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EPISODE 149 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


These TIME MANAGEMENT SECRETS will blow your mind. 

We’ll tackle TO-DO lists, DISTRACTIONS, ENERGY and STRESS, as well as SCIENCE, HAPPINESS, and how to STOP doing shit you shouldn’t be doing, as well as how to START  doing stuff you should be doing.  



How often do you FINISH your TO-DO list? Do you get STRESSED OUT about it? KNOW  THIS: When you DIE… you’ll leave a bunch shit UNDONE on your list.

And that’s okay. 


“There’s a big difference between KNOWING it and LIVING it.” – Trevor Crane

There’s a big difference between knowing it and living it.


1. Delete your TO-DO list.
2. Make a list of the things that you need to STOP doing.
3. Make another list of the things that you need to START doing.


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Welcome back. It’s your boy Trevor Crane for another daily dose of greatness  quest. And today we’re going to talk about time management secrets. 
Reading a few books on this right now, I’m pretty excited to share with you in  today’s show. 


Okay, so I’m reading a book about our most valuable resource, and unless limited  resource, and that’s the same someone that we all get, we all get the same 24 hours in the  day, or the 1400 and 40 minutes a day. 
What is what I’m reading right now with a new author, and go ahead and check it  out, give you the him credit here, what’s his name on one second, Kevin Kruze. So I’m  reading 15 secrets people know about time management, successful people know about  time management, Kevin Kruze.  

So I just discovered a few things today. You don’t have to go read that book. But I’ll  save you some time here. So I’m just looking at my own life and seeing what it is that I  need to improve. And one of the things that actually plagues me and it feels like it’s a  pole is my pull away from my core, pull away from my happiness and pull away from  what I ultimately want. 

It’s a distraction that gets in the way of me getting more shit done. And it is a  gigantic to do list. So I have notes I keep all the time, I’m always coming up with good  ideas. That’s like an Achilles heel. It means I’m writing shut down.  

I’ve got posters up all over my walls that I write shut down all the time, which I  still love. I love that capturing these ideas. And I then I use a lot of sticky tabs, I keep the  sticky tabs all over the place. And then I keep a trailer board for my project management  tools.  

And so that’s a digital that’s an app, you can get an online resource, you can get an  eye and I have thousands of ideas and things that have captured on that list. And what  pulls me from this number one from getting the most important things done are these  fucking to do list. And it’s a distracted energy and focus.  

And so what I’m learning from some of the books I’m reading, and I’m writing my  book about goal setting and goal getting that I want to come out before the end of the  year. So I’m doing some research about it.
And one of the things that I need to do in order to get a goal and get more goals  and get any goal is to set these big frickin goals and then go get them. And so as I’m  looking at the information that I’m getting, I needed side when I’m not going to go do  with it. So one of the things I’m going to do is that the, I recognize that this distraction of  to do lists creates energy and stress.  

And there’s science behind it as a huge to do list will go ahead and it cause you to  be less successful and less happy in a variety of things.
So I’m going to do is I’m going to go in and kill 80% of my to do list. And actually,  I’m not even going to call it a to do list anymore, it’s going to become ideas there a to do  list is typically more like just a wish list of things that you hope you might be able to do  one day, it’s not necessarily what gets done.
And what I just read. And I think it’s pretty valuable is that oftentimes when we  make our to do list on a given day, and we’re looking at the things that we got to do, will  tend to go ahead and do some of the easy stuff first, and not necessarily do the big  chunky things, the things that are most important that it’s got a little bit project forward.  

And I don’t like I don’t know this and sound like I’m not taught this and sound like  I haven’t seen it. But I mean, ​there’s a big difference between knowing it and living it.  And I can’t tell you that I’ve been living I haven’t certain areas of my life.  

But I don’t want to make excuses. The truth is, is that fall into that pattern all the  time. And so what I’m going to do is I’m going to make to list today a list of things I’m  going to stop doing.  

