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(The Birth Of An Idea)

EPISODE 3 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” – Willy Wonka


What dream do you have or big idea do you have that you would you love to come true? Dream big.


DREAM BIG: ​If there were no limitations… And if anything you wished for could come true… ​If you could wave a magic wand and have anything you want, what would it be? Write it down in your success journal.


My son was born today. After 5-years of trying, we finally had a miracle baby.

Today we talk about doing whatever it takes to get what you want.


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All right, all right, all right. Well, this is Trevor Crane. Welcome to another daily  dose of Greatness Quest. ​Today, my son was born.

The subject for today is about the ​birth of an idea, to see your dreams come true, to reap what you sow, to harvest what you plant, and we’re in the middle of seeing that​. ​So I’ll see you in a second. I know you’ll love today’s episode.


All right. No kidding: today, my son was just born.​ I’m in the hospital as we speak. It is … Let me see. He was morn this morning at 2:37 a.m. I’m wearing the little bracelet that the hotel gives you … hotel … the hospital gives you to wear around your wrist, and you’re not supposed to take that off until you leave the hospital. So I know exactly when my son was born.

It was quite an ordeal.

For the last five years, my wife and I have been trying to get pregnant. We have been trying to start our family. We thought that it was going to be easy. We spent our entire single lives trying not to get pregnant, and then we got married and after a couple years said, “Okay, it’s time now to start our family.” And it wasn’t as easy as we thought.

So my wife just turned 40, and believe it or not, they call it a geriatric birth, like they treat you like you’re an elderly person or something. But my wife and I … ​My wife is gorgeous and she looks healthy as hell.​ She looks like she’s more like she’s 30 years old than 40 years old. We had big plans. When my first daughter was born, and she was born when … Well, she’s 10 years old now, and she was born to a woman I was in love with but not my wife right now. So she was a love child.

My daughter, my first-born, was born in my backyard in my jacuzzi. We had a midwife team that was supposed to come out and help us. You see, we had this whole natural-birthing plan, and basically everything worked out the way we planned it.​ So 10 years ago, I had an experience where I delivered my daughter into the world – all by myself. She was born into my hands in my hot-tub in my backyard. She was born so fast that the midwife team didn’t have time to get there.

Now, last night, though, we had our baby in … or actually, I guess, early hours of this morning … another baby in the hospital. This was not our plan.

Here’s the thing. ​I thought that today’s subject about really seeing the birth of an idea that you have or harvesting the goal, like getting the reward that’s what you really want, I thought it was really relevant because this has been a significant journey for us to go out and make this happen. ​My wife for five years has tried to get pregnant, and we tried everything. Well, I don’t know if we tried everything, but we did acupuncture, acupressure, we did a lot of western medicine things, we did in vitro, we did all kinds of different things. I had the walk of shame where I had to jack off into a test tube, a little specimen cup, and then go walk that very measly portion of semen back to the nurses and hand it to them.

This is a miracle baby. This is a baby that we grew in a test tube, literally. And he had some potential other brothers and sisters that were going to make it, too, but they didn’t make it. For years we tried, and finally, this one little baby, this one little magic baby, took place. See, I think this is very relevant because when you set a goal, when you get clear that you want something, shit happens. Stuff stands in your way. Your plan, whatever your plan is, is not going to pass once you engage … It’s not going to stay the same plan once you engage the enemy.

I gotta figure out who wrote that quote, because it was an amazing quote, that whatever plan, great plan, you have, the how you think you’re going to achieve whatever it is you’re going to achieve, is probably going to be significantly different than you think it’s going to be. In fact, it’s quite likely going to be a hell of a lot more work than you think it’s going to be. But here’s what I believe, and this is something that has helped me stay sane when the going gets tough. But I truly believe that everything works out the way that it’s supposed to be, and I think that the world is conspiring to your benefit and the world is conspiring to my benefit.

See, had … We made a lot of decisions just to get pregnant. When we finally got pregnant, we had made all these decisions to have this really cool, natural childbirth, very much similar to the way I had one before, at my house. I have a brand-new home in Florida and we have a really nice jacuzzi in the backyard. I’m like, “Oh my God. This is going to be great. I’ve already done this. I know how to do this. Hey, I got the goal once. I know how to get it again.” My daughter was born into my hands with nobody else present. It was just me and my woman, and our daughter was born into my hands. Everything worked out perfectly. It was magical and amazing.

