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EPISODE 145 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


What are the defining moments of your life that shifted and GUIDED you? That helped to  FORM you? That CREATED you?  

Once you understand the things that shaped you, you can CREATE BY DESIGN, new  pivotal moments and experiences that you can do to create a new future.

Powerful events transform who you are, so you can become the NEXT BEST YOU… the  next level superhero, you are becoming. 
That said, “What’s your origin story?” 


What’s your origin story? ​What are the the defining moments of your life that shifted  and GUIDED you? That helped to FORM you? That CREATED you?

“Pressure shaped me.” – Trevor Crane

Pressure shaped me.


Consider the defining moments that GUIDED you, and created who you are today.

Discover what’s yours were. ​What were the conditions, the circumstances or the events or  beliefs that shaped your life, are are your REAL ORIGIN STORY.

Write them down in your journal.


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Welcome back. Today we’re going to go on a little time travel together. We want to  take you back into your own life into your past to send us the time travel and we’re going  to discover your origin story.  

Imagine the story of Superman on planet Krypton or whatever. Like that was part  of his origin story. You want to look back on this hero’s life and discover what were the  conditions that helped create this super man. And so we’re going to discover today is  what were the conditions and circumstances and events that shaped your life.  

So what is your origin story? That’s the focus of today’s show. 


Okay, this is exciting because yesterday’s podcast was about thinking about and  focusing on what lies you are telling yourself currently. And I shared with you my inside  and revelation is that the lies that I currently telling myself has to do with more of the  limitations and limiters and excuse me, excuses that I have been telling myself.  

These are all lies and bullshit my own limiters. No, no, nobody came and gave  these means that you can’t, I can’t, whatever, there’s no policeman, there’s no authority  that said that I can’t do any of these things that I want at the next level. It’s just my own  stories and limitations about it.  

Now, the cool thing is, is that another piece of homework that a friend mentor  gave me was to look back at the events in my life to discover like when I was a little kid,  what happened like what were some of the defining moments and pivotal changes in my  life. Like, what happened did it was it was there something what happened in my life,  that was the memories that I have, that shifted everything for me.  

And a friend of mine shared with me a picture of himself hitting a home run, but  he was like a little kid, he was like, 12 years old. And he had a home run and he got a lot  of love for that home run like it with the bases were loaded. He it was, it was the good  guys versus the bad guys. He was he was up against his nemesis, his rival team, and he  had to show up and, and he had a chance at bat.  

And he just so happened to swing that bat hit a home run, run around the bases, they won the game, and the love and adulation that came from the crack of that bat  became something that shifted the rest of his life. And he started to constantly seek to  become this athlete that would excel at another level. 
And I got me thinking about the times in my life, and the things that transform  that the things that happened that transformed me. And so I started thinking about my  own my own moment. And I was thinking, what are the here’s my challenge for you. As I  go through mine, I’m going to share with you some of mine, I want you to listen.  

And I want you to consider your own origin story. What are the memories you  have, the pivotal things that shifted your focus, your beliefs? And how you decided to  face the world and go and what created the man or the woman that you are today.  

And so as I think back on those memories I have from early childhood that were  pivotal times in my life. This is what sequence came up from Anna came up in  chronological order for me, for the most part, and I’ll share them with you.  

So you may have heard me talk about this when I was either four or five years  old. My dad came to me one day and said some of my first memories and said that he  was going to go on a little vacation. And it was up to me to take care of the family. 

And so it must have been a lot of energy and pressure around this question at the  time. For some for some reason, I remember it. And I took it very seriously. Like I had  two little sisters. They were like to frighten me before. And I remember that I thought it  was my responsibility to take care of my mom and my sisters. And that was a man of the  house now.  

And I took a pretty seriously and so I went out and started a business I hate I had  heard my dad was a ran his own business, he was a horseshoer. And so it was like, the  your your freedom is and your how you can take care of your family. And the smartest  thing you can do is start a business. And so I started a business selling rocks and into my  backyard. And I figured I Love Rocks, who’s not going to love rocks. 
So I got rocks from my yard, and I took them to the neighbor’s yard. And it created  something that day that very few entrepreneurs ever do, or a lot of entrepreneurs  struggle with actually doing is that I created a profit, I didn’t create a business card. I  didn’t create a logo, I just picked up rocks from my art and took him to the neighbor’s  yard. And I was thinking about like, this was a pivotal moment in my life.  

