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EPISODE 18 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“The missing ingredient to transforming PAIN into POWER is purpose.” – Trevor Crane

The missing ingredient to transforming pain into power is purpose.


What else could this mean?


So my challenge for you is to try to do this:

Experience your emotions fully when you’re going through PAIN. Don’t hide. Don’t pretend you’re not pissed or upset. Instead – JUMP IN. Embrace your fear.

Then, start asking new questions like, “What else could this mean?”


A buddy of mine confided in me that he was depressed and suicidal when he was going  through the hiring process to work with the Tony Robbins organization.

He reminded me about how much PAIN many people are going through right now, or  what they have gone through in the past. And we explore a cool strategy to help you  transform PAIN into POWER.


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All right guys, today I’m excited to talk to you about a conversation I was having  with a buddy of mine who used to work for Tony Robbins and it was crazy because we  actually talked about some of the challenges he was having right before he got the job.

Today’s episode is about turning your pain into power. ​I think you’re going to like  this show.

All right. Welcome back. As I mentioned, I’ve got a good friend of mine that used  to work for Tony Robbins and we jumped on the phone to talk. Today I’m doing some  interviewing some people for my new book about goal setting and this is kind of a  bad-ass friend of mine. He’s really cool. He used to, um, he was one of Tony Robbins top  sales guys and we’re having a conversation because he’s gone through different  challenges.  

He had some drug challenges when he was younger that he was able to overcome.  He actually works in the drug and rehab industry now helping people get over and  transforming their lives isn’t amazing dude with where he’s been and what he’s gone  through. But I always had seen him as being a very happy, positive guy, any I was talking  to him about my friend who had committed suicide and this, if you listened to any of my  episodes, I talk about this, um, a couple of them recently and this is kind of a sensitive  subject for me and it’s reminded me of how important it is that I help people tell their  story and to help people share their message with the world. And it’s really helped me  get some more clarity about how urgent it is that people share their stories. Um, uh, met  another young man just recently who was 25 and he told me about his struggle with  suicide and how he almost took his own life.

And then what he’s turned it into since then, but I was talking to my buddy is go  back to that real quick. And he was telling me that I didn’t know this, but he had gone  through a divorce at one time. The music business that he was in, the career that he was  in had collapsed. And he lost that. And he found himself. Oh. And he had a business  partner that he really liked, this guy that they were planning big things and when that  guy passed away, just, um, I don’t think he committed suicide. He was like an adventure  guy and he died like my body was saying how he just felt like there was no, like  everything that he had built, collapsed. And he had been interviewing with the Anthony  Robbins companies to be come a a field sales representative. And a Tony, um, has a team  of people that will speak around the country to different companies and whatnot.

That’s one of the ways that he fills his events. And my buddy was petitioning to get  that job. And in the course of doing that, like he had to present a very happy face, but he  was trying to get a job where it’s going to be inspiring and motivating and speaking to a  group of people about Tony Robbins stuff. And he was a product of a lot of Tony Robbins  programs or blew my freaking mind is that he was going through this shit at the time.  This was a whole new career change for him. He had lost everything and although he  had been gifted with some of the tools that I’ve gotten to study with Tony for now for  over a decade and it really helped me improve the quality of my life and my buddy was  just going through this for the first time. I don’t know why I didn’t share his name.

I don’t think I’ve got a problem with sharing it or he would have a problem with  me Sheraton, but I held it back so far so I’m just going to keep that going, but here’s what  I blew my mind. I forgot how much pain people are in. My friend works from the drug  and Rehab Industry. He talks to a lot of people that are going through a lot of pain, but he  also told me about like how everything he brought me up. He helped me become more  aware of how much pain there is in our communities, how they’re there. There’s this  whole conversation around me too, and it’s kind of like men versus women and whether  or not we should have guns in schools and it’s like kids versus adults. And there’s this,  there’s this, uh, there’s a gap in our culture lately that seems to be very exclusive and  very argumentative and very.
There’s, there’s a big vulnerability, uh, people being very victim focused. It’s just a  very strange time and I had lived in such happiness and abundance for so much time  and when I did some of my first Tony Robbins work and when I first started doing my  own personal development stuff myself so I could go through things to change my life. I  have forgotten that I was in pain. I forgot that I had set up the rules of the game in such a  way that I was not happy. I was out there and I had a business drones out there and I  was working hard and yeah, I was smiling and being happy to the world on the inside. I  was unsatisfied and I think a lot of people are going through pain right now. And the cool  thing about that is I think there is power beyond pain, so want to share with you a little  bit of like how I have done it when I’ve lost or different things, and my buddy ended up  getting the job with Tony Robbins.  

