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EPISODE 41 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Q1: Curious about joining my team? We’re hiring.
Q2: How can you better serve your client, and add more freedom to your life?


“Every single time, the results that were the most exponential was when people stopped doing so many different things. They did less. Every single time.” – Frank Kern

“Information is useless if it is not applied to something important or if you will forget it before you have a chance to apply it.” – Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hr Workweek

Information is useless if it is not applied to something important or if you will forget it before you have a chance to apply it.

“You don’t need to give more of yourself. Your job is to better serve your client.” – Trevor Crane

Your job is to better serve your client.


1. Write down in your journal what you’re going to do to WORK LESS AND DO MORE. Are you going to hire a mentor? Make a new offer? Partner with someone else to add more value to your clients?

2. Share the message to somebody else. When you can teach it, you can go ahead and do it and live it.


Today, I share a strategy that will help you WORK LESS AND HAVE MORE. A summary:



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How would you like to work less and make more? A lot of people say that but very few people ever figure out how to do it. I’m going to give you some strategies today that are going to serve you really well.


I agree. It sounds cliche. A lot of people say it. I hear it on the phone a lot when I’m talking to new potential clients. And they say they want to stop working so hard. And they want to work smarter.

Tim Ferriss wrote an amazing book called The 4-Hour Workweek years ago. And has built a business and a brand that I think is one of the most powerful and influential that we have on the planet right now. He’s amazing. And it’s called, The 4-Hour Workweek. Like it makes a promise that you can escape the 9 to 5.

I love his subtitle of the book, Escape 9 – 5. Like who is working a 9 to 5? Like most people in North America at least. And business owners work a lot more than that, right? So that’s like almost everybody.

And then he says in the second part of his subtitle, he says You Have The Ability To Live Anywhere. Like will that be cool. He’s making that promise in The 4-hour Workweek. He’s like “Okay, live anywhere.”

And then the third part of his subtitle of that book is Join The New Rich. Like there was one? There’s a new rich? It builds this excitement that I have potentially the ability to join it. Like I didn’t even know there was one. And how do I join? Like, are they accepting membership?

So it’s pretty cool. Now, how do you get that done? How do you actually functionally work less so that you could make more?

And I’ve given a lot of strategies on this podcast. I teach about this stuff a lot. I talked about in the the podcast about results coming from two places, either mistakes or mentors. And so I highly advise that you find a mentor, obviously. And that’s where I have often found the shortcuts that do help me make more in less time.

Frank Kern just shared something recently on social media with one of his posts. And he said, and he’s one of my mentors, by the way, and he talked about a lot of his clients that have gone on to make the most phenomenal financial results. And he said typically, he said “Every single time, the results that were the most exponential was when people stopped doing so many different things. They did less every single time.”

Now, one of my businesses, I had a water sports business. We were running a parasail boat and that meant I would go, I would drive my boat to the beach. And I would pick up six people, put them on my boat and take them out in the ocean. I would pop up this gigantic parachute on the back of the boat. There’s this whole strategy about how you do that, by the way.

Imagine a parachute, like you’re sitting in the back of the boat. And then you have to figure out how to inflate it so that it would, you know, not go in the water and whatnot and be afloat in the air. And then we would float people around in the air for about a half hour or so. And, you know, everybody take turns and then we take the parachute down.

Hopefully without getting it wet or tearing it or whatnot. And then drive back to the beach and then have to maneuver the boat on the beach with breaking waves sometimes in different challenges to make sure we didn’t like run over somebody and kill them. And then we would unload them doing all the payment and all the stuff that we’d have to do on the boat. Sell t-shirts and hats and shirts. And film and videos and stuff like that. And then we would pick up the new bunch and go out and do it again. That was a lot in an hour, each trip was about an hour and we could only fly about six people in an hour.

Now I remember the day that we doubled, more than doubled our business. And it was one of the coolest, most successful days of my life. I was giggling my ass off because it was one of the easiest days of work I’ve ever had. Because we finally figured out how to now fly not 6 people an hour but 12.

And what we did is I had hired a crew member that had worked at another watersports location in Hawaii. And they did a lot of business and he said, “Why don’t you use a little shuttle boat.” and he goes, “If you use an inflatable shuttle boat, you can go ahead and you can drive the inflatable right up next to your boat. And you never have to take the parachute down. You just need another captain and he’ll do the work shuttling back and forth. And this can make you, make it really easy.”

