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EPISODE 187 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Being TIRED AND SORE is a good thing.

I woke up this morning feeling PISSED OFF…

Pissed off that I was physically and mentally exhausted from the work that I’ve been up to. So… I asked myself a series of questions to help me SEE THE TRUTH and transform  the meaning of what’s really going on. ​Enjoy!


I’ve been working out a lot harder lately. And I had to remind myself that being tired and  sore a good thing. ​It means you’re ​GROWING​. It means you’re ​HEALING​.

If you had to pick ONE area of your life, that needs MASSIVE growth… what would it be?

Your LOVE LIFE? Finances? Business? Marketing? Branding? Sex?

Come on… at least tell YOURSELF THE TRUTH…

“Being tired and sore is a good thing.” – Trevor Crane

Being tired and sore is a good thing.


Instead of getting upset when you get tired and sore, recognize it’s a good thing.
Because being tired and sore is an indicator you are doing everything you’re supposed to  be doing.


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Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. The subject today is that being  tired and sore is a good thing. Sit back, relax and enjoy this show.


Okay, so woke up this morning and I was thinking, I am not happy because I woke  up and I did not want to get out of bed. I feel physically exhausted from the work that  I’ve done.  

The last this last week, I started a new training program at the gym. I’ve been  playing a lot of tennis, starting tennis from scratch, really, never really played before.  

And so waking up this morning, I started getting down on myself. I was like, man,  I shouldn’t feel like this. I feel I feel lethargic and grumpy about it. And I start off my  morning thinking sour thoughts.
So instead of doing that, I started doing my normal morning walk and talk. And  I’m asking myself a series of questions. 

Now, I think what might be valuable for us today is for me to share with you that series of questions because it helped me transform the meaning of what’s going on for me right now.
And then the meaning that I was associating all these negative thoughts to, and I  won’t be perfect about these questions, but I’ll just, I’ll just throw them at you.  

So you’ve got them as a tool and a resource and I will share them also my  revelation that I came up with, because it helped me transform this meaning of I’m tired  and sore from being me being grumpy about it to me being happy and excited about it,  thinking that this is a good thing. 

So it might be kind of obvious that that’s a good thing. Maybe not, I don’t know,  depending on your perspective. But I know it is for me now because of the power of  these questions.

So the first thing I started asking myself is just ​what are the facts of what is going on right now?​ Because I told you, I started feeling uncomfortable. As I was sad  and or mad or frustrated, I was lethargic. and I wanted to just bounce out of bed and be  ready to go tackle the day. But I wasn’t. That’s not the way I felt.  

So I decided to just what are the facts that are going on right now. And so I just  listed them like, I’m simply I’ve been working out at the gym with a new trainer, and he  was pushing me at the gym. And I’ve done I was playing tennis and I was trying new  things.  

The instructor has me holding the racket differently than I’ve held it in the past.  And that feels uncomfortable. And then he’s guided me on hottest swing, a forehand  backhand serve. And I’m doing things that seem odd to my muscles. 

And so the other day I was trying to serve, trying to do what feels like backwards  to what actually is normal. And while I was trying to serve a swing in my arm,  apparently too hard. And I kind of tweaked my bicep.  

So those are the facts like I may might have injured my arm, my arm while trying  to do a new exercise, right, the serving. And I’ve been doing two new regular exercises.  That’s the tennis, tennis and the gym. So those are the facts. 

And as soon as I said that to myself, I realized that my feelings around this of  being negative that I’m lethargic, don’t really make sense. 

So then the second thing I follow up with like, even just just writing down, not  writing down, but just talking it out. And I do both actually did this morning, I did both I  wrote it out. And I was I talked it out.

And then I wrote down like, ​how does this make me feel?​ Like what are my  feelings around this? And so then I described my story, actually, what’s my story about  this and my story because these feet, these, the facts brought up some feelings for me.  

And then those feelings were I was grumpy with myself that I’m feeling sore, and  lethargic and and kind of getting down on myself, right? And so then I asked like, what’s  the story that I’m telling. And so then I described my story. 
And it was basically that I shouldn’t be tired and sore that something’s wrong with  me. And then I came up with a much longer like litany kind of getting down on myself. And so then then the next question is, did is that serving me? Like, is that ​is that helping  me get what I want? 

And the answer was no. Like, that story is not helping me get what I want. doesn’t  make me feel good about myself, things like that. So then ask the next question, which is  what what is a story that what what what about ​what do I want?​ I think that’s the next  question. 
And so then I asked myself, What do I want? I’m like, Well, I want to feel proud of  myself, I want to feel happy. I want to feel energy, I want to feel vibrant, you know, that’s  basically what I wrote down something like that. 

And then I asked the next question, like, what’s the right story and feelings that I  that I want to have? And so here’s what happened. I, I just talked about the facts, the feelings and whether or not that’s going to serve me if that’s going to help me get what I  want. 

And then asking the question, what specifically do I want, and then like to craft a new story that’s going to help me make that happen. And after just telling the truth about  the facts of what’s really going on, instead of exaggerating it, and just getting carried  away with my feelings around it. 

