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EPISODE 169 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today, I’m going to share with you my little strategy of the ultimate 20-minute workout.  This will absolutely transform things for you if you can commit to this and do this.
How cool would that be? To get it in and done in 20 minutes?

And the result? it’s one that is going to give you more ​health​, more ​energy​ and more vitality​ which will carry over to​ every other part of your life to make it better. 


What’s the ultimate 20-minute exercise that you could do that would transform things for you? What is it for you?

“The enemy of progress is perfection.” – Trevor Crane

The enemy of progress is perfection.

“Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress.” – Trevor Crane

Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress.


ONE: Commit to working out. TWO: Choose an EXERCISE. THREE: Do it. Tomorrow? Pick something else. The same exercise or a new one. Doesn’t matter. After that? Pick another. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. 


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Welcome back. I am fired up this morning. I’m up early. And I’m about to get into  my exercise this morning. And I thought it might be cool to share with you the ultimate  20-minute workout.  

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been exercising every day without missing a  day for over 2000 days. Now. In fact, it’s getting close to 3000 days in a row. I’ve done it  every single day. And then you’re going to love this because I’ve got I actually have the  ultimate workout alarm on this whole theme.  

Yesterday was the ultimate book pitch. And today is the ultimate workout. I know  you’re gonna love the show. 


Alright, so what is the ultimate workout? And how did this whole this working out  every day actually make sense to your health and vitality and all that? 

Because a lot of people are thinking, dude, you need to rest sometimes. And you  just can’t work out every day. I can’t work out every day. And you don’t necessarily have  to do this every day.  

But I’m going to share with you my little strategy of the best, the ultimate,  absolutely, this will transform things for you. If you can commit to this and do this, it is  not hard. You can get it in and done in 20 minutes. And I guarantee that I’m going to  share with you an exercise routine that you can complete and and that you can do  consistently.  

And that is one that is going to give you more health, more energy, more vitality  and leak over into every other part of your life to make it better, the big promise. But I’ve  cracked the code on this. And I figured it out. 

So what is the ultimate workout? So first of all, the ultimate 20-minute workout.  My question is to you, what do you think it is for you? You might think it’s kettlebell  swings. It’s a really great exercise. You might think that it’s jogging or running or yoga  and see everybody’s in a different place.  

Like there are some people who, let’s say you’re a marathon runner, like, how can  I have one ultimate workout for you? If you’re a marathon runner, as well as a mom with  a whole bunch of kids? Or if you are a bodybuilder? How could there be one exercise?  

And the answer the hold on I want you to think about it first, before I give you the  answer. I want you to make sure that you consider the question. So take a moment right  now pause this if you need to, and think about what’s the ultimate 20-minute exercise  that you could do that would that would transform things for you. What do you think it  would be 20 minutes? What is it for you? 

And make sure you come up with the least a couple of answers come up with two  or three ideas right now, what could it be the match if you were to do this consistently?  What could it be come up with maybe a fourth idea and I’ll give you some examples real  quick of mine like I’ve done kettlebell swings. 
Oh my gosh, I learned that from Tim Ferriss and the Four Hour Body and I can use  a little bit of weight or a lot of weight but I learned that this is one full body workout that  you can get that also involves your cardiovascular system and all you do a swing this  little bell between your legs it’s like the simplest little exercise and you can do it with not  even a kettlebell. 

In one of his videos, he shows how you can make this a kettlebell just like with  Home Depot parts, like a little screw and stuff like that. It’s actually really cool. And I  started doing this, I’m like, gosh, will kick your butt.  

And then I like to run. So I’ve done some running and actually I like to listen to  audiobooks more than I like to run. So I take it as a time to like, get my head clear. So I’ll  go I’ll go run. Another thing that I have done for workout and it was a complete blank  kicker was yoga. And I did this with the p90x program.  

And I was pretty excited to learn. I wasn’t excited. I thought yoga was really gay. Like, I was like this. I don’t, I don’t think I’d be doing yoga. And was I wrong. Like yoga is  a butt kicker. 
So what is it for you? What did you come up with and see the ultimate 20 minute  workout is actually anything you choose. Truth is for the last 2800 and some odd days, whatever it is, today, I’ve exercised every single day in a row. And the way that I’ve been  able to do that is that I mix it up.

My big secret for you is that the ultimate 20 minute workout is that ​you commit  to doing something. ​And on the days that I was traveling, and I wasn’t able to put on gym shorts, and I might have been on an airplane for 20 plus hours, like how do you  work out on those days?
I would do push ups on the airplane, I would do AB crunches sitting in the seat. I  would get in the middle of the airplane, like in the aisle and I would do these little dips  with my triceps. See, my commitment to getting my exercise in was just a focus on it for 20 minutes a day.  