Now, there wasn’t a lot of drama or trauma. But there was this sense of  responsibility that my dad gave me that I needed to show up and take care of. And it’s I  was just thinking about it. Like I have always, as a little kid, I remember that there were  there, I always had this sense of responsibility. And I was at a sense of playfulness and  wanting to have a lot of fun.  

But I always wanted to do what was right. And what would make my mom and  dad happy. Now, I don’t know what your memories are when you’re a little kid. But these  are some of the first ones that I remember. 
Like, I remember not wanting to be a little shit, I remember wanting to do  thinking about the decisions that would make and how it spend my time based on  whether or not my mommy and my daddy would like it. And if it was the right thing to  do, and that I had a responsibility to take care of the people in my life.  

And so I am curious about how now I’m raising my kids. And I’m going to sit  month old, an 11 year old daughter, a six month old boy, 11 year old daughter, what  events they are going to remember that are going to help them transform and create  their superhero in the future.  

Okay, so those that’s one of my memories. And then I’m going to some of the other  transitional times in my life. So I was playing football when I was a teenager was  probably 12, 1314 years old.
Maybe Max and we were playing this game against our rivals and football and the  first string running back I was like a sophomore in high school. My first string running  back it was hurt and came out of the game second string running back was hurting came  out of the game. third string running back was hurting came out of the game. And I was  either third or fourth string. 

I don’t remember I was like that but I was the only guy on the team that was left  that was still walking knew the plays and it was raining that day. And our quarterback  couldn’t throw them all because of the challenges we had with the weather.  

And I was like I was I was putting the game and I was excited because we you  know, I got to play but I was scared to death because I probably weighed about 125  pounds dripping wet. I was fast and I was sneaky but and I was always a very coachable kid.  

But I was in a game and everybody was bigger than me. And I was getting my ass  kicked. Like we were struggling in this game. And I remember one time I got hit so hard  in the leg. I got tackled in this first guy tackled me, hit me in the leg. I just the thigh so  hard. It took my I lost my breath now because he hit me in the stomach.  

But because he hit me in the leg, and I couldn’t breathe. And I sat there gasping  and then I wasn’t alone. He piled on top of me, and so did everybody else. So not only can  I not breathe, I had a whole bunch of dudes, sweaty, stinky rain wet. So dudes on top of  me, I couldn’t breathe. And I gave up. 

I wanted to give up. But I couldn’t give up. I couldn’t give up because I had to take  care of my team. And I remember that it was a defining moment. Underneath this  dogpile. I felt like everybody on the football field was on top of me a couple of guys. But it  felt like there were 30 people on top of me, and they had to tear them off. 
Like there was a huge pile was underneath this, this pile, I knew that I had a  defining moment that I can either quit and let down my entire team because there was  nobody else to replace me or I could keep going. 

And I had no idea how I could keep going. I was in such a so much physical pain.  And I and I had given up in my mind, I didn’t think I could possibly continue. But I had to  find a way. And so I decided to dig deep, I believed and I remember while I was laying  underneath that pile that if I chose to lie down and die, and to quit, that I’d be quitting  for the rest of my life.  

And so I truly believe that that was a transitional moment for me. And that I  decided to be somebody who wouldn’t quit. And there are many times in my life after  that, where I would start something and not quit, you know, whether it was like, I  wanted to shoot 10 baskets in a row was playing basketball in my own house, there’s a  little basketball hoop.  

And I was like, I made like eight free throws in a row. And I was like, sweet, I’m  gonna keep going until I do 10. Next thing I know, I was up all night, because I kept  messing up, I get to like, nine or seven or whatever. And then I’d missed one and a half to  start over.  

And I just didn’t want to quit. And it was insane. My my family my mom and my  dad or whoever was around at the time, my step dad yelling at me, you know, it’s three  o’clock in the morning shooting baskets and go to sleep. I know, I gotta do 10 in a row. So  like, and, and it’s just an interesting concept that something happened for me. And I  think it’s actually even an extension of the the conversation about responsibility.  

See, I knew if it had only been about me, I would have given up I didn’t want to  walk. I didn’t Excuse me, I didn’t want to get up off of that dog pile. But I made it about  something that was more than me. And then that gave me the power and the strength to  not quit. And so I could go on and tell you more of my stories. And I think they’re really interesting. 
I just did a 30 some minute walk and talk with myself for all I do is talk to myself  and coach myself in the morning. Like I could talk to you about this for a long time. But  here’s my challenge for you. Instead, I want you to think about the definitive moments in  your life in your upbringing. And that helped define who you are like, what were the  things that shifted for you.  

