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You Can Be RIGHT
Or You Can Be RICH.

EPISODE 21 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


My question for you is: Where in your life do you need to receive coaching?

Is it in your personal life? Is it in your business? ​Where is it that you REALLY want to  improve?


“You can be ​right or you can be rich​.” – Trevor Crane

You can be ​right or you can be rich​.


So my challenge to you today is: IDENTIFY a result that you want, that you don’t have yet  and then hire somebody to help you get it. Got that?
In short:

STEP 1: Identify what you want.
STEP 2: Hire someone to help you get it. 




You can be RIGHT or you can be RICH. You can be RIGHT or you can be in LOVE. ​You  get to choose. On today’s show, I point out a few strategies you can use to make sure you lead with your HEART.

And… maybe… learn how to get RICH at the same time! 


Please practice this!

Take the challenge I give you on this show. ​It could make ALL the difference to you.

LAST THING: Please share your AMAZING results with me.

(I’d love to hear about all of your successes.) 


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Years ago I heard the phrase, you can be ​right or you can be rich.​ I just wish I would’ve  learned this lesson a little earlier.  


All right. Admission time… Just recently, a friend of mine, a mentor of mine told me how  important it is that I STOP doing so many things. And I’m working on this, I’m working  on that, I am one busy dude. Like I’m up early in the morning, uh, sometimes I’m up at  4:00 AM on a regular basis where I can go out and do all the things I need to do for my  personal and professional life to get the day going.  

And then I got a ton of projects I’m working on during the day and I have been fighting  for those projects. And the truth is the next step of my evolution when it comes to  earning more is to let go some of those things that I had been thinking she’d take up all  my time. I just had a conversation with one of my clients just a couple of days ago and  she was making an a… 

Well, she was just saying that she had a lot of difficulty making progress on her new  project, this new project by the way, it’s getting her PAID like in a really fast way and  check it out for I think it was eight, nine months ago and she was working with me and  her business partner and I gave them a profitable path to monetize their mission. 

And we worked out a ​”core offer”​ that was gonna offer massive transformational value  to their clients and then also give them more freedom. Give these two business partners  more freedom and they, they liked the idea and they, they helped create the entire  program and we, we based their core offer around the question: “How can we best serve  our clients and give ourselves more freedom?” And as we did that, they went ahead and  had this amazing program, but they were incongruent with the offer.  

They had difficulty making the sale. 

They were scared and so they second guessed it. And instead of. And by the way, this was  a high ticket offer, is the offer for multiple thousands of dollars. And so instead, because  they were scared of sales, they decided, no, no, no, no, no, I, they, they needed to be  RIGHT. 
Like, this is too expensive for my clientele. I don’t think they’re going to want to spend  this amount of money. So they went ahead and fought for making offers that were at the  most, a hundred or $200. And that was fun. They went out and made a few sales and you  can imagine to make a few sales. That’s a cut times $100 or so, maybe a few hundred  dollars. Just recently they embraced their new offer again. They came back, it took him  nine months to go ahead and come back to it and say, OK, you’re right.
We shouldn’t be offering a core offer. We made the value of the program. $9,000. I can,  every way you can look at it, this thing is an amazing program. It will help the people  there, their prospects and their clients create tremendous results and they still would.  The price was a little high for my clients. They said, God, I just don’t know if we can  charge that and it’s a group program that will help their clients lose weight and get  healthy and do a lot of cool stuff. And so they decided to offer it at 3,500, which is still a  frickin great price for them because now they can, um, they can scale their business and  check it out. They’ve just recently sold, I think like six or seven of these programs are  $3,500. Like you do the math that’s within the last 30 days. I believe they’ve made that.  

They’ve made those offers. And then, uh, the funny thing is, is that one of the business  partners was arguing with me the other day saying, well, I just got too much to do. I’m  doing this, I’m doing that, I’m doing this. And what’s happening is that she’s making the  choice to not do her money making activity first. This isn’t exactly accurate. So she’s  listening to this right now. She’s going to be like, no, I’m not you bastard. So that’s what  I’m boiling point is. She was making arguments for all of the how busy she is or some of  my friends that are making the most money and having the most impact or more  intelligent about how they spend their time and as I’ve just acknowledged to you guys, I  have to admit I’m guilty of the same thing running around working on 17 project at the  same time. 

