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EPISODE 31 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“What am I ​doing that I should​ not be ​doing​, and what am I not ​doing that I should​ be doing​?” – Hal Moore


“​A man should never be ashamed to own he has been in the wrong, which is but saying…  that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.” – Alexander Pope

A man should never be ashamed to own he has been in the wrong, which is but saying that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” – John Powell

The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.


STEP 1: Make a 3-5 min WHY video.

Answer this question, ​“What’s your why?”
(As it relates to you writing and publishing your BOOK and/or growing your BUSINESS.)

STEP 2​: Share it with me at: ​​​trevorcrane.com/why

STEP 3​: Possibly win a full-ride scholarship into my Epic Author Publishing program.  *Winners will be selected by my team every month.

NOTE​: This is a TRIAL and a TEST offer, and will only be available for a limited time. 


On today’s show, I share a BIG MISTAKE I’ve been making. And what I’m doing to not  only fix it, but create BIGGER and BETTER results. 

And, hopefully, you can learn how you can better deal with MISTAKES that you’re making.
I share the 2-steps to not just “fix” a mistake – but how to make a MASSIVE improvement  on the backend of your mistakes. 

PLUS – I give you a way to win a FULL-RIDE SCHOLARSHIP into my Epic Author  Publishing program. And so much more.. 


STEP 1: Make a 3-5 min WHY video.

Answer this question, ​“What’s your why?”
(As it relates to you writing and publishing your BOOK and/or growing your BUSINESS.)

STEP 2​: Share it with me at: ​​​trevorcrane.com/why

STEP 3​: Possibly win a full-ride scholarship into my Epic Author Publishing program.  *Winners will be selected by my team every month.

NOTE​: This is a TRIAL and a TEST offer, and will only be available for a limited time.


Trevor Crane is best known for 2 bestselling books, ​High Paying Clients ​and ​Big Money With Your Book… without selling a single copy.

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Okay I screwed up, not proud of it. It happened. And today, I’m going to clean that  up or do what I can to clean it up. My mistake and hopefully be, your benefit.

And I’m going to share with you a strategy of how ​when you make a mistake,  you can go ahead and clean it up real quick and have it be a benefit to you and  everybody else. 

That’s what we’re going to talk about today. But in addition to that, I’m willing to  give away a ​FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIP​ for my book and business program. And I’m  going to share with you today how you can win that because that’s part of my cleaning  up today’s mistake. 


All right. Welcome back. 

As I said, I made a mistake. And I’m not so big that I can’t acknowledge it. But I’m  not proud of it. It blows me away, actually. I thought I had it all figured out. I thought  that I was running my business the way that I should be running it. That I was  communicating with people in a clean, clear effective way. And I just realized that’s not  the truth. 

So I did some math recently and I looked at how many people have reached out to  me and asked for help. And how many phone calls I’ve had with people over the last, let’s  say, a year. Where people have said “Trevor, I’m interested in writing a book. I’m  interested in publishing a book and I I’ve seen your marketing and how you help people  do that. How can you help me?” 

And I’ve done a lot of these calls. I don’t know if I’ve done hundreds of, probably  done hundreds. Actually there’s no doubt, I’ve done hundreds of these calls. And yet, I’ve  only picked a handful of people to work with.  

Now, here’s what I realized. Now the good thing about that is, I got to handpick the people that I wanted to work with most. The people that I thought would become the  most successful. And then I made them offers and I helped them write and publish their  books and turn them into really great successes. Yay for me. So I made a decent amount  of money by helping them do that. 

More importantly, they were able to have a significant benefit in their business,  in their life. And that their books may have made a difference in people’s lives. And I’m  really proud of that. Like I couldn’t be more proud of my clients that have been using this  and implementing it. What I’m not proud of are the hundreds of people that I have not  helped. 

