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EPISODE 136 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


In today’s episode, I share with you my top ten reasons why you should publish a book now.

1. 10X your income
2. You’re going to die
3. Your family
4. Your clients.
5. Your Legacy
6. It is your most powerful marketing tool
7. Instant expert
8. Authors > Doctors.
9. Clarify. Connect. Convert.
10.Confidence. Certainty. Conviction. 


What message have you been called to share share with the world?
How much longer are you going to wait? How many people are counting on you to share your message and change their lives? 

It’s time to write your book and have it published. 

“The world is waiting to hear your message.” – Trevor Crane

The world is waiting to hear your message.


Write down YOUR top 10 reasons why it’s important for you get your book done. 


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Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. I’m Trevor Crane. And every  single day I’m bringing you something to help you take your life and business to the next level.  

Today we’re going to talk about the top 10 reasons why you should publish a book  right now. This is near and dear to my heart because the 10 reasons I’m about to share  with you changed my life. They’ve changed my family’s life. They’ve changed the clients  my new growing families’ lives because of the things I’m about to share with you.  

This is a video podcast so if you are watching or only listening to this make sure  you go to ​trevorcrane.com​. To watch the video, go check out ​trevorcrane.tv​ to get right to  our YouTube channel. So you can check this out and see it live. 

Alright, I know you’re gonna love the show.

Okay, why should you write a book? Why should you write a book right now?
Today I’m going to cover the top 10 reasons why this is so important for you. And  again, this is a video episode. So if you’re not watching this, you probably should.
Because I’m up in the war room in my office. And I wrote up all the the list on my  whiteboard. And I’m going to go over one at a time like I’m Vanna White. So have fun  with this. But I really want to inspire you to write a book. And I’m going to give you the  reasons why. 

Number one, and if you’re looking at the board right now, you’ll see that I’ve  jotted all this down for you. ​Number one​ is when I first first published my first book,  which I struggled to do, by the way, for over 20 years, I ​10x my income​.

And I didn’t do that alone. I published my first book on my own. My first book is  called High Paying Clients. And my wife published her book at this at the same time,  almost virtually, we published within the same week Mind Over Money Management. 

What we did is we put our best content in to a book to go ahead and help turn a  book into our most powerful marketing tool. And if we look at our income, within 12 months, we added a zero to the back of it.
So if you like money, you might want to look at adding a zero to the back of your  income, what would that mean to you, to us, it meant everything. So do that real quickly  if you haven’t done so already. And I’m going to move on to number two.

The​ second reason​ why I think it’s so important that you write a book right now,  if you’re looking at my board, you see a very horrible drawing of a skull is ​you’re going  to die​. This is this is come very real to me recently, with some people in my life that have  passed away. very specifically, a friend of mine named Steven took his life earlier this year.
And he had actually talked to me about publishing a book, he started the process.  And then he got scared and things were going on. And he committed suicide. And he left  behind his family and his clients and all the people that he loved and cared about  without sharing them his message. 

But I’m not talking about people that are just suicidal. My grandfather was lying in  his bed at age 92, with one big regret. And he had several and I was trying to help him  refresh his memories of his favorite moments in in his life. When I first started like  chatting with him about this, but his one of his biggest regrets was not writing and  publishing a book. And your time is coming.  

Most recently, just last week, my wife let me know that one of her good friends  and clients just had her son passed away at 18, and not from a drunk driving accident,  everything crazy, but he was lying in bed and, and just died of natural causes. Like it was  just some kind of fluke, I don’t even know sounds insane to me. 
The truth is, is we only have a short limited time on this planet. And it’s important  that you know that because a lot of people think I’ll do it next year. For years, I had it on  my New Year’s resolution to write my book every year. And I kept dropping it off.

So I hope you take this seriously. Now let’s move on to ​number three,​ which is  maybe a little bit more happy. And the reason why I another one of the top 10 reasons  why I think you should be getting your book done now is because of your ​family​. You  know, this is a horrible drawing of a family with other wood stick figures.  

But the people that matter to you most deserve for you to put your best knowledge into a book because it captures your message so that it can live forever. One of the core  reasons why I really wanted to get my book done was for my wife and my daughter.  

So it’s something to pass on about what I think is the most important thing in the  world to me now. And I know that will change over time. So I’m gonna, I read multiple  books. And I think you should publish and run multiple books to move on to ​number  four​ of the top 10 reasons and I’ve got nothing but X’s is X’s and O’s on this with some  hearts.