It’s just hard to keep all those balls up in the air. So my goal is to simplify. Now we’re  talking about you can be right or you can be rich. This also extends to your other  relationships. You can be right or you can be in love. This is something I learned with my  wife, like do I need to sit there and argue with my wife? I mean even when I know hands  down, I’m right because I’ll tell you, my wife does not like to not be right. And how  important is it for us to go ahead and and convince somebody and bowl bowl somebody  else over to prove our point. The older have been getting. I feel like I’m getting just a  teeny tiny bit more wise where I just find that the smartest thing for me to do if I want  amazing relationships with the people around me is to just shut the hell up.  

I think I even had an episode of greatness quest called shut the fuck up because that’s,  that’s what this is about. But you can be right or you can be in love, you can be right or  you can be rich. So my question for you is, where in your life do you actually need to  receive coaching and consulting so that you can, uh, just, just take the advice? I think the  show that I did yesterday, as long as these are coming out in the right in the right order, I  think the, my show yesterday was all about how you can, if you just have the right recipe  for success, the episode was called just do it. You could just have the right episode. Recipe  for success. All I have to do our follow the instructions and on my desk in front of a in my  office, I’ve got a bunch of sticky tabs.
I use these different colored sticky tabs to keep track of my different projects and keep  track of conversations, sometimes clients in Little Tutus and stuff and quite frankly I  want to minimize those. I want to go ahead and instead of having 30 or 40 of Mama desk,  I want to get it down to where I just have real simplicity and that’s one of my goals for  the next 90 days is to listen to my mentors. I see that this is one of the areas that I need  coaching myself. I need to actually know. I need to receive the coaching. I need to follow  the instructions. So my.  

That was my question for you is where in your life do you need this received coaching? Is  it around your personal life? Is it around your business? Where is it that you really want  to improve? ​Because if there’s an area in your life that you’re not yet creating the  results that you want, my little secret recipe is to get help. 

You know. Ideally you find somebody who can help, you know, you can read a book I’ve  talked to about how you can put a, a team full of mentors in your head by educating  yourself and watching videos and doing a lot of cool things and buying the course and  taking the program. But ultimately I think we need a human to help us. And that’s getting  a mentor. Hiring somebody who’s already been there before already created the results  and just following their instructions.  

So my challenge to you is if there is a result that you want, that you don’t have and  you’ve identified what area of your life it is, maybe it is your weight or your health  or your fitness or your nutrition or it could be around your mindset.​ Maybe you’re  going through challenging times right now and you need some mindset training or  meditation training or you need leadership training or you need marketing training  because you need to improve the number of leads that you’re getting into your business  or you need sales training because you have to convert some of those people into buying  your stuff or you need training around getting your book done. 
Whatever it is. Just my challenge for you is to identify it and then hire somebody to help  you do anything. If you are having a challenge with the money, I get it. Like I’ve been  there, done that. I’ve had the challenges with money and you know, there’s always a  challenge with money to a certain degree where I guess this a challenge when you don’t  have it, when you do have it and I just figure out how to keep track of it and you’d think  that that’s an easy thing to do, but you don’t. You have to. You have to protect it. And if  you don’t do that wisely and the government’s going to take it all away because you don’t,  you’re not finding your taxes. Right?  

But here’s the thing, you can be right or you can be rich, you can be right or you can be in  love and sometimes you just need to shush because my mother in law was just in town.  

God love her and she’ll talk about a lot of different things and give her opinion about  what we should be doing with our brand new baby boy. And my job oftentimes is just to  shut my mouth and listen and not say anything. I don’t need to be right. I don’t need to  win a conversation or an argument. And right now while I’m saying this, I can’t think of  any one particular thing that was going on. But it’s the same deal. All my mom, my mom was a visiting to go ahead and help us with the baby. And she has been a nurse or  working in hospitals lately with a lot of babies doing lot of different things. So guess  what? My mom has an opinion. We should do this. And we should do that and I could sit  there and be argumentative or I can have an amazing relationship with my mom and  just listened and I don’t have to necessarily do what somebody tells me to do. I don’t need  to argue with her to when either.
So with that guys, I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to send you off on your frickin  awesome day. ​Make sure you make today magnificent. ​Please share this, uh, this  podcast with somebody if you enjoyed it, please like, and comment on, um, on iTunes so  that we can go ahead and, uh, get some cool likes on iTunes.
Uh, and then I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another episode of greatness quest.
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