However, this time, my wife and I had significant challenges. We hired a midwives team, and that midwives team failed us. We had horrible communication. We ended up firing them halfway through the process or even further along than that. We had a significant amount of challenges and bullshit, and we hired … Because of my wife’s advanced age of 40, whopping age of 40, the doctors, the midwives, were concerned about a couple of the variables of this being a healthy birth. My wife and I did not want to deliver this baby in the hospital. I’m here to tell you that it is a freaking blessing that we were in the hospital for the last couple of days to deliver this baby. Had we not been here, I don’t know what would have happened.

Had we not made every choice that got us here … All of the things that we did for hypnobirthing because we wanted to do this naturally, those things served us today in the hospital. All the things that we did with the midwives team to prepare to have this baby naturally at home, all these things prepared my wife to have this phenomenal birthing experience. Last night, we ended up doing … Because we’d had this whole natural plan, we had to make the decision about whether or not we were going to go unnatural. My wife had to get on a pitocin drip. She was 11 days over her due date, and she had this drip of pitocin, this drug that they give women to go ahead and induce labor, because if you’re over 40 weeks, apparently, every day that goes by is a potential … your baby is in danger.

They were starting to think that she was actually 11 days over her delivery date by the time we just gave birth this morning. But here’s the thing. Our experience at the hospital, while it is not what we had planned, was the most amazing, magical, fantastic, happy experience I ever would have believed. But here’s the first tip I want to give you today about when you set a big goal and you want to go ahead and accomplish your dreams, you want to harvest what you plant, you want to reap what you sow. My advice to you is to be specific about what you want. That’s number one. What is amazing to me is after this baby was born today, what my wife and I had actually written down, a list of all the things that we wanted to have happen when we delivered this baby … We knew we wanted it to be a happy, healthy baby. That’s one of the things we knew. We wrote it down.

We wrote down that we wanted this to be an easy birth, an easy, simple, healthy birth. So we wrote that down. We wrote down that we wanted the midwives team that supported us to be proud and like, “Oh my God. I have never seen a more amazing birth,” and then they complimented us about how awesome we were as birthing parents, me being the coach and my wife being the deliverer. Well, here’s what’s crazy. Although we delivered in the hospital, which was not our plan … See, every how that we came up with did not work out. Basically every how. We bought all this stuff for the house. We hired a midwives team. We did all of these different things to go ahead and prepare for a natural childbirth.

Instead, we ended up having it in the hospital. We ended up using drugs to initiate it, and then my wife decided to get an epidural because of the advanced pain that she was having and we were anticipating her to have because of this induced labor. All these things we did not want, but the thing is, is that we were still committed to the result of it, one, which was a happy, healthy baby and an easy, fun birth, or something that was going to be pleasurable instead of misery. So instead of staying the course with our plan … because we had plans. We were going to deliver this baby at home, but it didn’t work out. We had plans to go ahead and have this baby delivered naturally, and they didn’t work out. We had a plan to make sure that we did it without drugs, and that didn’t work out.

But we were willing to adjust the plan, and, again, thank God we did. See, what happened is we went to Tampa General Hospital. We ended up with a suite with a beautiful view over the ocean, and we spent … My wife spent the next 36 hours in labor or going through the different things to induce labor and make it happen. We opted to do the drugs. We opted to have my wife go on the epidural. What ended up happening overall is that the midwife … They have a midwives team at Tampa General Hospital that supported us. The midwife that helped us actually deliver the baby, the nurse that was assigned to us in the hospital, these were the two most loving, caring women we had met.

Of all the people that we had worked with over the last year, nine months, to go ahead and deliver this baby, these two were the most amazing people we had met, and they were there at the hospital to support us. They helped us support an experience that my wife loved because of the epidural that she was given. Yes, she was able to feel the pressure, but my wife was able to smile and be present instead of suffering and in pain to deliver this child. Now, this child was born over nine pounds. It was, like, a 9.4 pound kid: nine pounds, four ounces, pretty much. And my wife had to push this sucker out on her own.