And it’s not as though I didn’t give them the roadmap. Like I have made some  things easy. Like I put a lot of my secrets for how do you write a book and publish a book  and make money with your book into 3 books that I’ve written on publishing. The last 2  has just came out. One is called BIG MONEY WITH YOUR BOOK WITHOUT SELLING A  SINGLE COPY, which is a phenomenal book. And it’s based on results that other people,  not my clients, but people that I look up to. Mentors or peers that are out there, to people,  you probably never heard of, but they’re doing phenomenal things with their message,  their business, their brand, their movement. 

And I put all that into a book so that it could inspire people and I’ve gotten great  feedback on that. And then I wrote my book called HOW TO WRITE THE RIGHT BOOK  FAST. I put all those secrets in there. Yay for me.
Here’s the mistake, is that I realized, and I use this example a lot. That I love  books. I buy books. I think they’re very impactful. But the truth is, is they don’t offer the  most transformation. Most of us need more help. Good Lord, I offer the core offer having  my businesses coaching and mentoring to help people implement the amazing strategies  that I share with them. 

And then, yet I was not giving people permission to buy from me in all cases, not  by any stretch. I didn’t make it simple and easy for them. I made them jump through too  many hoops and made them qualify with too many things. And you know, yes I got to  handpick my clients who were already ready but I have to acknowledge that there are hundreds of people who reached to me and needs help. And then I didn’t know and it  sucks. 

Here’s the big problem. I made my offers too difficult, too confusing, too  complicated, too expensive, and it’s bullshit. Or I put all that information in a book,  which is a phenomenal resource. 
But I tell the story all the time about how I bought all the Tony Robbins books. And  I love them. And they sit on my shelf. And they’re great banners on my shelf, very proud  of them. I’ll skim them every once in a while. Sometimes I’ll read an excerpt from them.  But I’m not actually implementing everything inside of them instead I went.  

In order to get me to implement to the amazing content that I read inside of my  favorite books, I go to the conference. I hire the mentoring. I hire the coach. I invest  more for something more than just the book. The book is the beginning. The book opens  the door. 

And so here is my challenge to you and my little coaching around this. And I  learned this when I was a little kid and I would lie. So at one stage, I was a little liar. And  I would lie and steal. So I grew up kind of poor. And I learned from some of my rich  friends, surprisingly or not, that you could shoplift. And I would go shoplift. I would steal  and learn to be a little jackass that was trying to get something from the world that I  hadn’t earned. As though the world and the people and businesses owed me something. I  justified it that it was okay. It certainly was not okay. 

And when I was in high school, grade school and high school and I was little,  probably high school. By the time, I was really ashamed about this, I got caught up in my  life. I didn’t know what to say and I got caught up. I made a mistake. My challenge was  that I wanted to hide it. I wanted to pretend. I wanted to tell a lie. I wanted to make the  world think that I was something that I was not. And so it got so exhausting.  

And then at one stage, things got real bad. I’m not going to go into that just yet, but  I learned my lesson. When I learned my lesson I just decided that ​when you make a  mistake, as soon as you realize it, the best thing you can do is admit it. 

And that’s what I did today. I mean, it’s been less than 24 hours of actually just  realizing that I’ve been making this mistake in my business now for years. Making it too  difficult and too complicated for people to just come in and buy my stuff and get my  help. Isn’t that bullshit? Man, I associate running a business that helps people and then I  would, I did the marketing. I did the marketing so that I got hundreds of people to get on  the phone with me and get on my webinars and want to actually, can see my videos and  potentially buy my stuff and then I don’t give them permission to buy? What the hell is  that?  

I obviously made some sales in that timeframe. But I think that the vast majority  of people I skipped over, they may have bought my book. They may have done this, they  may have done that, these small things. But they didn’t buy something that I think would  make a transformational difference for them.

