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EPISODE 108 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today, I share with you a MISTAKE I made and what I learned from it. (So hopefully you  don’t make the same mistake.) 

Here was my thought process, “Why should I pay somebody extra to do that when I can  do it myself?”  

STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. In fact – THAT should have been what I named the show.

But instead, it’s called – ​“Why in the hell did I do that?” 


What should you STOP DOING, and get somebody else to do?  

So that you can STAY FOCUSED on whatever it is that YOU DO BEST?


“Do what you do best, and delete or delegate the rest.” – Trevor Crane

Do what you do best and delete or delegate the rest


Look at your life and see where you need to STOP doing shit yourself.  

Find someone else. Hire a professional. Pay them to do their job.
And smile. 

Then, go do whatever you’re great at.  

STOP being stupid and wasting your precious time. 


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Welcome to today’s episode of greatness quest. I’m Trevor Crane and today’s  subject is WHY IN THE HELL DID I DO THAT?  

So basically, I made a big mistake. Today, I want to share with you what that  mistake is, what I learned from it. So hopefully you don’t make the same mistake. And  this is a video episode. So if you’re listening on podcast, go check it out on YouTube.  


So if you’re watching this on video, you’ll see in my background here, I’ve got  three palm trees that are actually part of my house. And my face is covered with dirt and  such. And there’s a big pile of palm fronds right behind me.  

So what’s the mistake that I made? Well, my lovely neighborhood community here  said that the dead palm fronds and my palm from in my trees here needed to be cut out.  And I asked my yard guy who helps us maintain this yard if he could do it. And he said  he didn’t have a ladder, didn’t have the tool.  

So my pattern since of you know, as a business owner, and growing up the way  that I grew up, if there was something that had to be done, then I figured out a way to get  it done. And my pattern is to just do it myself, because I looked at it. And I was like, Dude,  that those palm trees aren’t that high.  

All I need is one of those real long saws and I’ll show you one here in a second.  And I’ll borrow my neighbors ladder, I’ll borrow one of those songs or buy one of those  songs. And, you know, it might cost a might cost me $200, maybe $300 to get somebody to  trim my trees. Or at least this is what I thought I didn’t even look it up.  

But I just thought this will be no problem at all. I’ll borrow a ladder. So that ladder  that you see upside the house there, he’s my ladder. I’ll get this off. So check this out. This  is the soft gotten if you’ve never seen one of these things. They’re pretty cool. I’ve used  them in the past, they extend it’s like a big extender saw. They’ve got this little, you know,  pulley gadget here so that there’s this little cutting mechanism. Hold on, check this out.  

There’s this little cutting Can you see this little dia team right there. Whoo. That  cuts it down. I thought okay, dude, this is no problem. This done in a half hour, maybe an hour tops. Even at that I made a mistake. 

And if my my face is covered by all the sweat, because what happened is, this is a  much bigger job than I thought it was going to be. So all these frickin dead palm fronds  are falling down on top of me. I just finished this job. It took me closer to five hours to get  done. So five hours. 

Here’s the mistake guys, this pattern of I can’t believe I fell into it again, is I just  got cheap about the 200 bucks. I got cheap. Because I didn’t want to spend it. I got cheap  because I knew I could do it. I got cheap. Because I think I grew up in an environment  where 200 bucks made it made. It made all the world to me. And it made a big difference  when I found my bankruptcy, you know, at 200 bucks. 
So I just looked at it. And I thought, why should I pay somebody extra to do that  when I can do it myself. Talk about a stupid, stupid thought and belief.  

And my wife almost coached me on it yesterday. But I didn’t let her I had a plan.  She’s like, Honey, can you come in here and help me with this or do that or hang out with  the family and take care of your son. I was like, No, I’ve got to go trim those trees. And  I’m going to wait until it’s perfect weather. I’m gonna wait till just sunrise or sunset. So  I’m not dying in the sun.  

And we’ll go out and we’ll be done. I borrowed my neighbor’s ladder. I’ve got to  get it done. What a frickin mistake. If I would have focused those five hours on any  money making activity in any way, shape, or form. I could have made that money back  made a bigger contribution helped more people. This is not my skill, it probably would  have taken tree trimming guys, maybe 30 minutes, 20, 30 minutes to clean it to clean up  the tree.  

And I didn’t even do that good of a job. There’s still a couple of dead branches up  there. And I reached my frickin life. Look at how high that ladder is. That ladder is  frickin as fully extended as you can get. I’m standing on my tippy toes. And I extended  this extension ladder as long as the girl on saw as long as it goes. And then I couldn’t get  to the part. tallest part of this frickin tree up there.  