It took them six months to get the job at month four, when he was in the fourth  month of trying to get this job, he actually had a gun in his hand and was considering  taking his life and he didn’t for variety of reasons. And I think one of those is that he had  a strong purpose, see in the middle of his pain and when he was thinking that it was all  over. One of the things you need to exactly say this, but this is [inaudible] interviewing  him for my book. One of the things that he helped me realize is that there’s a missing  ingredient in turn in transferring pain into power. And I think that that missing  ingredient is purpose. So when he discovered a purpose that was bigger than him, when  he figured that there was a reason why this was going through, when he asked different types of questions, when he stopped being in the pain, when he focused on only being in  the pain, he was able to move through it and ask different questions.
And those questions gave him a stronger purpose. So again, I’ll say the missing  ingredient to transform pain into power, is purpose. Now that sounds cliché, it’s a lot of p  words. I kind of liked that. I don’t know if it’s [inaudible] or not, but I want to give you  what I have done when I’ve gone and going through some of my most painful moments.  And I want to take you back to before I had all my Tony Robbins tools at my disposal. So  at one stage I was in a business and I had a water sports business. I had a parasail boat  and for six, maybe seven years, I was running that business and it was everything from,  um, I had ups and downs in that business, but I made my first million dollars in that  business as well, and I was planning an expansion of that business.  

And while I was frustrated with it and there were some challenges with it and had  a business partner or at least a business associated at the time, I love interacting with. I  was planning big. I had big plans for my future water sports business and we opened up  in multiple locations in multiple states and I owned multiple boats and I had multiple.  There’s a lot of debt is what I had because if you take a boat, a boat is nothing but an  engine wrapped in fiberglass and we’re working in the ocean and dipped in saltwater. So  guess what? You have challenges and insurance and a very irresponsible group of people  that were helping me run my business, which were young men. God blessed young men.  They’re capable of anything but they’re also capable of anything. It could be the most  amazing employee. And then they can disappear in a weekend because they fall in love,  fell in love with some chick and like completely disappear.  

But at the time I was planning this future business expansion and I got a phone  call that shut my business down, one phone call and it was from the damn business  partner, associate in mind. It wasn’t a partner, but he owned the contract that kind of  control the bulk of my business and we were just going into our most lucrative season. In  fact, I had just lost a lot of money the six months prior just to due to bad weather and  different things that happen when you’re in a business of tourism and you’re not. It’s not  perfect weather and the perfect holiday doesn’t all mit mix perfectly. And I was just  about to recoup the big amount of money in my business and I got a phone call that shut me down and I had 28 days notice before I was out of business and I was so pissed and I  saw everything.  

I had a lot of money, invested, hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in all this  damn equipment. I just lost money for six months. I needed this spring in A. I needed  that. I needed our spring break. I needed the best time in Florida to go ahead and run my  business and make money. And instead this dude shut me down. So pissed. Cause then  one two minute phone call or one minute phone call, everything was gone. And what I  did is I sat down on the floor in my bedroom or remembered this and I pulled out my  journal and I’ve read this in a book at one stage, I think it was actually a book that I got  from Donald Trump. It was an old one of his first books and he talked about how if  you’re in a situation in a business situation and you want to make sure you planned for  the worst.  

So what I did, and I don’t know if I got that from him or where I got it, but I  decided to write down in my journal because he’s all pissed off. And instead of like  pretending I wasn’t pissed off, I just sat there, I cried, I got upset, I ranted and raved and I  railed. And then I pulled out my journal and I started writing it and I wrote like, what’s  the worst thing that could happen? And I just started like w, w maybe I would lose my  house, I would lose, I would lose my girlfriend, I lose my dog. Like I would, I would have  that the car’s repossessed. I just wrote down as bad as it was going to be. And I realized  and I wrote down the ugly shit, like as ugly as it could get and what it helped give me.  