You know, there were times in my life when there was also my dad jumped on me  and slapped me around, you know, and he wanted to he wanted to kill me at one stage or  so I thought. And what also showed up for me weren’t all that Oh, look at me tremor, he  overcame adversity was like I was scared, shiftless and bad things happened, you know.  

Where my dad took me to the woodpile, one time when I was probably 1012 years  old. I hadn’t gotten a spanking and a long time, but I was messing around and he took a  two by six. There’s probably about four feet long, maybe five feet long and swung it like  he was. It was a Louisville Slugger, maybe drop my pants and hit me with this two by six.  

And he asked so hard again. It knocked the wind out of me. I fell to my knees. I  couldn’t believe he hit me so hard. I was convinced. Like, I couldn’t walk again. Thought I  broke my back. I ended up I couldn’t even walk. I had to crawl. He made me think he just  left me there. And I was crying. gasping not being able to breathe.  

This is one of the things that shaped my life. And me like trying to pull my pants  back up feeling embarrassed, they don’t like my dad, just completely the trade me this  was a definitive moment in my life on how I was going to deal with that situation. 

And so I’m not talking about just a happy shit. You know, I’m sure that you went  through some challenging times. I don’t know what they were for you one time. Again,  going back to like, what helped shape me and definitive moments in my life. 
My dad was mad at me one time, and he was yelling at me in the middle of the  night. For some things I probably messed up, let’s be honest. But like we I did my best to  make it better. We’re going to get into the whole drama of the story. 

Yeah, I’m not going to get in the whole drama, the story but he was on one side of  he was outside the house. And my parents had already split up. I guess I’m going to get  into some of the some of the story just to bring you into the moment. 

But he was outside the house yelling at me saying, Get out here. You  motherfucker. I come out here. I told you, you need to do this and do that. It was like  middle of the night. It was two, three o’clock in the morning. My data just come home.  

And he had seen that the horses that we had at the time didn’t have a water is  totally like, totally my bad, I guess. But he had not told me to water them from my  recollection. And he had said that he had. And so we got up and I watered them. But he  wanted their water buckets full even more than I had filled them up in the middle of the  night.  

And we were arguing and he’s yelling at me one side of the sliding glass door. And  I’m on the inside of the house. Because I had just done what he asked me to do. But now  we’re, he’s yelling at me about it. And so I just locked the sliding glass door right in front  of his face. 3040 years old at this stage, the kind of a lot of things happened around that  time frame, apparently. And he lost his mind. So he’s on one side of the tour. 

I could see him Oh my god, it was dark out. And he stepped back and he I said, he  said, I’m going to fucking kill you. And I thought I was in in fear of my life. Like he took a  couple steps back like he was going to be a bowl and frickin run through that sliding  glass door and come get me because he had demanded that I come out and do whatever  more he wanted me to do.  

And I was like, No, you’re wrong. Like, I didn’t do this. Like, it wasn’t my  responsibility. Nobody told me and I already got up and I did everything you wanted me  to do. All the horses have water like no. And we’re arguing I’m sure I’m being a little jerk. He was gonna kill me.  

And so what happened is what I like that door. He was so furious. Should not  came out of his nose, man. And he was gonna come through and I was like, Oh, this is it.  He’s gonna kill me. This time. He started running for the other side of the house. Because  he knew I hadn’t locked all the doors in the house. 
And so he it looked like he was gonna beat me to the front door. And I was scared  about the front door because I wasn’t sure that I can lock it well, so I took a step or two to  race him to the front of the house where I was going to lock it. And he was beaten.  

And instead I turned away and ran the other direction. And I ran like he was on  my ass. I picked up a pair of sandals that were saying, sitting there I like and I was  barefoot and I ran out the back that were the house in the exactly the opposite direction.  

And I didn’t run to the end of the street. I didn’t run behind a wall. I ran for about  five minutes straight as fast as I could possibly run. And I ran cross country through the  desert. And I carried the shoes in my hand. And I ran through cactuses. And I ran  through over bushes.  

And I ran as fast as I could. As though he was like the devil himself on my ass. I  ran so fast, I thought for sure. I could hear him screaming and slamming doors. I thought  he was breathing down my neck. I was so scared. I thought literally, I he was going to kill  me.  

And then I remembered I was no however far you can get on several hundred  yards as a half mile or something away from that house by the time I stopped, and then  and I finally like barely looked over my shoulder. And like I slowed down and hid behind  a rock way, far from the house. And I was so scared, I just cried my eyes out. Now, a  couple other things happen after that, whatnot. 
But here’s my reason for telling this visceral story. I want to challenge you to go  back into your life into your origin story, and discover what were the pivotal moments in  your life that helped create what you believe and how you decided to go ahead and  tackle the world because these things shifted me. 

