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EPISODE 19 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“Choose what you’d rather have, results or excuses. You can’t have both.” – Trevor Crane

Choose what you’d rather have, results or excuses. You can’t have both.


“Are you going to let problems and confusion hold you back? Or are you going to find a  way to get your results – no matter what?”


Use the strategy I share in this episode. (And ​download​ the PDF I created for my team.) 


On this show we discuss strategies that will help you and your team take action, and get  results, even when you encounter a problem or get confused. ​(DOWNLOAD THE PDF)


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All right guys, I have a new nanny who’s been working for us at our house. We’ve  got a new baby in the house and I asked her whether or not she would boil some eggs for  me and she said no can do, I don’t know how to do that and I don’t know how to make  hard boiled egg.  

So today we’re going to talk about what are you going to do when you get  CONFUSED. Like how do you deal with confusion? ​This is a cool training. I trained my  dream team on this subject regarding,​ “What to do when you encounter a problem you  don’t know the answer to.”  

And, yes, I’m expecting you to have more complex challenges than just boiling  water for eggs. I think you’re going to love the show.   


All right. So shit you not…  

That was a conversation that I had listed our nanny – God love her. She’s an  absolute sweetheart, but she’s not, I won’t, I won’t go ahead and pretend that they, she is  a problem-solver. Obviously she had a hard time at some stage boiling water for boy  hard-boiled eggs and uh, I assume that you could probably come up with a solution here  pretty quick. I think there’s something called the Google in a few minutes. She couldn’t  figure it out, the recipe and the cooking instructions for boiling eggs, but here’s the pain  that she was caught with their pants down and she, she, she didn’t know how to do it and  I’ve got a whole team of people that will oftentimes have different projects and things  that they have to work on with me. And so my question for you quite genuinely just like,  how do you deal with confusion?  

A little kid and I got confused. I didn’t know how to do something. I ask my  mommy, my daddy to do it and I, my daughter is now 10 years old and I see her pulling  that crap all the time. She’s scared to order for herself. She’s scared to do something she  hasn’t done before Sunday, wanting to play a sport. Then she hasn’t done before because she’s scared that she’s not going to look good, but my parents and hopefully your parents  put you in a position where they said, hey, pick up the phone and go there and do that  thing, that thing that scared you. But as, um, I have a little training for this with my team  and I’ve got a whole download a pdf on this. I’m going to give it to you. So let me go  ahead and paint this, this scenario, the situation.  

Let’s say that you were doing something you’ve never done before. A problem  arises. As you get confused, you have a question. You don’t know what to do. You’re not  sure how to move forward. Now what most people do is they bail. Most people quit, they  stop. I know I’ve done this plenty of times. I get confused. They get over the line, but I  don’t know what to do, but I’ll allow the challenge, or maybe you’ve done this in the past,  is allow the challenge to stop them from taking action and creating results. And you  know, that’s what most people do. So here is my guiding principle when you try to get a  result of any sort is don’t let anything hold you back from making progress to get that job  done. Like especially if you’re working for somebody else. Like inside of our team we  have people that are responsible for creating results and then it’s really not an  acceptable excuse to just say, I don’t know how, but that’s not it.  

Like we want you to move the project forward. So when you encounter a question  or a problem where you had the setback, here’s what I want you to do. Or here’s what I  suggest you do. Number one is I think you need to capture the problem. I’m a friend of  mine that leads to a leadership company who trains big corporations and this is one of  their core foundational principles is like if you have a problem, like when you want to go  to somebody to help before you just go and say, Hey, help me. I don’t know how to do  this. Or just stop making progress. Did clear about the problem. And oftentimes I suggest  that you just write it down, like to be concise, like how can you describe this problem to  another human? If you are going to go on Google and you’re going to search for whatever  the challenge is, you need to figure out how to put it into terms.  

So oftentimes people don’t do this, they just kind of bail and they get confused,  they get overwhelmed and not sure how to move forward and they just kind of bail. So  when you’re having this setback, instead of doing that, capture it, write it down. And  then the second part of this first step is then you need to get clear about what you want shared recently from a multiple times about how oftentimes talk to my mentor Ramit.  They’re really in front of me or whether they’re just pretend conversations I’m having in  my head and I need to figure out how to clearly state my problem and also clearly  identify what it is that I want and just this very process and getting clear about what the  problem is that you are having. And then what is the results that you’re trying to create  can oftentimes create new results and options for you just by getting clear about this.  

But let’s say that you still don’t have clarity, but now you know how you don’t  know what to do, but now you know how to communicate it to another human step.  Number two is to actually do it. Ask for help. You know they definitely, you want to be  clear in your communication, which is why we begin with that first. Be Clear, concise  and specific. Alpha member on my team was communicating with me recently and she  definitely wasn’t unclear about her communication. She’ll give me a lot of data, but that  data doesn’t help me when it doesn’t. Then context. Then she was talking to me when we  were having this heated conversation around it and she’s like, well, how do you want me  to give me the information? I was looking at books on my bookshelf and I was like, well,  just give me the title of the book first.  

