I am continually impressed by people who WALK their talk.

A couple days ago I had the chance to CONNECT with Dave Asprey.

He PLAYED with little 2-month-old, Maverick, for about 10 minutes.

He was every bit the guy I met when I listened to his audiobook, HEAD STRONG.

I enjoy the book so much, I then went out and bought a PHYSICAL copy of the book and over $300 worth of coffee, brain octane and supplements.

Dave has a vision and a mission that is BIGGER THAN HIS BOOK, or his coffee or his business or his brand…

The book was just a tool for him to CONNECT with me.

But they’re so much more BEYOND the book.

He gave me a PRODUCT buy.

Not once but over and OVER again.

He created a PODCAST for me to listen to.

He FLIES all over the country and all over the world to connect with people and share his message.

What I have found is that the more successful the person is, the more humble and KIND they are.

I also met a BILLIIONAIRE (worth over $8 billion) who has a vision to change the quality of life of every person on the planet ????.

Seriously, any OLD beliefs I used to have about rich or successful people being assholes is just NOT TRUE.

The more successful the person is that I meet, the freaking NICER and cooler they are.

It gives me something to ASPIRE to.

To have a BIGGER vision and a bigger mission.

To work HARDER than ever to help as many people as I can.

I LOVE the times we live in.

We are truly BLESSED.

To get a copy of Dave’s book, Head Strong, just click here.

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