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Interview With Karen Koenig

EPISODE 200 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today’s show is dedicated to, and all about, Karen Koenig, who just became a #1  Bestselling Author, with her new book, ​Woman On Top.

Not only is she one of our top Epic Author Publishing Clients, but I just wanted to  celebrate her successes with you, because…

“Unpacking” her success with help YOU DUPLICATE IT!


To keep with the theme of Karen’s new book, I have a totally FUN question for you today: What do you prefer… Top or Bottom?

CHALLENGE: Download an advance preview of the 1st chapter of Karents Book, “​You  Don’t Have to Have a Penis to Succeed.” WomanOnTop.biz/win


“The best leaders speak their truth.” – Trevor Crane

The best leaders speak their truth.

“Women can keep their femininity and grace while navigating male-dominated fields.” – Karen Koenig

Women can keep their femininity and grace while navigating male-dominated fields.


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Welcome to another episode of greatness quest. Today I’m bringing you Karen Koenig, who just published a brand new book, actually became a number one best selling  author.  

And because she’s one of our epic author publishing clients, I just wanted to  celebrate her successes with you. And also help you on pack her success so that you can  duplicate it. 
So I know you’re gonna love today’s show and meet with Karen Koenig know Kurt  Kurt. What I missed was given to me as earning, okay, pretty doggone it. All right, I know  you’re gonna love the show. 


Trevor: Okay, Karen, welcome. Thank you very much for being here. Give me the  title. give everyone the title of your book so that they can hear it from you.  Instead of my voice. I want to hear  

Karen: Okay, it is women on top how to win in a woman’s way. 

Trevor: See, that just sounds better when you say women women. Okay, that’s  really cool. So tell me. So you just hit number one bestseller in multiple  categories. So tell me a little bit about your recent success with the book  and what you’re so excited about. Again, they need to hear your voice  instead of me.
Karen: Well, I guess what I’m really excited about is, you know, just in four hours,  I went to number one bestseller and seven categories and couldn’t have  done it without the following and the system that you provide on how to do  that. So thank you for that. 

Trevor: Oh, that’s so nice. That’s like, I set it up there for you to compliment us. But  no, I’m really good job taking action. So you did all the great preparation so  that within four hours, you hit number one, I thought that was pretty  impressive.  

So why don’t you talk about this, because I the book is the beginning. And I  know that we just I’ll share with everybody that Karen just pre launched  her book. 
So the book is not finished. It’s not written. It’s not done. We’re gonna we  just had a private conversation before we started recording on what’s next  to finish the book and have a come out. But she became a best selling  author by pre selling the book.  

And so Karen, what are some of the results that have come to you now that  you are number one bestseller, because a lot of times people get confused.  And they think the book is the thing and it is awesome. I got books all over  behind me on my bookshelf. 
But it’s really it’s really one step. It’s like the baby step to everything else.  Like, who goes to the pyramids to like, climb step number one, you know,  and not go to the top of the top of the thing.  

So what are some of the results you’ve gotten that you’ve already seen since  you started marketing and gotten done this launch. So, 

Karen: I got asked to be on your this podcast, I got asked to be on another podcast,  so to podcasts. And I was asked to speak at a local Kiwanis group just to  kind of what motivated me to write the book and kind of what it’s about.  

So that’s going to give me local exposure I on so was, let’s see, asked to I am  a financial in the financial services. So one person asked to do business  with me. 
And that not wasn’t really the intent of the book. But that’s awesome. I got  lots of requests for people to like, my book launch page that I don’t even  know they’re just friends of friends of my reach is getting huge, very cool. 
Trevor: So you grew your growing your audience. And one of the things that we  coach our authors to do is grow a book launch team to have to build  camaraderie, engagement with people who care about your subject matter,  which we should talk about real quickly.  

And being a financial advisor. I know you put a lot of tips and strategies  inside but but this book is is more than that. Because it’s about women on  top. It’s not just about money, I’m assuming, but really great.  