Then the subtitle, and then give me the description. Like when I open an email, I  want the subject line of the email to describe whatever the hell it is like I want to know  like the big version, like what’s the title, what’s the context? Then describe it a little bit  more so I understand, and then I want you to be clear, concise and specific island time  through the whole story. I don’t have time to do the whole drama. I don’t need to read  your whole book. I just need to have even an inkling and an understanding of what’s  going on here. Want to be patients with choosing the person that’s answering this  question when you asked the question, you need to be patient so you don’t just think  immediate response like, hey bitch is asking this question around and got back to me yet.  Because if you have a problem, you need to actually have the patients.  

Have you ever used a chat-bot on a website? You go to get to chat with somebody  and you’re asking the question because you need technical support. And then I sit there  and wait. And it’s such a challenge to have the patience to allow the chat Bot or the  human sometimes, oftentimes humans will believe sometimes because you get to talk to that can solve your problem and you want to then just be patient. I also had people on  my team be really upset. They asked a question and then nobody respond. Let’s say it’s  been five minutes or 15 minutes or it’s been a day. See if you’re clear, concise and  specific about what you, what the problem is, what the results that you want, and then  you tell somebody urgency around getting them this answer, this specific clear  communication can go ahead and repeat massive dividends instead of confusing the shit  out of people. 
And now here’s the other thing. He, after he done this, instead of remember I said  that the order, the organizing principle, this guiding principle is that you don’t want to  just do nothing. That is not a win in my organization. We need to solve the problem. I  don’t care how you do it. Let’s find a way to create the solution. Now, don’t go off and  create a small problems, but here’s what I would challenge you to do. Step number three  is to move the project forward. Somehow come up with a creative solution so that you  can move the problem forward and in the context, but if you ask someone on our team  for help or if you ask someone for help yet that’s a little bit of patient that did move the  con, the the project forward but don’t just accepted no for an answer when I was in  college and I wanted to get a college student loan or they have grants that they can give  you when you’re going through school and my parents didn’t make a lot of money and so  I was kind of broke when I was going to school and I.  

It was hard to like have a job and work in college, but I found a way to be part of  that and part of the time. But I really learned that a grants is basically what they. The  government or different organizations will give you a give you free money but you have  to qualify for it. But I would go to the financial student aid office and I’d say, Hey, I want  some of that free money you got for people like me who need money, and and oftentimes  they just sent me away. I’ve talked a little pencil pusher, person man or woman behind  the desk, and they’d say, well, you have to fill out this paperwork. And I go, OK, so I  would qualify for this thousand dollars if I just fill out the paperwork. And they’d say yes,  that’s what I go off. I know I got some little court, I filed the paperwork handed back in  and then I’m hoping to move this project forward and, and I.  

And they would say no and my project wouldn’t. It wouldn’t be accepted for one reason or another. And I had to become a whole art and science of figuring this out.  Yeah. I had to be extremely persistent in creative to try to figure out how to qualify for  these grants or to qualify for the next amount of student loan that I needed to, that I can  stay in school. Oftentimes the answer was no, but what it trained me to do was how to  deal with challenging situations and how to be created in order to come up with him and  his face. I didn’t have the Internet back then. I don’t know that I’ll go ahead creative stage  when I was in college. I graduated from college in 1983 to age myself a little bit, but  hopefully that’s been valuable for you. 

The question of the day that I have for you is, “Are you going to let problems and  confusion hold you back? Or are you going to find a way to get your results – no matter  what?” 

You only ever have two things… 

You can have ​results​. Or you can have ​excuses​. You get to choose which one you  want.  

The last little point here then I meant just mentioned to my team, if you have an  urgent need for something, if there is a deadline, there is something that is pending that  you need urgency. Hey, then you need to get to the team immediately. Maybe you don’t  have time to capture it and write it down.
Sometimes if your hair is on fire, you need to go ahead and screen for health. That  does not mean go to solution in all situations for my team, but if we have a deadline and  we’re trying to get something done, you have to use your common sense and bypass this  and then guys, I have this issue and I need to solve it now. 

In my life, in my relationship with my wife, she has urgency around everything  that she wants done. In fact, when we’re talking, communicating with our team, typically  my pattern is to overwhelmed, um, our team with a lot of different projects and ideas  and all these things that need to be done. And then my wife’s pattern is to, uh, ask for  results. 
Whatever it is that she’s looking at, she’ll, she’ll define what it is she wants. And then she wants the result like NOW, like she wants the results BEFORE she actually tells  you about them. She’s actually frustrated that the result wasn’t already created by the  time it comes out of her mouth. She has an expectation that they should have already  been accomplished.
So I don’t necessarily mean that type of emergency when you have a tendency to  just be a crazy person that everything needs to be done right now and it’s a little bit  insane. And my wife is not insane… 

(She’s crazy. She’s not insane.) 

So with that, uh, I’m going to go ahead and, uh, wish you a great day and, I can’t  wait to see it tomorrow on another episode of the greatest quest.