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EPISODE 66 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“When you love what you do, everyday is magnificent.” – Trevor Crane

When you love what you do, everyday is magnificent.

“The riches are in the niches.” – Unknown

The riches are in the niches.


What makes you special?  

How do you stand out? What makes you different? 

What are you great at?

What do you love?  


Ask these questions and keep asking them until you find the answer:  

What makes you special? How do you stand out? What makes you different? What are  you great at? What do you love?  

Write your answers in your journal.  

Talk to another human about it. Talk to your loved ones and ask them what makes you special. 


Today, I talk about ​WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL​.

And I ask some simple questions which should have really simple answers. But the truth  is, we’re never going to stop seeking the answers to these questions. 

What makes you special today and what it is that you love and how are you going to  communicate that with the world, will probably shift. You’re a different person at 20  than you are at 40, than you are at 50 and so forth. 


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Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening. Welcome to another daily dose  of greatness quest.  

And I’m excited because I got up two hours earlier than my alarm this morning  because I was so excited about talking with you about this. I’ve been dreaming about  today’s subject. And I just know it’s going to be powerful for you. Even though it’s kind of  a cheeky little title. The subject today is ​WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL​.

Stick around with me. This is going to be short and sweet, but I know you’re going  to love it. 


Okay, so I was dreaming about this and the subject of being ​special​ and what  makes you ​unique​ and ​different​ and how do you ​stand out​. And how this can be  powerful for your business and your life.  

And then funny enough, just as I was up this morning and thinking about this and  putting my thoughts together, my buddy sent me a text message. And he talked to me, he  said, “Hey, I want you to come check out my store.” This is my friend Adam that I met in  the last couple of days. He’s the guy that rescued us on the lake when we were out  kayaking in the rain and then he brought us in. And we’ve been hanging out for a couple  of days. And he said “Before you leave New Jersey” like he goes “I’m at my store today.  I’ve got a specialty pharmacy. And I think you’re going to find it very unique because we  have nothing in our store except for things to help women with fertility.” He has a  fertility, like specialty pharmacy.

Now here’s the interesting thing. Like my question for you today is: ​What makes  you special? How do you stand out? What makes you different?​ And you know, another way to think about this in your marketing or your branding or whatnot is,  What’s your superpower? And it’s a really cool answer to come up with because when  you know that and when you let’s say that you’re really good at something and you love  what you do, oh my God, that’s should be the, probably the title of today’s episode.  

Because another thing, another power question for you to figure out what makes  you special is: ​What do you love? What are you great at?​ Because if you love what you  do, then every single day is magnificent. That’s a quote of the day, by the way. ​“If you  love what you do, every single day is magnificent.”

And Adam, my new buddy, loves what he does. And because he loves what he  does, every single day is a journey, every single day is a day that he loves. He’s not just  looking for the end game. He’s saying, “Once I work this hard, then I will sell my  company and then I will win.” In fact, that was the story he had come from. That’s what  made him actually miserable in his life at one stage when he was only focused on the  target instead of focused on what he loved all day long. 

One of my first buddies who made a million dollars and was in my mentoring  group at one stage, and he was, I was asking him questions. We were going back and  forth about what was the secret to your success. And this dude told me “​LOVE​.” And I  wanted to poke him in the eye. I was like “What? You’re a millionaire and the secret to  your success is LOVE?” I was just so pissed off. I’m like, “That’s such a, give me something  I can use. Don’t give me that stupid answer.”  

But what he said was, he chose a business that he LOVED. He chose products,  projects that he LOVED. He only hired people who LOVE what they did because he didn’t  want to work with a bunch of people that were constantly looking to quit and constantly  looking to, that life sucks. He wanted to work with people and his secret was LOVE. And I  got to say, it’s a very powerful answer. 

So my question for you today and that subject for today is around what makes you  special because there’s a phrase, I’m sure you’ve heard it, “​The riches are in the niches ​ .”  That’s an unknown quote. I’ll put that down today’s thing. The riches are in the niches,  this is absolutely accurate. The more precise my wife has been in who she wants to work  with and what it is that she sells to solve a specific problem, the more money she makes.  I mean, I’m telling you it is astronomical with how much better than marketing it is. 

Every time that we talked to hire a new marketing person, my wife and I, or I am  helping a client get better at their marketing, truly the question is just around the  specialty focus of what makes you ​different​ and ​unique​. And then who can you help in  a very small segmented niche. And this is tough for those of us that want to save the  world and help everybody.  

And it seems like such a simple question because when we, when you are  probably answering this question, it just might piss you off your answer or lack of clarity  around an answer. Because it sounds like you should have a really simple answer. But  the truth is, we’re never going to stop seeking this answer.

What makes you special​ today and ​what it is that you love​ and ​how are you  going to communicate with that with the world​ will probably shift. Just think about it.  You’re a different person at 20 than you are at 40 than you are at 50 and so forth. And  probably, what you are great at and what you love and ​what makes you special ​is going  to shift. And your superpower, something that you might say in marketing. Like people  want to know that and they want to share. Like I think my superpower is this and I think  my superpower is that. This is ​what makes me special​. And is it like, this pisses me off  when I don’t know how to concisely say this. 

Let me share with you also that this is a subject that I am constantly working on  and trying to get better at. In fact, I would guess that you guys don’t know what I think I  am great at or what I think I am makes me ​special​ or ​different​ or ​unique​. And that is  not a brand. That is me saying that I am still looking for it. So, by the way, when you ask  a great question, it’s okay if you keep asking it over time. And you’ll get better and better  at your answer. 

So like I believe that I’ve always been a phenomenal communicator. And even  better than that, I’ve been really good at helping others tell their STORY. And STORIES  are one of the most powerful things you can use in your marketing, in your  communication, in your branding. If you want to influence other people, everything is  STORY. Whether you are your own TV show, or you are just trying to talk to another  human. If you have every, if you have a desire to communicate anything in your life, to  create anything in your life, it all comes down to STORY. 

And so, it’s interesting that I have now helped people, are now helping people publish their books. And I’m helping them with their digital marketing. And I’m helping  them with things. So, I think I’m a phenomenal storyteller. But more important than  telling you my story, and I might fall a little short in telling you the perfect story from my  perspective, I’m really great at helping you tell your story.  

Which is why I’m really grateful that now I get to help people write their books  and publish their books and improve their marketing and make more money and help  more people. It’s pretty cool. Now is that all concise in this perfect little package?  Probably not. 

Now, I wouldn’t say that our marketing is really great at helping communicate  that with you. Maybe you think so, maybe you don’t, I’m not sure. I know that I want to  keep improving it. But here’s my, the reason I share that with you is, it’s quite possible  that when you do come up with this answer, it’s not going to be perfect. 

In fact, I would challenge you that being perfect is like the lowest standard you  can set for yourself. What you want to do is just get ​more and more clarity​. You’ll get  better and better in telling your story and telling the world about what makes you  different and unique and stand out. And how you can figure that out, is basically, and I  don’t know exactly, other than you keep focused on it. And you can make it happen  eventually. 

But I think it’s the questions that you ask yourself. I already gave you some  powerful questions to start this process. And so, my challenge for you today is to ​ask  these questions and keep asking them until you find the answer.​ And then you jot  them down in your journal. You talk to another human about it, you know. 

A friend of mine said that one of the best ways he likes to do this is that you, truly  if you don’t know what makes you special and unique, and what makes you stand out, he  said you need to go have dinner. You need to go get your mom and your best friend and  your girlfriend or whatever it is. And you get together and you take them to dinner and  you go, “Hey” and you and it’s gonna be kind of weird, because you’re going to say, “I  want to focus on something.” and it’s going to be a subject of you. You want to know  what makes you different, unique and powerful and stand out. You want to know how  the world sees you, so you can double down on what you’re great at. 

So, every day can be magnificent. And you can focus on that. That’s one way. You can ask your buddies and friends and people who know you that and stay focused on it.  But another way is to just ask the questions I’ve already given you today: What are you  great at? What do you love? and What makes you special? And then find a way to double  down on what you’re great at instead of trying to focus on your weaknesses. 

And again, I think I, Gary Vee probably dropped this bug in my ear here recently  because I’ve been listening to him a lot lately. And that’s probably where this comes  from. But it was also the subject of how, what would be the most valuable for you in this,  to help you figure out what it is that you love and to give you permission to focus on that  all the damn time. So, that every day can be what you want it to be. 

I think it’s pretty cool, brother. I mean, Adam, my new buddy said, “Come check  out my specialty pharmacy.” He told me that the reason that he won with what he did is  he was so niche specific. Then he sold his company when he was in his mid to late 30s.  He sold his company for millions of bucks. And he entertained me the last few days with  his really expensive house, I don’t know what it is, on this beautiful lake, on this private  lake and whatnot. Because he had cash, man. Because he sold his company to a big  conglomerate. I don’t know what it was, Walgreens, Walmart or something like that. 

And they bought his company and had him come in and work with them to help  them scale because he was so specific in this little specialty pharmacy. And he was able  to focus on a niche. And he created riches in that niche. And funny enough, he is back in  that same business today. The one that he sold years ago, he’s now in again today. He had  a no non-compete or what that’s over or whatnot. He’s back in that industry. And he’s  doing it differently this time. 

Last time he was doing it and he was great at it, but he didn’t love it. And he didn’t  love it because he was focused on an end goal. He wasn’t focused on what he loved every  day. Today, he’s focused on serving and helping people. And he’s realized what makes  him happy is helping people every day. And I know that sounds cliché’ and cheesy but  that’s what he’s interested in. And now he’s focused on building a new business. And  who cares whether or not it makes money now, I’m sure it will for he is a successful,  intelligent, profitable guy. But what he’s focused on every single day is something that he  loves what he does. 

And so that’s it for you today. I went on a little longer than I wanted to because it’s really a simple question but it’s maybe a more complicated answer for you. And I want to  let you know that it’s okay if you don’t make it perfect. So, do this. Answer some of these  questions. Focus on finding some loved ones who can help you find out what makes you  special. Because when you can get better at this in your marketing and you get more  clarity around this in your life, it can shift everything. Because then every day you spend  doing things that you love. 

And today I’m going to go do some things that I love and communicate with some  more people that I want to help. And I hope you make today magnificent. And that you  love what you do today. And if you’re a little frustrated, didn’t figure this out perfectly  yet, that’s okay. Join the club. Because most of the people that I know, that are even  really good at communicating this, and already know what they love and what they do,  dude, their conversations are shifting as well. Because they are evolving as who they are. 

And their new and evolving superpower will reveal itself shortly and they’re  going to have this new epiphany. So welcome to your new epiphany. I hope it comes  today and hope you get more clarity every single day. 

And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness  quest. 

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