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EPISODE 50 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“Your VISION pulls you forward.” – Trevor Crane

Your VISION pulls you forward.

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to  be pushed, the vision pulls you.” – Steve Jobs


Do you have a clear PICTURE of what you want in the future? Can you see it? Feel it?  Taste it? Smell it? How often do you imagine that reality “as if” it’s already here?

The fact is, you don’t have to wait to be grateful for what you’ll have in the future. Using  your imagination, you can experience it now. 


Think about a future you want and paint a picture of it. Pull out your journal and write  down all of the small details. 

Next, spend some time DAILY enjoying the feelings that you’ll experience in the future  once you’ve got it. You can FUTURE PACE yourself through your daily ​meditation​.

And also at the end of your day, while you’re falling asleep at night. Take time to start to  imagine this future as if it already exists. Use the ​say-it-see-it-feel-it formula. 


On today’s episode, I talk about ​THE POWER OF THE LIGHT​, the power of vision, the  power of pleasure, the power of focus, the power of future pacing that propels us  forward. 

I learned long ago that if you start to visualize something that you really want to have  happen and you start to experience the feelings that you’re gonna have in that future  that you want to to create, it can start attracting it and and creating it for you even faster  and faster and faster. 


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Today is episode 50 of the daily dose of greatness quest where every single day,  I’m bringing you something to help you take your life and business to the next level. 

I’m excited about today because we’re going to talk about vision and the power of  focus, the power of something that pulls you forward. Yesterday we talked about the  power of the dark side. Today we’re going to talk about the ​POWER OF THE LIGHT​.

I know you’re gonna love the show. 


All right. There’s so many different ways I could talk to you about this but  basically ​the power of vision​ and ​the power of future pacing​ or something you can use  with yourself. You can use it with your family, you can use this with your kids. You can  use this with your clients. And the ​power of vision​ can shift many, many things.

Yesterday we talked about pain. We talked about that most people are too scared  to use pain to serve them to get them into action. But I believe that it is ​POWER OF THE  LIGHT​ and the power of vision that pulls us forward.

And I’ll share with you a Steve Jobs quote here. Hold on one second. I love this  quote and I just want to make sure I get it right. “​If you are working on something  exciting that you really care about you don’t have to be pushed, the vision pulls  you.” 

Don’t you love that? If you’re working on something you’re really excited about,  you don’t have to be pushed but the vision can pull you. And I think that’s our job when  working with ourselves. Let’s talk about it inside out. Let’s, first of all, talk about how you  can use ​POWER OF THE LIGHT​ to pull you forward.

So I learned long ago that if you start to visualize something that you really want  to have happen and you start to experience the feelings that you’re gonna have in that  future that you want to to create, it can start like attracting it and and creating it for you  even faster and faster and faster. 

My dad taught me this when I was 11 years old and I wanted to do 11 pull ups. He  said, “​Trevor, you gotta see it, you gotta say it and you gotta feel like you’re the type of guy  that can do 11 pull-ups.”

And he had me repeat it over and over and over again. If you look at my, back in  our history here in the daily dose of greatness quest, you should find my episode like I  can do 11 pull-ups. And I talk about the ​say-it-see-it- feel-it formula.

But those are the things, so use this for yourself. My challenge for you is to​ think  about a future that you want and to go ahead and paint a picture of it​, you know. My  challenge for you to is ​to pull out your journal today and write this down​. ​What’s an  area of your life that you want something, that you need to be wanna improved?  And then write down a vision for what that’s going to be. 

For me it was years ago, before I had a family, before I had a wife, before I was  dating the girl that I thought I was gonna spend the rest of my life with. Like I decided  that I wanted a certain level of success. And I wanted to be with my woman. And I  started to paint a picture of what life would be like sometime in the future.  

And I have yet to make this come true. But it’s coming closer and closer. But I’ll tell you about it because it was a decade. It was 5 years or something before, 10 years before  I met my wife that I started to visualize this on a regular basis.  

So it started with this vision of me with, married with two kids and I wanted to  have this amazing day. So I imagine that I was so successful, that I was flying around in a  helicopter. And I had just left some kind of meeting that mattered like I just done  something awesome that made a difference in people’s lives. 
And I was flying back in my helicopter to my house. I was staying in a villa that  overlooks the ocean in some mountains. And then I’ll land this helicopter on the roof of  this building. And then as I would walk down the stairs I would get my dogs. I have two  dogs and and hear them coming up the stairs to greet me on the stairs. 

And then I would walk into the kitchen where my wife was serving breakfast to  our 2 kids. And I would kiss my kids on the lips. And I’d be able to taste the strawberries  on their lips from what they were eating for breakfast with a strawberry pancakes or  whatever it was. And then the nanny would take my kids out of the room and I would make love to my gorgeous wife in the kitchen.  

Now, this all has to happen. I only just recently had my second child who’s 3  months old right now. And what would happen is, when I was going through hard times. I would close my eyes and start to imagine this future coming true. I wasn’t sure how it  was going to happen. Guys, I haven’t had this happen yet but I tell you what, it’s getting  closer and closer.  

