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EPISODE 181 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


This is a continuation from yesterday’s invite to join me on my 90-day challenge.

Yesterday, I asked the question, ​“IS THIS WHAT YOU WERE ​BORN ​TO DO?” ​ If you’ve not  yet listened to that show, I suggest you go back and start with that.

Today, I have FIVE SIMPLE QUESTIONS which will help you get ​clarity​ on how to  GROW and TRANSFORM your life and business. 


Q1: Who are you? 
Q2: Why are you here? 
Q3: Where are you now? 
Q4: What is it that you want in in your life? Consider your: ​body, being, balance and business
Q5: What is in the way of you getting what you want?

“May all who seek find their path now.” – Trevor Crane

May all who seek find their path now.


Let’s take this to the next level. Answer the questions I gave you. That’s it. 


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Welcome back to another daily dose of greatness quest. This is Trevor Crane. And  today’s a follow up from yesterday’s episode.  

So if you’re watching, if you’re listening to this, make sure you go check out the  video because I had some cool pictures to show you yesterday and a core question: Is this  what you were born to do today? 
We’re going to review the answers to that question. We’re going to take it a step  further into the extra questions. I’m going to ask you to join me on a 90 day challenge to  grow and transform your life. I know you’re gonna love the show.  


Alright, so did you do the homework? Did you ask the question of: Is this what  you were born to do?
Yesterday I asked this question and I told you a story about how I had asked this  question at two other times in my life one when I had a water sports business, and I had  just had the best day I’d ever had on my boat as far as like money wise and fun and  great. 

Whether you see come on, take you back here had an amazing day. And I was  bored out of my mind made great money, had everybody loved me and do a whole  bunch of great things. And I knew that it was time to change. I was meant for more  things.
Then I had an environmental protection business. And after a few years, even  though I was making great money, asked the question, I knew that I was meant for more.  So the my answer back then was no, this is not what I was born to do. This was fine for a  while, but it’s time to make a shift.  

Now, today I asked the question is this what I’m born to do? To help you make big  money with your book without selling a single copy? To help you tell your story to help  you and stuff all over here, as far as props, to help you write the right book? 

To help you learn the power of storytelling so you can go out and change people’s lives and transform their lives? Then yes, the answer is yes.  

See, back then, my answer was no. I was not doing what I felt like I was called to  do today. The answer is yes. It’s a different feeling. So I don’t know what it is for you. Did  you do the homework? Did you answer the question? If you didn’t win school, go ahead  and ask it. Ask it and answer it. 
Now, pause this podcast and go ahead and answer the question now if you did  answer it, and whether you are on the right path or not.  

My challenge to you is to take it to the next level. My challenge to you is to follow  along while I asked you some questions in mind my my homework for you. My challenge  for you is to ask them for yourself and then answer them. 

And then we will want to do is create some new goals set some new amazing goals  and as I said, I want to invite you on a journey while I’m doing this myself. I set a big goal  the other day like I said, I’m going to share that with you soon. It’s scary for me.
I think I know how I’m going to make, I have no idea how I’m going to make it  happen. I started off with, I have no idea. But now I’ve had a couple days to think about  it. I’m getting more clarity what we need to help you with this clarity.  

Now, what you need to do when you start going anywhere before, hold on, we set  this up. There we go. 
Okay, I want you to think about how a GPS works real quickly. Because the GPS, if  you decide you’re in your car, and you want to go someplace, the way a GPS actually  works is it needs to know first of all, you’ve got to have a signal, right?  

If you ever been like rented a car and then you gotta you’re trying to find the GPS  on something and you can’t locate where you’re at. You’ve got a new X marks the spot  where you are, which is why I’m asking you a core question of is, this is what you were  born to do.  

And I have some follow up questions for you. Next. The next thing you want to  discover is like the GPS wants to know hey, man, where do you want to go? It says okay,  where are you? Can we find you on the GPS and then it wants to know where do you  want to go? Then it will create the path to help you get there. 

And that path, there’s a lot of different ways to get there. There are shortcuts.  There are long cuts, there are detours, there’s all kinds of things. There’s all kinds of  challenges you’re going to have in between here and there.  

All too often we get caught up in the doing and may get caught up in the this stuff  that we think we need to do. And we waste all of our dogs on time. Let’s get really clear  about where you are.  

Is this what you were born to do? was question number one, but we’ve got some  other foundational questions that I’m going to give you. Okay, question? 

This question number one for you today is where are you are excuse me, and I’m  very sorry, who are your kidney removed? handwriting? Who are you? Now this is a  simple question.  

The question is I’m going to share with you today are not massively complex, but  what you’re going to find is that they can be as complex as as as hell if you if you really  dig deep when I first asked this question, Who are you? 

I sat down in a house I own my first home I ever bought. I was in my 20s and I  bought my first house and I sat on my my outside Lanai in Florida, we have these cages  that protect us from the mosquitoes outside of our house.  

And I sat down there and I just closed my eyes. And I asked the question, Who am  I? And interestingly enough, not a lot came up for me. It took me actually, for me, it took  me a couple of days to even come up with some answers today.  

I have a different answer than I had last year. And I had a different answer than  then I had a decade before. So even if you’ve done this exercise in the past, I would  challenge you to do it again. 

Who are you? And write down your answer in your journal now, right now, I  believe I am the I am. I’m a father, I’m a husband. I am a leader. I am the world’s greatest  dad.  

