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EPISODE 123 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


I learned a good lesson today from what I call, THE WORST COACHING CALL EVER.

It’s rare that have I have a call that goes so… yuckie. But, sometimes we’re going to win.

And sometimes we’re going to lose. Sometimes we feel like we’re on top of the world.

And sometimes we’re not.

And that’s okay.

Here’s what I did, when I felt like I got kicked in the dick. I share this with you, thinking  it might help you if… no WHEN something like that happens to you. 


What do you do when everything just SUCKS?

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and that’s okay.” – Trevor Crane

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and that's okay


When you feel like you get kicked in the dick, try talking your way through it.
Think about it. Meditate and journal about it. Invest the time time to find the “lesson”  and the “learning,” and it’s so much easier to ​move on.

It’s okay if you don’t ​win​ every single time. ​It’s okay to fail.


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Okay, yeah. Today’s episode is one that I’ve tried to record over 10 times and I  keep re-recording it because I don’t think it’s good enough. The subject for today is THE  WORST COACHING CALL EVER.
I hope you get a lot of value out of today’s session.

I can’t remember the last time that I recorded and then re-recorded and then re-recorded an episode. But today’s episode has been that I don’t get it. It’s been over an  hour since I’ve been trying to record this thing. And it’s only supposed to be a 10-minute podcast. 
So I’m excited about this because it’s new, it’s fresh territory for me. And it’s  something I’m sharing with you that makes me feel uncomfortable which is unique. 
Typically I’m pretty happy to share with you my successes, my failures, my  journey and just about anything and today is just felt awkward. And it felt awkward  because I had a coaching call that didn’t go well. 
And here is what I just discovered. So this is only like in the last couple of minutes  because I’ve been reading about this and trying to record this for over and now like I said  multiple episodes, I need to save some of them like semi just delete it because I thought  there was all miserable. I’ve saved others.  

But here’s the thing, you are going to go out and this is what I did. Okay, I went out  and I had a coaching call and I did the best I possibly could, like I always do. I’m sure you  do the best you can do always or you try Are you really aspire to write and certainly if  you’re in a position where you get the chance to help other people. You do the best you  can. 
And this is what I did. I prepared. I showed up and I coached my ass off I did what  I typically do. I try to ask phenomenal questions. I said try because I do my best to ask  phenomenal questions. I’m present. I put my heart and soul into what I do. And I gave  everything I could with 100% presence to try to help the person I coach today.  

And guess what happened? It sucked.Like I just didn’t feel it. I felt awkward and uncomfortable and it wasn’t all a bad call. But by the end I just felt yucky and we got off  the session and and I’ve been feeling bad about it and I’ve been trying to come up with  my lessons about it for you.  

And maybe I didn’t connect well and maybe their expectations that weren’t met  and maybe they wanted this and maybe that and maybe you should go where your  celebrated and not where you’re tolerated. I was talking to the wrong person, all this  malarkey. 

But here’s what I just realized. You know what? Sometimes you’re going to knock  it out of the park if you’ve ever played baseball. And I did a little bit when I was at least a  little kid they throw the pitching and sometimes you hit it and you and sometimes you  swing and you miss and sometimes you hit a homerun and sometimes you you strike out.   

And this was one where I did everything I possibly could to win and it and I didn’t  you know and the person that I coached I don’t know exactly how they feel. It wasn’t like  it was all bad. We had we definitely made progress. But I’m just sharing with you.  

Here’s my lesson that I just got it. Sometimes you’re gonna swing for the fences,  and you’re going to miss. And that’s okay. 

That was my lesson today is that when you try your hardest, and see I did put my  heart and soul in. I did try. I’ve been even trying to just tell you about how sucky this call  was so that I could give you a lesson in it.  

And the lesson is, sometimes you just suck. Or sometimes it’s a bad connection  and you’re just not talking to the right person. Or sometimes it’s Thursday. And you  know what, you didn’t connect Thursday. I don’t know why.  

It’s the same thing of when you’re in a room and you deliver a joke and it’s a joke  you’ve told before that brought down the house and you think this is going to be so there  is and you got to tell your job and you do it and there’s crickets there. For one reason or  another, you don’t get the feedback that you’re looking for. 

I saw Tony Robbins do this one time that he was speaking to me and a small group  of people that were volunteering at one of his events. And what he often likes to do is he  likes to practice and prepare now the man has been on stage in front of millions of  people literally and he’s been traveling around the world speaking literally for like 30 plus years.  

