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EPISODE 77 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“You can fix anything. It just takes time and hard work.” – Trevor Crane

You can fix anything. It just takes time and hard work.


What needs to get FIXED (or cleaned up) in your life? 


Look at what area of your life you need to fix. (The place that is CURRENTLY giving you  frustration, pain or anguish.) 

What are the FACTS of your current situation?
Where do you want it to look like in the FUTURE?
What actions have to happen to make that a reality a CERTAINTY?
Commit to a CONSISTENT discipline to do the work.
Want faster results? Get help. 


Today, I talk about how ​you can fix anything​ in your life. Relationships, business, bank  account, credit score, you name it. 

It starts by taking 100% RESPONSIBILITY for your actions – vs. blaming others. 
Today’s show we talk about WHAT IT TAKES to “fix” what’s broken. ANYTHING. 


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Hey y’all, today we’re going to talk about how you can fix anything. I just had a  clean look at my credit recently, which went on after I filed my bankruptcy for years. I  had a credit score that was more like a tool.  

Today I’m sitting on a couple of my credit scores that are over 800 and I’m going to  talk to you about what it takes to go ahead and fix just about anything. 

I know you’re going to love today’s show.  


All right, so back in 2007. My daughter was born in. I was on top of the world and  I was just thinking that I had it all figured out as in love with this gal and we had a baby.  Yes, a little love child, which we didn’t become even get married or anything. I had  thought that was a good idea. I never asked her, but um, I was in love with her and we  had this perfect little baby and I was kinda waiting for the right time. 

Like I didn’t want to get married based on circumstance. I wanted to get married  because I knew I wanted to be with this woman for the rest of my life. Now I knew I  wanted my daughter. That was never the case. Like when I found out my girlfriend was  pregnant, I would have thought I would have made me nervous and scared and I had a  couple of challenges when I was younger with girlfriends who thought they were  pregnant or got pregnant, went on. That’s for another show.  

This time in my life, I was nothing but elated. Like the instant thing that happened  for me was I was just like, this is the best thing ever because it was meant to be and if my  daughter was literally born into my hands, we did a little hippie birth type thing where  we didn’t have any doctors or anything. We had a midwife and we trained to do this  water birth and my daughter was born into my hands in my Jacuzzi, in my backyard. 

Now at the time I was making the most money I’d ever made like I was doing  really well, is making over seven figures. I was really excited about my business, really excited about everything and everything was going great. By 2009 I had lost everything  and I was trying to file a bankruptcy.  

Now you probably heard this story before, but I’ll just briefly share with you that  when I say I lost everything, I lost the money. I lost the houses. One House I owned in the  and I had an investment property. I lost my cars. I had bought new cars for business and  for fun and I lost all of my physical belongings and the woman that I was in love with left  me, took our daughter at the time then was two years old and left me and left the state. So my sense of self confidence and self worth was as low as it’s ever been and I had to. 

When I was going through those challenges in 2000, late 2007, early 2008 through  2008, I felt like I was the lowest of the low. The whole idea of even filing a bankruptcy  pissed me off so much because I thought that that was a lie. I would be a liar and out of  integrity and I was like, this is not who I am, and I was just so upset and I played whole  game of trying to how to figure out how to avoid creditors and I was parking my car  down at the end of the road in a parking lot. Kind of hiding it. It was locked and the other  one in my garage so that the, the, the repossessed couldn’t come get it. It was a tough  time. Lost the house. I found myself literally homeless and I stopped. I changed my  phone number. I was avoiding the creditors. They were calling me every day. 

I just stopped answering the phone for anyone because I just dealt with. It was  just a tough time. So here’s why I’m sharing this with you today is that just, I think it was  last month that we just got our new credit scores, like we hired this company to help us  fix our credit and make sure that it’s as good as possible. So, um, you know, I gave it  some time that was like, I found my bankruptcy in 2009, so it’s taken awhile. Like this is  2018, so it took nine years to get my credit back. And when you file bankruptcy, you  know, I don’t know what your credit score is like too, but just I can’t, I’ve never had over  an 800 score in my life. And literally I talked to my attorney the other day and look at  this, I’ve got one of my scores is, it is a, excuse me, an 804, that’s from Trans Union, 804 credit score. 

