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EPISODE 188 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


It’s been almost a year.
And, FINALLY, I’m seeing the “ripple effect” of me choosing to walk my talk.

It’s something small… but HUGE for me. And for my family. And for the people that I  care about most.

Here’s the secret: I truly believe that you can’t really ​lead something that you do not ​live.

You’ve got to live it to lead it, man.

And there are some steps that you can’t skip. ​Clarity. Consistency. Hard work.

And one of the most important things, ​discipline.


Where in your life are you currently ​a little full of shit?

Where in your life are you speaking about something, but only giving it LIP-service?

Where are you now walking your talk?

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Be the change you want to see in the world.

“You can’t lead what you don’t live.” – Trevor Crane


Get clear about what you believe in.

And walk your talk.


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Welcome to another episode of greatness quest. It’s your boy Trevor Crane. And  today we have a video episode.

So if you’re listening to this on a podcast, make sure you check out ​trevorcrane.tv  check out the real deal. The subject for today is, you’ve got to live it to lead it. I know  you’re gonna love this show. 


Alright, so welcome back. I’m on my way to the gym, trying to live what it is that I  believe in. So just recently, I had a really cool thing show up for me, my wife just started  this whole new routine. And why is this relevant? 

Almost a year ago, I started a new discipline of being really focused on focus on  improving four areas of my life. And one of the hardest things that I had to do was to do  this without actually directly sharing my goal with my wife. 
Because in the past, if I had a new goal, if I had a new thing that I was gonna go  do, I would talk about it. Well, ladies, gentlemen, the thing is, is that my wife does not  like to hear my lip service. She doesn’t like to hear my new plans. All of my new plans  and ideas all stress her up.  

And so instead of sharing with her my new mission and goals for the four areas of  my life, being body being balanced in business, I started just with the discipline of  improving every one of those every single day. And it’s been tough, I can’t say that I’ve  had perfect discipline.  

And I’ve worked on it every area, I will brag about the fact that I exercise every  day. And I’ve done that now for 2800 and some odd days in a row. Soon, it will be over  over 3000 days in January. 
So I’m trying to figure out what what cool to do to celebrate that, because that’ll be  really good. But I’ve been focused on balance on my family and on my business, and  what is the date discipline that I can commit to doing every single day. 
And what I have found is that if I choose to just live by a principle, the people around me will eventually come around, I don’t have to try to inspire them and motivate  them and say, Hey, this, go do that. And that oftentimes is my path. I try to, like inspire  and move and push and control and coach and whatnot.
But I gotta tell you, my family does not want to hear me do that. My wife, my  daughter does not want to hear another speech. My wife does not want to hear me give  her my great ideas about what you’re doing. And certainly not about anything that I’m  not living. 
So it really showed up for me. The other day, my wife started, decided to start  getting up to six o’clock in the morning or whatever time she sets her alarm for, and to  not hit snooze anymore. And she’s leading a new mastermind, a mastermind with these,  some of our best and favorite clients are committed to improving every area of their life. 
And it actually started off with the idea of let’s just mastermind around business.  But when I shared with my wife like the last year has been focused on not just one area  of my life, but all she thought it was a great idea. So she took it on on our own.  

So now she’s focused on all the areas of her life. She’s talked to me about how she  wants to improve our relationship with our daughter, how she wants to improve our  relationship, how she wants to improve her health.  

And she took this on basically on our own without much of my influence directly. Like I wasn’t coaching her and telling her how to do this. 

And what I’m recognizing as you lead something, if you’re not living it, and when  you choose to live by the principles that you believe in, they will impact and inspire  others.
It’s been almost a year I started and it’s been 10 months, it’s been going on 10  months now, maybe 11 since I even was aware that in order to have it all, I needed the  discipline of working on something every single day in every area of my life.  

And so I guess I’m celebrating but I’m also sharing with you the lesson. The lesson  is in living it and I was giddy the other morning when I realized this as out of my  morning walk and talk. And I was thinking about it was like holy crap, like it finally paid  off.  

Now we’re only a few days into this new discipline. But and I can’t take credit for  anything that my wife is actually doing right now. It’s all her she’s frickin awesome and  amazing. And she’s chosen to do this on her own.  

But she chose to do it without my coaching and cajoling and help and guidance  and whatnot, me thinking I’m going to share things like it helped change her life. She did  it all on our own.  