I’m sure that you’ve got your own memories, an origin story that shifted you and I  know it’s going to go into that whole part of the story. But I just wanted to share with you something that wasn’t just sunshine and rainbows, but also the stuff that was challenging  than pushing me and pushing me to hopefully become better and do better.  

And I actually am grateful for those challenges in my life. I don’t know about you,  but I’m grateful for the that happened to me even a shitty thing because it helped create  who I am. And I’m pretty proud of who I am today. 

And someone asked me recently on a podcast about their son. She said, I have a 17  year old son, and he’s kind of spoiled. You know, he gets all he gets everything he’s ever  wanted. And she was just curious, you she liked me on her podcast, we’re talking about  what we’ve done with our kids that were positive.  

And we talked about how my daughter’s 11 and she’s got 10 best selling books.  And she said, Do you have any insight here? And I’m like, I don’t know, I haven’t had a 17  year old son before. And they were talking about it.  

Like, how do you give them the gift of this instead of just being like this spoiled  little brat, some exactly as you described in but with this is how I would like our  challenge is parents and I struggled for how I could support her with some answers. I  gave her some stuff. But since then, I came up with this one word, and it’s pressure, I  actually believe pressure is when we truly show up.  

And that potentially our job as parents is to put pressure on our kids. Now, I think  they already have a significant amount of pressure. We have a different world we live in  when you and then when you and I broke up their social media pressure, there’s peer  pressure, there’s pressure to perform this pressure to this pressure to do that.
But I don’t think pressure is a bad thing and make it needs to be given with also  unconditional love. Because it doesn’t matter i don’t i don’t care whether my daughter  does well as long as she does her best I want I enjoy the times that I know she is going to  go through pressure is a challenging for me far holy baloney. I don’t want her to go  through pain. 
But I also know that it’s only through pain and through struggle. And through  some of that pressure that she puts on herself, or that she puts or that the world will put  on her is going to help create that diamond. And I’m grateful for those the moments in  my life that I just just described. 

As I look back on my origin story, it seems that the things that shaped me were  those things that put me under a significant amount of pressure. And I still survived. So I  don’t think pressure or something we have to escape from. 

My challenge for you today is to ask the question about your origin story. And to  go ahead and discover what yours ours and if you haven’t done so already, write them  down in your journal, capture them.  

And and then the cool thing is, if you understand the things that has shaped you,  up until this moment, you can pick some maybe some pivotal moments and things that  you can do in your life from here moving forward. They can also transform who you are,  so you can reach and become your next level superhero.  

What pressure can you put on yourself so that the next level of your life, this next  iteration of your life, this next becoming of who you are as a leader, who you are, as a  father, or mother, who you are as a lover, who you are as a as a someone who  contributes and gives that you can go ahead and create the you that you want.  

And I know that for myself, recognizing that I need pressure. And so fortunately,  I’m in a situation where the external world is not putting some of that pressure on me at  this moment. My life conditions are pretty cool.  

But that also is a comfortable place that it is time for me to challenge my own ass  and push myself to get up at 4am and to to to to become more and push myself and put  an internal pressure on myself so that I can grow and become that diamond, that next  level superhero that’s going to help the people that I want to help and serve.  

So hopefully this has been valuable for you. It’s a combination of you know, I  think it triggers from yesterday’s episode where I talked about lies because all the things  I learned about money self when I discovered my origin story is that I believed that I  could do anything and that I can overcome any adversity.  

And yet the lie that I was telling myself up until this moment is that I can’t have  this next level of stuff because I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough. I’m not this  I’m not that those are all lies, those are adult lives that have been showing up and  sabotaging the next level of whatever it is that I want to grow and give and contribute.  

So maybe you’ll find a tie in for years as well. And maybe you won’t, I’m not really sure, but I’d love to hear about it. So if you can give me some feedback on how  yesterday’s episode or today’s episode ended up serving you, that would be phenomenal.  

If you haven’t done so already. We would love share on iTunes, share on iTunes, I  mean a review on iTunes, we could definitely use that and I look forward to helping you  in any way, shape or form that I can. So if you’re getting some value from these shows,  please share it with someone else.  

And if you’d like to reach out to me on social media or get some help with your  messaging. You’re booking your business or when I use let me know and I’d love to  support you.  

All right. Make today magnificent. 

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