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EPISODE 52 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“People may say bad things about you, but you should never say bad things about  yourself.” — Guru Pitka, The Love Guru


What’s a movie you love that helps you turn your “frown” upside down?

My 11-year-old daughter and I like ​The Love Guru. I have many other favorites… but  today’s episode of Greatness Quest focused on the insights of ​Guru Pitka, aka The Love  Guru.


Go check out the movie The Love Guru. ​Seriously.


On today’s show, along with my daughter Phoenix, I share a strategy we learned from  the movie, The Love Guru. It’s called ​DRAMA​. ​(My daughter and I share with you a  practical way you can use this in your life.)

D​ – Distraction ​R​ – Regression ​A​ ​- Adjustment ​M​ – Maturity ​A​ – Action


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Phoenix:​ Hello, it’s Phoenix Crane with Trevor Crane today here on another great  episode of greatness quest. And today we’re going to be talking about ​how to turn your  frown upside down​. Is that good, Daddy? 

Trevor​: That was amazing. Phoenix. I know you guys are gonna love today’s show.


Trevor​: Alright, we are still on our holiday in Yosemite and excited to go see some  redwoods today. And I thought we might share with you a little story, a little lesson that  we learned from the movie, ​The Love Guru. Yes?

Phoenix:​ ​The Love Guru ​ is appropriate.

Trevor​: Well, that’s our challenge for you guys today is to go watch this very funny and  show, movie called ​The Love Guru. We’re going to share with you a strategy that we learned from Mike Myers and ​The Love Guru ​ called ​DRAMA​. And we use this to ​turn your frown upside down​. So Phoenix, do you want to tell them anything about​ DRAMA  as we get this party started.

Phoenix:​ Drama is spelled ​D​-​R​-​A​-​M​-​A​. You use your left hand and say ​DRAMA​!!

Trevor:​ In the movie, I think Mike Myers had the word ​DRAMA​ tattooed onto his fingers  on the outback down the back of his hand and on his knuckles.

Phoenix:​ No, finger knuckles.

Trevor:​ Okay, finger knuckles. I don’t know the difference between a knuckle and the  finger knuckle. But we, and what he did is he taught one of his students in the movie that walk them through the steps of ​DRAMA​. And so, just imagine that you are having a  frown meaning unhappy face, you’re not happy, for whatever reason. Phoenix, you want  to give them an example of being not happy, you’re grumpy.

Phoenix:​ Give them the movie example?

Trevor:​ Sure.

Phoenix:​ You are a hockey player. 

Trevor:​ Hockey player example, it’s just so random. What’s the time that you have used DRAMA​? Oh, I know, how about when you’re falling asleep at night? Okay.

Phoenix:​ That’s embarrassing.

Trevor:​ That’s embarrassing? Okay, I’m going to tell the story anyway, that’s even better. Okay, so sometimes when Phoenix goes, gets really, really tired and she goes to go to  sleep at night, she starts getting sad. And one of the things we use to ​turn her frown  upside down​ is ​DRAMA​. So the ​D​ stands for what Phoenix? Remember?

Phoenix:​ ​Distraction​!

Trevor​: ​Distraction​. So one of the first thing you can do if you’re having a bad day or  whatever it is that you are not happy about is to ​distract yourself from the subject​. So  Phoenix, what are some of the things that you distract yourself with?

Phoenix: ​Video game, reading, making my dad look bad.

Trevor:​ Okay, so torturing your father, that works, watching videos. So, something to get  your mind off of the subject. I think that’s a great strategy and music is another one that we’ve used. So the first part is ​distraction​. Funny cat videos have been one that have  helped Phoenix when she’s feeling sad. And she’ll start laughing hysterically at the funny cat videos. If you don’t watch those yet, I’m sure you do, billions of people are watching  funny cat videos.

So then the ​R​ in ​DRAMA​ stands for, in the movie, ​Regression​. Which I don’t really  understand in the context of sharing with you the strategy of drama. But here’s what I  see it as in the movie. It was this funny, this funny comedic break where they had to  uncover the triggers that caused the challenge in the first place. So you might think of  this when you go to regression and I’m giving this to you as a serious lesson today is that  you can try to​ uncover what are the things that caused you to be so upset in the first  place,​ which I think is what they did in the movie, although they did it with a whole  bunch of humor. Like I said, the challenge for you today is to go check it out.

But then after you go through ​distraction​ and then ​regression​. The next one for ​A​ is  adjustment​, which I believe they did again funny things in the movie, but for you it’s to  be, to offer you a ​reframe​ of the, whatever it is that you were thinking about and a  reframe is just a different perspective of the same event. That’s D-R-A, M stands for maturity drama adjustment. A is it’s distraction regression adjustment and I said that  that’s ​reframing their perspective​, like to give it a ​new meaning about whatever the  event was. Does that makes sense?

Phoenix:​ You already said that.

Trevor:​ I already said that? So you were listening? Okay, that’s great. Okay. The ​M​ stands  for ​maturity​. I think in this context, you can think of this as being your ​new truth​. Okay.  The ​new reality​ and the​ new truth​, where you’ve kind of like you’re not still being a  whiny little baby about whatever the problem was because you have a new perspective  around it and now you have a new truth for it.

And then the last ​A ​in ​DRAMA​ is ​action.​ And so, what you need to do for action is…

Phoenix:​ Say ​action​!

Trevor: And after you’ve said it like that, then you need to take some ​action​ where you  actually have to do something. So that’s it. Mike Myers drama or that was the Love Guru  is that you. you know what I think these are really good steps that you can use. We use  the something very similar with my daughter, like I said, with distraction and then  coming up with a new meaning for the event and then try to get her to mature and  realize the new truth. I, then we get her to take some kind of action. And where she’s  now happy puppy. Anything else you’d like to add to today’s amazing episode of  greatness quest?

Phoenix:​ You don’t fall asleep while listening to this.

Trevor:​ [Laughing] I’m gonna kill you. All right, that’s all we got for you today. Hold on, hold on. I know there’s a quote from  The Love Guru I want to share with you, “​People may say bad things about you, but  you should never say bad things about yourself ​ ”. And that is from the Love Guru.

Those are my final words for you today. Make today magnificent. I can’t wait to see  you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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