First of all, I’m going to go and kill my to do list. It’s off of there. And then I don’t I  don’t want it. All of those projects, all of those ideas are going to go into the idea folder.  I’m going to rename it because I don’t even want them to be two dues because not all of  them need to get done by any stretch of the imagination. And I just would rather delete  them and then move forward. So that’s number one.  

And then I’m making two more list. This is a list of things I’m gonna stop doing. And this is going up in front of my face along with the number 1440. So that I remember  that how I’m investing my time comes down to every single minute. And we’re only  given these minutes.  

With that in mind, I don’t want to keep you for 20, 30, 40 minutes today. That’s  bullshit. I want to give you a great way to invest your time. By the way, if you’re not  listening to me on a faster speed, you should totally find an app that helps you do that.  And listen to me at two times, three times the speed if you can, when you’re plugging into  my podcast, whether it’s on the video, or it’s on audio. 

And hopefully you can figure that out with any one of the apps that you can listen  to, whether it’s Stitcher, radio, or iTunes, or on YouTube, or wherever you can find it.  Even there, it’s really easy to find something that does that. That’s time management so  that you get to spend your minutes more wisely. 
So here’s my challenge for you today and give you the same homework and given  myself, I told you that​ I’m deleting my big portion of my to do lists​. I’m renaming it  just for ideas. That’s for me, I hadn’t tested that yet. So I’m not telling you the death what  you need to do.  

But for me, this is one of the problems that I see has been distracting me. And so I  need to get a whole bunch of stuff off of my last second thing is ​I’m writing a list of  things that need to stop doing. 

And I want to become extremely conscious of these working hundred 40 minutes.  And that’s going on the big piece of paper just with a few words in front of my desk, so I  can focus on it. So I remember how I’m spending my time. 

Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank apparently analyzes new project that he’s  going to take on based on how much time he’s gonna have to invest. And he breaks it  down into $1 per minute focus, $1 per minute focus. 
And then his outcome is, hopefully the project will will be him a million dollars a  week. That’s how he’s assessing whether or not he should put this time and energy into a  project dollar per minute number think it’s phenomenal. 
And then the third thing that I’m going to ask you to do that I’m doing and you  have challenging you to do is to ​come up with a list of things that you should start doing​.

So one of the things I’m going to start doing is I’m gonna block my time differently  on my count went to T. Harv Eker years ago. And it was the coolest thing when T. Harv  Eker is a speaker. And he started this company called peak potentials, by the way, and I  went to a lot of their programs. 
It’s not all of them. But a lot of them, you’re talking about time management  productivity back then. And what they did is they had this big, clear glass vase is huge.  And what they did also as on the table, they had these little buckets of different items on  the table. 

And they had water and sand and gravel. And these big rocks, like river rocks,  what they did is they, they did this test twice, where they went ahead, and they chose to  put all of these things, the rocks and the water and the sand and all that into the vase at a  different time.  

And what happened is, is if you put the you put things in, put the big rocks in first,  and then you mix in the gravel, and then you mix in the sand, and then you pour in the  water, you can get a phenomenal amount of content into the vase.  

Whereas if you did it the other way would spill all over the place. And what in this  example that used big rocks, big chunky things is the most important things that you  need to make sure you block off your calendar for first.  

Now I’ve done this in the past, but it’s something that I recognize I haven’t been  doing lately. So this is going on my list of things I need to start doing and then live by my  damn calendar. So I’m not giving you a perfect examples of how to be perfect in your  time management.  

This is not an area that I have excelled. That it’s something that I were I it doesn’t  matter I’m good at with it. I’m certainly not great. But I’m giving you my learnings and  the lesson and what I’m going to go do and I challenge you to join me if you want to do  something else you know if there’s something that you think you should do this more  important in when it comes to time management go for can do it or go get your own book  and do your own research. 
But right now I’m going to report to you on a pretty regular basis not every day but on my findings of things that I think they’re going to be phenomenal for you to save  your time that’ll help you become more productive and become happier and that air. 

That really is going to wrap up our show today for time management secrets of  having a frickin awesome day in better week and you make the rest of your life the best  of your life. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. 

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