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EPISODE 99 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


It’s day 2 of our trip to Bahamas and I’m recording again, late at night.  

And again, I’m walking with my son on the beach. And tonight I’d like to talk to you about ​GRATITUDE​.

When things are going ​great​, gratitude is ​easy​. But when you’re facing ​challenges​, being  grateful can be hard. Probably, it’s the last thing on your mind. 

But it’s the thing that can set you free.

Let me share with you a ​habit​ and a ​question​ that I developed years ago which shifted  things for me when I was at the lowest moments of my life. It’s the habit of asking this  one simple question every day: ​“What am I grateful for?” 


What are you grateful for?


“Givers like to give to good receivers.” – Trevor Crane

Givers like to give to good receivers


Try being grateful EVERYDAY for 30 days. Choose gratitude – no matter what happens. Ask the question: ​“What am I grateful for?” ​EVERY SINGLE DAY. 


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Hey guys, I’m on the beach. Again coming to you from the Bahamas walking with  my son again late at night, just me and my son and you guys. And I want to talk to you  today what’s nice about gratitude. 

So hope you love the show. 


Okay, here’s my question of the day for you. ​What are you grateful for?

Now when things are going great and like right now I tell you, I got my feet in the  sand on I’m just loving my life. Like it’s pretty easy to see a lot of things that I’m grateful for.
But there have been plenty of times in my life when things weren’t awesome. And  I would say that the habit and question that I developed years ago and the discipline of  asking it on a regular basis and after the question every day, what am I grateful for  shifted things from me. 

Because when I was having my handed to me and I didn’t have my daughter and  she’s taken away from me when her mother and I split up and she’s two years old left the  state took my daughter and I wasn’t sure when it if I was going to get custody or raise her  and I will close them out some other house and I’m a car taken away. And if I myself  homeless, like it was a tough nut to go ahead and think about what I’m grateful for.  

But I got into a pattern of doing that you guys are probably familiar with me ask  you a question when I shared with you my incantation, or a cute little poem that I had  written called what’s the gift that I have this discipline of asking question every day like  what’s what’s the gift what a gift when it comes down to it when I’m at what I’m also  saying and of course as well is what am I grateful for. 

Part of a daily discipline I do virtually every single morning, and oftentimes I’m  asking it all throughout the day, especially when the bad because when the good stuff  happens, it’s just so easy. There’s so much abundance and it’s all around me. But I still  am asking the question, now, here’s how I do it. I’ll give you a little insight. Maybe this  will help you have a little bit more gratitude and attitude of gratitude. But if you’re down in the shutter where or when things get done in the city, because it’ll happen. Maybe this  will serve you and I can’t start inside and I go out, start inside myself. What am I grateful for?  

Now, sometimes I can’t come up with an answer. Like nothing on, I’m upset and  crying. I feel miserable. I feel like a loser, you know. And so, but that’s an answer. This is  my foot. My fear of what I’m focused on. When I come down to it. I’ll just be like, Well, hold on physically. 

Am I still breathing? You know, I’m grateful for breath. I’m grateful that I can still  breathe, I will go myself and I’ll be like, I’m grateful that I can wiggle my toes grateful  that I can feel air on my face. I’m grateful for a glass of water glass of water like I start  inside and grateful that I have fingers grateful that I have totally grateful that I walk  down you might a little silly but I like it. It feels good.  

Like I’m grateful but I have a heart beating my chest about how many people who  don’t during the graveyard they’ve given up that debt that awesome piece and I am  grateful for it too when it comes down to. And I think what helps us live a great quality of  life is just a focus of being aware of our balance like there’s an assets and liabilities what  happens is when we’re upset and things are going. We are more focused on the liability side.  

Oh. We’re not aware that the thing is it that our assets. Typically I can’t think of a  time when our assets are less than our liabilities. It’s not the week maybe not the bank  account. But just in general, if you add up all of the assets that you have the millions of  miracles come your way, part one little phrases that have in mind the gift incantation,  which by the way will plant a little seed here. 

I’m in the process of recording my book, What’s The Gift and having to come out  and audio book that’s going to come out and I’m excited about it. I’m going to release if  you’re on the podcast will have a little mini series for that. So you guys have been  listening to it. But I highly suggest we joined my 30 day challenge that comes with that  book. But I’m really excited about it because it can help you create a discipline of just  being focused on the guests and gratitude every day. 
But I go back to my little formula I cycle in and I go out and I’m sharing this with  you. You probably hear the waves kind of crashing. Let’s talk about this it’s easy to feel gratitude right now about everything around me. But again I’m giving this to you as a  strategy of I use it now while I’m walking with you on the beach. And I use it when things  are really that are inside and and then I opened my eyes to after i to i just be grateful for  my heartbeat into breath or something really simple. 

And I really put my hand over to try to really be grateful not like a spoiled kid  who isn’t proud of half of the gifts that he receives but honestly like that really grateful  little kid that’s excited to have been given this amazing gift because I know that with that  will come more because people like to give your good receiver yeah. Givers like to give to  people who are good receivers. 

So when I look out of my eyes and I look around right now and look around my  partner’s eastern sky, just because it’s too many late nights on around me, but like, grateful for what I see I’m grateful for the buildings and right before the trees, I’m  grateful for the sky. I’m grateful, you know and I try not to myself like what is it truly in this moment that I’m grateful for?  

And like right now that I can be with you and have my cell on my chest in as many  outfits doesn’t carry them around, and the water that hits my toes and my ankles every  time a little wave comes up in the sand underneath my toes. I’m grateful for that.  

Now, what are you grateful for? And this is a diet the discipline that I suggest you  take on for 30 days, 30 day goals and challenges. Gonna be badass. You better get my app  so you can get that when it comes up. It’ll be my free gift to you because you can really  get any goal you want, if you stay for for 30 days and a little process that I want to help  you with, and you can develop this mindset strategy that you can go ahead and turn  situations around to your benefit. 

I think it starts with an attitude of gratitude and I will cycle about into the people  that I love and who I know love me because there’s plenty of people out there. There’s  got to be a dog or a cat or a next door neighbor or no high school friend or a teacher or  somebody that you haven’t burned the bridge with. Who do you love and who loves you  cycle to that next. 

You know, what i want to stay focused on my assets versus my liabilities then the  other that’s going on in my life of the real things that problems in my life just don’t seem  as big a deal. When I’m focused on the things that are most important to me what I care about what I’m grateful for even especially when all the bad happens.  

A challenge for you today is to try to be focused on your balance sheet but only  look at the positive side this one just add up on a regular basis daily if you’re willing to  take on the challenge but 30 days or more of just an attitude of gratitude and asking the  question: What are you grateful for? Or for you when you say what am I grateful for, you  do that for 30 days the question you already know and just do something today that  make today magnificent. Make it amazing.  

And you can take me up yesterday on my challenge to go walking after midnight. Hope you did didn’t do it yet make sure you make that happen and listen to that Patsy  Cline song. It’s still going through my head because we on the same beach recording next day’s episode. 

And that’s all I got for you. Make today magnificent. Oh oh, and make sure you go  review us on iTunes. If you haven’t done that yet and let somebody else know somebody  else that you know, love and care about, know about our podcasts and give them a  challenge listening to it every day. 

And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. I’m  going to share with you one of our adventures. We’re going to go swimming with pigs or  scuba diving or snorkeling or something else amazing. And I can’t wait to tell you all  about it and I’ll talk to you soon. 

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