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EPISODE 96 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


In today’s episode, I share a story that I’ve never shared on a public channel ​ever​.

It has always ​scared​ me to share this story. and it has to do with what I learned..​ when I  went to jail.
Today is Independence Day.

And I’m thinking about the ​decisions​ we make that create “invisible walls” that hold us  back and keep us from our freedom. That keep us from our independence.

I believe that we’re all in jail.​ (In a way.)

We all have a self-jail that we’ve made for ourselves that LIMITS us in some way. 


“We are here to expand. To be more, do more, have more and give more.” – Trevor Crane

We are here to expand. To be more, to do more, to have more and to give more


Where in your life are you lying, cheating or stealing?

*WARNING: Don’t just skip over my words. ​Cause I’ll bet you a DOLLAR that you’re  lying or cheating or stealing – in some way… RIGHT NOW. 

Probably, ​at the minimum, you’re lying to yourself. You’re LIMITING yourself. You’re  “buying” your current line of bullshit. 

I know I am.

I strongly encourage you to listen to my podcast today… and consider your answer to this  question: “Where in your life are you lying, cheating or stealing?” 

(I describe it all on the podcast.) 


Ask and answer the question:​ “Where in your life are you lying, cheating or stealing?”

Where in your life are you ​lying​?

Are you cheating and ​stealing​ from yourself or one of your loved ones?

Are you really present when you’re with your friends or your family or your kids? Or are  you thinking about where else you should be and what else should you be doing? 

Be honest about where you are lying and cheating and stealing from yourself.
Be real. 

And write down your answers in your journal. 


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Today I want to share a story with you that I’ve never shared on a public channel  ever. I’ve told some friends and I’ve told some clients from time to time when it came up  and it was appropriate. But it’s always scared me to share what I’m about to tell you. And  it has to do with what I learned when I went to jail.  

And most people don’t know that I had to spend a night in jail and I’ll talk to you  about that. I’m gonna talk to you about what I learned and I’m talk to you about how I  was behaving before this happened and why it was one of the greatest gifts of my life. So  hope you enjoy the show. 



So I’m recording today’s show on July 4, and I don’t know when you’re listening to  this other the earliest it would come out as July 5, because that’s how we pub on  publishing my show right now. So I whatever you listen to this, like the reason I decided  to talk about this Today is July 4 is about Independence Day.
And there’s a lot of things that I’d like to celebrate today but it reminds me of a  time when I did not have independence. I was behind bars and I was scared for a long  time. And like I just acknowledged it’s still a little bit scary to share this with you today  because I’m scared about what you’re going to think to know that I had gone to jail.  

Now over the last few years, I’ve met a lot of people that had been open and  honest with me and authentic about the fact that they did something that they wish they  hadn’t done in a day had gone to jail for one thing or another for a lot more awful than I  did. Like they up in much bigger ways. And they shared it and they shared it openly. And  I found that I did not judge them and that and that I actually honor them for having to  you had the authenticity to share with me that they their story.  

And so I’m doing the same thing today. But see, I learned some things when I  spent that day in that jail. Now what did I do? So I was 18 years old. I can’t How did I end up in jail. I’m going to share that with you quickly and then what I was doing and how is  behaving and how now I’m experiencing freedom were back then I was not and it was something that scared me straight.  

But so at the time, I had just turned 18 years old. And I had been running a  pattern as a teenager of basically deciding that I that lying and stealing, stealing and  cheating was the way I was going to get ahead. I grew up without a lot of money. I grew  up with a lot of rich friends around me and some of those friends started shoplifting  when I was a teenager and I learned that I could just go in and with a simple sleight of a  hand, I could grab a bag of chips I could go ahead and grab friggin electronics whatever  the hell it is that I wanted. I could just gonna put it in my shirt or whatnot and I could  steal it. 

And I got into this habit of just thinking that if I wanted something what I needed  to do was be sneaky and lie and cheat and steal not lying cheating stealing school that  lion to cheat and steal all around me and it just became this pattern of I looked around  like I was a predator like an everybody had what I wanted in the way to get it was to just  take it and it was a challenge. 

I was really addicted to the challenge and it was I don’t know what it is, but I was  and I’ve heard about people having addictions like this since then, at the time, I didn’t  really know what it was. But every time that I would try to stop stealing, I find myself  with another candy bar in my pocket.  

One time I was I basically got caught and thank God I got caught. I was in a home  depot of all things. it. I can’t believe I’m going to tell the story. So that Home Depot and I  loaded my cart full of all kinds of that the time I was living on my own I was going to  school and I had done well at my junior college and I had got taken one or two classes at  Arizona State University on the transfer and I decided that along and and what that did is  that gave me a 4.0 grade point average going into a great Going into a junior as a junior at Arizona State.  

Now that only is because I got an A on one or two in one or two classes because  before I was transitioning to Arizona state because I didn’t do necessarily that, well a  junior college, but I put all of that on the line. You go to the Home Depot and just steal  some. Some stuff that I wanted some stuff that I could use some stuff that I could use  herself and I just wanted stuff that push this cart out of home depot with all this inside of  it. 

And these guys chased me and I ran away and I got away and I was fast. I ran  across the street, I jumped the fence, I had this whole plan. I remember I was a sneaky  little bastard. And so I had this whole plan to get away from them. And I got away and I  was hiding behind a sense underneath this bush had this whole plan and nobody knew  where I was. 
And I was underneath that bush was promising to God that I would never do this  again. Like if you just helped me get out of this. I would never do it again. Which is a  promise I had made many other times and then gone back on that promise hiding  underneath this piece of plywood that was underneath this bush that was up against this  wall. Like I was hidden man.  

No one could have found me until, like, God gave me one of the greatest gifts ever.  And that’s that he had me put my nose out and try to walk out, you know, after a short,  very short period of time in the guy sounding and they handcuffed me and they took me  back to the Home Depot in the worst walk of shame I’d ever had handcuffs behind hands  cuffed behind my back. 
And I just felt like one of the biggest losers on the planet, but not as bad as when  they put me in the cop car. Not as bad as when they took me down to the police station.  Not as bad as when they frickin took mug shots of me. Not as bad as when they took my  fingerprints. Not as bad as when they locked me in jail for the night with a whole bunch  of criminals and I have never felt more worthless My life then having spent 24 hours in a  cell where I have absolutely nothing to do scared to death that I’m going to get in prison  from a whole bunch of people have been up and all of the people that were around me in  this jail what seemed to be massive ups compared to me.  

And all I did is I looked around it at the future that I was going to get if I continued  on the path of trying to take from other people of being a liar, a cheater and the thief and  24 hours later than me out of jail friend of mine had become go ahead and I don’t  remember if they posted bail or they just let me go. I mean, it was a minor infraction of  all things considered but for me as 18 years old, I was not a boy anymore I had  apparently at 18 they call you a man.. I was a little boy that was a pain in the ass.  

And thank God that happened to me. Because from that moment on, like I never lived is only going to achieve it and it’s not like I never stole one would think I was scared straight that I would never do that again. But my dumb. I mean yeah, it scared me  straight. Yeah for a period of time I didn’t want to around anymore and lying felt odd. It  was hard to tell lies anymore because I felt like I was a douchebag and I was going to go  back to jail.  

And I knew I needed to get my straight. I almost lost my academic scholarship  almost lost everything. And fortunately I was able to those young man I went into court I  didn’t tell my mom and I didn’t tell my dad. I told one friend of mine. I got me out of jail  because I’m going to pick me up signs of paperwork or whatever that was, is the scariest  thing that ever happened to me. 


And over the next couple of years, things changed inside of me every time I tried  to be aligned little and like do something wrong like it up inside and I still would go back  to this pattern like he does it like you. Yeah I got spanked I got a big spanking and scare  the shit out of me.  

But then I still wanted to go back into these old pattern and I remember I planned  a some kind of amazing road going to a buddy mine is going to use my credit card to buy  some and we’re gonna have more stuff he’s gonna buy shoes or TV or stereo or whatever  we’re going to do and I was going to have an alibi and be someplace else and I was at  home when he was out buying on my credit card. 

And this is probably about a year after I did the whole thing in jail and with soon  as I knew this was going on I freaked the out like I had with my conniving little was the  one that came up with this plan. What a great plan. I boy Trevor really learned his lesson  and what happened is I my body frickin refused to accept that I would do this. My body  rebelled against me. My body came to my aid. 

I started hyperventilating. I broke out in a rash I actually took pictures of myself  at the time I’ve never really seen them they’ll happen to them but I broke out in a rash  that went all over my chest. My back my legs, my my neck. That was this red rash that  came out of nowhere. I couldn’t take it. I started panicking that I was gonna get caught  and end up in jail again. 