What I mean is, I mean, you ​your clients deserve it​. I know that you are  awesome at something. I don’t know what you’re awesome. And I don’t know what  you’re best at. I don’t know what you are an expert at. But I know that your clients that  there are people out there who are counting on you. 
And they need you to put your message in every different form that it can be  consumed. And in the written word, helps you clarify your message in such a way that it  can touch people that you never would have had the opportunity to connect with. If you  didn’t write your book, I truly believe that had Steven read your book, my friend that  committed suicide recently, and maybe not your book, but maybe the the ripple effect of  somebody whose life You touched that that might have made the difference.  

And I truly believe that people’s lives are depending on you and your message.  Okay, move on to number five. ​Number five​ is I didn’t know what to write for number  five, as far as how to draw a picture of ​legacy. So I just wrote it down.

But I believe that legacy is more about living a legacy than it is about leaving one  everybody talks about leaving a legacy and you do some financial planning and you buy  a will or you buy you, you do your will or whatnot. But I think it’s important to live your  legacy that actions speak louder than words.
So if you want more, if you want to be more if you want to do more, if you want to  contribute more, if you want to give more. Why not put your message into a book in live  your legacy by people watching your feet move every single day. And part of that is not  you not waiting any longer to get your book done.

All right. Let’s move on to number six. ​Number six​, supposed to be a megaphone  to ​broadcast your message to the world​. Because the truth is your most powerful  marketing tool if you write the right book is your book. That’s what our book turned in to for me.  

And everything we stand for in epic author publishing is about how to help you  write the right book fast. So right now, if you’re not watching this on video, I want you to  imagine me holding up one of my books, and it’s titled How To Write The Right Book Fast  in Epic Author Publishing.  

Not only do I want to help you write the right book, because this is important if  you broadcast a message to the world. That’s what the megaphone represents. And it  turns into your most powerful marketing tool. Your book needs to make sense. If your  book is about marshmallows, or, or Mississippi and you wanted it to be there to help you  make money and make a difference in the world. It’s important that your book  represents that part of yourself brand. 
And the other thing that we do with Epic Author Publishing is, is very different.  We stand for helping you make big money, my holding up my second book right now, or  a second book of mine called Big Money With Your Book Without Selling Single Copy  while you write your book, while you promote your book. 
And actually, I’m using today’s video as part of a new program called Instant  Money Book Machine. And everything about that about that new program is about how  to write the right book fast and how to make big money with it before you’ve written  your book.
The truth is, is your book even just you telling the world that you have a book  coming out come become your most powerful marketing tool to help you make a  difference and sell your products and services. Okay, bonus ​number seven​.

Another thing a book does is ​it helps you establish instant expert status​. Like if  you want to go from invisible to instant, instant expert. There is nothing like having a  book by drawing alone in the sand and saying, This is what I stand for. This is what I  write about. 
And the perception of the world. It gives you instant authority, credibility. It  builds trust. And the right book helps you build desire. The when the right person reads  the right book from you, when you write the right book, not the wrong book.  

I have, I’ve hundreds of people, hundreds of authors that come to me and they put all the time and energy into getting their book done. And I’m so proud of them. They did  an amazing job. And they many of them have written fantastic books. But their books  that are confusing, their marketing message doesn’t land and people are confused.  

And it doesn’t turn into their most powerful marketing tool. It doesn’t make them  money, they don’t feel like they’re going to leave a legacy. And they come to me and they,  they complain, they say, this sucked. I think I need to write a different book. When you  do this, and you write the right book. It builds a burning desire in the right person to  want to work with you.  

We’re going to have this prop I’ve I brought my one of my wife’s books over here. I  didn’t even bring it up here. Oh, it’s this book on it’s this poster, how to make more  money and help more people. My wife, this is my wife, my wife’s fifth book, or fourth  number one best selling book when women this book is specifically written for women.
When women read that book, they either want to work with her, they call my wife  up. And they asked, they asked, How can I work with you? How cool would that be, to  have the instant authority of credibility, to build trust through right, the right book, it  builds trust with your audience.
So the end builds a burning desire so that they want to work with you. Okay, let’s  move on. Not only do you get instant expert status, but ​number eight​ on the top 10  reasons is that to to write your book and get your book done now is I believe ​we are in a  time when authors are more acknowledged and appreciated and seen as the expert  more than doctors.  

