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EPISODE 161 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today, I share with you a secret.
THE SECRET TO GETTING HIGH-PAYING CLIENTS is to be a high-paying client yourself. 

If you want to sell high ticket products and programs and be able to do this consistently on a regular basis, you’ve got to actually become a client that buys high ticket products and programs.


Do you want to have high-paying clients? 


“If you want to attract ONE, be ONE.” – Trevor Crane

If you want to attract one, be one.


Go hire somebody. Get a mentor.


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Good morning. Good morning, good morning or good afternoon and good  evening. Whenever you’re listening to this, this is a daily dose of greatness quest.  

Today we’re going to talk about the secret to getting high paying clients. I’m I  can’t, this is the thing this is the Epiphany, I just had this this insight today, it is the secret  path for you to sell high ticket products and programs.  

I know you’re gonna love the show. 


So you may or may not know this, but my first book that helped me 10x my income is called ​High Paying Clients. I think I’ve been giving it away in the downloadable  transcript of like every one of my hundred and 60 plus podcasts.  

So you can just go get that book for free if you’d like to look into this. But there’s a  secret that I’m not even sure I share inside that book. 

Today is going to be a short episode because I’m just going to give this to you. And  then we’re going to go because I just had had a coaching call yesterday that went on  longer than it should I do very few of these anymore.  

It was a coaching call, it was actually someone asking to buy my programs. And  and I did a 15 minute call with her. And I really only open up my calendar for for these  calls a week max. And oftentimes we’re only doing one or two which is perfect for me,  because I’m not really wanting to spend my time doing this.
And like usual, my 15 minute call when I didn’t have something else scheduled  behind it, I just lose track of time. And I just sit there and I coach and I’m present and and  people get a lot out of this. And I could tell that the person I was talking to was living in  scarcity and very concerned about money making and money investing and things like  that. 
And she totally wants to sell high ticket products and programs. And I just realized  that there’s this thing that’s holding her back in my opinion.  

If you want to sell high ticket prot high ticket products and programs and you want to know the secret to actually following through and being able to do this  consistently on a regular basis, you’ve got to actually become a client that buys high  ticket products and programs.
If you are incongruent if you are trying to sell something for for a lot of money or  you think is a lot of money and you have not paid other people a lot of money to buy  their stuff and they’re helping their guidance and support, you will be incongruent. 

And something is going to smell wrong, something’s going to feel wrong. It’s not  even in the people around you that are going to go ahead and sense it. What’s going to  happen is you won’t even make the offers, you’re not going to feel comfortable, a  congruent or have conviction inside of your own skin. 
And when I didn’t have a lot of money, this was actually a big challenge. Because I  had heard this coaching before from one of my mentors, and she was challenging me to  buy grabbed from her that was gonna cost me some money. And there’s gonna cost me  more money than I wanted to invest maybe more money than I had, I don’t remember  specifically at the time.  

But my willingness to do that was negligible. And I didn’t give her my money. But  guess what, I also didn’t get the results that she was promising in our program. And in  her health and her support. And it took me a long time to take the leap of faith to dip into  my pocket, and to invest money and spend money and screw that. 

To dip into my debt and to spend money and invest money in something that cost  a lot of money. And I kept trying to figure out how I could just read their book, watch the  video, do a little bit of research about how I could do this on my own.  

And so the scarcity mindset that I had running was that I can figure this out. I can  do it like, I can do it myself. I can do it myself. Holy shit. Is this something that holds us  back? Like, yeah, you know, you can do it yourself. I have no doubt that you and I are  capable of anything and we can figure it out. But why on God’s green earth do we do this  to ourselves?  

Like I have. I’ve done this recently with silly things like in my yard. I didn’t want  to spend money to have someone help me chop, chop down some palm fronds. So I did it  myself. And a job that should have taken 15 to 20 minutes took me five hours.  

And I am completely recognizing that I will fall into patterns that don’t serve me  like you could go ahead. And while I can do that, I can do that. I can do that. But that’s  not my thing. 
I’m not a palm trees, palm frond trimmer guy. Like and I didn’t have all the right  tools. I would don’t have the right knowledge and insight and I got it done. But what a  fucking pain in the ass.  