I’m telling you guys and gals this was one of the scariest things that I had to witness. So my baby was born before, this baby just popped out. I didn’t have to do much. I did my little part. I caught this baby. There’s this whole cool story about it. I’ll tell you another time because it’s kind of funny. But what I think is crazy here is the goals that we set, we actually achieved. The things that we wrote down that we said we wanted … We have this perfect, healthy, happy baby boy, whose name, by the way, is Maverick Caleb Crane. And we have … But the midwives team complimented my wife about her breathing techniques, and they’d never seen somebody do such a good job. They were so complimentary.

I had … When the gentleman came in to give the epidural, I was actually coaching my wife through some of the contraction pains that she was having. And the gentleman interrupted … He was like, “Oh my God.” He was like, “Who are you?” He asked us several times. All the nurses that came in to support us were complimenting us on how phenomenal we were with taking care of each other and the birth, and he was asking me time and time again, “What do you do for a living? How are you supporting her so well? I wish I was recording this.” All of the compliments that we wanted to have, we got.

This happy, healthy baby with my wife to deliver with a smile on her face, we got. We had everything we wanted, but not the way that we thought we would get it. Instead, the world was conspiring to our benefit and we got not what we wanted, but we got what we needed. Or I don’t know how you would put it, but you know what? We were specific about the result we wanted, and then we ended up getting it. So I hope that you trust that even though you’re going to have challenges in front of you, like … And hey, it took us five years to get to this point. Today is the culmination of the dream that we had five years ago to start growing our family.

With so many challenges along the way, I can’t even describe the costs of money, energy, resources, pain, suffering, tears. We lost a child along the way. My wife was pregnant with twins and we lost one of them. All of that culminated today, and what happened, the magic that happened, it wasn’t exactly the way that we had wanted it, but instead, it was perfect. So here I want to give you a little strategy, and I pulled this from one of my books. Actually, this is the strategy I use all the time. I got it from one of my high-level mentors that I work with, and then I modified it to make it really simple for you and I to apply something.

If you want to get a result you’ve never gotten before, I got it all worked out for you. There’s three little tips. Number one, be specific. Be specific about what you want. My wife had to remind me that some of the things that we had written down that we wanted actually came true today because I had forgotten them. Like, “What? I didn’t even think of that.” It was amazing. And I’ve done this before. I wrote down in my journal years ago before I even met my wife what my definition of my dream woman would be. I wrote down who she was, who she wasn’t, who I needed to be to attract her. When I was dating my wife, we almost broke up at one stage. I went back to that journal and I read it, and literally, my wife was everything on that list except for she didn’t have big boobs. And now, she [inaudible 00:13:58] really big boobs, so call me shallow. But whatever.

It was crazy. I got all those things. So be specific about what you want, and be careful what you wish for. Make sure you’re very specific. Now, step number two … and this is crazy. This is: do nothing. See, here’s the thing. In the past … and I believe this. I think you should take massive action. I want you to go out there and do it. But see, the challenge is that the patterns we’ve been running up until now, before we go get this new thing that we really want, are not necessarily the patterns that are going to get us what we need. Instead of going off and taking this massive action and going and doing something that might be in the wrong damn ass direction, first of all, I want you to do this do nothing step. Do nothing, meaning you want to stop, think, and breathe.

See, I’m also a scuba instructor. When I was in scuba instructor school, they told us the most important rule of scuba diving is to breathe because if you don’t and somebody holds their breath underwater and they swim from the bottom of the ocean all the way up to the top, their brain’s going to explode. You’ll die, literally. Not breathing, stopping breathing, means death. So they say always breathe. But then if you have an accident underwater, you start to get scared underwater or something happens and you get tangled up or you get lost or whatever, you start to panic. Their rule of thumb is to stop, think, and breathe. See, it wasn’t to go ahead and swim to the surface. It’s not to hold your breath and freak out. It’s not to go ahead and swim faster. It was to stop, think, and breathe.

See, when you get clear and you get specific about what it is you want, the next thing I want you to do is pause. Every day, I meditate. Every day, I have quiet time. Every day, I’m looking for new mentors. Every day, I stop and think about that path I’m going to take before I go take it. So you’re going to build a dream house. I use this reference all the time when I help people write books. I don’t recommend that book writers just start writing a book. They just start writing; pick up a pen and start writing. That’s not my strategy at all because if you’re thinking about a house and you’re going to … Are you just going to go start … “I’m going to go build my dream house.” Are you going to go out in your backyard and start nailing shit together with hammer and nails? It doesn’t make sense.

