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EPISODE 98 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


I’m recording this, after midnight, walking along on the beach at one of the coolest place  on the planet. ​THE BAHAMAS!!!

(And my 5-month-old son is attached to me, dangling from my chest like my little  mini-me, with his eyes wide-open.)

Apparently, it is NOT sleepy time.
Prior to arriving in the Bahamas, we had some challenges with our flight getting delayed  one after the other. 

I had two choices:

1. Get pissy about it, or
2. Enjoy the ride, (so to speak)
I don’t know that there’s really a “right” or “wrong” way to respond.  

I’m not telling you HOW TO deal with shit that comes up in your life.  But, perhaps, ​maybe ​ there’s a better way to deal with all the “bad-stuff” that happens to  you.  

As for me?  

I’m constantly looking at my circumstances, and try to figure out the best way to deal  with what life gives me.  

How about you? 


How do you deal the “bad things” that happen to you?

Do you get pissy or grumpy? Do you complain?

Or… do you “enjoy the ride?”


“Choose happiness.” – Trevor Crane

Choose happiness


1. Go for a walk after midnight.
2. Listen to the Patsy Cline song, “Walkin After Midnight.”


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I am recording this walking down the beach with my son attached me like a little  mini me. I’m going to dedicate today’s show to be fine because if you take it after  midnight and I can’t wait for you to join me for the rest of the show, we’re gonna get  duck.  


All right, I just gone into the Bahamas after some craziness. And I live in Tampa,  Florida. And that would be an easy flight to go from Tampa to the Bahamas, me about an  hour flight from Miami, our flight to the Bahamas. And it took us 24 hours or more to  give you and that’s a long journey. And along the way, my wife and daughter and I had  some challenges.  

We had to deal with some challenges, you know, planes breaking down lights  through the airport, we are flight delayed so long that when we got into Miami, we were  all running through the airport. Very random run with all of our bags, pushing a stroller  sprinting through the air flip flop to get to our gate, like one or two minutes after the  closing. Then had to spend the night there. yada, yada, yada.  

Now here’s what happened is that my daughter, we missed our flight. We sat  down against talk about what we’re going to do next. And I’d say my 11 year old  daughter started crying and she’s all upset. Now. She was tired and she was  disappointed. But it was interesting for me to like water because I was not thinking this  was that big of a deal. Yeah, it kind of stuff.  

But she looked at the situation and we’re just prior I really was upset that she was  tired. And she’s a leather but how often that when something happens. We get all off and  extract you think that the world was going in. I’m like, honey was born. She doesn’t want  to go home. And she was just upset that you she’s mad at that. She was at the airline  through you. American Airlines taking a video trying to make it a fun show us going  from home to the Bahamas will sit back to make that video and put it out for you guys.  

But she was like criticizing American Airlines. Does she still mad. And as a father,  I’m wondering how in mind mindset is like, and so I’m doing the best that I can write.  Like for me. I might. My wife nicknamed me whatever. Trevor just because she my wife  gets hungry and mad. And when she gets angry, I guess when she gets hungry. 

And so she’s having a little bit of a challenge with all circumstances were  supposed to meet our clients in the Bahamas for a three day mastermind retreat, like a  vacation retreat. And so we were like, we’re supposed to be there a day early. We end up  coming half day late. So at any rate, how do you deal with ups and downs like when  something happens? Is it a bad thing or a good thing.  

Now, one of the coolest things that ever happened to me and I told my daughter  The story is when I missed a flight, and instead of being all this frickin pissy about it, and  being a about it, and complaining about it. I just chose to enjoy the process. I told my  daughter It was absolutely not my fault, which is complete. But I said honey, I was trying  to change her state of mind and the meaning that she had created about this event.  

And so I told her the story. I said that one time I was like the deer for life. And it  wasn’t my fault. Because I went to the wrong report. She interrupted me laughing to say,  of course, Daddy, that is your fault, which was kind of like an incident like that. But when  I was on my way from the New Jersey airport, JFK, where am I actually was to leave, I  just decided to like, embrace it.  

Now, I was gonna be late for conference, I completely screwed up. There’s a lot of  reasons for me to be all upset and pissy about it. But instead, I just chose to stay in a good  mood and have fun and like, see what I can make up and on the way to the airport.  There’s some other inconveniences, I’m sure that kind of soft and then I got to the airport  catching another flight to try to get to this conference now late and will everybody was  this flight was an overbooked flight, and I had an awful I stand by.  