So you grew your reach, you’re getting you’re building connections and  community with a team you added speaking engagements, you have a new  client that you’ve either closed or in the works. So these are the results that  I love hearing, because the book is the tool that opens that up. And a lot of  times people think they need to, they need to get the book finished before  they start getting any of those results.
So I’m so thrilled for you that you’re experiencing those before we’re done.  And I know it’s been hasn’t always been easy. And there’s been some ups  and downs in the journey since you started this.
So actually, Karen, you pick would you rather talk about sharing your  journey with getting the book up to the stage where it is now? And they  need the marketing tips for our audience right now? Or would you like to  tell me about the book, we’re going to do both.  

So you just pick which is is going there is more you’re going to talk about  first, and we can talk about how to lead the book itself to start, let’s do it.  But you’re excited about it. I want to tell me more about what it’s about  how to win in 100, when in a woman’s way, I’ll do that.
Karen: Right. So basically, you know, what it’s about is. I’ve been in three different  male dominated fields. And I have learned to, I’ve learned lessons from  each of them.
And I basically how to apply these to, you know, everyday life. And I want  women to be able to keep their femininity and their grace. Wow, there, you  know, navigating male dominated fields. 

Trevor: Oh, my God. That’s so cool. femininity, and grace. Do you use that language  in your book? Karen? Oh, my gosh, that’s so good. Now, what are the three  industries that you’re in so that everybody knows what you’re talking about? Because they’re, they’re impressive, I think. 

Karen: So I’ve actually been in the workforce for 30 plus years and 26 years in the  military. I was six years in the aerospace industry. And now three years in  the financial services industry.
Oh, my goodness, obviously, you can, you can understand that all three of  those are highly male dominated fields, and why I pick those fields to be in  I guess, I just like a challenge. 

Trevor: Well, it’s really cool. And I know that you’re able to thrive in those  communities as well. And so when we first started talking about your book,  I remembered your passion for the subject.
And really trying to come from something like your authentic voice of what  you’ve learned on your journey of how to win in those environments.  

So instead of waiting till the end of the show, Karen, I know we talked  about this being part of your mission is to helping women win. So I know  you’ve got a little bonus or gift to everybody that is listening right now.  

So why don’t we talk about that next, what that would look look like so they  can go get it before we’re done? 

Karen: Well, what I’d like to offer to people is a link to the first chapter of my book  I think of I’ll give you a good indication of kind of my voice and where the  book goes. And when it talks about so if you’d like my bonus, you can go to  womanontop.biz/wins. So that’s women, womanontop.biz/win. 

Trevor:  I love it. I’m really excited for them to get that to tell everybody the title of  the first chapter because I think that’s fun.

Karen: The title of the first chapter and I don’t mean to offend anybody is ​You Don’t Have To Have A Penis To Succeed.

Trevor: You don’t. I thought that was the requirement was the pudding. Yes, my  son just found his penis recently. He’s eight months old. And our nanny  said in the bath.Like he just found it.  

And it’s the most interesting thing that it says business, your favorite toy.  And my daughter design handling is not our subject matter today. You  digress.
So that’s great. Karen, talk to us a little bit. So if anybody’s watching right  now, what we talked about some of the results you’ve gotten, since you’re  pre promoting your book.  

Talk to them about the journey about the difference between like, making  the decision and getting to where you are now. And what some of what  your mindset was kind of at the beginning and then throughout. 

Like, whether it was just like, Oh, my God, I knew exactly. And then it was  easy. And then I’m sure you’ve had those moments where something’s  really flowed. And also where you’ve had some challenges.  

Because not everybody listening right now has gotten the book done. And I  know it’s a big hump for a lot of people. 

Karen: So I think making a decision to write the book is the easiest stuff, I knew  that I wanted to write a book. And as I kind of talked through you with you,  and went through the process I really honed in on the on the formula and  what I really wanted to talk about.
Because I think I have a story. And I think it’s interesting, and I people, I  think people want to hear it. The it was a little hard going at first, because  the industry that I’m currently in, you have to declare and outside business  activity and their processes it very clear on what has to transpire.
So I started to do this launch the way the system is supposed to be done.  And I got curtailed, because I was told that I had to write the book first. So  backup rewiring, um, I spent about four that you could do the promotion  thing. So one of the promotion.
Trevor: So let me back this up for a sec. So when Karen came to me, so not  everybody would answer the same thing, Karen, that the easiest decision  was the easiest step was making the decision to do it.  

