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EPISODE 81 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“The reason that we set goals is about who we become in the process.” – Trevor Crane

Set goals not just to get more, but to become more.


Who do you need to become to get your goal?  

So you can take care of your family? So you can have vacations? So you can have time to  do what you want? So you can live your life’s purpose?  


Ask yourself these questions and write down the answer in your journal: 

What’s the number, what’s the most you could wire cash that you could give another  human right now? Maybe to save someone’s life?  

And what’s the number that you can wire cash to another human on January 1, 2019?

Think about how it will make you feel to have that number. 


Today, I talk about who you need to become in order to reach your goals. 

I share an exercise which I did myself. I ask some questions. And if you are able to  answer these questions, then your life and your business will change. 


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Okay. For the next 7 to 10 minutes, I’m going to share with you something I think  is the coolest and most powerful insight I’ve had in a long time. My biggest fear is that  you are either just going to turn the show off or not give it the credit that this is due.  

Today I’m going to talk to you about concept and a question that I think is going to  transform things for you both in your life and in your business. Please stay tuned for this  whole show. I’m going to make it quick when make it tight but I know it’s going to make  a big difference for you.  

So, I can’t wait to see you on the rest the show. 


Alright. So, I was just at an event and then I was at another event and I’ve been  doing a lot of personal growth and have been going a lot of marketing seminars,  leadership trainings and I just came to this realization in fact that it’s been days the last  few days I’ve come to this this point of being so freaking excited to to share with you a  question that I’m going to start putting at the forefront of my life on what it’s going to  take for me to get what I want.  

So if you want more in this show is basically about you having more in your life  and more in your business. I’m assuming that you are in business or that you want to be  in business. And I’m also assuming that you want more if you don’t want more than this  is not the show for you. If you’re interested in becoming your best and becoming more  and having more and experiencing more and giving more than this is the right show for  you.  

And so without any further ado, let me just give you this and the question and  please just stay with me or I want you to hear this going to get the question I want you to  stay for the lesson. All right. The question is: ​Who are you becoming?​ or perhaps a more  important question is: ​Who am I become?​ or ​Who do I need to become?

Now let me share with you the context of this so that you get it and I shared on I  think it was two episodes ago a how to attract and keep the perfect partner and this is how I wrote down my journal all the things that I wanted why I wanted them all the  things I didn’t want why I didn’t want them and that was really cool that was a like a  vision board type of a journaling exercise and I think you should totally do that about  whatever it is that you want in life your perfect partner anything.  

But I shared with you that the more powerful question that I’m actually in control  of is: Who do I need to become to attract and keep that person and that guy that I needed  to be? did not show up he was not present when I created that that journal entry. I  needed to go create him there are some things I needed to stop doing and there’s some  things that I needed to become as a man to go ahead and attract and keep the woman I’m  now married to but I for some reason I hadn’t thought about applying that to other areas  of my life now I was just the training one of the questions they asked me which is how  much money do I have in my bank that I can wire to you my right now let’s say there’s an  emergency and they need to wire something and I I need to right now. Like how much  money could I go wire? How much cash? And this is my question for you.
And this is your challenge today to just follow along with me in this exercise, and  then see what this does for you to use this question. OK, so imagine this, I want you to go  out and do this right now, pause this, this recording if you need to, and just write this  number down. I highly advise that even if you’re listening to this and walking around, or  driving or whatever, that you take a moment, even if you’re in your bathroom, you  know, draw the number in, in the fog and your mirror something I want you to see this  number, what’s the number if I needed you to wire this to me? Or you needed to wire  money to somebody that was really important. ​What’s the number what’s the most  you could wire cash that you could give another human maybe to save someone’s  life? ​Whatever it is, now I give you my answer. And this isn’t an answer that I’m proud  of. And part of my new truth and my and it’s not like I hadn’t been telling the truth. It’s  not it. But oftentimes when I’m communicating in my marketing when I’m  communicating as a leader and communicating with my clients, I might leave some  things out. And I’ll probably still do that because I don’t need to dump on everybody,  everything. But I sometimes will not share with people something that I think will make  me look bad. And this is one of them because I’m not proud of my number. I don’t know  what your number is. I don’t know if that what that number makes you think like, if you look at that number, that’s a fact that number that you wrote down it’s a black and white  number, whatever it is for you. And you have certain feelings around that. Maybe that  makes you feel proud that amount of money that you could actually wire another human  or maybe you’re not proud of that number for whatever reason, maybe you’re  embarrassed by that number. I know I’m embarrassed about mine. I’ll share with you  what it is my number is 0. Zero because and here’s why it’s not like I don’t have any  money there is there is some money it’s not as much as I would like okay that’s that’s for  certain but my wife controls all the money in our in our family. Like I don’t I don’t track  my money. I rarely count what I make, rarely count what our expenses are. My wife  handles all of the bills.  