And again this is one of those moments is one of those pivotal things for me I  knew I call my friend and I said look, I’m call it off. I’ll pay for everything. I’m not gonna this around. I can’t I physically can’t be a liar, a thief and a cheat any longer. I can’t I  can’t physically do it. I’m still conniving little. Apparently. But I just physically can’t. The  moment that I took that back and we stopped this escapade, like the rash run away. Like  within minutes, the rash went away my heart calm down from like a hummingbird to  like something normal. And I was forever changed. It was the fear of going back with all  those losers in jail. 


Now, why did I feel it necessary to share this with you today? I’m about to tell you.  And I also picked take with me just a little longer here, I’m going to share with you a cool  joke that I learned when I was in jail. So I’m going to share that with you right after I give  you this lesson and a challenge today. 

So I believe that we’re all in jail. I believe that we all have a self-jail that we’ve  made for ourselves that limits us today. On Independence Day, I’m thinking about those  beliefs. We have those decisions that we have made. Those things that we’ve created for  ourselves that create these invisible walls that hold us back and keep us from our  freedom, from our independence. 

Now for me back in the day to share this story with you to have this is just my  journey of like telling part of my truth to maybe help you free up something to share  your truth because I believe we’re all telling ourselves lies which is it’s hard for me to  handle because I feel like I’m a man of integrity and I do my best to go and tell the truth.

My question for you today is: ​Where in your life are you lying, cheating or  stealing? ​Where in your life are you lying, cheating or stealing? And if you are thinking  that you are not doing any one of those things I would challenge you that you are wrong  if you look honestly at your life if you look we have to look a little closely. 

I just realized that I was doing this with myself. And I’ll tell you one of the lies I  was telling myself that I’m doing the best that I can now this was a This was making me  feel good. Like I wake up early in the morning, I do the best that I can. And I try to  perform well all day trying to be a great husband is ready to be a great father. I’m always  trying to improve.  

But I recognize that “I’m doing the best that I can” is a softener. I can always do  more, I can always be better. And I was telling myself this lie that I’m doing good enough that I can’t work any harder that all I need is that All I really want is just a little bit more  of this and a little bit more of that I was giving myself beliefs and excuses and limitations  for what I really want versus having a bigger dream versus believing in myself that I can  accomplish anything.  

I’ve been setting small goals I didn’t even necessarily realize that I was doing it but  when I met this billionaire recently, and he shared with me his goals of having tourism  to frickin outer space and making disease optional. Basically curing the human and other  diseases that a lot of humans are getting right now. Like I was like, holy, my dream your  small. 

What lies are you telling yourself? Because if you don’t have the relationship that  fires you up that you want where you’re making love to your significant other in such a  way that all of your fantasies come true and that you are lighting them up and you are a  light in their life and they light you up and you’re in love and you’re passionate and you  can improve your relationship and everything that you say I’m fine is. You are lying and  you’re creating your own invisible prison of like, this is good enough. 

I’m happy enough is good enough. If you look in the mirror and you are and you  are not happy with what you see physically. And you’re like it’s good enough. I have  enough energy. I’m good enough. That’s a lie. There are areas that you need to improve.  Give the energy that you get that you want. Most people don’t sleep well. Most people  don’t eat well. Most people are tired. Most people are on medication.  

Where in your life are you lying, cheating and stealing from yourself? And be  honest. I was honest with you today. I shared with you something that scares the hell out  of me. I don’t want to tell you what a little ed i had been. But when I was lying and  cheating and stealing, I was hurting one person more than anybody else. And it was me. 

Where are you lying and cheating and stealing from yourself? Oh, I don’t need  money. I don’t care about money. I’m more interested in impact and helping people and  all that. Well, I’ll tell you a little secret about poor people. If you want to help them. Don’t  be one. Don’t be a poor person. If you have a lot of money and abundance. That’s an  example that’s an adult report card of the amount of value that you have brought into  other people’s lives. And if you look at your bank I can say I’ve got enough you’re lying. 


Our purpose on this planet is to expand. Our purpose on this journey of life is to  grow and become more so that we can be more and do more and have more and give  more. And hopefully make this world a little bit better place than when we showed up.  