So that’s just because your decisions like this come easy to use, apparently,  but needed, make the decision. And then we started off with getting clarity  around your message, which is so important. And then we start  implementing the marketing business plan in the mission and all of that,  which hat came next. 
And instead of being able to do everything that we teach, you got an  immediate wall that said, No, you can’t do that. The the rules that we have  said, You can’t talk about this, you can’t promote, you can’t use the book  like we we teach you to, you have to go write all the content. 

So that you had people wanting to look over your shoulder and say, is this  genuinely a an outside business activity? So you got into an obstacle, which  was a pain in the keister, but you got through it. 
Okay. So, which is cool, because as soon as we make a decision to do  something, there typically is some kind of internal or external wall or  barrier that’s going to come up, it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s got to be  something. So for this, that was yours. 
Okay. So, so that’s cool. So then you had to write the book first, which is  where most people think they have to go, by the way, right, right, who  write the book first. So then, so talk about what what came next.  

And actually, Karen, instead of going through every step, yeah, what were  the most valuable points for you and benchmarks and advice that you’d  have for somebody it at this stage of getting their booked on, if they haven’t  gotten it done yet, 

Karen: I would just say that what happened to me isn’t going to happen to you,  because you’re not in the industry that I’m in. So follow the process. The  process is declare, launch and then write it behind the scenes.  

But what I’m finding is, even though I have a little glitch, and I’ve got more  content to put into my book as these things are happening, because as I  kind of tell my story, and in trainings and I’ve been in, you know, male dominated, male dominated, male dominated, keeps coming up in the  conversation.  

And I even have people on Facebook, say, I was just talking to my husband,  about the fact that, you know, I love my job, and I work in a male  dominated field, and it makes it difficult, so she wants to buy my book.  

So, um, it just kind of puts, you know, a big bow on the fact that what I’m  doing is credible, and people want to hear what I have to say.
Trevor: Okay, so I’m gonna go ahead and summarize this for everybody. And what  I think is a is relevant to every human. I believe that everybody is a leader.  We, we lead in our families, we lead our friends, we lead in our  communities, we lead in our professional life, in our personal life.
It doesn’t matter if you are a little kid, and you’re going to school, you are a  leader, even if you’re the person that is quiet and sits towards the back, or  that’s the identity that you created a long time ago, you lead you, you  influence others.
So every leader has a message. And oftentimes, it’s first thing is everybody  has is a leader. And so then if that’s true, then who do you lead? And how  do you lead? And who do you want to impact and how do you want to  impact? 

And then the case of getting your book done, you need to decide you’re  going to do it declare you’re going to do it, get clarity around your message,  which is you have a message now, your message might be this.
And it might be that it might be women on top of might be men on top, you  might be on top of whatever your thing is, but you have a message. And it’s  important for you to get clarity around it.  

Now, every message if all you do is sing in the shower, then you then you’re  kind of screwed, man, you’re only idiot. You nobody can hear you. You may  be a great car singer. I’m a great karaoke person in my living room. But I  seriously and you don’t want anybody to hear me either. But so. But your message you need clarity around. 

And Karen, what I love about what you’re sharing is that you shared your  authentic voice of your message that you believe in, and you’re getting  positive feedback that it’s being well received. 
What I find is that when leaders choose to lead, what they do is they speak  their truth, they speak their message, which is marketing, every message  needs to be marketed. 
So you are a leader, you have a message, and then you need to market it.  And when you do that, when you share it with other people, marketing is  nothing but communication, you start to get feedback. 
And sometimes, Karen, what we hear back and I’m guessing this has  happened to you as well, is that there are some ideas that people resonate  to, and they’re like, Oh, my gosh, you’re speaking my language.  

And there are some ideas that they do not. And you’re like, wow, I just  found out what not to say. Because nobody really cares about that message.  Because I know you do a lot of public speaking and stuff as well. 
So any thoughts on that? When it comes to what your feedback that you’re  getting from the peanut gallery as you shared your message with the  world?
Karen: Well, I I’d say that you just take the good with the bad. I mean, you it  doesn’t matter if somebody doesn’t like a title. And it doesn’t matter if  they’re offended by the first chapter title. 
And I even had another lady tell me this, she did, like the two shoes that are  on that are used on the cover of my book, because she thinks that it feeds  into the whole, you know, male dominated, and it’s like, yes, that’s exactly  what I want people to know.  