Now, this isn’t necessarily what I say, this is just what I think the public sees.  Think about it. If you watch TV, or the media and you’re watching someone interview  someone, and if they’ve written a book, typically, that’s what they will lead with.  

If unless the person founded like Nike or the or they’re the founder of like  Facebook, they lead with number one best selling author of blankety blank, yeah. That it  might be Dr. Oz and Dr. This and Dr. That. But the truth is, we are in a time when  authors have that instant expert status and they’re believed to be the authority you might  as well.  

If you haven’t gotten your book done yet, or the right book, try us out with Epic  author publishing, and our new program called Instant money book machine or instant book money machine. Hahaha. Again, mix it up.

Okay, let’s go on to ​number nine​. Number nine.This is a really powerful one. So I  have a question for you. One of the reasons why you might want to write a book as you  might want to sell a course you might want to have become a coach, you might want to  become a consultant, you might want to raise your fees, you might want to have different  offers, you might want to quit your job, you might want to make a difference in people’s lives.

One of the coolest things about writing the right book is ​it helps you clarify a  message that connects with your core audience, your core ideal client, and it does  most of the work for you, that converts them into becoming, wanting to work with  you, or wanting to buy your products and services, clarity, connection in  conversion​.

When you write the right book. And the process that we suggest you do with Epic  author publishing. You’re not just sitting in the dark writing your book with all your  greatest ideas, they go in there. And and no, we don’t do that we are in a new world.  We’re in a new world where we get to share out loud with the world and create the right  book, not by guessing because you think your message is so cute, cute and cool.
And you’ve been thinking about this for a long time. And you just need to close  your eyes and get it done. That’s baloney. That is guaranteed to be the long way the hard  way. And in my opinion, a way that’s going to write a book that you’re not going to be  proud of long term. 
I can’t tell you how many authors I have met, they don’t promote or share their  books anymore, which is really sad, because they put all the energy and effort into  getting them done. But they realized they missed the mark on turning it into a message.  A tool that clarifies their message connects with their core audience and converts people  to do something to take action, hopefully, for you to monetize in some way. 
Because when people pay you, they pay attention. I’m not talking about you  making a million dollars, you’re selling your book, I’m talking about you changing the  world by getting your message out there to people.

So let’s get on a number 10. Number 10. The ​number 10​ the top 10 reason why I  believe you should publish a book right now is that what happens is ​you build confidence, certainty and conviction​.

And let me be specific about this. I think this is these these are three different  things all wrapped up on the number 10 confidence confidence that your message is  dialed in number. I talked about this in number nine of clarity, connection and  conversion. 
See in the process of writing the right book, you build confidence because what  happens is when you make big money with your book while you’re writing it while  you’re getting it done fast. When you become get an instant book done that turns into  your money making machine you have confidence because people have invested in you.  

They have already paid you not some frickin willy nilly publisher who doesn’t  really care about you. All they want to do is sell books, I’m talking about you making a  difference with your message. See the confidence that you get when people pay you  before your book gets done. And I’m talking about five bucks or 10 bucks. I’m talking  about hundreds and thousands and 10s of thousands of dollars.  

Hopefully if you follow our path, you have the confidence because when you put a  book out there and you draw the line in the sand and well look at me I’m the expert. I’m  going to tell the world and turn this into my most powerful marketing tool. I’m going to  serve my family. I’m going to go ahead and make a difference in my clients lives. I am  living my legacy. This is it. 
Someone is going to call bullshit. Someone’s going to say they don’t like your  cover. You don’t think it’s a good cover. This is one of my clients Lisa jesting, who think  God took our epic author program went out and she wrote a book called girl Get Your Shit Together. 
Now she was very concerned about this book. She was very concerned about  putting the word shit in here. This was a book that she wrote for millennials. And she put  in things in this book that I never would have thought would have actually made a  difference in in her marketing.  

But because she was targeting young millennial women, young, successful  millennial women, the languages and hashtags and things that she used to build her  brand from scratch ended up making a difference. This and it didn’t only just become a  number one international best selling book. She’s now been featured as the keynote speaker at different female like events. 
So she’s gotten speaking gigs out of this. She’s gotten a number of coaching clients  and consulting clients. She took the path that we gave her with the instant book money  machine. Actually, it’s our strategy with Epic author book publishing. But I’ma put it all  down for you into the new instant book money machine. That’s going to be a cool new  product for you.  