Now, here’s the thing. I am not exaggerating. She handles all of it. Like, I got $50  cash in my wallet. If I want more cash, asked my wife for it. Like I’m going to her like, I’m  a little kid. Now, I am not probably this. I didn’t even realize I was doing this. And I didn’t  know where it was coming from. But I have made a lot of money in my life. There were  times I was making millions of dollars and thought I was pretty cool. And at that time,  yeah, when I was at my top of my game, and I thought I had everything. I started to lose  everything and I told you, I fired I filed bankruptcy. I lost my cars, lost my houses, I lost  my daughter. The woman I was in love with took her away from me. Like I was really  down. I was really bummed. And I started to realize like I and I have made an excuse  over the last decade of my life that it didn’t matter with money like as long as my wife  was counting it. She’s a financial advisor or recovering financial advisor. She now works  with other financial advisor and peoples in the people. In the industry of money,  oftentimes it’s where she loves it. She likes to count the beans. Like if I go make money,  she just she gets excited. She counts that you can’t wait to count it. But honestly, since I  don’t even know one of our bank account numbers, I don’t know how to log on. I don’t  know my PIN code. I don’t know anything. If I was to have to wire you money to save  somebody’s life, I wouldn’t be able to send you a penny unless it will talk to my wife and  ask her frickin permission. Do you have access to my money, our money whenever  someone what your number is, but I know my number and I know how that makes me  feel. So this is part of the exercise that I went through. And I’m asking you to go through  I’m not going to go out and say this is my challenge for you today. I want you to do this  already did that I want you to just follow along and try to do this exercise with me while we’re doing this. If you need to stop the car for can stop the car and write down how it  makes you feel with this number. I feel like a loser. I feel embarrassed. I feel a little  worthless. I’m embarrassed about the number that we I probably could come up with it I  contributed to our family household number, and it’s not relevant for you to have to  share your number with another human. I’m not saying that just for you. But here’s what  we did is we created another number. And I asked him was asked the question about  how much money I wanted my bank at the end of the year. Now, I don’t know when  you’re listening to this, but at the time I’m recording this, this is June, July is right around  the corner. And we’re halfway through 2018 almost. And so by the end of the year, six  months left, and I’ve got some goals and my financial goals have not been met yet. And  I’m not on track to meet them. I’m also not proud about that. But as I look at what  number I want in the bank, now, there’s a big difference between a gross income of like,  how much money your company makes, and then how much you keep, you know, get  her Gary Vee talk just recently, and he I’ve heard the story many times about how he  helped build his father’s wine company when he was young man got out of high school,  started working understands business for decades. He worked in the business he took it  from $3 million to I think 60 million because he was right on the cusp of brand new  online marketing. When the internet just came out, and he jumped on Google AdWords,  he jumped on email after email marketing and he jumped on YouTube and so the  combination of that he grew up with his dad’s business a lot but what he also shares his  that his gross income of 3 million his father’s company was only a net they only brought  home 303 hundred grand is not it’s not it’s not like poverty level but if you live in New  York, New Jersey, which is where they’re from that’s not much money you know neta to  cover the expenses for the entire family.  

