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EPISODE 159 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Who’s going to speak at your funeral? And what would they say? 

Maybe you have considered this question in the past, maybe not. But I would challenge  you TODAY, to really spend some time… and think about it.  

Today. And for the next couple days. 

Today, I’ll share with you my revelations to these 2 questions, and PLEASE SHARE with  me your answers as well.  


When you die, who will speak at your funeral? And what would they say? 


“What did I create? What did I contribute? These questions guide how I choose to live my life.” – Trevor Crane

What did I create? What did I contribute? These questions guide how I choose to live my life.


Answer the questions I asked in today’s show:

Who’s going to speak at your funeral?
What would they say?
Did I live?
Did I love?
Did I matter?
What did I create?
What did I contribute? 


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Who’s going to speak at your funeral? And what would they say? That’s the  subject of today’s episode of greatness quest. 


So I was recently asked this question by one of my mentors who was inspired to  ask this question himself when he saw that John Mccain had passed away and that  Barack Obama was asked to speak at his funeral. 

So you might have considered this question in the past, maybe you never have,  maybe you have. But I would challenge you to really spend some time to think about it  today, or over the next couple days. 

About your life and about how you’ve lived it up until this moment. And about  your life and how you want live it for the rest of your life, whether that is for another  year or another decade, or hopefully, whole bunch of decades. 

And as I’ve been thinking about this, what I’m coming up with is a lot more  questions, a lot more questions than just the two that I started with at the beginning of  this recording. 

I’ve been looking at whether or not my life has really mattered, and who, what’s  really mattered to and who would care if and when I die. 

Another one of my mentors, Brendan Bouchard how to had a near death  experience. At one stage, it made him ask three questions. Did I live? Did I love? And did  I matter? 

And I think these are really great questions, ones that as I’m talking today, is I’m  giving you more questions, you might want to just not necessarily answer them all three  for yourself while you’re listening. But to capture the questions that you do want to ask  and answer did I live focused on this one a lot this morning, and the last 24 hours did I  love and did I matter? 

And I would say that the answers to these questions for myself like that would  really the only people that would truly care about my passing would be the people that I  have loved and contributed to the most.
I’m looking at my direct family, my wife, my daughter, my son, who’s just seven  months old, my parents, my sisters, and maybe a few friends and that have. 

I’m not gonna be on the cover of any magazines at this stage of the game. And  Barack Obama is not going to speak at my funeral. And that’s okay. 

But I think what I’m learning by these series of questions today, and I’m not going  to go on and on and on about my own revelations around this subject matter. Other than  this, it seems to me that the answers to these questions again, are bringing up more  questions, but more questions about how I can live my life better. 

And I’m coming down to two core questions here that I think do matter. And one  of them is what did I create? And the second is, what did I contribute? 

And when it comes to me thinking about and looking at my legacy, and what I’m  leaving behind, what are the things that I’m grateful for, and one of them is, I’m proud to  say, has been in looking at the answers to the I lived it, I love and did I matter part. 

That I think my family could look to the way I have lived my life by the things that  I have demonstrated by my footsteps that I’ve left in the sand that I at least aspired to live  every day to the fullest, to take on new adventures and challenges. 

And that I at least aspired to lead with love and unconditional love for the people  that are closest to me that are around me. And that most days, my focus has been about  what I could contribute. 

And I’m very grateful for that. And I’m grateful for some of the things that I have  created that are going to be left behind for my 11 year old daughter, and my seven  month old son. I’m grateful for some of the books that I have written. 

In fact, of all the books, I’ve written it, some of them more fun books, the books  I’ve done with my daughter, in the book I wrote called ​The Mule And The Magician ​ , which  is a simple read, you can get done within five minutes that I’m most proud of, so that my  kids know some of the things that I believe that I believe in and that were fun. 

And how inspiring it is to me or challenging it is for me to consider, what else am I  going to create? And what else am I going to contribute? 

And honestly, there’s more than gratitude about where I’m at today is this gap,a  gigantic gap between where I am have lived my life up until this stage, and the amount  and the level of contribution that I actually want to make. 

So my challenge for you today is to consider the answers to some of these  questions. And maybe these questions will bring up new questions in you as well. 

But as I’m wrapping this up, I feel that the two questions that matter most to me in  how I choose to live my life, from this moment forward, are about what it is that I’m  going to create. And what it is that I’m going to contribute as being two guiding questions  that can help me decide how I want to live the rest of my life. 

And that I know that my daughter and my son can look at what I’ve contributed  when it comes to my podcast. And they can look back to what it is that I thought  mattered so that at one stage of their life, they might look into what their dad thought  and what advice their dad might have for them. 

If for some reason, I’m not around to share that with them personally, but I’m not  gonna lie to you and tell you that I’m Oh, so proud of all the things that I have created,  and all the things that I have contributed. I’m proud of some of them. 

But there’s so much more that I wish that I could give. And there’s so many more  people that I wish that my life would matter to. And I really want to live a life that  matters to more people to my family, my community and the world. I want my life to  matter. I want my life to make a difference.
And I want to be much more proud about my life a year from now and a decade  from now when it comes to the answers of the questions that I’ve asked today. 

And that’s all I’ve got for you today. 

And I would love to hear the answers to these questions from you. If you’d like to  share on any of our social media channels just so we can connect and to hear your  thoughts about this would be pretty cool, because I don’t think I’m going to stop thinking  about this after today.  

And I think this is a core part of how I’m going to be making decisions in the  future. And I’m curious about what you think and what your answers are as well.  

All right. We’ll see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest.
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