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EPISODE 74 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men​.” – Roald Dahl

A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men​.


Remember the story of the TORTOISE and the HARE?​ ​Slow and steady often ​WINS THE RACE.

Today, ask yourself ​this​ question:

Where in your life do you need to take some time and REST? Or SLOW down and be the  turtle instead of the hare?  

Figure out where it is you need to rest and recuperate, even go to rehab. Do you have an  injury that’s plaguing you? Is your credit messed up? How about a relationship that you  should really FOCUS ON, and improve?

Then take ​one action​ that will commit you to fixing it. 


Today, I talk about ​being a turtle and a hare.

The hare runs really fast while the turtle takes his time. But in the story, the turtle ended  up winning the race and I think there’s a time to be the turtle and there’s the time to be  the hare.  


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Today’s episode is about turtle crossing. I’m out here running and I encountered  this turtle. Can you see that? I know you’re gonna love the show. My daughter has a pet  turtle that just escaped. We’re going to talk about what to do and the difference between  being a turtle and the hare. Right? I know you’re gonna love the show.

So today’s a greatness quest episode. I’m doing on my run and you can see here,  this is an aquatic turtle right here in my community and my dog. That’s Moxie. And I’m  running along this path. That’s my house back there and run along this path. Let’s leave  the poor turtle alone. I’ll run along this sidewalk here and I’m pausing right in the middle  of my morning routine and exercise.  

By the way, I started on a new challenge for myself. I realized I’ve got more of a  cushion around my middle. Then I want. Should I show it to you? But I will anyway, so  here’s my cushion. I know for those of you who are more overweight than me, you’re  like, fuck you, but I’m not happy with the donuts. My wife calls it a donut that I’ve got to  run my middle. That actually has nothing to do with today show or maybe it does. 

I don’t know if it does. So what’s the difference between the tortoise and the hare?  Remember that story? The rabbit runs really fast and there are a sprinter, you know, the  turtle takes his time and who ends up winning the race and I think there’s a time to be  the turtle and there’s the time to be the hare.  

Today is day two of my choice to run every single day, so I’m not trying to sprint.  I’m just trying to survive years over the years ago, a year ago, I was a no more than a  year ago, year and a half ago, I was running about 20, 30 miles a week and that was great  because I was able to just do the cardio everyday and I felt proud of it and had done that  for years. Maybe that’s two, three times a week and be running, but then I got a knee  injury. 

And so I had to take some time off and I just had a surgery recently. Here’s a  young girl who’s going to pass me. Dammit. Didn’t pass even though I’m just walking, so I  had to heal. And I think an important part of exercise is understanding when you have  to rest. Now I’ve exercised every day in a row now for over 2000 days. So not everyday. Was I running? Not Everyday was I lifting weights? Not Everyday. Was I doing yoga. I’d  kill myself with that. So sometimes I stopped to stretch. Sometimes I stopped to be the  turtle to just chillax and relaxed. 

You know, when I was vomiting up along, because I was sick in Mexico and I  knew I couldn’t have gone running, I couldn’t have done pushups and pull ups and, and  whatever I was going to do for exercise that day. Some exercise that day was stretching  my exercise for the last several months or the last year or more has had to be without  cardio or without much cardio because of the damn knee. Now in December I had a  surgery and then I gave it a couple of months to rehab. I went to Rehab.  

So here’s my question for you. I went to Rehab. I went for a surgery. I had a  problem. I let it go on and on and on and get worse and worse and worse this damn  money. I ended up hurting it in February 2017. And for over a almost a year I let it  plagued me. So my question for you is, ​where in your life do you have something that  needs to be fixed? Is it time for you to rest and slow down and be the turtle instead  of the hare?​ To stop sprinting and stop getting burnt out. And stop hurting yourself and  try to figure out where it is that you need to rest and recuperate. And potentially do  rehab and if you need to go in for a full on surgery. 
Because I did the surgery that took care of the knee. and now I’m out running and  my outcome, my goal is to run every day for 90 days, just a little bit and I might do the stairmaster as well because I don’t want to have it all be impacts. 

I’ve got a little stairmaster in my house. This little thing we got at a yard sale and  let me just make sure I’m clear about this. Like you don’t always have to spend a lot of  money to get stuff. I go to freecycle.com someplace. I’ve gotten all kinds of cool things.  They just give stuff away. It’s a great free cycling like recycling website and this  stairmaster. I think I got it on craigslist or something for maybe 50 bucks, so it doesn’t  have to cost you a lot of money to get the tools you need to be successful.