I have two kids. Now I have trips that I take with my family. I’m currently in,  we’re just going to Yellowstone today in California. We’re traveling all day yesterday.  And I’m about to go on this trip with my 2 kids and my wife. We don’t have a nanny  along with us. And I don’t have a helicopter in the plans here, but it’s coming. Like  planning a vacation in the next couple of years we’re looking at the, Greece or something  like that.  

And I’m going to make this freakin thing come true. It’s a vision that pulled me  forward even when I was living in frickin miserable hell.  

I remember one time I was having my, it wasn’t my wisdom teeth pulled out, but I  had some oral surgery. A dentist cranking on my mouth, cutting into my freakin gums  and teeth and all this sucked miserably. And instead, I would transport myself to this  future where I have a wife and the kids and this amazing vision. And I wanted to see it. I  wanted to feel it. And I started being grateful for a vision that I knew I’d have in the  future, instead of the pain that I was experiencing at the moment. This is how you can hopefully use this for yourself. 

I believe it is Steve Jobs, there’s this great quote that Steve uses and I want to share  it with you right now. I want to make sure I get it right. “​If you are working on  something exciting that you really care about you don’t have to be pushed, the  vision pulls you.”

My challenge for you today is to c​ome up with a vision that pulls you forward  and write it down in your journal​. Use the ​say-it-see-it- feel-it formula​ and go ahead  and write this down with total clarity, so that you can come up with something that  moves you forward and pulls you. 

But you don’t want to just use this with yourself, like this is a daily meditation  thing. You can not only just write that down in your journal, but I challenge you to look at it during your day. Like to meditate each day about what it is that you want. And see  that your day working out the way that you want it to work out work. If you incorporate  your, ​if you encounter a challenge, that you win​. That you’re going to go ahead and  make some sales that you make the sale. But create and paint a picture for you that  freakin wins.

Okay, so this is a daily meditation challenge to you as well for you t​o plan out  your day and make sure that you have a vision that wins.​ Now, how can you use this  with your kids? 
You know, I will oftentimes with my daughter, try to get her to focus on something  else other than the pain or the problem that she thinks is so big today. I try to create a  compelling future of her having the result that she wants in the future. And then it pulls  her forward.

See,​ one of the things that is very powerful as far as what influences other  people is their vision and their words for what they want and what moves them  forward​. So I want you to go ahead and see if you can use this with your kids, with your  family, with your friends by asking questions to help them paint a picture of a future that  they want. And then you’re using something that influences them greatly.  

And you can also use this in sales. So lastly, how could you do that in a sales  process. When you were talking to someone you’re trying to influence them and get them  to buy your thing, invest in the vision for what you’ve got, whatever it is. I will use the  power of pleasure and ​THE POWER OF THE LIGHT​ that pulls us forward by asking  them questions about what they want most.  

That you find out what they want most and you help them realize the vision of  what that’s going to be like. How they’re going to feel? Notice the same, we still use  visual, auditory kinesthetic expressions here. The visual, how’s it going to feel? What are  you going to say to yourself? That’s the sound. And then the vision for it as well.  

You can use this and use what I call active listening. You asked a bunch of  questions to find out about what somebody wants, why they want it, how great it’s going  to feel when they got it. These are the things that pull people forward and that we frickin love.  

So yesterday, I gave you THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE. Today I want you to use and experience ​THE POWER OF THE LIGHT​.

If you’ve not done this exercise yet, make sure you do it. And if you’ve done it  before, maybe do it again. Pull out your friggin journal. And write down a phenomenal  freakin day that you want to experience in the future. And you don’t have to wait to be  grateful for it, you can start to enjoy it and experience it today.  

And if you’re not using this in a sales conversation where you are asking people  questions about what they want and then repeating it back to them. And trying to help  them see and create a vision that pulls them forward. You’re not doing that yet? Then I  challenge you to do it right now. Because it’s one of the most powerful, coolest things you  can give people as a gift to your kids, your family, your wife, your husband, your future  clients. 

So that’s all I got for you today. Make today frickin magnificent. Paint yourself a  picture that pulls you forward. And spend some time daily enjoying the feeling that  you’re going to have in the future when you’ve got it. Future pace yourself through your  daily meditation. Ask an end-of-day question when you’re falling asleep at night and  start to imagine this future where you’re able to create the results that you want.  

My dad helped me do this when I was 11 years old. And he showed me how to do  11 pull-ups at a time. I was able to exceed that goal and he gave me the gift of the  say-it-see-it- feel-it formula​.

Today, I want you to use this in your life. Maybe come up with a discipline for the  next 30 days or so that you do this every single day. If you’d like to join me in the 30-day  challenge, I have a 30-day goal setting and goal getting challenge that’s coming really  soon. I’m redoing one of my books, that’s going to come out with that. 

So if you don’t have my app yet, download my app by text messaging the word  Trevor​ to ​36260. A​nd then I’m going to share with you the details of my 30-day goal  setting challenge here really quickly and hopefully I can help you with that daily  discipline. 

Right. That’s all I got for you. I need to shut up so you can have an awesome day.  Go use ​THE POWER OF LIGHT​ to pull you forward.

Okay. Have a good one.