And on the days that I was sick, because like I got was in Mexico. One time with  my family and I got I got Montezuma’s revenge. Oh my gosh, I was vomiting. It was really  uncomfortable. I was sweating and I was like in the house in the condo we were staying  at just miserable but I had to get my workout in what was I going to do was I going to  start doing kettlebell swings that would have killed me.
So what I did was I stretched and just I was breathing and it is took the time to just  get it get get my stretching. And so I think this is a really this is the ultimate 20 minute  workout is that you commit to just getting it done anything good frickin Lord. Anything.
That’s it. You commit to doing something. What can you do? Could you stretch  every day? Could you do yoga every day? Now? Maybe not. You’d probably get bored.  Think about your favorite meal one what you what you like to eat. Maybe you like  cereal? Oh my god cereal. So great. will eat at every meal. eat steak at every meal. 

And tell me how long you can sustain that before you’re going out of your freakin  mind? So there is no one to make exercise we’re changing. You might be I don’t know  your situation. How could there be one exercise, there is one commitment is it you’re  gonna do something to shake your booty. 
And, and whatever that is, you need some type of resistance training, something  that where you lift something heavy, a whole bunch or lift something that has a little bit  it has to it a whole bunch of times.  

So pick a small amount of weight and lift it up a whole bunch of times. Let’s put it  pick it up, put it down, pick it up, put it down, pick it up, put it down. Do it 10, 20, 30, 40  times. That’s like what the kettlebell swing is. It’s a little bit of weight lifted up a whole  bunch of times.  

That’s one. And then you should probably work out with with more weight like  I’m bigger resistance training where you use more weight than that, let’s say that, you  know, you and you you pick up a big amount of weight and and you pick it up and you  put it down you maybe you can only do that a few times.
That’s mixing it up. That’s some type of resistance training. I challenged my father  in law to do this. And he saw a massive improvement in this health and in his body and  short period of time.  

Now, I’m guessing he didn’t stick with it. Because most of us quit. Most of us. Most  of us start something and it starts to get results. And it’s awesome are like oh my God,  this feels so good. I am so proud of myself. I committed to three days a week. And now I  am doing it. I am doing the ultimate 20 minutes workout three days a week.  

And I started to feel good. And then we sell because when we when we when we  sell over when we when we tend to celebrate. And when we lose we tend to ponder and  celebration rarely you can you do that consistently here. You don’t go out drinking we  want and then you do the next night. The next night. We want you to the next night. 
I’m getting a little exhausted even I can’t drink more champagne. So what and so  then we’re like ass grew it. You know, I’m going to just rest and we stop. So the ultimate  20 minute workout is that you consistently do something was that tricky? And there’s a  lot of cool things you can do.  

So my challenge to you why we started with the question was to have you  consider what could you do consistently. And, and once you’re done with that one, pick  something new. And when you’re done that one pick something new.
And I don’t care what the thing is that you do now you can jump on the treadmill,  you can do Stairmaster stuff, you can do a lot of things I’ve counted moving as exercise, right. I had to move we just moved last year from New Jersey to Florida, which was years before that I moved from Florida, New Jersey but like I had to pick up all these boxes and  set them down and pick up more boxes in southern town.
I was exhausted by the end of the day and I was like you know what that’s my  workout today was picking up boxes and set them down. It was frickin exhausting. I  work I had like 20,000 steps one day I’m like, that doesn’t count. Of course that counts. 
I was a Disneyland what Karen my daughter around when she was like four or  five years old. And by the end of the day, I my arms were so tired and exhausted, I could  barely hold her any longer my leg, everything was torn my entire being that counts.  

So I have really simple rules around exercise, that you do something. And even if  you’re vomiting into a bucket, you can take a moment to stretch and do something so  that you’re focused on your health and well being and how that’s going to have a ripple  effect for you. Oh, my God and mg I my body is now much more weaponized and much  more in shape.  

Because of this consistency. Sometimes I’m working hard sometimes a workout  light. The key is, is that I do something and the ripple effect that this has had to have  consistency for me. And just my well being of like, I can see years ago before I began this  daily routine of working out.  

My thing was I was can I would say this phrase, I would say I’m consistently  inconsistent. And I would brag to people and myself about how I could do anything for a  short period of time. And then I quit. And I don’t want to do it anymore.  

Because I didn’t want to be tied down to two like saying I was going to do  something every single day. I didn’t want anybody telling me what to do. Not even  myself, I had been challenged with a book, I was reading the time about the word  discipline.  

And I didn’t even want it in my life, I pretty much taken it out. Because to me, it  seemed like this cage of something that would hold me back when it was actually the  keys to my freedom. And so I just chose something that I thought would be good for me,  good for my family, and then good for others.
And that was just exercise because I thought if I’m not if I’m not taking care of myself, and that’s not doing myself any service if I’m not taking care of myself, and I’m  not going to be around to help my family. And if I’m not taking care of myself, I can’t be  here to contribute and connect with anybody else.
Like this is really important than this is not about me anymore. I don’t exercise  every day just to take care of me. This isn’t about me looking prettier in the mirror.  That’s cool too. I’m looking forward to that for that to show up. But, uh, it is more about  the people that I care about and I want to connect with.  

