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EPISODE 27 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Q1: What’s something you want that you don’t have?
Q2: What has to happen for you to finally decide that you’ve had enough? That you can’t take it any longer? That it’s finally time to STOP bitching, and to STOP complaining… And to STOP making excuses?


“What’s the difference between winners and losers? The winners do it… and do it and do it until the job gets done.” – Art Williams

What’s the difference between winners and losers? The winners do it and do it and do it until the job gets done.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand

The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.

“We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.” – Marilyn Monroe

We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.


Here’s my CHALLENGE to you today… go out and make a difference with your life.

Look in the mirror and DECIDE to do it. Then, join me on my new 30-Day Challenge.
(To do so, just download my free app.)

DECLARE to yourself, and to the whole world< that you are going to do it.
DOCUMENT your process and progress.
DEMONSTRATE the results with create with the world.
DEMAND & DELIVER – demand from yourself you’ll do whatever it takes and NEVER quit. And.. deliver the results you promise.

Set new standard for yourself. YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE.


On this episode, I introduce you to one of the most inspiring speeches I have ever heard, by Art Williams.

I also shared with you this phenomenal strategy that I call the, “D’s of your DESTINY.”

It will help you become who you want to be, & make you UNSTOPPABLE.


What has to happen for you to finally DECIDE that you’re ready to do whatever it takes to to create a new reality? That’s your fuel.

Discover what it is, and just do it.


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What’s something you want that you don’t have? If you want MORE in any area of your life, you absolutely want to listen to today’s episode. It is going to be epic, it is going to help you unleash your “UNSTOPPABILITY”, if that’s a word.


All right. Today, I’m not going to come to you as the guy telling you all of the secrets. And I’m not here to tell you my story. And I’m not here to convince you of anything. I believe you’re UNSTOPPABLE. And instead of sharing with you how I’ve typically been sharing with you, I’m going to share with you a clip from somebody who FIRES me up. Something that INSPIRES me to do whatever it takes. And that makes the difference between being a WINNER and being a LOSER.

So listen to this, this is an excerpt from a “Just Do It” speech, I think that’s what it’s called, from this phenomenal speaker and trainer from years ago. His name is Art Williams. Enjoy this clip.

All right, so this is a message from the podcast, edited and cut out that last a little bit. And then start again after this short break.



I believe DESIRE and WILL TO WIN is everything. I don’t know why I’m like I am, but my butt’s always burning. There’s always something that say, “Art, doggone it, you’re supposed to go far. Art, doggone it,, you’re supposed to be somebody. You’re supposed to make a difference with your life”.
What does the $500,000 a year person do that the $50,000 a year person doesn’t do? You look at the outside instead of those two individuals, everything seems to be the same. They both have the same sex. They both have the same age and had the same training, the same positions, the same contract, the same fringe benefits. They both were successful. They work hard, they’re good family. People make tough commitments, but what’s the difference? What does the $500,000 a year person do that the $50,000 a year person doesn’t do? He pays the price a little bit MORE. He works hard a little bit MORE. He’s loyal to the company a little bit more. He believes in a little bit more. He makes money a little bit more. He saves money a little bit more.
If you want to win in these United States, you gotta be tough and you can’t quit. The last thing I’ll talk to you about today in building this winning edge is… folks, if you want to win in business, you got to be a LEADER. Leadership is everything. You show me anything in these United States that win, I’ll show you a LEADER at work. You show me a successful church, boy scout, troop club, football team, business, I’ll show you some, uh, run by a LEADER.
You see, I thought at one time in my life you had to be smart to win. I used to have these smart people that dressed so pretty and talks so pretty and use these big words. They just intimidated me and I said, “Art, you can’t ever be that good. Why don’t you just throw in the towel and go back and coach football for a living?”
And I found two things out about smart people. I think it’s almost impossible for a smart person to win in business in America today. Because I find smart people spend their whole lifetime figuring things out. They’re always trying to figure out an easier way and a quicker way. And another thing I found out about smart people is they just don’t get around to doing nothing. You see, some of my life aren’t the way it is. Everybody said, “Well, he can’t do it”. They saw my life. “I can’t do it, but he does it”.
Say, folks, I want you to know almost everybody in America almost does enough to win. They almost get there. They almost drove over the hump. They almost have it going. They almost in everything they do. Almost is a way of life to almost everybody in America, but the WINNERS do it.
What do they do? They do whatever it takes to get the job done. They do it and do it and do it and do it and do it until the job gets done. And then they talk about how great it is to be somebody they’re proud of. We need leaders in America who can do it. If you want to become somebody, do it. If you want to go in business for yourself, do it. If you want to become financially independent, do it. I hear too much talk in these United States. Everybody can talk a good game. We need people in America who can do it.
l’ve gone all over this country with a lot of waves and have people say, “Art, you can count on me.” Wonderful. Just do it. “Art, I can tell you this is my last stop, I’m going to win now.” Super duper. Just do it. “Art, if I could just have one good month and get the ball going, I know I can make it big.” Super. Just do it. “Art, if I could just pay off this day then I could really go.” Great. Just do it. “Art, if I could just sell my house.” Do it. “But how do they sell ’em?” Do it anyway.
“Art, I’m not making any money. What can I do?” You just do it. “Hey, do what, Art?” You do it and do it and do it. “Art, I guarantee I’m gonna win this contest.” Super Duper. Just do it. “Art, I’m over the hump now. Watch my smoke.” Great. Just do it. “Art, I want to make it so bad I’m tasting it. What do I do?” You just do it. “Art, I’m a vice president now. Can I quit doing it?” No, uh oh. “I don’t know if I can keep on keeping on. I’m really hurting when I do.” You just do it . “And do what, Art?” You do it and do it and do it.
“Art, all my life, I wanted to be somebody important.” Well, do it then. “Art, I’m gonna save money so I don’t have to go through this again.” Great! Just do it. “Art, I don’t feel like I’ve had enough training. What do I do?” You just do it. “Art, my manager don’t give me no help. What do I do?” You just do it. “Art, you don’t understand. I was Mr. Everything in my former company. You don’t mean I have to start off down at the bottom and do it, do you?” Yep, you really got to do it.
“Art, what’s the primary difference between winners and losers?” The winners do it. They do it and do it and do it and do it until the job gets done. And then they talk about how great it is to finally have achieved something you need. And how glad they are that they didn’t quit like everybody else. And how wonderful it is to finally be somebody they’re proud of and make a difference with their lives. Thank you.