So you’ve got it. It may have offended you. But you got exactly what my  message was. 

Trevor: Yeah. Okay. Cool. So then talk to me a little bit about your mission, what’s next? And what you want out of the book, like, what are the good results  for you that you’re looking forward to in your future? 
So that people can kind of hopefully, where people if you’re listening right  now, or watching obviously, this, you’re doing this on the video. 

If you guys didn’t know that we are doing this as a video interview, go to  trevorcrane.tv​ to check out the video interview so you can see Karen  Karen’s face.
But what is your mission of what’s next, because this helps everybody with  Okay, making a decision to do it. And now communicating that message  following our epic author system. Thanks for the plug.  

But like, what’s next for you, Karen, with the vision of how you’re going to  use this book and leverage it into your mission? 

Karen: Well, I think what I really would like to do is, I would like to go on a talking  circuit or a talking tour. And I would like to get booked for talks to come in,  and maybe help companies or small organizations kind of understand how  they can help women be successful in male dominated fields.  

And there’s just certain little tweaks that they can do and men can help  women with. And so I love to be booked for talks, I would love people to  obviously buy the book and you know, if I get some residual flow over into  my current career, that’s awesome as well. 

Trevor: Okay, really cool. So speaking gigs, so that you can go on a speaking circuit  talking about the message of your book and empowering women to win in  a women’s way whatever the environment is. 

And since you came in from three male dominated industries and then you  you’re won, who won and were able to dominate I don’t know if that’s the  right language when we’re talking feminine energy but it sounds like very  masculine dominate. 

But how about when when when that it sounds more feminine, they’ll go to  a woman on top dot biz to get Karen’s book and that will be available for you.  

So you can either pre order it or you’ll be getting the live version  depending on what’s available when this airs and then to get the free gift  that she has, which is the chapter again to give you the chapter one title is 

Karen: you don’t have to have a penis to succeed 

Trevor: and that’s have a penis to succeed. Apparently, I need to read that chapter.  So uh, so you guys can download that if you go to just do the forward slash  win woman on top dot biz. forward slash win. And you’ll get chapter one.  

And you’ll learn about this how to win without a penis. I don’t know. I’ve  never done it. I’ve never done it. 

Karen, thank you for being here. And being awesome and fun. And I love to  have you back on the show. When your book actually comes out. When’s  the actual physical version going to be ready? What was the launch? Yeah.  When’s that coming? 

Karen: December nine.

Trevor: Okay, so before the end of the year, so December 9, 2018, you guys can get  the physical copy of this book. I know we’re gonna be looking forward to it  to seeing it. Hopefully you guys are too. 

And then please show up every single day on our greatness quest podcast,  and share this with someone else that you know like and care about.  Because we’ll be bringing you not just my insights about life in business  and how you take it to the next level.  

But every once in a while, I’m going to bring somebody even better than  me, like Karen, who can go ahead and hook you up and show you exactly  what they are doing to create results. Will see you on our next show.  Karen, any final words for our audience today? 

Karen: Hey, Robin. Just have to win. And the ones by 

Trevor: you can say women on top, some kind of you say very sexual way. I’m imagining it right now. But that’s just me. So thank you for being 

Karen: dominant. Me a double entendre. And that was another point of the title. 

Trevor: I know it’s I think it’s a great title. All right. Thank you. Karen. And I will  see everybody tomorrow. 

All right. Karen. If it finished one minute before you gotta bail right? Yeah.  Did you stop recording? I did not know I’m still recording I like to take  outtakes if possible.  

Okay, then sometimes we say something cute that we should have said in  the middle and I’ll use it somewhere to promote it. So that was good. It was  good. Yeah, I think those great okay well then any last thoughts before we  gotta jam 

Karen: now thank you for having me on the show. I appreciate it. 

Trevor: You’re welcome. Do if you had another minute or two we could cut an intro  for this show right now. Okay, one more minute intro okay. Okay so let’s  just think about that so I’m going to if I talk all the time it’s going to be  lame.  