Where in your life are you lying? Are you cheating and stealing from yourself or  one of your loved ones? Are you really present when you’re with your friends or your  family or your kids? Or are you thinking about where else you should be and what else  should you be doing and your kids are boring and and you’re just listening to your wife  or your husband drone on about the same and you leave the reservation my wife and I  have this thing sometimes one of the other of us will double will not be president we  leader as a 

My wife is like addicted to my opinion, just addicted to her cell phone. Like we’ll  be talking about something to come up with something. And she’s such an action taker.  She gets this idea. We talk about what we want to accomplish or what it’s going to cost it  on a plane trip to to go to someplace and she opens her phone and she starts looking it  up. But she just and then she leaves the reservation. I’m in the middle of a sentence and  she’ll leave the reservation, where are you leaving the reservation. 

Your homework for the day, your challenge today is to go ahead and be honest  about this and to write it down to pull out your success journal and write this down. Be  honest about where you are lying and cheating and stealing from yourself. And then  you’re probably listening to this after July 5 or beyond. So this is my invitation to you to  have your own new Independence Day and to get real with what it’s costing you and  hurting you. 

See, when I was put behind bars, it became real. I looked around me and I looked  about are the people that I was gonna be hanging And out with if I kept on this path of  lying and cheating and stealing, like I said, I think we do this to ourselves all the time the  self imposed walls we put on ourselves and our give you a challenge to tell the truth and  give yourself some freedom. 


Now tomorrow I want to share with you a formula that I’m currently using to  have it all, to have the body that I want and the health that I want to have a relationship  that I want to build a business that I want to have a spirituality and that can my connection with my Creator, and whatever that means to me about peace of mind and  happiness, how I can have all four of those things.  

And this is not me telling you how cool I am. It is a formula that someone else  gave me it is a recipe that I see is working for him and a lot of other men and I’m going to  introduce you to this strategy. No women can use it to use this is cool for you, but I want  you to have it it is a formula for how you can have it all and how you can have it starting  today, starting tomorrow might give it to you.  

So I hope you join me on that on today’s on that podcast. Now I promise to tell you  a joke. And this is a joke that I learned when I was in jail. So there was a funny moment  when everybody was going around when we’re in jail and telling jokes. And this one joke  stood out to me, and I sometimes tell it Well, sometimes tell it poorly, but I’ll give it to you  because it’s a joke. I learned in jail. I don’t think I’ve ever even told anybody that before  that. That’s where I learned this joke.  

So, okay, there’s this cowboy. And the cowboy is riding across the range on his  mighty seed loves this horse is right across the range. And he gets captured by Indians  and the Indians are going to scalp them, they’re going to kill them, they’re gonna kill  them at sundown. They’ve got this dance going on. And the cowboy is like he’s trying to  find a way out. And so he doesn’t speak Indian but he’s trying to talk to them  communicate, they find somebody to speak white men, white men language. 

And so the Indian comes over and the white And the Cavaliers trying to get out of  this. And he goes, Hey, where I come from, you know, the we were given the last request,  you know, before before we sacrifice before were killed, and they Indians are like, well,  they look at their watches. And they say, you know, Sun’s not going to go down for a  while. So, so sure, cowboy. What’s your last request?  

And he said, Well, I’d like to talk to my horse. Indians look at each other. They’re  kind of confuse it like, I’d rather so go to talk to her. So cowboy walks over, pulls the  horses down, talks, whispers into the horses here, and horse runs off cross plains, like  leaves and the Indians look at each other confused. They’re like, all right, you know, like,  okay, you know, you’re crazy cowboy. Fine.  

Well, next thing you know, this horse comes back run across the plains, but it’s not  alone. It has a blonde girl in the back of this horse. And the Indians are looking so they they can’t believe what just happened. The cowboy tapes that they give the give the  cowboys and privacy to put them and give them is on TV and take some TP take this girl  on the TV and you know what happens. He has his way with her and the cow with the  Indians think this is hilarious.  

They’re listening to us either this crazy cowboy when he wants her last request is  some booty like man that’s smart horse until they come out and they are laughing they  think this is hilarious they still have a little bit more time before son down and they say  you know a cowboy we’re gonna give you one more like what what would you like if you  had one more last request that was hilarious What else would you like would you like  before before we kill you it’s on them and then was the catalyst as well I’d love to talk  Norris again. The Cowboys are like, oh my god. This crazy, cowboy. How they Okay, fine.  Go talk to your horse. So the cowboy pulls the horses here down. whispers in the horses  here. it. I said posse not and that’s all right.  


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Make today magnificent and I can’t wait to see it. Tomorrow we’re going to talk  about how you can have it all. 

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