And so I just think this this is these secret. This Is it. If you want to sell a high if  you want to attract high paying clients, if you want to sell high ticket products and  services, whatever those things are, then you need to become a client that buys them and  and then you need to take their damn advice.  

I guess that would be the next thing is that if you if you if you hire people for a  decent investment, then you’re going to need to frickin do what they tell you to do. I’ve  done this. And I’ve had clients do this who invest money and then and I likes it’s like  good money. And then they don’t take action.  

I mean, I have done this, I’m sure you have done this. I have seen clients do this.  And it drives me absolutely flicking insane. Man, I don’t even understand it. Like why I  do that? Why you have done that? 

I’m guessing you’ve done that before you bought something and not read the  book. You bought a course and didn’t take the program you signed up for the gym and  you didn’t go whatever it is. I’ve done this multiple times. But it seems like mistakes will  be repeated until lessons are learned.  

So here’s the thing I said I’d keep this short today. So let’s just go ahead and wrap  it up the secret the number one secret in my opinion, of selling high ticket products and  services of of being able to continuously and with conviction, sell and attract high paying  clients, ​you need to become one​.

You need to buy a good size program, you need to you need to invest some money.  And if you think it’s $1,000 is a lot you probably need to up it probably need to go to  $2,000 or $5,000 or $10,000. 

One of my first investments that cost me and my wife significantly with our  mental capital was to invest $5,000 a month in marketing when we didn’t have it. But it was the next phase of what we needed. We had to hire a mentor that can help us actually  do it and get it done.  

And it wasn’t rocket science of what he helped. Let’s do but we did have a massive  return on our investment. And it was at a time when we were in debt. And we went  further in debt to go ahead and make that decision. And it sucked. 

And it wasn’t until and actually it was it was before that it was maybe a month  before that I had made the decision that we were going to invest and I was going to buy a  big mentorship, a coaching and consulting from someone and give him a bunch of  money. My first check was a $10,000 check to him.  

And so that that decision transformed everything for us. And I have learned from  some of my mentors that what they will do is they seek out the best of the best of the  best. And they go in and they pin ask them what their biggest program is. And then they  buy it and they work with them.  

And they become friends with them. And they create a relationship with them.  And they create a new promotional partner with them. And they create a joint venture  with them all because they decided that this was somebody that they like that they  wanted to become associated to and with. 

And then they said you know what, I’m just going to play the game big. I’m gonna  go ahead. And what if I gave him a bunch of money and bought their biggest best  program? What results would I get from that instead of buying the inky dank, teeny  weeny Itsy Bitsy little yellow polka dot bikini, that’ll be really cute. I’m gonna just go in  and go all in and see if I can get massive value here. 

I think it’s like absolutely brilliant. But coming from a place of scarcity as a son of  a horseshoer, growing up when we didn’t have enough money. My my focus was to  figure out how to get something how to get what I wanted by putting the least amount in,  I didn’t have anything or I didn’t have the money that I felt like I needed. 

So I had to figure out how to be tricky and sneaky and sly and all that crap. And I  do it myself. And my father was a do it yourselfer. My father is a horseshoer, and still is a  horseshoer. And this isn’t a 70s and these this job is horseshoe and he’s broken about  every bone in his body.  

And he’s a do it yourselfer. He’s built a horse trailer. He can weld. He can fix  guitars. He can do a whole bunch of shit. He can do a whole bunch of shit with his hands. He’s like the most he can. He can play music and I mean, he can play. He’s a musician. He  can play multiple instruments. He can sing.  

The dude can do so much but he’s not out there making it rain. And he doesn’t  have the abundance in his life to be able to buy the things that he wants to buy and do  the things that he wants to do. And quite frankly, it’s scary. 

So that’s my challenge for you today is to go out and hire somebody. Go out and  hire somebody. Like your goal, your job should be to try to find the next person you got. I  go higher and give them a big chunk of money. Buy their best stuff. Buy their biggest  thing that’s going to create the greatest result for you.
And then what you’re going to find as you take action in their program. Find  someone who you like and who you resonate with and who creates results. And then I  think what you’re going to find is that you’re going to create results faster than you’ve  ever imagined. 
Okay, that’s all I got for you today. Make it a magnificent. Go and get some high  paying clients.  

All right. Talk to you later. 

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