And I’ve been doing the best I can do every day to just walk and talk what I  believe in. And to be more authentic and more genuine and more open and more honest,  and more truthful, mostly with myself, mostly just telling myself the truth of what’s going  on. And my weaknesses and my failures and my fears and being open and honest about  them.  

What I’m noticing is the ripple effect. I’m seeing how it’s affecting my daughter’s  life. She’s 11, and I’m just freaking really excited by it. I’m really excited because I feel  like I found the secret. The secret is not going to be this thing that I implement once one  time.  

And then I did this special tactic or skill and now it is working. That’s not the way  it’s going to work. Then it’s going to come from consistency, clarity, consistency, hard  work and the discipline to get it done.  

So my question for you today is where in your life of body, being, balance and  business are you currently a little full of shit? Are you currently speaking about  something but you’re not walking it?  

And I’ve been asking these questions very personally now for quite a while. So I’m  not saying that I’m better than anybody else. I have absolutely no idea where you are.  You probably are a complete master in areas of your life that I am not. 

What I would challenge you that there might be something that you’re giving lip  service to that you’re not actually walking in. I mean, I can speak from experience that  there are some things like that that have been in my life that I’m trying to shift and  today’s a bragging day.
Today is a day that I’m celebrating and patting myself on the back that I’m seeing the ripple effect of how it’s that I’m seeing the ripple effect of how it’s impacting my  family and the people that I care about most. I truly believe that you can’t really lead  something that you do not live. 
So our job is to get really clear about what we believe in and then walk what we  talk and I found that I’d rather that my feet share with me share with the world the path  that I am following that I want to demonstrate the results that I want to see in the world.  

And what was that phrase by Nelson Mandela? Or was it was it Gandhi Be the  change that you’d like to see in the world.

I didn’t really, I mean, that sounds like a very cute quote. But I don’t know that I  ever really felt like experiencing that might actually change the world around me, it’s  taken almost a year of consistency to see that show up. And some of like, I just shared  with you, Nicole, Be the change you want to see in the world. 

Like I’m going to say one more story. I went to a Tony Robbins event one time  with a girlfriend and we went to Fiji. So there were 20 there were 25 couples. So I was  there in Fiji with Tony and sage and my girlfriend and 24 other couples and I went there  we went there everybody went there to work on their relationship. 

And I of course, thought I was just I had all my shit together and that the girlfriend  I was there with that the real issue was hurt Of course and we weren’t even having issues  it was just that if anything was going to get better and our relationship was really dark  because I had my shit together. 

Of course what’s interesting is that I don’t think any not one soul at this  relationship event had like, had the feeling that they are the real challenge and  responsibility for the relationship Lee applied on the other person. 

That the truth is, is we all realize that it was the biggest personal development  seminar I’ve ever been to. Because the whole focus was that we get to take 100%  responsibility for where we are in our relationship.  

And it was a significant insight into ourselves to look and see how we could  become better to show up and and pull out the characteristics that we wanted to see  from our significant other we have men in the room being like little boys instead of like men. 

We had women in the room who were oftentimes running patterns of like  masculinity that were de escalating their men and in order to have the men The men  were like women we want to be more like women and to pull out their feminine energy  and men needed to stand up. 

And we need to man up and be more like men and women how do you do that  like how do you get more masculine energy from your man or you know depending on  whether you’re you’re gay or straight. 

Or depending on your you might be pulling it out of the your masculine or  feminine energy needs to be raised in one way or another but what we found that that if  women who are truly feminine at their core go more feminine instead of trying to man  up to their men. 

If they just go into their feminine the masculine could rise and for the men who  wanted to be more masculine and we’re being little boys and little bitches from time to  time if they would just frickin go more masculine instead of trying to connect with their  significant other. 

And like be this just if they just frickin were men, they would elicit that feminine  energy from their significant other it’s pretty frickin amazing Be the change you want to  see in the world. believe something, walk what you talk.  

That’s all I got for you today. Good. Repeat all this shit again and again for you. I  hope you are in sorry. I hope you’re enjoying the daily dose of greatness quest.  

And please subscribe. If you haven’t done so already. Please give a great comment  and review on iTunes, on YouTube on Facebook or whatnot. Really appreciate it and look  forward to seeing you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness. quest. In every  single day on greatness. quest.  

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And I will talk to you tomorrow. 

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