Garrett Jay white, and it can transform your life I believe, but I’m  going through it. And one of the messages in the book this morning that stood out to me  was the ​the road to heaven goes through the gates of hell ​ and it’s ​the gates of hell inside yourself. 

This was one of the messages that stood out to me and then I had this  conversation with myself about drowning and then not Savior but submission because  and so for me, I looked around in my business, my my relationship that combination of  things in my area the body being balanced on business where I need to submit and really  it’s across all four. 

And what is it submitting to because I’m pretty excited about where I’m at in my  life and I’m pretty proud of where I am and I can go ahead and pat myself on the back all  day long.

But the truth is, ​I want to become more.​ ​I want to expand​. So for me, if I look at  each one body being balanced in business, I know that I do need to submit not to be  saved, but just to be open to being helped and to receive guidance. 

So the cool thing is, is in my story and my movie, like I want to be the hero of my  story. So what I’m looking for is the guide and so I have guides in my life in every area of  body being balanced in business I have found mentors to help me in tennis or I’m  listening. So that would be in my body. Right?  

And some of the goals that I have, I have mentors to help me in business. That’s  Garrett, Jay white, and he and I’ll jump on a phone call here real soon to talk about the  next level. And for me, what that means is ​stop flailing around​,​ stop drowning​. Stop  the action and activity that I think is necessary to climb out of the water.

But ​you don’t climb out of water, you swim in water​. And in order to actually  get to the next level for myself, I need to I what I recognized for myself. 

And I don’t know what it is for you but I just need to submit so that I am open to  being helped and served in each of these areas. I’ll give so that I’m sharing with you some  of the mentors in the places that I am seeking to for that guidance.  

One of them would also be inside myself for the voice inside when it comes to my  purpose and it comes to what I’m supposed to do, and how I’m supposed to spend my  time, the voice is what I believe is God speaking through us to us.  

And I just need to submit and listen and commit to the discipline of submission every single day and listening and becoming a better listener and also responding to  what I’ve been given. And so that’s the voice inside. 

And then what comes to relationships when it comes to anything, it’s just where  are you drowning? And where do you need to submit?  

That’s my question for you today. I hope you find some value in it. I’m not going to  go on and on and on about this. I think the analogy kind of does it itself. But I feel like  there’s areas in our life where we need a fresh smack in the face. 

And we can wait for the world to give it to us or we can do it ourselves and push  ourselves to the next level. and recognize that we do need guidance and help and  support. I mean I What a beautiful world we live in. We have the ability to find so many  amazing people that can help us and support us. So make sure you pick your mentors  wisely. 

And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness.
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