And guys, what ended up happening is the shuttle boat worked so well the first day that I put up the parachute once in the morning and then never took it down until the end of the day. I made over $10,000 that day. It’s the first day I’ve made $10,000 and I felt like I had just won the lottery.

So here are some of the strategies that you can use so that you can work less and make more. Okay, are you ready for it? Because there are ways.

And the first way is to FIND A MENTOR. You need to find a path. Somebody who’s done something more intelligent, they’re being smarter. Like the way that you can go ahead and make more money is you need to find somebody to help you. They can guide you. Because you’ve got to work smarter and not harder. And the guy or gal who is listening to this right now, that you created the results that you’ve created in your life up to this stage. Think that level of thinking is not the same level of thinking that you need to really 10X your results or create this next level results. You need some next level help. You gotta get smarter versus just doing more work. That’s not the answer.

The second thing. This is my second tip for you about how can I work less and make more is you need A NEW OFFER. One of the first things I’ll do when I’m working with a client is I’ll talk to them about what they sell. Like, who do you serve? What do you sell? What problems do you solve? What are the things you do that are the coolest that they create the biggest results for other people? And oftentimes we need to go ahead and adjust our offer. We need to adjust our prices. We need to adjust what we deliver to other people because to make more money you also need to charge more money.

We give you two more tips here about how to work less and make more. And this is a really good one that I got from The 4-hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. Read that book years ago. And Tim decided to work with his best clients. Like instead of trying to appeal to everyone. There’s a group of people that were his clients in the past that he called them a big pain in the ass. They cause him the most time and he decided to fire his yucky clients. And then just primarily work with his best clients, the ones that made him the biggest profit and then were the least pain in the ass. And lo and behold, he was able to work most because he was giving them more value in service. And I’ve heard this time and time again from my different mentors is FOCUS ON YOUR BEST CLIENTS.

And I guess the fourth thing here is to FIND MORE AND BETTER WAYS TO SERVE YOUR CLIENT. If you’re not innovating and finding, constantly trying to improve your offers and the value that you provide someone, then you’re just not, you’re going to go extinct.

There are many businesses that are in the process of going extinct right this moment. I bet you a dollar, that the Fortune 500 group that’s a big right now, that there is going to be multiple companies that go broke in the next 10 years. It’s like they’re coming off of that fortune 500, they’re going to be replaced, because they’re not innovating enough. Finding new and better ways to serve their clients sometimes means that you don’t charge more money. Sometimes you lower your fees. When you change the business model that you have, so that you can better serve people who need your help so that helps you. Find a mentor, you know, make new offers, focus on your best clients and then continually try to improve the value that you deliver.

Oh, you know what? Let me give you this one. It is that oftentimes a better service or value, just as an insight for you, is not YOU. You don’t need to give more of yourself, oftentimes. One of the coolest things I do with new offers for myself or a client is I don’t give more of my blood, sweat, energy and tears. It’s not big. they don’t need more Trevor. There’s only so much to go around.

So I’ll find someone else and something else, that give them, that does not cost me time, money energy and resources. And so these are some of the smarter ways that you can go ahead and make and earn and help people.

So now I’m going to set you loose. You know, take some of what I just shared with you today and write down your journal.

That’s the challenge today is to write down in your journal something of what I just shared with you that you are actually going to apply. Because knowledge doesn’t do much, just kind of sits there and you might say “Yeah, yeah, yeah, dude… I know that.” I KNOW THAT. Be careful with that one.

That phrase I KNOW THAT is one of the most poverty-creating phrases you can possibly have. That is not a friend of abundance. That is a comment and a phrase that will hold you back. Don’t use that crap. Instead, go ahead and figure out how you can apply this in your life.

If you’re not living it, you are not, you don’t know it. And if you can’t teach it to somebody else then you actually don’t know it. So you might just go ahead and call somebody up today. And get on social media, read a little blog post about it, whatever it might take.

And go ahead and share what you learn today with someone else. See, because when you can teach it, you can go ahead and do it and live it. And I got a little afraid about that might be messing it up right now, but it doesn’t matter.

What is important is that you journal it and then share it with others. That’s my goal for you today so that you can make more in less time.

Make today magnificent. Please share this podcast with somebody else that you care about so you can go ahead and connect with them and help them and get more and more goodness and greatness.

Alright. Make today awesome.

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