I know this is crazy, but see, I think one of the paths to get through pain is to  experience it instead of pretending like it doesn’t bother you. I told you I experienced it. I  cried, I screamed, I told this guy to fuck off. I’ve pulled out my journal and I wrote how I  felt and I wrote down what’s the worst thing that can happen from this circumstance?  And when I looked at that and I read it and it’s an immediate worse than it probably  actually would be because I didn’t think I’d actually lose my house. I didn’t think my  girlfriend actually would leave me or I didn’t think my dog would actually die. Wrote out  that stuff. And when I looked at it and I was like, well, what’s going to happen if I lost all  that? And with that perspective, because I ranted and raved and went through it. 

I was a little bit exhausted by the time I went through it. What I found was a peace  and clarity. And I started to ask new questions because I was like, you know what, I’ll be  alive. Like I’ll still the fuck it. I can go ahead and deal with this. And, and because I  experienced it, this worked for me, and I’m not sure if it’s going to work for you, but what  I found is there is power in the pain if you go through it and embrace it. In fact, lately I’ve  been doing a lot with the warrior movement. There is power in the darkness, not just the  light. See, the light pulls us forward, our light is the vision that we have for what we want  and that we need that. That’s part of purpose, purpose as to things you know, it has those  things that you want and desire that pull you, but it also has the things that you need to  defend.  

It also has the fire and it has the fucking action step to like, I’m not going to let this  happen. There’s the warrior and that’s a dark spirit and it’s one that in our community,  like a lot of men and women don’t want to embrace. We’re all supposed to be happy,  happy, but fuck that. Like I think there is a time to use power and transform it, but what  we need to do in my opinion is to experience, is to go through it, like to feel the two rail,  to t to, to rant instead of trying to hold it in. And it’s like pretend it didn’t happen. And  then. So my challenge to you is to do this, is to experience it to take today. I got pissed off  at one of my staff was on my team that we’re communicating effectively. We got on the  phone, we’re talking about stuff and it wasn’t going well and so I just got pissed and I  apologize for it and I was apologizing while I was doing it, but instead of pretending that  I wasn’t upset, I just experienced it now maybe she thinks I’m a jackass.  

In fact she probably does, but I apologized for it and then I moved through it like  I’m actually not pissed anymore. I’m frustrated that it came up, but we came up with was  a solution. 
So my challenge for you is to try to do this. Experience your emotions fully when  you’re going through it and I can tell you 10 more stories about how I’ve done this in the  past and how this helps me get clarity and one of the things I’ll do after I rail after I  freaking go for it after I, I just get pissed when I’m pissed and then I had to wear out like  you don’t last more than a few minutes. I can get through it. Right. And then I ran and I’m like, ah, so now I started asking new questions and one of the core questions I’ll just  give you one today is what else could this mean see?  

Because when I thought it was the end and when I thought there was no way  back, and when you start thinking that you have no way out, like Holy Shit, when my  buddy was telling me when he had that gun in his hand and he was about to go, who’s  also back and forth trying to get this job with Tony Robbins, that whole audience, they  had no idea that someone that was so close to becoming this powerful fucking man and  leader and father and husband, he was not those things at the time. He lost his wife. And  today he’s married two kids now. But uh, he, he was so on the cusp of either becoming  this fucking dumb man like the shit or taken his life. I forgot that sometimes are pain can  seem so powerful that it can overtake us. So my challenge to you is to not let pain own  you but to own pain.  

To go into it and to try to rail against it and then experience it, write it all down,  right, as bad as it can get, and then go ahead and ask yourself this question, “What else  could this mean?” And hopefully what you’ll find is you’ll find more purpose beyond it.  Seek more purpose beyond this pain. See, I believe some of the hardest shit I went  through has been given to me as a gift and I’ve shared that story or those stories with you  as well, that I think there is a gift and see diamonds are created under pressure and the  pressure and the challenges that come up for us or giving given to us to help create a  diamond.  

So hopefully you value that and you’ll take on my challenge today and you’ll take  the, the, the, the, the have the courage to go ahead and transform your pain into power.  Maybe we’ll do that using strategies I gave you today with that.  

Good luck and have an awesome day and I can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow.