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EPISODE 71 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.” – Parkinson’s Law

Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.


If you had all the time in the world, what would you do? 


Pick at least one of these hacks and start using it TODAY.


Today I talk about 5 simple TIME MANAGEMENT HACKS that you can apply right away – ​to  give you ​MORE​ time… ​And make you ​MORE​ effective.

So you can have ​MORE​. Do ​MORE​. Be ​MORE​. Give ​MORE​. Get the idea?



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Dude, today I’ve got some ​time management hacks​ I know you’re gonna love.  These are most precious resources our time and I’ve been using these hacks for a little  while here. And I feel like I’m getting more of it each day although I never have enough  but you’re gonna love these little hacks. I’ve got three of them plus a bonus so let’s call it  for.  

Enjoy the show. 


Okay so not a lot of stories today other than the fact that, you know, we all need  our time. I have come to believe that it is our most precious resource. It’s not money. I  guess health, I guess is another one that’s right up there. If you don’t have that you’re  kind of thought but we only have this one thing and that’s our time and everybody uses it  differently. We have real successful people that seem to do really well with their time.  And there are other people that seem to struggle. And I don’t know about you but like I’m  always looking for more time. So I’m gonna give them to you real quick. There’s four  little tips, like I said, they’re little hacks that you might get some more value out of. 

So number one, if you haven’t been doing this now, if you know these already  then, hey, you’re smarter than me or you already got it. That’s cool. So ​number one​ is  speed up the audio or video that you’re listening to​. If you’re not listening to my  podcast on double time or triple time or whatever it is, then if you didn’t know that  wasn’t available option you should be. I’m trying to sound a little bit more like Mickey  Mouse. 

But I started doing this on my audiobooks and it’s been awesome. I listen to  audible all the time, I’ve got a bunch of audiobooks and I’ll listen at 2, 3x speed and I  absolutely love it. It was years ago, a buddy of mine told me that I should be doing it on  YouTube videos and you can. And I love this hack because you can just get the content so  much faster. And I’m sure you skim content. You know, whether it is when you’re  reading something or listening to it or watching it, you probably, you touch it at different  points. 
If you’re not using this hack, you absolutely are gonna love me for this. One is gonna save you a bunch of time.Just go into the settings on whatever tool you’re using to  go ahead and listen to things or watch things and the guy have some kind of speed  version and you can listen to it in faster time.

Next thing, hack ​number two​ is ​NET time​. This is something Tony Robbins taught  me and he talks about a lot. ​NET stands for no extra time​. So what is it that you can,  you know, that you can do where you can do two things at once. So, for example, I  listened to audiobooks and podcasts when I’m exercising. Hold on a second. I listen to  audiobooks and podcasts when I’m exercising. I listened to them when I’m doing the  dishes. I listened to them when I’m cooking. I listen to them when I am running around  and I’m outside doing yard work.  

So it’s called no extra time. You can also call this toilet time, you know, if you’re  sitting on the toilet kit. What can you do there that is productive, you know? Can you pull  out your phone and do a little bit of social media? But something I teach my clients to do  and it’s called a dream 25. I’m live streaming. And it’s about following and engaging with  25 people that you really like. That you wish could become core clients. I should actually  do a podcast episode on this. Maybe I will. I haven’t done so yet. I will. I’ll teach a little bit  about dream 25 on another podcast. But ​no extra time is when you can just go ahead  and do multiple things at once​.

Now, I’m not much of a multitasker. So, you know, I find that if I just focus on one  thing, I tend to get it done. If I have two or three at the same time, I can’t. So I like to  listen to audiobooks. I like to do some social media like I have my toilet time but I’m  using wisely. So I don’t know what it is for you. But that’s another hack where you can  get more done that maybe it’s on your ear your right to work. I’m sure you do this to a  certain extent.

But working through the hack ​number three​ and this is really important is ​just  do less​. You know, the only way to get more time to do the things that you love is to stop  doing some other things. And I know this is pretty obvious. But we’ve only got 24 hours  in a day. I’ve done the thing where I’ve just tried to get less sleep. And that does work. I  can do that. I can’t get by on 3, 4, 5, 6 hours of sleep. Not a problem for a little period of  time. 

But I found lately I’m trying to stick to the six to eight hours of sleep so that I can become more productive with my hours. So I’m not telling you to sleep less. Although it’s  a pretty good strategy, get up early in the morning, all things like that. Like the earlier, I  get up in the morning, the more I get down. I guess I can throw that in as another hack.  

When I was getting up at three, four or five o’clock in the morning and have been  doing that consistently lately, so I’m not going to preach that one to you. But I will say  that hack of getting up 3, 4, 5 o’clock in the morning, 4 o’clock in the morning to start my  day has been one of the most powerful ones for productivity. No distractions. And I can  just get it on but what I was going to talk to you about a number three.

And now we’ll call this ​number four ​today. You’re going to get 5X of time  management because I just gave you one. ​Get up earlier​. That’s a really good one. Can’t  believe didn’t make the original list but I talk to you about. So this is number four, do less  and and here’s what, how you can get that done. And I’m going through this process right  now.  

Number one is prioritize. So prioritize what’s most important and you got to make  a big list to capture all the that you got to have done that you’re working on or whatever  it is and then you’ve just prioritize what’s most important to least important and maybe  chunk those into different groups. I guess that’s the next step is chunk those because not  everything is going to be the same thing. You might have to fix the roof and you might  have to do some marketing, you know, you have to spend some time with your kids and  spend time with your wife. These things are going to go into different categories, you  have to do some design work, you have to do some sales if you just different things. 

So put them into different categories and chunks. And then what I challenge you  to do is delete and delegate. It’s not important to do everything. There’s an 80-20 rule and  what I am doing right now is I’m finding what are the things that I can have other people  do and one of the things that I can just stop doing deletion and delegation. But I don’t just want to start deleting delegating until I have clarity around my priorities first. So I think that’s really important strategy for you as far as a hack.

And then my ​number five​, the last hack if you today is about a ​deadline​. I have a  client of mine who hired someone on my team to help her read a book. And we didn’t  create clear deadlines, and I’m sure we did at the time, but they slipped through the  cracks and I started revisiting this. I called up our head writer that’s working on this project with one of my clients. And I said, What’s the status because I turned it over to  him. And I just assumed that it was moving forward. 

And then months went by and I’m like, “Dude, what happened?” And I went back  in to revisit it. And I talked to him and I talked to her. And I’m doing it just in the little  chat and I’ve got him on a group chat now, and I said, first priority is set the deadline and  so we’re going to work backwards from there. So they just picked a deadline in June or  July on excuse me, and a July I think is their deadline. And they weren’t specific about it  yet. So I’m like, that’s the first goal before he started doing anything else, and meeting  once a week and all this bullshit. Let’s get clear about the deadline first and why that’s  our deadline. And then let’s work backwards. So if you don’t have deadlines involved in  your to do’s and your task management, then you’re probably screwed. 

So hope you found that valuable. Last thing for you today is just a daily quote and  that is Parkinson’s Law. If you haven’t heard this before, it’s going to be valuable for you.  Here goes. “​Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” Which  is why I ended with setting a deadline because I do find that the work expands to fill the  time available. So if you’re not setting deadlines, then you are probably missing out on  some real effectiveness and efficiency in what you’re doing. 

Alright, that’s all I have for you today. I can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow  another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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