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EPISODE 129 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today’s episode is about UNANSWERED PRAYERS. 

There is always a reason be thankful. I like to be grateful for both the things I have, and  the things don’t have. And honestly… THANK GOD for UNANSWERED PRAYERS.

(I didn’t come up with that one. That was Garth Brooks. I love that song. ​If you don’t know  what I’m talkin about, look it up)

There is always a benefit to the “shit” that befalls us. Often times we DON’T Get what we  want. We get what we need. All we need to do is FIND THE GIFT ​- no matter what.


What hopes or dreams or prayers have you made, that never came true?

A lost love? A lost business or job?

And now, in retrospect, you’re thankful your prayers went unanswered? 

“Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.” – Garth Brooks

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.


Celebrate​ the things you have. ​Celebrate​ the things you don’t have. ​Celebrate​ the  things that never happened. ​Celebrate​ the stuff that sucks. ​(Are you picking up on a pattern yet?)


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I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a whole bunch of bad stuff happened to me  over the years. And yesterday when I was in Phoenix Arizona, we had to do a layover,  because we had airplane challenges and flight cancellations and things like that.
So we spent the night in Arizona. I grew up in Arizona, and it reminded me of a lot  of the challenges I had growing up.
And today’s show is about unanswered prayers, because I can’t tell you how many  times I wish things would have been different. I wish someone would have jumped on  me and beat my ass. I wish I wouldn’t have failed in this way or that way. I wish I didn’t  grow up with this challenge or that challenge. But I love Garth Brooks song if you’ve  never heard it before. It’s called “​Unanswered Prayers”.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about today is the benefit of all of the  challenges that we go through. 


Okay, so when I was growing up, Holy moly, there are a million things I wish  never would have happened to me. I mean, you know you if you’ve been following me  for a little while you know that I’ve got very few scruples when it comes out. Scruples  isn’t the right word. I have few hesitations to share something that’s gone down with me  that was uncomfortable in the past or something that a mistake I’ve made or stupid  things that I’ve done. 

And I remember when I brought after my bankruptcy and rent middle my  bankruptcy and losing my woman I was with and she took our daughter away my  daughter was two years old and she said yeah we’re gonna go there you you kind of suck  right now we’re gonna go and I mean I was really upset with her and not not happy with  that but I didn’t have a home. 

You know, there’s a lot of good reasons why she left me at the time but like my I remember my dad said to me when I was not getting along with my daughter’s mother  and that’s why I think and typically is because you’re not getting along things most things  end badly or they wouldn’t end so it ended and he said to me something like you do don’t  you regret having ever met that woman and getting together with her habit or whatever  he said a little more harshly than that.  

And you know what? Immediately I said absolutely not. Like I was I had my one  of the coolest, biggest accomplishments have ever had was just having my family of  having my daughter and yeah, it was a little inconvenient to file a bankruptcy and lose  her mom and and, and wish that we were together and we weren’t together in a variety  of challenges, but like, not for a second did I wish that those things hadn’t happened. 

My dad, you know, and I didn’t always get along. When I was growing up, there  were times when he was threatened to kill me. I don’t think he literally would have killed  me but I certainly thought so at the time. There was a time that he jumped on top of me  and start slapping me around because I’d said something or done something that I  shouldn’t have done. 
And I mean, I’m talking about pin me down to the ground and hitting me with  these big open hands telling me screaming at me with everybody.Below landing on my  face, and there were times there were a lot of challenges growing up.  

And, you know, as I’ve looked back on them, I mean, a lot of people hold a grudge. A lot of people might look at their mom or their dad or a friend or an axe or something  like that, and, and be mad at them and hold that grudge against them and say, I wish that  never happened to me.
You know my bankruptcy. I mean, I wouldn’t wish a bankruptcy on anyone. And I  wouldn’t wish hardship on anyone. I don’t want you to suffer. I don’t want you to go  through pains. But I have to tell you, I would not trade them for the world that granted I  was scared at these different times in my life. Typically, they coincide with a significant  amount of tears and a significant amount of self loathing and self doubt. 
And I’ve got 100 of them. I’ve got 1000 of them and I’m not the only ones you don’t  need to hear my stories. I know you’ve got yours but if you’re going through something  challenging now and you know I want you to think about this and if your are are not  going through some and challenging now.  

Well, then think about this because it’s common. The hard times are coming. And I  think that they are preparing us for something bigger and something better and  something greater. When I broke up with my daughter’s mother about it was the worst  thing ever. I was very upset. I was that I was I was upset and mad at the bankruptcy I’d  gone through and the person I thought that had wronged me and caused that whole  thing. I was mad and upset, mad and upset, and mad and upset. 

But thank God those things happened to me. I now I’m with my wife Robin.  Because of those things. I became a new man because of those things. If my dad hadn’t  treated me the way that he treated me. And I hadn’t gone through the challenges I had to  go through when I was a little kid and the combination of things that I had to do when I  was a young adult and adult and I pretend to be an adult now, you know, I wouldn’t  become the man I am today.  

And I think all too often we get ourselves attached to the outcome. Even  yesterday. I’m trying to fly to California and I’m all attached to the outcome. I want to get  to California. We’re gonna go spend this time with family. We’re gonna go to family  camp. We’ve done so much traveling this last this summer. It’s been insane.  

And I get attached to that result. And then as soon as I get mildly inconvenienced,  because the plane is late, my temptation is the epistle. Now I say that because I don’t  actually get that fussy anymore.
My daughter however does not have this all worked out yet so she will get pissy she will get upset she you know, I get feel that way for about half a second, maybe five  seconds. But then I just find a way to enjoy the moment because I don’t know where it’s  going to take me. 
You know, when we were had this layover in Phoenix where we actually had the  opportunity to do was to hang out with family for a day we weren’t it wasn’t even our  plan. But on that we have my wife has a cousin’s in Arizona and her cousin came to see  us at the hotel and then we got to go see what her her sons are doing and hang out with  them and have a phenomenal experience and thank God our plane got delayed so that  we got to have these other experiences in our life. 

So here’s my challenge for you and this is an ongoing challenge. It isn’t a challenge  to do today I mean you can do this today but for the rest of your life. Try to celebrate the things that you don’t have, the things you want that don’t happen. Try to celebrate the  stuff that sucks because that beautiful song that Garth Brooks sings “​Thank God. Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers”.

You should check it out. I don’t care if you don’t like country music. I grew up in  Arizona, you familiar with a little bit of country music and I think it’s okay, you can  handle some it’s a great song. The message is phenomenal.  

And in fact, what I’ll do is I’ll print the lyrics and I’ll put it in the blog post because  I think it’s so awesome and that’s all I got for you today is just spend the rest of your life  trying to find ways to celebrate the stuff that that most people will bitch about. 

Most people wanted that most people will cry about and I’m trying to lead my  daughter into finding the gift in the shit as fast as possible because it’s there. And all too  often, we’re too upset if we don’t get the result we want or four miles and convenience.

So that’s all I got for you today. Hope you make today magnificent and the rest of  your life the best your life. 

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