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EPISODE 153 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


More than any other time in history, your life is a movie. It’s being captured every single  day on countless platforms. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard this before.

BUT THINK ABOUT THIS: You are the ​director​ of your own movie. You are the ​writer​ of your own story. And of course, you are the ​main character​.

And since your life IS A MOVIE… the question is, “What stage of the movie are you  currently in? In the beginning? Middle? Or the end? And how do you want it be?” 

Will your life’s story be a WARNING?

Or an EXAMPLE of what’s awesome, and amazing and of what’s possible? 


“What stage of the movie are you currently in? In the beginning? Middle? Or the end?  And how do you want it be?”
Will your life’s story be a WARNING?

Or an EXAMPLE of what’s awesome, and amazing and of what’s possible?


“Search for the right QUESTIONS, and you will discover the right ANSWERS.” – Trevor Crane

Search for the right QUESTIONS, and you will discover the right ANSWERS.


Pull out your JOURNAL. And write down your STORY. Decide WHERE you want to go. Fill  in some of the BLANKS for some of the things that you already know you want.  

Start crafting your HERO STORY today… because your movie is happening RIGHT NOW. 


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More than any other time in history, your life is a movie. It’s being captured every  single day. Call me slow… but, I just made this realization.

And that’s what the subject for our episode today: YOUR LIFE IS A MOVIE. And my  core question for you is what part of the movie are you currently in? What is your movie  going to be about? How is it going to end? 

I think you’re gonna love the show. 


So this is something that’s a little new to me. It’s not a new concept. I’m sure  you’ve heard this before. You are the director of your own movie. You are the writer of  your own story. I actually had a podcast around that I just this morning on my walking  path.  

And when I just before I did my exercise, actually having done the exercise this  morning and I just got excited about this concept of truly at my life and considering that  if my life or a movie and it certainly is these days right with all of this stuff that we do on  social media.  

And the fact Alexa is always listening in to what we’re doing and Siri and  whatever tools smart devices around. Or if you’re in airports, you’re on on candid  camera. 

Like we live in a world where there are videos via Dagon of us all the time and  we’re taking them ourselves and we’re documenting them with our kids and we take  we’re taking pictures of our coolest the coolest stuff that we do and my so that that’s a  fact of what’s going on these days. 

My question is around like okay if if my life was a movie and there is going to be  an eventual you know backstory done of my life what stage of the game Maria and I  started writing down the story arc like I’ve got a dot where I was born there is a dot  where I will die. Okay, cool. 
So now there’s a timeline in there. But the story arc is something that’s interesting.  It’s actually if you’re gonna, if this is going to be a great movie about the Star Wars or if we’re going to look at the biography of different people that you might respect and  admire, and you might consider to be role models or people that you admire. 

Then what stage of the game are you in? Like I’ve been I studied Arnold  Schwarzenegger recently, rather than paying attention to some of the talks that he’s  given about success and to to hear his story, the story of a young boy born in Austria to  almost nothing when it came to like his opportunities living in Austria in the 1950’s or  whatever it was, you know. 

To have a dream, to come to the United States and become a bodybuilder and  when Mr. Olympia and then follow in his mentor’s in his role models footsteps like he  had seen Reggie park on the cover, or an article done on him about being Hercules in not  only did he win Mr. Universe as a bodybuilder, but he then went on to become a movie  star. 
And so as a young boy, he had this vision and dream to go ahead and not not  marry you know, Heidi, and live in the woods. Like the Von Trapp or live in Austria like  the Von Trapp family which is what his family wanted them to do. But to go ahead and  have a big dream and say, I’m going to move to the United States I’m going to become a  bodybuilder I’m going to become the best body builder that there ever was. 

And then he went ahead and did it and then he decided to stop doing and he won  Mr. Universe 12 times in a row like times he was the best in the world or the universe  when it came to him being a bodybuilder and truly achieving the top of that game. 

And then going out and becoming the one of the greatest and most successful  actors of the time as far as if you look at Terminator and the variety of things that he did  in Conan the Barbarian and like taking on an industry that said hey you’re not going to  be you will never make it your you speak with this horrible accent in a variety of things.  

And he became a very successful top paid actor right and then he left that anyone  out and he became the governor of California and to look at that story arc like the cool  thing is, is there a lot of ups and downs and challenges I’m sure in that time frame.  

I don’t know everything about Arnold Schwarzenegger. But when I’m looking at  my own life in my own story, and my question for you today is what stage of the game  are you in when it comes to your movie? 

Because we have these cameras following us around all the time, and you  probably carry one in your pocket right now you’re holding it in your hand, and you’re  listening to this show on your phone, camera, whatever that is my guess or to buy. You  have a choice.  

And I’m excited by this. And I don’t necessarily know the answer, but I know part  of it. Now, just recently, I have a friend who’s been working with us for quite some time,  and she wants to transform her life and her business and change the way that she’s  currently making money and change how she spends her time so that she can go ahead  and write this next part of her story.  