And that helps me with the discipline of even if I forget to work out at the  beginning part of the day, I’m about to go to sleep at night. And I recognize I didn’t work  out that day to sit up and do push ups or pull ups or or just sit down and stretch for 20  minutes before I go to sleep. And I made it about a bigger reason than me.  

So maybe the other part of this the third part of the ultimate 20 minute workout is  you come up with the reason why you’re going to follow through with whatever your workout commitment is. ​That reason why, if it’s strong enough, can move you  forward.  

So you can have the discipline to work out three days a week to five days a week.  Because it now is not about you and about these these things that are kind of imagery on  that you don’t necessarily care about as much. But it becomes something that is a bigger  reason why to follow through. And when you have a strong enough reason the how  becomes pretty easy, much easier.  

And it all starts with day one will share with you. The other cool thing about this  consistency thing. The reason that I share with you things that are like a daily discipline  is I’ve seen the value of the consistency showing up in my life and serving.  

If you go to my website and you look at trevorcrane.com and you go to my daily  podcast right now, you’ll see over 160 episodes of my show. Some of them are better than  others. Some of them are fantastic. And some of them you might think probably suck.  But what you’ll see is consistency.  

I land in bed with my wife last night, and we were talking at every evening, we do  something we call questions. And we ask each other questions about what we’re grateful  for, for the day, what we what makes or grateful for what we accomplished, and what makes us feel loved. And what makes what do we love about the other person.  

And we do this every single day. I’ve done this almost with the same consistency  that I have the exercise that might have been a couple of days, we missed it because of  travel. And we just forgot maybe that’s in almost 3000 days. Also, I probably have only  been less than a handful of days. We’ve missed it probably two or three days to two tops.  And this is a great time for us to connect. 

I’ve got a whole nother podcast I’ve done on this. But that helps me make sure that  I remember each day that I got it in and got it done. And actually the reason why I  brought this up, that’s kind of my checks and balances to make sure that I did my stuff  that I committed to during the day.  

But the reason I bring it up is that I was bragging to my wife and I was showing  her how many podcasts I’d had. I got done. How many times have posted on social  media, how many how many Instagram posts I’ve done.  

And what I’m proud about is not necessarily the quality, but the quantity and the  consistency and the how that shows up for you and other areas of your life. As you get to  see your results I think is phenomenal.
I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up with one more little piece here. Because I  think all too often we forget to manage and measure and keep track of our progress and  then it gets massively sabotages our success. 

When I was in college, I remember I was I didn’t necessarily feel like I learned all  these grand things in college, my first year of college and they were my second year I felt  like we did nothing but repeat what I had done in high school. And I did it better in high  school. I felt like I learned more there. 
But I was learning to live on my own and be an adult and whatnot. What was  crazy is that the end of my freshman year I became a sophomore. And that felt good to  me. Even though I didn’t look back on any warm my classes and say, Oh my gosh, that  was so amazing. I learned so much so was keeping track.  

And then after my sophomore year, I became a junior and after my junior year  became a senior. And what happened is, I just felt this feeling of accomplishment because somebody was keeping track at a certain amount of credits and classes that I  had done. And now I would graduated to the natural and soon I would graduate.  

And what ended up happening is, I felt this overall sense of accomplishment  because I could see the culmination of all that work coming together. And all too often. I  don’t think we do this in our personal or professional lives mean in our bank account. You can count if you’re paying attention to your money, which you should be. 

But where else are you keeping track or more importantly, not keeping track? And  should you be so that I like my daily podcast because I get to see it. I count how many  days I worked out in the road so I can see it. And it’s the culmination of that is what I’m  probably not anyone days workout I did.  

I walked one day from my workout. That’s all I did. And I walked for about an  hour and I was going to do more stretching and stuff that day to make it a better  workout. But when it came down to it, I was just busy at a lot of things to do.  

And I looked at my rules and I have a rule that a 20 minute workout is good  enough and didn’t push myself that I stretch myself and our duty that day. No, that  wasn’t that day it counts and I won and now it’s part of the 2000 plus days.
So that’s all I got for you today. The ultimate 20 minute workout is basically that  you do workout. And the ripple effect that this can have on the rest of your life to to meet  all those promises that I made at the beginning of this podcast, I’m not even going to  repeat them, is just going to be the most massively cool thing you could ever experience  in every part of your life.  

If you can just have the discipline to work out consistently is going to be so good  for you in the people that you care about. And the rest of your life. Oh my god so cool.  

All right, I’ll see you tomorrow another on daily dose of greatness quest. If you’re  getting some value from this please share it with others.  

And you know I remember a friend of mine said that you have karmic debt when  we put this much work in creating great content for you that the debt is that we we asked  you to share this with others that you know I have now given to you please you give to  someone else to help contribute to them.  

And if you have not yet given us a rating and a comment and like evaluated our  podcast or made a positive comment on any of the social media channels channels where  you might be listening to this then please do that’d be amazing as well.  

And I can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow. 

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