The other one is from Equifax, 806 and then another one which is seven slash 21.  So that one I guess is still reflecting. The bankruptcy hasn’t come off of my credit yet on  that one. So that one is still negative. But like here’s why I’m sharing this. Like what does  it take to fix the things that you’ve broken? Like I broke my business, I broke my  relationship, I broke, I broke my bank account, all of these things. And what does it take?  

Well, I think that the first thing that had to happen for me is I was going through  that time, I wanted to blame other people, kind of blame the guy that screwed me, that  caused this whole bankruptcy thing in the first place and the lawsuit and data out of that.  So the first thing I had to do was look in the mirror and take responsibility with the guy  looking back at me. And that was the beginning of just me taking ownership of the  situation that I was in. Instead of blaming other people just to own it 100 percent that  this was mine. 

And I actually called up the guy that I thought had screwed me and I apologized.  This was a tough one for me because he had lied and cheated installed in my opinion.  Right? And instead I just said, I’m sorry, I shook hands with him and I dropped the  lawsuit and I sold him some of my equipment that I needed to clean slate.  

So the first thing I needed to do was I had to look in the mirror and take  responsibility. But the second thing I needed to do was to do the hard things to do the  things that like I didn’t want to do. I didn’t want to tell that guy. Um, I didn’t want to tell  him it’s okay. I didn’t want to say I’m sorry I didn’t want to sell him my shit for pennies  on the dollar. I didn’t want any of that, but I had to do it. I had to do it. I had to own all of  it in.  

By the way, when I decided finally reached that threshold when I was like, okay,  that’s it. I now need to take responsibility. I need to start doing the things every single  day that are going to equal the give me the quality of life that I want. It did not get better.  It did not get better. It got worse, you know, I then it was, it was after I made the decision  that I lost the house. It was after that decision that I found myself homeless and staying  at friend’s houses and sleeping on the one guy’s basement and the same guy attic at  different times depending on the house. We were in, I stayed at my buddy’s mom’s house  in his little sister’s room. They kicked her out and let me stay in that room. 

And here’s the thing is oftentimes we think it’s got to get better really fast when  what it takes is a little bit of work. You know, today I have a habit. It’s discipline of  exercising every single day. I did my run or stairmaster thing this morning about 30  minutes today and it’s over 2000 days that I’ve done that every single day. What I am  gaining through the daily discipline of taking action on just the little, uh, the little steps  that I do, I don’t have to work out for 20, excuse me, 20 minutes a day is my rule and sometimes it’s just stretching is just that I’m gaining muscle that says that I can  accomplish anything given enough time and enough work. So my little three step  formula for you here is that you got to look into the mirror number one and just take  responsibility. So what area of your life do you have something going on for you that  needs to be fixed? 

For me, at that time, Holy Shit, like I needed to fix everything. I was a bad father.  At least that’s what I had dreamt up. I was a bad boyfriend, bad partner. I was bad  businessman like I needed to fix. My credit was completely obliterated in gone. My sense  of self worth was zero when I focused on that shit and so I want you to potentially to  potentially fuck it.  

I want you to look at your life and look at what relationships you might have,  what areas of your business, what areas of your life that you need to fix, and I don’t care  how freaking bad and ugly it is because what ended up happening is once I looked in the  mirror and said, this is up to me and I’m not going to play a victim anymore and I’m  going to find a way and I’m just going to go ahead and I know this is going to take some  work and I know this is gonna take time. It’s responsibility, work and time responsibility, work in time.  

And so my challenge for you is to look at which areas of your life needs some need  you to fix it. Because you can clean up anything, you can fix anything if you take  responsibility for it and you know that you own the results that you create in life, good or  bad, and that you commit to some consistent discipline of work, and you give it enough  time. Magic. This just does not happen overnight where you just. I didn’t go from a credit  score to an 800 credit score overnight. It took nine years for me to get it.  