And there are a ton of people being jackasses to the attendance. And I just was  apparently one of the nicest, happiest people that they encountered. And so I just was  pleasant when we were going through the whole process. So much so that the flight  attendant said, You know what, you’ve been so cool, we want to upgrade you the first  class.  

So, and they said, unfortunately, we’re not gonna be able to get you on this flight. But you get on the next one. And it’s a better flight, you’re, you’re not going to have a  layover and you’ll actually get in town where you want to go within like an hour of when  you originally supposed to be there. 
So they put me on a better flight. I got first class. And then they said, well, there’s a  little bit of a wait here would you like to have free tickets to the new wing Delta, or  whatever the the new wing was to their premier club. And I’m like, Sure.  

So next thing I know, I’m like, I’m gonna go into their new new premier club at  JFK. And I sit down and have some free food because they’re just huge, beautiful spread  that they have these big like cheer, you know, comfy chairs now, like the normal  terminal experience. And while I’m sitting there, just about to chow down on some food  Branson comes and sits down next to me in the land.  

The next thing I know I’m having a conversation with Richard Branson all  because I missed my flight all because I was cool about this circumstances instead of a  and several other things up and they’re really cool. And you can take pictures of me into  this, this thing and I asked me if they could could use my pictures in their promotional  pieces. I had several people come up in contact with one cool thing after another happen. 

And so I bet my daughter $1 to like the debt I do. It gets really upset. But I just I  better I said, Oh, honey, I know that this is an inconvenience. It’s not what our plan was.  But I’m awesome. We’re going to come from enough that you adopt that are a lot more  numbers you wouldn’t again on the bed.  

And so what happened in the next 24 hours when we were at in Miami what we  did is we made the best of it we had fun edit anything is gonna meet Oprah Winfrey. You  know, you have another epic story to tell you where that another mover and shaker and  mobile and the world now I know we had an amazing time we stayed at the airport  hotel.  

The flight attendants are the people that were there to help us Oh, my baby  choking the people that were there good attended to us, gave us food matters and took  really good care of us. And it was actually a pleasant experience was a little bit  challenging or we exhausted and we wish I wish that we would have gotten here on one  flight. You bet your your user.  

And right now I’m walking down the beach in the middle of the night because my baby won’t sleep and I got a choice. I can go ahead and be pissy that my my baby’s not  tired because he’s on a weird sleep schedule with all these flights and whatnot. Or I can  embrace it. And I figured you know what? I’m the Bahamas. And I love my baby. I love  you guys. My goal is to go ahead and give you something relevant and law every single  day that can help you improve your life or business and every what better place to rip  that then walking on the beach with you. 

That’s all I got for you. Tonight is a I guess asked my daily question for you is like  how do you deal with the bad that happens to? How do you deal with things you do you?  Do? You get pissy or you grumpy? Do you complain? The ammonia cry. I mean, I’ve done  all those things. I don’t know that there’s a right or wrong way to do it. I’m not telling  you. But maybe there’s a better way to deal with it.  

I know that I’m constantly looking at my circumstances, trying to figure out the  best way to deal with what life gives me and just my challenge for you. I guess today is to  have a lot after midnight. And whether that’s on your own beach or your own backyard  or whatever.  

But I’m sure you have to midnight instead of sitting in the house and watch Netflix  and being up with your baby. Who doesn’t want to go to sleep and moaning or whatever,  go for a walk and oh and you know I’ll give you a second chance. Listen I go well and you  don’t let me go listen fancy fine. Alright so I gotta make it a magnificent and again been  the Bahamas yet check it out. Pretty cool place.  

I used to live there for a little bit when I was working scuba instructor not one of  my favorite places on earth. Actually otters. Beautiful. We’re staying in an all inclusive  resort where they might my kids that were with my daughter and her little friend, one of  our one of our clients, sons. He’s like, everything’s free. And she keeps correcting. You  know, it’s free paid. We paid for it. And now we didn’t have all the you know, whatever  you want to eat and drink and do water sports and stuff like that. So we’re having a good  time. We’re only about half day into it. And I’m letting my wife and daughter sleep. Well,  I talked to you. 

One more thing, before we finish up this evening. or whenever you’re listening to  this, please give us some love on iTunes. We could really use a review and if you liked  this show, please share it with someone else that you know love and care about that so we can help them take your life and business to the next level.  
Make today magnificent and I can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow. 

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