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EPISODE 131 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane



I think it’s really important that we have fun. Life is about adventure and play. ​(And  other things, of course, but these are biggies.)

I hope today will inspire you to come up with a few activities you’d like to do for fun.
I suggest you make a “play” list, pick one, and go have fun. 


What do you do for play? What do you do for fun?

More importantly, “​What do you want to do for fun?”

“Play each day, like you did as a child.” – Trevor Crane

Play each day like you did as a child.


I hope today will inspire you to come up with a few activities you’d like to do for fun.

Make a list of things you’d like to do for fun. A “play” list.

Pick one, and go have fun.


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What do you do for fun? And I’m thinking about this a lot lately, and I think it’s  really important that we have fun and play in our lives. That’s what we’re going to talk  about today, not the subject.
Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. 


Okay, so this is a subject that has been a little weirded out in my head. Because the  question of what do I do for fun is kind of a weird one. Because I have programmed  myself to enjoy most everything that I do.
So all day long while I’m working. I feel like I’m having fun. Like, I love coaching  and consulting with people. I love creating new products and programs. I love  interviewing people on my podcast. I love making this podcast for you. I love writing  books. 
Like I love all this stuff. I love hanging out with my son. I love hanging out with  my wife. I love hanging out with my daughter. Even if I find myself needing to do  something that I don’t want to do or don’t enjoy. I will find a way to like, entertain myself  while I’m doing it. So from exercising and it’s gonna be really hard as an audio books.  

If I’m doing dishes, which is one of my least favorite things, you know, I just don’t  enjoy that. I still don’t really say that to myself. I’ll go do dishes and try to have fun at the  same time. I’ll turn on Netflix while I’m doing it. Or I’ll listen to an audiobook or podcast  like I mentioned.  

So the challenge here I heard a friend of mine, Garrett, Jay white man asked this  question about play and about fun. And to that he is enjoying himself like a little kid,  more so than he has in like, in his whole adult life. Since he started surfing, he went out  with friends, you know, and his son and they start surfing and surf almost every day.  

And he feels like he’s more of a little kid playing all the time. And it made me look  at my, my, the way I spend my time. And actually, since I’m trying to restructure, build what I believe is an ideal life and ideal business, which is like the common theme that I  have for myself, and for all my clients. I’m constantly looking at, like, how do I want to  spend my time. 

And so my question for you today is, what do you do for play? What do you do for  fun? And actually, more importantly, it’s like, what do you want to do for playing fun?  

Because I could make the excuse and say, Oh, I just love everything. Every day.  Every minute is just playing fun. But the truth is a little bit of bullshit. I don’t actually  play like my kids play. You know, My son is, I don’t know, six months. How much did  they play? Everything is like he’s just curious and, and stuff. But my daughter is a little  older at 11. And she loves to play and I will play with her.
But honestly, the play that I’ve had with my daughter and she was born is not the  exactly always the best kind of Trevor play. Like she wants to play Monster High, or with  little kitties. Or in in different video games that she likes. She likes Minecraft and  different and Wolf quest and things like that. And I will jump in and play with her. 
And that is absolutely one of my joys. But what is it that I do for me that is play or  fun. And I look at it. And I can and again like I’m trying to ask you the question of what  do you do, because I’ve been asking this myself. And I know I travel. And when I travel,  we go to water parks. And that’s fun.
And when we go to Disneyland or Islands of Adventure to go to Harry Potter  World, that’s fun. And when I’m hanging out my kids, that’s totally fun. When we went  swimming with pigs. That was fun. And when I went swimming with dolphins, that was  fun. But I looked at it. And I’m like, you know what, those are more adventures. 
Like when I was in the Bahamas. And my wife and daughter wanted to take a nap, I went snorkeling. Which is really cool. And I enjoy that. But it was more like an  adventure than it was play. 
So we’re in California in at summer camp. Right now. We do a family camp with  Robin’s been going since she was six weeks old. We’ve got our six month old at the same  summer camp, family camp and all the parents and hang out with other kids. And we all  do run around and play in the dirt. We played sports and stuff.
And I think for me, the thing that I miss is sports. I don’t really play in sports right now. I was like to play football, basketball, and baseball, and volleyball and tennis. And  you name it. I mean, I played a lot of different sports has never really the best at any of  them. 
But I realized that I miss it. And so for me, as I’m looking at how I want to spend  my time. And what do I think play and son is going to be I wrote down a couple things on  my list, I’ll share those with you for just inspiration.  

And you know, to kind of drop your your thoughts about what it is you want to  add to your life. So you can live your ideal life. And I would like to play more sports. And  so I wrote on my list tennis because there’s a tennis place right near our house. I could  play tennis, I wrote down soccer, because that’s something I’ve always enjoyed. And I  think I’ve rehab my knee to the stage where I can do it.
And I also wrote down indoor skydiving. So this is something I did a couple years  ago, or about a year ago with my wife well when she was pregnant, and we gave it to life  as a as a birthday present. But she was super pregnant.  

So she couldn’t go and and instead, my daughter and I went. And this was super  fun. It was super fun. And I totally felt like a little kid. And I don’t think I’m gonna kill  myself on an indoor skydiving as opposed to jumping out of a plane, which would be cool too. 
So here’s the thing. I’ve got a bigger list than that of the sports that I want to play. And sometimes I wrote down rock climbing because I want to start rock climbing. And I  want to start hang gliding again. Because I only just dabbled with that. So I’ve got a big list.  

And I suggest that you come up with a playlist as well. What’s your playlist? That’s  my challenge for you today? What’s your playlist? What’s your fun list? And then what’s  one or two of these things that you think you want to do next that you want to do now  that you want to add.
Another one that I wrote down that I’m going to add is more martial arts always  enjoy the martial arts. Yes, I’m carrying my baby on me again, since he’s starting to make  noise. I’ve always enjoyed martial arts. I haven’t I haven’t really participated in them in a long time.

So I’m going to start martial arts. I’m going to start soccer. I’m going to start tennis.  I’m going to start indoor skydiving. I’m going to pick one or two of those. And I’m still just  need to figure out logistically but since I want to work less and have more joy in life.
These are things that I want to add to my daily weekly and definitely monthly  plan. Wow, I’m experiencing him on a regular basis. And just I want to play as me an  adult and find more fun things to do.
So I hope you do too. And hope this will inspire you to kind of come up with a few  make your own playlist and then commit yourself to starting something. I don’t know if  it’s sports for you. I don’t really care. That’s not my bag. I just realized that’s what I miss  as being a little kid playing. And so I’m going to go play with my son right now. 

And I’ll see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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