The first thing you need to do is you have to get a plan. You have to think about it. So I want you to stop, think, and breathe first. And then step number three … and “do nothing” has a lot more elements. Like I want you to delete things. I want you to delegate things. I’ve got this whole other strategy to it, but I want to be brief here. The third thing that you need is you need to have a map. That is your massive action plan. See, instead of you going out and, like in step number two, you could just go take this massive action on whatever the hell you think you need to go do, I advise that you go find a mentor who already has a proven map or a blueprint. See, what’s crazy is you can build your own blueprint. You can go in and learn auto-CAD and design your own house. You could do that. It might take you a couple of decades.

You could also hire an architect who could design your dream house. That would be a hell of a lot easier. You know what you could also do? You could find blueprints that are already created by architects that already have your dream house in there, and you just pick one and then you have the builder go build that with you. Having the blueprint first is so important. And then, yeah, you need to get down and take some massive action, and I find that the fastest way to get that done is to find the mentor who can help you and support you. Here’s my challenge for you today. Real quickly, I want you to go ahead and think of something that you want really badly.

My challenge for you is to write it down, and then I’m going to take you just a step further. Write it down in your success journal. Be specific, like I just said. I want you to think about it. I want you to actually take some action with this, but here’s the thing. With the writing it down part, see, the thing is that your message matters. Your words matter. They matter to you. They matter to the people that you love. They matter to the people that you want to love that aren’t even in your life yet, like children and wives and husbands and things that you want to plan, business partners and friends that you want to have and mentors that you want to experience in the future.

Your words, the things that you say, and this is why it’s so important for you to write it down, will help you create that or push those things and those people away. So your message matters not just to the world but to you, and yes, to the world, the people you care about, and all the people that you want to help. Here’s my challenge to you. The way that you take it to the next level is to become an author. Publish your book. Draw a line in the sand. I’m grateful enough to be celebrating the fact that I have 11 number-one best-selling books. Some of them are kids’ books that I wrote, co-authored with my daughter. They’re very cute. But my daughter has nine. She’s 10 years old. She has nine number-one best-selling books, and she’s working on her 10th.

Here’s the thing. I want to help you. This is what I do. I’ve been a business consultant for 15 years. I basically went into businesses or people that wanted to start a business, or they already had one, they said, “Trevor, can you help me make more money?” That’s basically what they said. They might have said a lot of different stuff, but they wanted to make a profit. What I found after years of doing this … I finally published my first books, and you probably heard me talk about this in the past, but the first year I published my book and I found the mentor to help me get this done … I didn’t do it on my own. It took me 20 years to publish my first book.

But that first year, my wife and I 10Xed our income. We added a zero to the back of our income because we got clear about how to write a great book, how to use it on our most … trained on our most powerful marketing tool and how to make a bunch of money with it, all at the same time of meeting our mission. All happened simultaneously in the course of a year. Now this is so good, and, see, I’ve always learned that if I do something myself and I think it’s amazing, I want to share it with others. I thought scuba diving was cool, so I became a scuba instructor. I thought traveling around the world was cool, so I created an adventure tours company. I thought writing a book was one of the coolest, fastest ways I’ve ever grown my income and my brand and my business and my ability to reach other people and help them, and I thought, “I need to start a publishing company so I can help others.”

If you don’t know this yet, you can go to ​epicauthor.com and you can check out my whole book program, and I can help you write a great book, turn it into your most powerful marketing tool, make a bunch of money with it, before your book ever gets written. That’s really not even what today is about. Today was about you setting a vision for something and getting a dream and hopefully spending a day, one day, in the future when you are seeing the birth of your ideas coming true. That’s where I am today.

I’m in a hospital bathroom recording this for you in Tampa General Hospital on the date of my son’s birth. This is his birthday, and ​I look forward to you having a birthday of some idea, something that you love, someone that you love coming true in the future.

Again, this is Trevor Crane with Greatness Quest. This has been a daily dose. I want to see you every single day on the daily dose.

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