My wife has bought everything for us with anything to do with credit. She’s done a  cars, she’s done the houses, she’s done all that shit. I didn’t have a car. I couldn’t. I  couldn’t get credit on anything and all of my personal relationships also because when I  filed my bankruptcy, not proud of this, but I actually included my mom, my dad, and  some other personal debt that I had and I did that as a gift to them because one of the  things you do is write that off and I still had this karmic debt that I owe them. 

It’s crazy now that I’m thinking about it. I got to take responsibility for that and  pay all them back because that one I did not write off in my heart and in my soul for you today is to look at what area of your life you need to fix and do something. That area  that’s giving you frustration right now and pain and anguish and something you’re not  happy with, where you are to assess where you are, take responsibility for it and then  start working towards making it better.
I remember when my sister was in Florida years ago and she had horrible  financial responsibility issue and her credit was messy, messy, messy, and I remember  the day she bought the quicken accounting software, happened to be at her house that  day. She was loading it on her computer and I was very skeptical that this was a good  choice for her and I thought, what a waste of fucking time for you to put this software on  their balance, your checkbook. 

Well, I saw her begin that day just to take the first step towards fixing up her  money and her credit and her life. Now if you go to my sister’s house, you see a clean  house if you look at her finances and her bank account, but like the woman is organized,  she has savings, she has. She is more organized about her money and about our holidays. Holy crap and giving everybody presents. She remembers everything. She’s one since she  was a little girl, we always called her an elephant because she just never forgets, but she  started that day with some type of action.  

So that’s my challenge for you today, is to take some type of action that moves you  forward so that you can the work and give it the time. And fortunately I now have a  business and my wife and I have a business where we work with business owners and  entrepreneurs so that we can give you a little bit of help because there are many times in  my life I didn’t have a support network. 

You know, I told you that I had friends that still loved me enough to help me when  I was down. Hopefully you do too, but when you’re looking for someone to help you  create a result you’ve never created before, there is nothing like having a mentor and a  community my, whether it’s a brotherhood or a sisterhood and I am constantly looking  for the next level of mentor and community that I can connect with so that I can go  ahead and up my game.  

My challenge for you is to go ahead and if you want to shortcut, the way that you  can create results is to get some help. Unfortunately, now I live my life every day with a  business and the community that I can go ahead and I’m seeking the mentorship that I need to go ahead and take my business and brand to the next level and then I provide  that for my clients so I can bring them up to the level that I’m at with either books,  business, brand, marketing, sales, a lot of things that we do when it comes to just  building an ideal business so you can live an ideal life. 

And we’re not alone because we’ve got help and often times as, as humans, we feel  alone because we don’t have a community around us that needs to support us. And I  know you probably have some people that you know, that you know, that you care  about. They care about you, that love you, but maybe you don’t have the next level  mentor. And I know that there’s always a next level mentor that can go ahead and help  you and support you and hopefully put you in the community so that you can win. So  that you can write that book. So you can build that business so that you can build the  speaking career so you can build the brand and then have the ideal quality of life that  you want to have. And today I’m just very, very grateful. I can’t even freaking believe it. 

I wasn’t even sure that you could get a score over an $800 blew my mind. I’ve got  two of my three credit scores at over an 800 and there was a formula to that. I didn’t do it  alone. I didn’t just try real hard on my own. I hired an attorney to help me do this. I take  took their advice, they told me how to do that and it transformed I think a month or two  before that had happened. My score was in the six hundreds because I had just lost track  of it. I wasn’t paying any attention and this is the second time I’ve hired a credit agency  to help me fix my credit. So here’s the thing, is going to take responsibility time and some  work. Your job today is to pick what area of your life you do need to fix up and then take  some kind of action towards it and do the work.  

All right. That’s all I got for you today. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on  another daily dose of greatness quest.

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