And it scared the shit and it scared her because she doesn’t know she keeps going  back to us running this crazy eight cycle of not knowing the answer to some of the  questions and so I don’t know the answer to my movie. I don’t know all the answers.  

I don’t know how it’s going to end. I know what I want. I know that I but I know  some of the things that I want. And just like my friend doesn’t know every little detail  about what she wants next, we can go ahead and fill in some of the gaps.  

There are some of the things that we do know. You know where you’ve been, and  you know where you are now. That’s kind of the I hope I’m hoping that where I’ve been  and and who have become so far is like the introduction to my movie, like a great story  has three parts. I teach this one. I even work with my daughter and we teach kids to  write stories. 

There’s a three step there’s a three part like a narrative to a story. It’s the  beginning, the middle, the end, really, really complex. It’s the introduction to what’s  going on, then the conflict or journey that has to be that is gone through to achieve  something magnificent or overcome whatever it is, and then there’s the ascension.  

There’s the wind there’s the country inclusion. There is the the made it to the top  of the mountain and then there’s the internal journey of of of who you have become in  the process and there’s the external reward when you win the gold medal and so if we  just break it down i know i know that there’s some certain things that I want to have in  my story if we go back to Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

And I wrote down a list just before I made that started recording this some of the people who I respect that are alive today or in history that either are a phenomenal story  whether it’s Martin Luther King or its Mother Teresa or it’s Oprah Winfrey. There is this  story, there’s this meteoric rise of of success and and and then also towards the end there  is this contribution connection that is so huge.  

And so one of the things if I look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, think is an easy one  for me because I just was watching some of his videos is he said that he believes that the  secret to success or one of the secrets is that you have a really big goal. And if you think  about it, all the movies that we like to watch, at least that I like to watch is that there’s  this big goal or desire. 
And there’s typically this big mountain to climb and these big obstacles to  overcome. And then we’re hoping that they win the race that they that they overcome  the bad guy, they overcome the evil empire, whether it’s Star Wars or an adventure  movie, or whatever it is that you’re into.  

There’s something that they want, they want love, they want a family they want to  win the race and then as it doesn’t matter if it’s a cartoon and the cartoon character  wants to go ahead and become the fastest race car every win the race that’s the external  journey and then there’s the internal journey of who they become in the process and  then there’s the the twilight years that the things that comes in next about the next level  of their journey. 

And I’m excited by this, and so here, I think are the components. We have a  beginning, a middle and an end. And so I hope that my life up until the stage has been  the introduction. It is just basically open the door and then then the next thing is, is like,  well, what’s the journey going to be? And I don’t have the answer right now for myself. I  wish I did. And I can tell you Holy shit, I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna make a billion  dollars on it.  

And I can make something up right now. That would be random. But that’s not my  commitment. I don’t have the type of clarity that Arnold Schwarzenegger did about this  big fat frickin goal that he wanted when he was 10.  

Okay, I don’t have that right now. I’m 46 I and I’m like shit. Well, what’s this big  goal let’s this next level success that’s going to be so freaking badass that people will  watch this story and be excited by it. But I but I know but it’s but I know that I need one. 

So here’s my challenge for you is as I’m discussing this right now, right down the  components of your story of your movie of whatever you want. Because your movie is  happening right now. And this is a time that you are either climbing or you’re vacillating.  

And I know that I’m growing and I know that there’s part of it. But I see a missing  component. I don’t know that this is that exciting of a movie so far, because I don’t know  what it is that that’s a big freakin fat goal that I’m going after.  

So what is that? So what does that for you? What is that thing? What is the what is  the race that you’re trying to win? 

And so I don’t know the answer yet. But I think that’s okay. It’s okay for us to have  questions and not have the answers yet. Sometimes what’s most important is it’s just to  have the question and keep focusing on it. So I now follow an Arnold Schwarzenegger  success advice that I need to have a really big goal.
So what is that big goal that that you are going to go after? What is that part of the  story are you? Are you going to be more like Mother Teresa? Or Martin Luther King? Or  Oprah Winfrey? What is that next level success?  

That’s this badass thing is it’s you got the TV show? Or is it that you try to to your  life today as a TV show, and you started your own YouTube channel, or you wrote your  own book, or you or you, you go after that woman, or that man, or whatever it is, or  maybe you’re going through a hard time right now. And you’re in the middle of your  journey of just survival. I don’t know what it is. 

And maybe you’re depressed and maybe you’re excited. And maybe you’re at the  top of your game and they are at the bottom bottom and maybe you’re bored, you’re  broke. Maybe you’re a billionaire. I don’t know where you are in the story.  