How did you like that? That is one of my favorite speeches. I get fired up every time I listen to it. And that’s our challenge to you today. That’s my challenge to you today: is to make a difference with your life. And I’m going to give to you a little strategy that you can use today that will help you with that. I use this with a lot of my book and business clients.

And so look yourself in the mirror. I’m gonna give you a little formula right here and they all start with the letter D. You may have heard me share part of this in the past, but the decision is the first thing that you want to do. So look in the mirror. And that before you go out and take action to do all this other stuff: You’ve got to decide, you’ve got to draw a line in the sand that you want, whatever it is that you want.

If you join us on our 30-day challenge, then that’s the first thing you need to do is: look in the mirror and DECIDE that you’re going to do it. If you are not going to decide that this is your destiny, that this is something that you have to do. If you are not absolutely convinced, then this isn’t going to make it, then you’re not going to make it happen. Now it’s really easy. It’s just like, “That’s it. I’m going to do it”.

Now, the second thing is you need to DECLARE. Declare to the world that you’re going to do it. This means share it with somebody else. Declare it to yourself, say it out loud. Declare that to yourself but you also need to declare it online. You need to declare it on social media. You need to share this with the world. You need to talk to your mom. You need to declare it to someone and you need not stop talking about it.

I’ve shared with you on other episodes of greatness quest, (how I did this when I was even trying to do 11 pull ups when I was a little kid) is that I told people I was going to make this happen. I’m declaring to the world. This is phenomenal marketing, by the way, if you’re in business. Because if you’re in business, you’re telling people that something is coming. Is it a scary thing to do? You’re damn skippy. But this is what you’re modeling multi millionaires and billionaires with this strategy. When you tell people something is coming, when you have a vision for something and now you tried to communicate it and share it with the world. That’s the declaration part.

And then the next really cool thing that can help you make progress with your performance is that you DOCUMENT your process. So decide, declare, and then document. So for example, on our 30-day challenge, we have a new app that I give you access to and I’m not charging anything for this right now. I just want to help you with a 30-day challenge to accomplish any goal. I have a book that goes along with it and if you accomplish your 30-day goal, I’m going to send you an UNSTOPPABLE tee shirt. And on this app that I give you, we can see that you’re taking daily action. I have this whole accountability system that’s built in and you can share your results with other members of the team. And so there’s this phenomenal accountability factor here where we have you documenting your process.

And also I’ll give you another D word here is DEMONSTRATING results. Now you might set a goal for yourself that you add new clients or you start coaching and consulting more people or you start helping others. So you get to demonstrate the results that you’re having in your life and also the impact that you’re having in other people’s lives. So it’s a document, a regular documentation. And in today’s day and age, you should be doing that and using some type of technology like we’re doing like this. So, with our app that you get so that you can go ahead and have this phenomenal feedback as well, and accountability with your team. And you’re declaring and documenting and demonstrating results.

Now the third thing or the next thing here, I don’t know what number we’re on, is that you want to DEMAND AND DELIVER. See, the thing is, is that it’s easy to stop. It’s easier to not get up and continue the process. A lot of people will begin, but very few people finish. But you need to demand from yourself that you are not going to quit and you need to deliver the results that you promise. Whatever that is, whatever your goal is that you set for yourself is demand and deliver.

And then the last little D part that I’m going to give you here is to DEFY THE ODDS. See, most people quit. Most people give up. Defy the odds. This is one of my favorite things that Tony Robbins uses as an incantation on his events. And I get all fired up about it. Defy the odds, to set a new standard. And that’s what my challenge is for you today is to go out and make a difference with your life. And like Art Williams said, “Just do it”.

And I can’t wait to see you on another episode of greatness quest tomorrow. If you liked today’s episode, make sure that you like it, you share it with somebody else, and you’ll leave us a comment on iTunes. All right. Make sure you make today magnificent. Go out and take some action with this and have a phenomenal day.