I realized that it just makes total sense. Like, you start going to the gym for the  first time, or at least you’re going to start doing new exercises, in this case for me, and  pushing myself harder and to failure with a new trainer. Like my muscles are supposed  to get sore. Like that just completely makes sense. That’s how the body heals. 
So it actually is an indication that I did a really good thing. I mean, I’m not so  sorry, can’t move. I didn’t over workout. I’ve done that before. And then the, if I’m doing  something new, in an Ico sport, like tennis,it makes total sense that my like, I’m tweaking  my body that just hasn’t doing it, right.  

Like, if I was totally awesome, feeling perfectly comfortable, I probably wouldn’t  be pushing myself enough. So then that makes me realize that being tired and sore while  I was getting upset that the fact that I was tired and sore was bad, that actually is an  indicator that I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing. 

And that it’s natural for me to be tired and sore. Now, the next thing I start to ask  myself is, where else can I apply this? 

And so I’m thinking of my for my four areas, or categories of life that I look at  every day, my body, my being my balance and business. And I realized that it’s  completely relevant. The same lesson is relevant across the board.  

So about my body, it’s pretty obvious on this working out thing, right? So I’m  pushing myself and make sense. Sometimes I will be completely healed and full of  energy, and vibrant and sometimes I’m going to be healing Oh, that’s another one I came  up with, is that it’s necessary and required that I give myself my body the time to heal. 
So I hadn’t even thought about that. Really, I was trying to push myself Push, push,  push, instead of just feeling you know what, I need to take time to sleep, I need to take  time to eat and ice and stretch. 
And so then as that is obviously relevant in body it, look at it in my relationship  with my wife, with my friends and family, how does that show up in my balance? That’s  that area? And then how am I going to push myself when it comes to my connection with  my being and spirituality and purpose and whatnot.  

And I think it’s great that I need to push, I need to find ways that I can go ahead  and stretch myself in ways I haven’t done before, so that I can grow and is it going to feel  comfortable all the time? Absolutely not.  

Sometimes it’s going to feel like it’s backwards like I’m holding a racket wrong,  which totally feels like that right now. 

And when I swing the server, I didn’t even know you move your arm, you twist it  one way instead of the other as a completely didn’t even understand it. And it makes me  It’s frustrating learning something new.  
And like a little kid, I’ve been like her, I don’t want to do it like that. I want to do it  the way that I want to do it in a way that feels natural, like I’m fighting it. But it’s very  specifically this is showing up for me in business.  

So as I’m looking at my new goal, I don’t know if you know this yet, depending on  which podcast you’ve listened to. But I have a goal of, of enrolling 1000 people into our epic author Academy program. And this is to help create 1000 new authors.  

And I want to do this in 90 days now. And my mind is sore. Just even thinking  about that. That’s a, that’s a big challenge for me, I and, and a big goal to set and I’ve got  to change a lot of the ways that I function and do business so that I can do enough  marketing to get enough people enrolled in the program. 
And absolutely, I started to feel sore and tired in other ways, just coming up with  this. But I realized today with my little awaken up to my muscles are sore that this lesson  applies across the board, especially in my business. 
And so it’s natural. The follow up on that is it’s natural for me to, to require  healing and to take care of myself. And so I just realized that this morning, I thought it  was a powerful one. Because not because I’m unlike so silly that I can’t realize that, you  know, my muscles are going to get sore when I start working out. 
It was the the transformation for me from feeling upset about it, to feeling good  about it from being upset about it. And like grumpy that my right arm hurts and Amai have injured it, which might be the case but that I know that I’m pushing myself in new  ways and new exercises and trying to improve my life. That’s a good thing. 
And if I’m going to push myself in business, I’m gonna have the same type of  feelings. And it’s just as important for me to stretch and ice and get extra sleep and extra  nutrition and everything for my arm. It’s going to be the same for me in any area of my  life, especially business because this is the new big goal for myself.

And I invite you if you haven’t already done so to go to ​epicauthor.com​ and watch  my most recent training and webinar on this and join me so I can help you write a book  before the end of the year. This is my new mission. Because I believe that my mission is  more to help you tell your story. Then you just listen to mine. 

My books are great, you should totally get my book or books and you should read  them. And I hope that my podcast and everything else changes your life. But what’s more  important than my story or story is yours.  

And I know that it’s important for you to touch people. And so that’s, that’s my goal is to help you tell that story is to help you become a powerful storyteller that can transform people’s lives with the power of your story in your books, and your  presentations and communication with others.
Okay, so that’s it being tired and sore is a good thing. And that was a little series of  questions. Like I said, I wasn’t going to make them that’s not exactly the the questions in  order or that’s pretty close. But I just I’m walking and talking right now.
So I didn’t have them all written down for you. But that’ll kind of help you I  believe, as far as crafting a sequence of questions that can help you transform the  meaning of events because I started off a little grumpy and now I’m more inspired.
Alright, so that’s all I got for you today. Make today magnificent. I’ll see you  tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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