But I do know that if I look at Richard Branson and Dwayne The Rock Johnson and  I look at some of the people that I like and admire I know that they’ve achieved  something magnificent and great and that they’re known for something if it Steve Jobs,  they’re known for something. They did something that was miraculous and amazing and  big, and it stood out. And that’s the story that I want to be part of. 

And then I also know they didn’t have these great stories or something that they  needed to overcome. There was actually the evil empire in Star Wars. So there’s a little bit of us versus them and I’m going to tie this into a little bit of expert status when it  comes to you building your personal brand and business and I’m studying expert secrets  by Russell Brunson and I say that because I’m reading the book multiple times. 

And I’m going back through the content and I think he does a phenomenal job in  his book and his protocol of like, how to build a successful business, a successful  business. He’s doing a couple of different books. I love watching and paying attention to  Russell but he’s on a meteoric rise of success that I had seen he’s now interacting with in  friends with some of his dream business partners and clients is ever had. 

Hold on, hold on one second off the off track. One of the things that he puts in his  book is that there’s an attractive character. Like who’s the main who you’re not only the  writer and director of your own movie, but you are also the star, you’re the main  character. This attractive character is a necessary leader in like any movement.  

So you’re going to become the expert in your niche. The best mom, the best dad,  the best business owner, the best something and I I’m still discovering that for myself. So  I’m not trying to tell you what it is for you. But I do know that you are the character  you’re the main character and and you’re also the director.  

So you get to write this movie script and I’m just excited about what’s next. And  one of the things that defines a great story is also what we what we stand for and what  we stand against. So write these down. What is it that you stand for? Truth? Honesty?  Integrity? Honesty? Love? I don’t know what it is for you.
Those are some of mine that are like non-negotiable. This is part of like I want to  do things that I love things that I’m passionate about. Like I believe in hard work and I  believe in discipline and I believe in integrity and I believe in honor and dignity and  respect and truth. 

What is it that you will stand for? And what is it that you’re fighting against?  Which for me, I’m not going to go into it right now but I would say is the polar opposite of  all that lies and cheating and stealing and the frickin drives me insane.  

I don’t know what it is for you, but fill in the gaps and then what are you standing  against? What are you fighting against? Now this has helped you clearly define a  movement and a mission and a plot that’s going on so that we can be the hero of our own  story and and fight and overcome and so I’m pretty frickin excited.  

I’m excited because I’m recognizing that today. I want to live my life as though  little video cameras following the following me around and I am in the middle of crafting  my story. And I believe it’s at the outset that it is the beginning and I’m about to set this  big goal and achieve this next level success is gonna be this cool thing.  

I don’t know what it is. I haven’t I haven’t defined that yet. And that I I need to get  even clearer about what I stand for and what I stand against. And who is the  protagonists I mean, who is the the evil empire that I’m going to fight and overcome and  overthrow so that there’s something big out there Arnold Schwarzenegger also said in his  secrets to success. 

I could do a little summary of that and maybe I’ll do that for tomorrow’s episode  because I think it’s great and I’ll give you his his summary of his secrets to success in a  link to some cool videos that he’s done that and then I can share with you.

But he said that another thing that’s really important is that you don’t listen to the  naysayers. Because everybody told the Governator that that it couldn’t be done, when he  went about doing whatever it was that he wanted to accomplish.  

And those three gigantic goals becoming Mr. Universe from where he began from  anybody becoming Mr. Universe, but having a movie star and one of the most successful  at the time ever, and like completely creating a whole new avatar for what it means to  become a movie star.  

And then to go after the governor, every one of those big goals the world fought  against him and said, I not going to happen, you suck. That’s not possible. It can’t be  done, you know, Bad idea and he gives example after example.  

So I think it’s really important for us to think big and and listen to our own heart  and soul. Talk to us about this movie that will you and I are crafting the screenplay and  I’m excited by it. I hope you are too.  

My challenge for you is to pull out your journal like I did today, I wrote, I just I  was in the car, I’m about to go to the gym. And I just wrote down some things in my  notebook on my phone on my Evernote and I did it on a sticky tab because I carry a little  notepad around and I just wanted to jot down a couple of my ideas for write down some  of the components of your story, the story arc. 

And I’ll share with you some elements of the powerful storytelling and and some  things in a future episode of this podcast. So I can go ahead and give you some of those  tools and resources to claim your own amazing story.  

But for right now, just begin, decide where you want to go. Maybe fill in the  blanks for some of the things that you already know. And you and I get to craft your own  story. I’m excited by this. It sounds like a lot of fun, and I’m excited to watch how my  movie unfolds. I don’t know for you at the beginning, the middle or the end. 

If you’re under a rock right now, and you’ve got feel like there’s heavy lifting in  front of you, that’s all good. Great. The bigger the challenge, the better the the bigger. The  challenge is to hire and rise that you will have. So I don’t know what your what’s next for  you, but I assume it’s going to be magnificent.  

I’ll talk to you tomorrow. 

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