She took the advice from module one from part one. And she went ahead and she  applied it she made $15,000 before she knew the title of her book. Now, tell me this,  would that give you some confidence, see what it gives you confidence when somebody  tells you I don’t think that message matters. I don’t think you should title your book like  that. I don’t like that.  

So because somebody is going to give you a one star review on your book,  somebody is going to say your book suck. Someone’s going to tell you that they think this  has already been done. And it feels yucky. It’s one of the main reasons why we don’t  finish our books is because we’re not confident with our message. 
And you can speak with certainty when you turn your book in your most  powerful marketing tool. Because you know, with conviction that people have already  paid you for your value mean, why would you go with a traditional publisher and give  away your rights to your own material, give away the rights to put the cover on your  book like Mark Cornell. 

Mark, for now is a financial advisor. And he sold his business twice. And he was  trying to be his book is called secrets to become a trusted financial advisor. He was going  to partner with Wells Fargo and some big banks to go ahead and get this book done.  

But he thought, oh, here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to lose my rights to  this book. What if I go with traditional traditional publisher, you don’t even own your  book, then they buy it from you sometimes for $1,000 or $2,000. 

Why don’t you get your own book done using our system with Epic author  publishing plug into what I’m doing plug into my podcast. Because if you’re watching my  podcast, live daily, you’re going to get this content right now from you. I’m just going to  rip it when I rip this new course.  

So all you gotta do is plug in. And I’m gonna be giving it to you giving you the keys  to the kingdom so that you can have confidence, certainty and conviction because here’s  what I know the most confident person in the room typically influences everyone else.  People are begging to be led their their aimlessly they’re looking for someone who  already knows the path has already been through the jungle. 

To remember Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. I love using this analogy because she  landed in Oz. And she decided she had someplace to go, she’s like, I want to go home, I  want to go to Kansas. And so she asked for help.  

And she asked a little people and there was a path now she could have tried to  figure it out on our own. And you probably would eventually made it to us, right. But  they she asked in the little people center down the path. Thank God for the little people.  

I feel like that’s what my job is, you know, I just kind of point people down the  path because the path has already been laid before you. I could tell you a story about  every single one of my clients, I didn’t have time to pick up all the books and tell all the  stories that I have for you. If people have already been down this path, who had the  same fears and the same uncertainty. 
And what happens is we go out to share a message with the world and make a  difference. Maybe you don’t get your book done, or your course done, or launch your  new coaching program, or mentorship or membership, or mastermind, or whatever it is  that you want to do. Which at epic other publishing, we help you do all of those at the  same time. 
And you go and you try to make your new offer or build your new website or your  new logo or your new business card. And you think about it and you plan it out and you  work on it. And you don’t share it with anybody.  

And what happens is you don’t have confidence. You don’t have certain Niantic  conviction because you’re not sure if you’re working on the right message. And if you are  real certain and you don’t talk to anybody into putting a message out there, they fall  short.  

So here’s my promise to you. If you plug in epic author publishing, we’re gonna  hook you up with how to write the right book and get it done fast, make big money while you do it, and get some cool new programs for you. This is just supposed to be an intro  video to the program on top 10 reasons why you should write your book now and hope  it’s done that for you.  

But what I asked you to do is write down your own 10 reasons right now. Write  down your own 10 reasons of why it’s so important that you get your book done. Now see  what’s more important than my reasons are yours. Like my reasons are mine. And your  reasons are yours. It means one thing when I say it in it means everything when you say  it.  

So take a moment. Pause this video, stop this video, stop this podcast. Go ahead  and take some action and take a moment some quiet time to think and write down in  your success journal why it is so important for you to get your message out now and why  you can’t wait because this year is almost over.  

And then it’s gonna be the next year and then it’s going to be the next decade. And  then how much longer are you going to be here and how many people are counting on  you to share your message and change their lives. I know that there are a lot and I know  you have more than one book in you and I can’t wait to help guide you.  

Okay, that’s all I got today. This is a long podcast because I didn’t want to go on as  long but I had some fun writing down my my artwork on the board. I hope you enjoyed  it too. And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

And if you’d like to share with me your top 10 reasons why you think this is so  important for you to get your book done. I would love to hear it. So please put it in the  comments. Please give us some love on iTunes on YouTube. Like it. No it like it. Thumbs  up it. Give a positive comment.
And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on a daily dose of greatness quest. 

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