Like he has got so much practice but he’s still decides to practices content and so  we met with us for an hour or two and he’s delivering his content and he killed it like he  presented some information and we just were enthralled and we loved the shit out of it.  And we he got applause when he got jokes. And he got we laughed when he told jokes  and and we cried when he was I mean it was amazing. 
And then I saw him present the same information in the seminar room with  thousands of people in the room. And for some reason his jokes didn’t land it wasn’t that  it just wasn’t great. Like it was great in the room that we did in the previous room. And  for some reason with the thousands of people there it just didn’t land and here’s what I  just learned. Okay? just learned it. That’s okay. It’s okay.  

I remember when I was playing baseball at one stage I was I was pretty quick.  When I was in school when I was in high school was playing baseball and the football  coach, the baseball coach baseball coach was telling us before the game we’ve taken,  we’ve gotten on one of the school buses and we drove to the game. It was an away game.  

So we drove there and he stopped and he was given us a pep talk in the in the  school bus. And he said, I want to make some announcements. We’re going over some  stats and it just so happens that any game he was acknowledging different people stats  and he said Trevor Crane has the number one best batting average on the team. He is  never struck out or gotten out like he’s always gotten on base every time you show up. 

And I was batting 1000 or whatever you call that and I didn’t even know like, I  didn’t know that I was doing the best and I was so proud of myself. And a little  embarrassed I had no idea they also they also said Trevor is also gotten the most stolen  bases because I was pretty quick and so I was leading the team and stolen bases and I  was leading the team and batting average. 

Now he kind of jinxed me and it’s not his fault but what was amazing is that day  for the first time I struck out and I got out and I struck out and I got out and by the end of  the season I was about halfway through the season for some reason I just I just I said I  just had this bad this bad streak. I had a good streak when everything was awesome and  I had a bad streak. 

And I’ll tell you what, when I was striking out I felt like I was a big frickin loser and I think that’s how we feel sometimes are high or high when we win and we’re low  when we lose but this is one that it wasn’t even miserable it was just I didn’t feel good in  my stomach and I’m accustomed to feeling really good after coaching call. 

And here’s what I learned just now and also what I realized when I was playing  baseball okay if I didn’t want to go and felt really yucky being on an emotional roller  coaster of I felt great if I got on base and I felt like a loser. If I didn’t, I am not a winner.  And I am not a loser. Just whether or not I get on base. And sometimes we’re going to  win. And sometimes we’re going to lose. And sometimes we’re going to feel like we’re on  top of the world. And sometimes we’re not. 

And this is a day that I feel not. And holy shit, I feel so much better than after the  umpteen times I tried to record today’s episode I finished this one was something that I  think is a valuable lesson for you. ​Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and that’s  okay.  

And in fact I feel frickin great now that I’ve had the opportunity to talk through it  and I failed miserably for the first dozen times I tried to record this but now I connected  with you because I finally did get a frickin lesson out of it. It’s okay I tried my best. 

You know, when I was a little kid, I tried to get on base And it so happened that I  ended up that season with leading the team and strikeouts I was not only one strikeout  The only person on the team to leading the team by the end of the season I love your  drinks me or not, but I also did not keep them. I would not keep my stolen base record  someone else, you know, cuz I never got on base striking out all the time. 

So here’s the thing, sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Either way. It’s okay.  

My challenge to you today is if you feel yourself like you get kicked in the deck,  which I felt like a little bit today, maybe just talk your way through it like I did. I was  trying to authentically connect with you at a time that I was losing and not feeling good.  

And maybe I should have just kept the first episode up of when, when when, but I  was just rambling. It wasn’t even that I don’t mind sharing it with you. It was just that it  was such a rambling mess of confusion. And so maybe talk it through because I talked it  through to myself. I had a little silence on the meditation to like, learn from it.  

I wrote notes about it. And finally I talked myself through it to where now I don’t feel so bad. And I just feel good because I came up with a lesson so I think maybe that’s  my challenge is if I don’t learn something from it, if I don’t feel like I’ve grown I struggle  And in this case, if you like, I did grow and I feel like I did learn something.  

And my lesson is, it’s okay. You don’t have to win every single time. And the fact  that I gave everything I had, and I tried my hardest and I gave my heart and soul, you  know what? I think it’s okay. 

And my challenge for you is to take a time if you do feel like you fail to talk  yourself through it, to find the lesson, to get the learning and then like, move on. It’s okay  to fail. It’s okay if you don’t win every single time.  

And that’s all I got for you today. I look forward to sharing with you some  episodes that are happier where I’m going to be telling you about celebrations and  whatnot. I learned a few other things from this lesson that I’ll probably take into our new  episode. So I want you to tune in because I got some cool stuff for you.  

If you liked today’s episode, please give me some love on iTunes and if you don’t  like it, hate it, this is one of those times that I failed. And guess what? That’s okay.  

Have a good one. 

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