So when you make a mistake, you have two choices. ​You can admit it​ or ​you can  avoid it​. And I avoided it for the last 24 hours until I just made this video for you. In fact,  I’m making this in the morning. Last night, I kind of realized, finally realized that I’ve  made this mistake. So it took me all the 12 hours or eight hours before I would admit it to  you. But then it wasn’t just me admitting it to myself. Notice I said that I had to admit it to  you and I didn’t need to admit it on a podcast, but I do need to decide what I’m going to  do next. 

So I’m sorry, I broke it. I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I’m sorry, I did it wrong. And  just to acknowledge it, there’s power in that. I couldn’t believe the power that over, that  came into me. Even when I was a young man finally learned this lesson and started just  acknowledging my screw ups. Because then on its ownership and then the cause and I  could do something about it. And then that’s the key, that’s the second step. ​What action  are you going to take?

And that’s my challenge for you today – is t​o think about what mistakes you  have been making​. What’s one mistake you’ve been making? And look in the mirror and  acknowledge it. Admit it to yourself. And then as soon as you get some clarity around  what that mistake is, do something to fix it.

Today, my reaching out to you, to share this with you and to be vulnerable with  you and talk to you about this, is one of my steps. I’m like, “Hey, I did it. I acknowledge it.  And then here’s what I’m going to do to fix it and clean it up. I’m going to take some kind  of action. Just enough to give this lip service and then do nothing in my business to make  it easier for you to buy something that will help you and serve you. That would be  bullshit and I would be lying to myself.” 

So instead what I did is I actually have to go in and make this link available to  you. But if you go to ​trevorcrane.com/why​ because here’s the thing, I still I’m not just  going to work with anybody and everybody, no matter what their book idea or business  idea is. That’s not the case. I still want people who are committed to creating a result.  And the most important thing, the only thing that’s really important is, why do you want  it? 

So what I’m asking you to do, this is where you can basically send me a video at  trevorcrane.com/why​. By the time you get there, there should be a link for you to submit  your little question, your why. I want to see a video from you about why you want  whatever the hell it is you want. Why you want the book? Why you want to grow your  business? Those are the two things I’m willing to help you with at this stage. Why do you  want the book? Why do you want to write it? Why you want to publish it? And why do  you want to have your business or a business or something that builds abundance and  helps people and changes the world, what’s your why? 

And what I’m going to do is, every month, I’m going to select somebody from this  little campaign. And I’m going to give you a full ride scholarship. ​A full ride scholarship  to help you get your book done​. And all you have to do is ​submit a why video​. And  keep it less than 3 minutes. No more than 5. I said 3 and 5 but no more than 5 minutes.  Right, ​3 to 5 minutes​ tops. The shorter the better. About why it’s so important for you to  have a book and use that to grow your business? And if you’ve got a business, why it’s so  important for you to step up and do something now? 

And so here’s the thing. That I know that doesn’t make it perfectly easier, like,  dude, you just said you’re going to make it easier for me to buy yourself. How is that helping me buy your stuff? Well, I’m just going to give something to you right now. And  I’ll figure out the details of how I can make this easier and simpler for you later. 

So for right now I have to pay a penance. And in that penance, I get to help serve  you, if you qualify for this scholarship. And again every month, I’m going to give away a  full ride scholarship. And that’ll be 12 new authors that I’m going to support in writing  their book. And all you have to do is go submit me a why video. And just pull out your  phone and give me a why video on why it’s important for you to write a book. And then  my team and I will select one person each month that we will put into our program and  help support you in making that happen. And with that, that’s my challenge for you  today is to write, is ​to create a why video​.

Pick something in your life that might be a mistake​. Maybe something you  haven’t been getting done and then acknowledge and admit it. ​Look in the mirror and  admit it. And then take some kind of action.  

And if you have ever wanted to write a book. If you’ve ever wanted to grow your  business, then go in and submit a live video to me at Trevor Crane forward slash why  and then like I said I plan on giving away one full ride scholarship to one person each  month. 

Alright, that’s it for today. Make today magnificent. 

And I can’t wait to see you it tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness  quest. 

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