So what I had to do is climb on the roof. And I was basically twice I almost fell off  this roof all for 200 bucks. Because of a scarcity mentality that I grew up with. 

And and just this belief that if it’s that I can do it, and I can, I did it.  Congratulations. Actually. I didn’t even realize I made a mistake until I just finished I just  finished I was like, Yes, I did it. Because it just this is feeling of accomplishment. I don’t  know if you’ve ever done yard work. I don’t like it.  

Actually, I do like to do yard work because they can see it gets done. I don’t like to  do it all the time. I like to do it once in a while. Because I can see how pretty it looks.  There’s my house and I can see Aha, I did it. I’m a guy. I like to finish things. And I  finished it. I felt this feeling of congratulations. And I’ll check my watch. And it’s 10  o’clock. And I got up.  

So I started this job at 7am this morning. And then I worked on it two hours  yesterday. And I just did the math and I’m not done. I still have to go ahead and and and  pile those things. And then return the ladder and wrestle it from behind these pushes  like what the frickin hell was I thinking?  

So here is my challenge to you, where in your life are you making similar  mistakes? Are you doing something that you shouldn’t be doing? 

I drove when we moved women moved into this new house. I was we were living  up in New Jersey. And we moved down here to Florida. And we wanted to buy houses a  little bit bigger for a family. And we were moving down here for some family reasons.  And we looked into what it would cost to ship all of our stuff down.  

And it was expensive. I don’t remember what it was $2,000, $5,000, whatever was  different moving companies gave us different quotes. And I was like, screw that man.  I’ve done this. I used to drive big trucks. Not like the semis and whatnot. But I had a big  street cleaning truck and I’ve had big vehicles my whole life and my dad I grew up with  horses so I was used to pulling trailers and stuff like sure I can handle this. 
Just rent a truck you know from budget rental or wherever it was a writer or  something and I’ll take care of it and I’ll drive down it’s just jersey to Florida that’s no big  deal. I did this drive twice at least once with the big truck and then once with our car our  little sedan that we had and again, what a stupid mistake. 

I’m not a professional truck driver. I had my my this vehicle packed to the gills  with stuff and I almost crashed that truck price I think maybe there’s a theme here that almost killed myself twice before I have to frickin learn from my lesson or learn the  lesson that I just shouldn’t be doing this. 

Why should I risk my life at one stage driving this big freakin gigantic truck? To  hire the biggest one that we could get and I packed to the gills and I I just veered like 12  inches off to the side of the road and I and and right off the the main road was like  angling down a little bit and the truck was fish talent and I could not fishtailing but  starting to weave back and forth like, holy shit, what the hell am I doing?  

But let somebody do this who does it for a living. Let somebody do this who’s great  at it and then focus on what I do best. And give a couple more hours, it was 20 hours on  the road and I prided myself on it. Like I drove I just wrote straight I just straight like 16,  18 hours. Maybe I pulled over once or twice asleep an hour or two. That was it.  

And I drove and I made the trip and did it all myself. I did it all myself. I did it all  myself. And I prided myself in doing it. What today’s show is not about telling you how  freakin cool I am that I can do that. That is stupidity, frickin dumb stupidity. 
And I’m talking more to myself now that I’m talking to you about the lesson. But I  would advise you to take this lesson like stop doing that you shouldn’t be doing. What is  it that you need to stop? What is it that you need to go ahead and hire somebody else to  do for you so that you can stay in your lane so you can stay in your greatness because for  sakes, this was stupid.  

And I know that there’s other stupid area areas of my life or I’m doing other  stupid. So I’m going to do an own, my own self assessment. And I figured I capture this  one on video so I can capture the idiocy and hope I lost one of my your butts. Now. It’s  not totally lost.  

The other day, I lost my wedding ring. My wedding ring on my wife’s wedding  ring. One of these was in my ear. And a bug came by. And I swatted it almost bladder.  And then one of these fell down and I gotta go find the thing already looked for 20  minutes and can’t find it. So it may take me another hour because they don’t want to lose  when it ease. What the hell?  

So my challenge to you is to look at your life and see where is it in your life that  you should we you need to stop doing it yourself and find someone else’s a professional  and pay him, pay them to just do their job. You know, do a good job and do a good job. And then you go do your good that what you’re great at and stop doing stupid.  

And like I said, I’m talking more in myself today than anybody else. But I hope you  enjoyed this show. If you liked it, please give us some love on iTunes. If you’re watching  on YouTube, please subscribe and give us a comment and share this with someone else  that you think might benefit from our daily dose of greatness quest, which is mentoring  with me every single day. 

Oh, and the mentoring program is trying to help you take your life and business to  the next level. Hopefully you’ll do something today and do something different.  

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