So I want to talk real briefly and then have you share something so about  why someone should come watch the show okay well I’m going to ask you  basically I’m going to try to make an intro hat. 

And then have you say here’s why you should come watch the show I give  you you know you’ll get a free copy of our free chat whatever you want to  frickin say okay.
Well we It was fun or something else and maybe mentioned chapter one  because the title name is cool catchy and mentioned your book you got to  mention your book and and then you’re going to get a free they get a  download a free chapter and then named chapter Okay, ready? 

Karen: Okay. 

Trevor: Welcome to another daily dose of greatness. quest. Today I have number one best selling author. Karen Koenig, make fun fact. I do. I can’t. I can’t  overstate it. Make it your name. Right. It’s turning current a Yeah. Okay. 

Welcome to another episode of greatness quest. Today, I’m bringing you  number one best selling author, Karen, Karen Koenig who just came out  with the book ​Woman On Top. Karen, why should someone come watch the  show today? 

Karen: Well, you’re gonna, if you watch the show, you’re going to walk away with  something free, you’re going to get a bonus. And I’d like to give away the  first chapter of my book in it happens to be called, you don’t have to have a  penis to succeed. So I think that’s enticing. I think you’re going to want it. I  think you’re gonna love it. 

Trevor: All right, you guys are gonna love the show. 

Okay, let’s do one more time. And I’m going to do the same type of intro  raise your energy a little bit more. And I want you to sit share the subtitle  of your book.  

So I go well, we’re gonna I want you to win in a women. Trevor. You forgot  the subtitle, how to win in a women’s way. And I’m going to give everybody  a free copy copy of the first chapter of my book. And you guys are gonna  love this title. It is blank. I’m like, Oh my God. That’s amazing. 
But higher energy. Give me the subtitle. Then Chapter One is the free  giveaway. And that’s good. Ok. Ok. Ok. Welcome to another daily dose of  greatness quest. Today, I’m bringing you number one best selling author of  lumen on top. Karen, tell us why people should watch today’s show.
Karen: Well, you miss the subtitle of my book. It’s called How to Win in a woman’s  way. And I think that is the biggest reason why they should you know,  listen to your show.  

But I have something even more enticing and you will get a free bonus  after listening to this show. If you go to women on top dot biz, forward  slash when. And it’s the first chapter of my book. And it is you don’t have to have a penis to succeed. 

Trevor: Don’t have to have a penis to succeed. I don’t know how to succeed that  way. Only Karen knows if you can show up. You’ll learn how to win in a  woman’s way. I know know you guys love the show. We had a lot of fun  with it. And you gotta listen to chat. You haven’t yet to check out chapter  one. Alright, thanks, Karen.
Karen: Thank you. 

Trevor: Okay, real good. We’re at the top of the hour where the bottom of the hour  or whatever you call it. Let’s jam. Okay, thanks, Karen. Thank you. Oh,  Karen, I thank you for the referral to pearl and Pearl made a deposit than  the credit card didn’t go through some hoping that our credit card goes  through and all that. And, but, but still, my one of my best resources to find  new people is definitely my clients.
So if there’s anybody that you can send my way that would be awesome.  And assuming that they invest with us.  

Karen: Then there’s a there’s some compensation for the various three people that  were interested. She was probably the most interested and she’s also a  financial advisor. And she gets it. She’s, you know, like, Karen, I’m, we’re  older women, and we need every age we can get again, people to work with  us. And I said, See, you got it. 

Trevor: Yeah, she was. She was a nice gal. So hopefully that’ll all go through and I’ll  be talking to here shortly. But I want to say thank you for that. And if you  know any others, just connect them with me. You can always just  introduced like, just do Trevor me, Joe. Joe. Meet Trevor on in Facebook,  text message, email, anything and that’s it. I know we both have to Jim.  Thanks, Karen. Okay, thanks. Congratulations on your number one.
Karen: Thank you. 

Trevor: You’re welcome. Bye bye.  

To get even more awesomeness, which means all my best stuff, download my app by texting ​Trevor​​ to ​36260​​. It will show up right on your cell phone.