If you want to see what I wrote down on here. I believe I’m on unstoppable and  that I can do anything. These are my Who am I statements? I don’t know what yours are. Who are you at your core? 

I’m tempted to not give you any my answers, because I don’t want to sway you in  any way. But I will share with you the final one I wrote down when I did this exercise  today.

I am unconditional love, unconditional love to my family and to the people that I  have the privilege of connecting with. That’s just that’s just what I believe who I am. 

So that’s for question number one. Question number two for you is why are you  here? ​Why are you here?

Whether or not you want to think this is a purpose statement of why you’re here  on this planet? What’s the purpose of your life? Or maybe to make this to chunk this  down and make it not be so big? Why are you here on this podcast? Why are you here  paying attention to Trevor crane, you know, what is it that you want? Why are you here? 

Like I have my own mentors that I plug into in the things that I educate myself  with every day, my goal of why I am here, and this also purpose statement is to grow and  expand, to make a difference. And to help more people see when I was running that  water sports business, it was really cool for a while until I got bored with it. And I  realized that there was more to life than this. 

When I was running the Environmental Protection business, I realized that I  wasn’t making a difference in people’s lives the way that I wanted to, I knew that there  was more why I am here is I am here to have more, to be more to give more to grow  more.

Okay, next question is: ​Where are you now?​ Like, what are the facts of where  you are now? I don’t know if you’re at the bottom or at the top. I don’t know if you read if  you feel like you’re in heaven or if you feel like you’re in and wherever you are right  now is okay. Just be honest about where you are. 

I like to look at my life now in four categories because it’s nice and simple to  chunk you’ve probably heard me mentioned this before. Body, being, balance and  business.
Okay, body is my health and my vitality and my energy and whether or not I can  move my arm and exercise and running, jumping and have energy to get up in the morning and I know I need to take care of myself and my health, okay? 
My health and my body is number one, two, for me, body being being is my sense  of purpose and my my feeling like I want I’m here on this planet to do and that I’m  connected with my creator and that I have this joy in my life that I can listen in every  relationship with God and what I believe that is, that is my being. 

So faith is another way to look at that body. being balance is my family all over  my house is that you can see pictures of me with my family. Even on that little poster I  have right there. That’s a picture of me. That’s my daughter and I now help kids write  kids books. That’s me holding my daughter in my arms.
I have the intention to adopt, we, my daughter, and I, my my wife, and I just  finally got pregnant and had a baby. He’s eight, almost eight months old now. And we  were planning to adopt, though.  

And in order to do that, what the adoption placement agency said was, we needed  to create a book a book telling our story about why it was so important for us to adopt. So  that the new perspective mothers could go ahead and decide whether or not we were  someone they wanted to go ahead and give their kid to right now.
We’re still looking to adopt a little girl although there are some challenges on the  fact of whether or not this is now the right time because we have an eight month old  baby and that’s a lot of work.  

But what we did is we also created a video about it. We called this little book life  without limits. My question for you is where are you now in your body being balance is  your family and posterity and business. 

And that’s being specific about the money you make and where you are and your  wealth. And whether you’re happy with your career, whether you are an entrepreneur  or an entrepreneur and be authentic about it. 

I like to give myself a one to 10 on these and then write down specifically where  I’m at. And then and up until this time, one of the things and where I feel like I am now  when it comes to business is that I feel like I’ve been playing small, significantly small for  me and my capacity and what I can do, absolutely.  

So I am getting clear on that so that I know exactly where I am in them doing the  money math, and then I can get clear. Next we’re going to talk about where we want to  go and what’s standing in the way.  

Okay, and actually, that’s the last question I have for you today. So we’ve got Who  are you? Why are you here? Where are you now? Where do you want to go? Where do  you want to go?​ What is it that you want in body, being, balance and business?

Now, here’s the thing, this took me a while to figure out, I don’t expect you to do  this in two minutes, however, would expect a woman to ask you and challenge you to try  to do it in just a few minutes, because there’s probably a short answer and a long answer.  

So if you can go ahead and just commit to doing this quickly, and just like what do  you want, what is it that you want that you don’t have in body being balanced and  business and like, just be just as cut to it.  

Now, you might focus on this for a week. That’s totally cool. One of the things I  have in my program, my mentoring program is I have something called ideal business  ideal life and I help you build the foundation of these questions so that you can figure  this out.  

So you can build the ideal business you can live the ideal life and one of those  exercises is what I call ​the perfect day. ​ Frank Kern actually first gave me this as a challenge and I took it on and I found that transform things about what my perfect day  might be.  

What is it that you want that you don’t have? Not asking you to do all of that right  now? I’m just asking for you to ask this question and write it down. Number 12345. The  fifth question for you today is ​what is in the way of you getting what you want? ​What  is in the way? 

Now, for me, the biggest thing that’s been in my way is my belief, my belief that  I’m good enough that my belief that I can do it, my commitment to getting it that making  it happen, and I don’t know what yours is, I don’t want to give you all of mine again.
Because I’m not trying to sway you on what I think your answers are. It’s just to  invite you to join me on this challenge and journey that I’m going to share with you. 

And so tune in tomorrow to find out the next episode of our daily dose of  greatness quest to help you become your best to help you build your ideal business. You  can live your ideal life so that you can have what you want so that you can have it all. 
That’s my mission right now to have it all and figure out how to take my life and  business to the next level. I enjoy invite you to join me. 

Thank you for being here with me and I’ll see you tomorrow another daily dose of  greatness quest. 

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