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EPISODE 122 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


I got emotional today. ​In today’s show, I’ll show you the video, (a ‘golden buzzer’ video)  from America’s Got Talent.  

And I wish I could sing like this because all it made me think of is the most amazing  woman ever, my wife, Robyn Harris Crane. 


How do you show your LOVE to the people you LOVE?


“When you’re surviving, you can’t dream.” – Michael Ketterer

When you're surviving, you can't dream


Share with somebody that you love, how much you love them.

Maybe dedicate a song to them. 


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Hey guys. Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today is a video  episode and I’m in my office today. I’ve got my dog sitting on my lap and the show is  dedicated to my wife Robin.  

And the title of today’s episode is YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE. And I’ll give  you a little idea of what we’re going to do today. And I highly recommend that you watch  this video if you’re listening on audio I’ve been up on my computer this morning. 


My wife just traveled, got on an airplane last night or early this morning at like  four o’clock in the morning. And she, I think she got one hour asleep. She’s currently  traveling from Tampa to Chicago. And she’s going to be there for two days, maybe even  three days because she’s got to, she’s speaking at an event.  

And I’m just so impressed by her. And today is a show that this song that actually  I’m going to play for you on America’s Got Talent. Because like I told you, I just I just  watched it. My God emotional is that I’m just so grateful that I’m with her. And she’s such  an amazing woman.  

For last week or two, she’s been preparing to go change some lives and deliver  this talk in Chicago. And the woman is non stop. We’ve been on holiday, we’ve been  doing vacation stuff, she leads her family events. She’s just been doing some amazing  things. And she just delivered a baby and she doesn’t look like it looks like she didn’t.  You’d be jealous. Because it looks like she never had a baby. 
And we have a six month old the she’s traveling with and she’s just willing to do  whatever it takes. And yeah, I stayed up with their all yesterday and late last night. I  didn’t actually sleep last night till this morning. I got the bed just before 7am because I  stayed up to just help her get ready to to go because she’s traveling with the baby.  

But as I was sitting here today, and my dog is in this silly outfit right now because  there’s thunder in Florida. And she gets scared. And so she sat in my lap. And I’m trying  to get some work done somewhere in my office. And I wanted to get some stuff done.  

Because yesterday in the end the last couple of days, I’ve been helping my wife a lot and I can’t help myself. I watch YouTube videos. And I find that that America’s Got  Talent videos are some of the coolest, inspirational things that I can pay attention to.  

When I try to do a lot of stuff that I am educating myself on audio books and video  and reading and stuff like that. But I also can’t avoid trying to entertain myself. And if  you’re not watching. Like America’s Got Talent. I only watch it on YouTube. I don’t  actually watch it live. And you’re not like searching for golden buzzer moments, you’re  doing yourself a disservice. You got to go check these out.  

And what I’m going to do for you here is I think in just a couple of months ago, in  June 2018, Michael Ketterer was on stage and America’s Got Talent and his song and the  little bit of commentary that happens right after it just called to me. 

And I found myself tearing up and I’m not too big of a man to tell you to not tell  you that I get emotional. I totally get emotional watching these videos. But today’s show  is dedicated to my wife this song. I wish I could sing like this. And I dedicated to my wife,  but also give it to you.  

And maybe my challenge for you today is to share with somebody that you love  how much you love them and maybe dedicate a song to them. You don’t have to do it on  a podcast or a YouTube video or something. But just take a moment to share with them  how much you love them.  

And you know one more thing about this is that my wife got really upset earlier  this week. Because one of her clients sons died. He passed away in his sleep at age 22  healthy young guy and just just passed away. And my son’s now six months old. My  daughter is 11 and I can’t imagine something like that. And I think we need to take time  to tell the people that we love the most how much we love them. 

And I hope you enjoy the rest of this video. Because I’m gonna go ahead and find a  way to attach it here. So you can watch what I just watched. And I can’t wait to see you  tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

Hello. Hello. Hello. How are you? nervous. Okay, what’s your name, please.

My name is Michael Ketterer.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from East Tennessee. But right now I live in Orange County.

Tell me a bit about you. What do you do for a living?

I’m a pediatric mental health nurse.

Okay. And what are you gonna be doing? Are you a singer? Yes. So this is kind of a  different direction. You coming on a show like this. Michael said, Tell me what the  thought process was. What’s, what’s the ambition? The Dream here?

Well, my family’s my reason why I’m here. My wife and my six children say, you  know, one of the things that happens especially because my children came out of foster  care. When you’re surviving, you can’t dream. And that has been one of the most  rewarding things is providing them with a home in a safe environment where they’re  free to dream. And so I’m here because I want to show them that if their dad can live out  his dreams, then nothing’s impossible for them.

Mike, listen, we’re all rooting for you.

(Mike sings “To Love Somebody”)

We find singers on these shows. Is it about being technical? Or is it about being  relevant and sometimes for me it’s just about being real and a surprise. I’m being honest  with you. Because you were so nervous. I was concerned for you. I think sometimes  actions speak louder. This is special.

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