And so what happened is that okay, hold on. here’s the here’s the reason why I’m  sharing this is that you need to write down your number what does the number you  want in six months? I guess what is it don’t get caught up on the Gary Vee story that’s a  whole nother aside but what is the number that you want in your bank? I’m not talking  about the gross like you can. I want to make $3 million, that’s fine. How much are you  bringing home? See the difference there? In this case, 90% of the money that was  bragged about on the $3 million company was actually given away and all the frickin  expenses and taxes and whatnot. So what are you going to keep in Kings? Cash? Like, if you were the king, and you have it in your vault? What would that be? So write down  that number. Okay, so you got two numbers.  

Now you have the number of what you can wire somebody right now. And what’s  the number that you can wire cash to another human on January 1, 2019, write down  that number. And then I want you to think about how it will make you feel to have that  number and unless you have six months to make it happen. And so if you need to pause  this recording, please do because this is a this is a working exercise. 
And again, I’m getting to this core question of who do you need to become see this  money question is just a more of a mount of like who you need to become in order to  make that happen. But do these out this in order you’re right on number one, you’re in  first number Then write down the number number two, we’re going to have a January 1,  and then write down how that number makes you feel.  

Now for me, I want there to be 100 grand in my bank at the end of the year, and I  want it to be more but I’m committed to being 100 grand cash that I could send  somebody now I may or I’m not gonna tell you exactly how close I am to that just yet. I  don’t know. Like I told you. I asked my permission to actually counter books. But here’s  the other thing I want is I know I know what I need to do. My intention before the end of  the year is to control all of my money and all the money for our household. Like I don’t  want my wife to take on that burden anymore. No, I haven’t told her this. This isn’t a  podcast where I am announcing to my wife what I will do in one do this is just me  committing to me now I don’t know what you need to do. But I know that how I want to  be on January 1 2019 is that I have a lot of finances for our household and then I know to  the penny what my company and I I bring in personally and I want to know that after all  expenses, all taxes, all the cash that there is 100 grand cash that I can send to another  human. And how will that make me feel? It’ll make me feel like a man. It’ll make me feel  like I’m in control. It’ll make me feel like that’s actually how I thought I had been living  my life that I could have sent money like that to somebody, but not without permission  from my frickin life. And I actually don’t even know our numbers. I have no idea I’ve  always counted and that I’ve chosen to just be blind to it. Again, I’m not sharing this stuff  with you today to tell you how proud I am of myself. That is not it it is the follow up  question here that I wanted to share with you is after I write down what how good it’s going to make me feel and how it’s going to make my wife feel knowing have the  confidence knowing that her man is taking care of her instead of her you know she likes  taking care of the money we don’t have any issues around it. It’s not It’s not that it’s how  what I know she’s not told me when I know. No, she has not told me is it doesn’t make  her feel comfortable that she has to handle all the pressure of dealing with all that. How’s  that for truth for you? 

Now I’m not hiding from this, I’m sharing it with you. I don’t need to whine about  it to you. I just need to own it. And that’s what I’m doing right now is owning and I don’t  know what you need to own. But check out this next question. Because I can think about  what it will mean to me. I can think about how it’s going to make my wife feel when I’ve  got this handled again, this is the number that I’m committed to. 

But then there’s a follow up question of who do I need to become to make that  number reality so that I’m handling all of this and I’m proud of that man that I will  become six months from now. See, the reason that we set goals are not for the goal. It’s  not to get the price that’s not what it’s for. The reason that we set goals is who we is about  who we become in the process. 

Read that’s why that’s why I love sports because the the journey of challenge that  the journey of working with a team of overcoming adversity and whether you win or you  lose I mean I hope you win most of your games versus lose but I hope you get a  combination of both because you learn and you grow and you win when you lose as  much as you when when you win. 

So here’s the thing as I started looking at this I was like who do I need to become  now I didn’t ask this question again I was at a conference I’m way into Garrett white in  the wake up warrior moving and if you haven’t checked that out yet and you are a man  and you are in business you should do it like holy go to wake up warrior calm go check  out warrior book calm or check out his book and just check it out he’s got a new book out  called be the man is freakin phenomenal. He’s got a new warrior women’s program just  you know what I’m going to give props where props where where it’s due. This guy in  this movement is frickin on fire and he’s a basic questions and I’m given I’m giving you  an extension of them now on how it made a difference to me.  