So where in your life do you need to rest and recuperate?​ Maybe get some rehab. I did not want to go to rehab. I thought that was kind of stupid. Why should I go to Rehab? I know what exercise I need to do. Dr. Tell me what I got to do and guess what? I  didn’t do it. 

I needed to have some coaching and accountability. I set myself up a consequence and reward too with the trainer, the personal trainer who was working with me on my  knee and low and behold, I started to do work on both my knee and my elbow. Now I’m  not thrilled to say that my elbow was still bothering me. I talked to the surgeon and  here’s a question for like, here’s.  

Here’s what is happening for me. I had two injuries. When I went to the  orthopedic surgeon. I had my knee problem and I had a problem with my bicep, my, my  arm and elbow and I went to him and he did an MRI. He had to research and find out  what’s going on and he, that there was a small tear in my bicep and he said, trevor, we  could do some surgery there, but I don’t know that it’s going to help you. 

He’s like, I think you should just do rehab instead, just take it easy and let it rest.  And so I followed his instructions and I got the surgery on the knee, which he advised  and I, and I followed his instructions and letting my arm rest and I went to rehab with it  and my physical therapist said, “Trev, your arms are looking great.” She’s like, I think,  and had not been bothering me or hurting me for about two weeks. And she said, I think  you can start adding a little more weight and I think you’re doing great. And, uh, if there  was a real injury in your elbow, you would know about it. And so that very same day I  went to the gym and I worked out with too much weight and I hurt myself again. And see  the thing is, is that just because your physical therapist or your doctor or somebody else  tells you that it’s okay.
It may not be okay. Sometimes you got to give it enough rest and recuperation  time to go ahead and get better. Because here’s the thing, Mike, my son is four months  old and it hurts me to carry them in my arm. I mean I can kind of hold him there for a  few minutes and then it’s like, it just, it sucks because I feel like I’ve got this normal range  of motion, but then I can’t even hold my son. A​nd so I hope that you take today’s  challenge seriously because I’m sure that there’s something in your life where you  should probably rest and recuperate or go to rehab​.

And let me tell you about the turtle story. In my own house, my daughter was  given a pet turtle that was about this big, about the size of a silver dollar maybe at best  when we got them.

And I think we named her Rosie and she’s been living in our house for the last few  years. She’s now much bigger. She’s about the size of the palm of your hand. Um, so she’s, she’s pretty big and I came home from our vacation and I went to feed the turtle turtle  and get by without food for a few days. And there’s some goldfish in there. So she gets  real hungry. She can catch something to eat, but I gotta feed the turtle and there’s no  turtle. My daughter’s not in town. And check this out. Like there’s no turtle. Like I, I lift  up all the little toys. I try to find this turtle. The turtle has escape. We’ve got turtle on the  loose. Oh No. Now I know my daughters is very emotional little girl. She is going to cry.  This can be a big thing. So I go on a hunt now my wife gives up. 

She was like, well too bad turtles gone. You know, I checked with my assistant that  was helping watch the house and water the plants and stuff like that. And no turtle to be  found. So I pulled out my flashlight and I went on a hunt and for the next hour, maybe  two, maybe hour and a half, almost two hours, I’m searching for this damn turtle. I  search in every nook and cranny. I go through the kitchen, everything on our first floor. I  go through and I go through the laundry room. I looked behind the washer dryer. I look  behind every little nook and cranny. I ended up finding this damn thing and one of the  last places I look, of course, and it’s a lot. We have success. The turtle has crawled into  my office under my bookshelf because it wants to be near knowledge. No, I don’t really  know, but here’s. 

I don’t know. What’s the lesson with this? You know, it is possible for a turtle. The  slow pace for the turtle to get loose. There’s pot. It’s possible for the turtle who is slow  and steady to win the race every day. My goal is to go out and make progress. That turtle  finally made his escape, made her escape plan. We don’t know if she’s a boy or girl. I  think she actually probably a boy because he’s got a big tail, so I’m assuming she’s a boy,  but uh, every day my goal is not to get a home run. My goal is to just make this little  simple progress to do the simple steps to do the simple things that are required for me to  move forward with discipline, accountability, integrity, and to do the most important  things first. And this turtle finally escaped because she followed the recipe is my assumption.
I’m guessing she’s just learning because she’s going to be one of those really wise  Super Ninja turtles at some stage that is going to totally kick ass once she like eats some  radioactive laundry soap or something. Maybe that’s what she’s turning into now. And  she’s going to be learning from the grandmaster. I’m just kidding. I’ve absolutely no idea.

So here’s my quote of the day for you. “​A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men.” And I think that’s by Roald Dahl.

So that’s all I got for you today. Make today a magnificent and I can’t wait to  see you tomorrow to get even more awesomeness.
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