So again, I’m going to you, who do you need to become? Write down this question.  Who do you need to become in order to create that number that you’re going to have in  your bank account on January 1, 2019? And then how’s that going to make you feel?  That’s a follow up question. You know, you gotta go ahead and pause this recording  when necessary, so you can fill in the gaps. How’s that going to make you feel this is a big  journey into your journal today for you to go ahead and learn this. And as I looked at  that, that was pretty cool. But it gets better. Oh my god, it gets 10 times 100 times 1000  times better. So check this what I want you to do next. Hopefully you’re following along  with me. If you haven’t done this exercise yet, then you’re gonna have to go back and  make sure you do it with me and through this whole podcast and you write down these  numbers and you answer these questions please do this. Please treat this as a you spend  big money for what I’m about to share with you because this is going to change it for you. 

I promise you, I am super excited about this next little piece. So you were down to  numbers so far the number you can wire somebody now and then the number that you  can wire somebody by the end of the year, my next the next number I want you to write  down is I want you to 10 X that number and the number that you you’re going to have at  the end of the year. So if it’s 100 grand, in my case, I’m makes it a million. Now that’s  actually the number that I want what I’m thoroughly committed to with the on the  shadow of a doubt, no, no, what’s going to happen and there’s all kinds of expenses and  new things that we’re going to do this year that that may make my hundred grand  difficult to go ahead and maintain. We have an adoption that we’re working towards.  There’s a couple of things that are coming up that we need to make sure we’re taking  care of and I’m wanting to make sure that I hit that number because I’m making a  commitment to you. I want to make it a hell of a lot bigger than 100 grand but I’m just  saying that’s what I’m committed to. But for you What’s 10 x your number so that it’s real  easy mass guys this is that zeroed in the back end of it. 

So whatever your number was, it was 30 grand. That makes it 300,000 or 30,000 is  30 grand. That’s right. Makes a 300,000 because the results that you’re going to create,  imagine who you would need to become to go from 30 grand to 300 grand, and I want  you to take this two levels deeper, add another zero to the back of that that’s 10 axing  that number so for me that takes it from a million to 10 million, and I get a little tingly when I think about that number. With the follow up question of who do I need to become  in order to be the man that generates $10 million. Now this is not $10 million in gross  income. This is $10 million in net income not even a net income in the money that I put  in my kings volt gold that I can go ahead and wire to you in an instant if I needed to. 

That’s the number it’s not it’s not just how much you gross and stuff like that I’ve  had a desire for a number of years to make a million dollars a month and this number is  more in line with that but think about it if I’m making that kind of money I still have  some expenses making a million dollars a month which I’m not close to right now. But  let’s just say that I hit that number it does not equal 10 million that I have in my kings  vault cash that I could just send to somebody and think of the follow up question on this  who do I need to become to make that number reality and I’m going to numbers deeper  on this one you can go you can continue if you like or you can pause it doesn’t matter but  I’m going one deeper adding another zero on the back of that of a guy takes 10,000,200  million dollars. Holy for for me to think about the type of man and leader and  businessman and husband and father that I need to be to go out and have 100 million  dollar Cash after taxes This is my nobody can take it. This is in my vote this is like I am a  king I’m sitting there and I have all these jewels and gold around I’m talking about that  kind of liquid cash 100 million bucks like I have rarely imagined myself was that kind of  man has that kind of frickin cash and if I take it one number deeper that’s a billion  dollars a billion Not that I’ve made a billion that would be great that’s a grid pie all this as  pie in the sky guys all this is Pinus guy told you my number started with zero so let’s not  get into Trevor being Mr. Cool back because that’s not what this is about. This is about  you and your number. And really I mean care about your number. I care about your  number, just for UC of a measure of your growth and a measure of your growth. Money  is nothing but an extension of the amount of value that you’ve brought to other people’s  lives. And if you don’t have a 10 x return on that then you are doing something wrong.  That is my goal. I am looking for a 10 x return 500 My bank, I want to make sure it was  worth 10 to someone else. That’s my internal barometer that is, is a goal I have with  every dollar that I make. But the more important question about this, and money is not  about the money. It’s just what level are you going to play? And what kind of person do  you need to become?  

Today’s power question is, ​Who do I need to become​? And then you fill in the  blank about what it means so that you can have so that you can be so that you can do so  that you can take care of so you can take care of your family so that you can have  vacations and you can have time to do what you want and you can live your life purpose  and you can be a man of God. I don’t know what your thing is, it’s up to you to fill in the  blank and it’s up for you up to you to ask an answer this power question now this is a  question that is going to be at the forefront of all the questions that I asked myself for me  personally for the next 90 days and I highly advise that you just you know, after all this  pie in the sky. I don’t know how far you took your number with adding zeros at the end  but I suggest that you come up with a three month goal that’s what I’m doing I’m coming  up with three month 90 day plan that from July August and September that I’m going to  focus on hitting that number because that’s halfway through the next six months and I’ve  got a 30 day goal setting challenge that I’m promoting hopefully by the time you listen to  this if you haven’t gotten my app yet make sure that you get my app on every podcast at  the end of it I put in the little download my app things I’m not going to repeat to you the  the phone number and it’s on every one of my podcasts I print a PDF that you can  download and look at in the written on every one of them get my app and it’s not on  there now it’ll be on there soon and you can just sign up for the 30 day goal setting  challenge it doesn’t cost you anything I just want you to help set and get any goal but as  we wrap things up today I just want you to make sure that you get one thing is the power  of this question and I hope you invested the time me today and just turn me off like a  head said yesterday believes on yesterday’s podcast. I’m going to be spending some time  over the next seven to 10 podcast talking about some of the biggest revelations I’ve had  over the last six months. And some of the biggest truths. I’ve got some of the most  vulnerable things that have shown up for me, and I want to share these with you because  I think they can transform your life in your business. It’s not about me bragging This is  about me just coming out and sharing with you what I think can make the biggest  difference in your life. And quite frankly, I don’t know how many people are freaking  listening to my voice. Right now. I do zero marketing. I post up that I have. I do. Hold on.  I do marketing, but lately I’ve been doing zero paid advertising for my podcast. Nothing.  This is Episode 81. I believe an episode 81. I have done nothing. Zilch. Zero. not spend  one dime on marketing any of these. So if you’re listening to this, my hat’s off to you somehow. You found me I do post on Facebook a lot. And I do some some posting. I post  up all my my stuff on my websites if you follow that at all, but I understood and poor at  trying to get this message out so you are lucky and to be re listening to this and I honor  you I hope you got some value out of it. I hope you join me on the next seven to 10 days  as I split the best podcast I can possibly bring you on giving you the things that I think  you’re going to make the biggest impact in your life and I hope you join me I hope one of  the main things that you do is if you have a goal that you’ve not achieved before you  want to get some help that you reach out to me or you reach out to somebody and you  get some frickin help you You do not have to do it alone. That is complete and utter. And  if you feel alone if you feel like you don’t have health if you feel like you don’t know what  to go do next. For the love of all that is holy. Go get some frickin help and hopefully  you’re going to do something a little long lines of what I’m doing which is considering the  man or the woman that you want to become and you’re writing down that question of  who must I become to get my goals and to have the results that I want to have in the  world? 

And if you answer that question, then your life and your business will change.  And you don’t know the answer right away. That’s okay. Keep it at the forefront of your  mind and of your tongue. And I’m going to keep it at the forefront of this for the next  decade of my life of who do I need to become to take my life and my business to the next  level. Now, you and I have to define what on the next level looks like. I hopefully gave  you a little insight to that today in some simple math about your number, you have  money you can how much money you could wire someone else and then hopefully that’ll  trigger a very simple and measurable goal for you to go ahead and make a difference in  other people’s lives.  

All right, that’s all I got for you today. I think this was a little bit longer than I had  planned. I told you submit 10 minutes I frickin looking at my time right now. I went to 24  minutes. I apologize about that. But I love you and I wanted to make sure that you got  this and that I shared it. So this is straight from my heart.  

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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