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EPISODE 49 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda


How can you better use the power of ​pain​ FUEL you?   

Let me explain: 

When I first met Tony Robbins in 2002, one of the first things he shared with me was the  power of using PAIN and PLEASURE to move and motivate us.  

Learning how to harness the POWER of these two opposing forces can bring magic to  your life. You can use these to galvanize you into action. 

The problem is, I have seen very few people really use these with purpose, power and positive results.
Most of like the idea of using pleasure, and positivity, and some rewards to pull us  forward.That’s nice. And I like it. And I suggest you do that. Creating a COMPELLING  VISION about what you want is something you should do EVERY DAY – in fact, I’ll talk about that on tomorrow’s podcast.  

But today I want to talk to you about how can you better use the power of ​pain​ FUEL  you? I call it the POWER OF THE DARK SIDE. 

There are a bunch of “secrets” and “strategies” out there. All of them can help you.  However, focusing on the ​PAIN​, and on the ​GAP​ between where you are and where you  want to go, is where most people are too afraid to go. 

And this is great news for you. 

When you have the courage to use both the DARKNESS (your pain, and fears, etc) and the  LIGHT (pleasure, and possibility and vision) – you can do anything. 


Figure out where in your life you​ ​are not recognizing and appreciating the use and the  power of the dark side, the power of the pit, the power of the pain. 

Allow yourself to associate with the pain and magnify it so that you can create a power  inside of you that says “That’s it, I’ve had enough.” And that you are ready to change. 


Most people like to focus on the happy, positive stuff. Like, ​“Yay! Look at me on  Instagram! I’m so happy!” That’s nice.​ But it doesn’t get you anywhere.

On today’s show, I talk about harnessing ​THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE​, the power of  the pit, the power of pain and despair.

Few people have the courage to go there, let alone use it with ​PURPOSE, POWER and  INTENTION​.

Today, I share how you can find the the power of the DARK inside you, and go there.  Then, how to ​magnify​ it so that it ​fires you up​ and gives you the burning desire to do  something, to achieve something, to be something… MORE. 


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Trevor Crane here, 11x number one best-selling author and the founder of Epic  Author Publishing. And today’s episode of The Daily Dose is about ​THE POWER OF THE  DARK SIDE​.

I think you’re going to love today’s show.

Vader​: “​If you only knew the power of the dark side.”

All right. All right. Well guys, it’s pretty obvious I’m playing around with a little bit  of Star Wars stuff today. But the seriousness of today’s episode should not miss you. This  is something that has saved my bacon.

I did not understand ​THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE​, the power of the night,  the power of, my buddy, well my brother Garrett J. White calls it the ​power of the pit. ​ And  I didn’t understand this. I didn’t understand this as an influence. I didn’t understand this  in sales. I didn’t understand this in my life. 

I’m a pretty happy guy. And I’m a guy that tries to look at things and I typically see  the positive. I typically see the good in things. I typically like to think about this shiny  bright future that I want to create. And one of the challenges with that is it creates this  sensation of happiness and contentment. Because we start to experience that future right now. 

When I used to do sales calls with people and I was trying to sell myself. See,  there’s a big difference when you sell somebody else’s stuff to when you are selling  yourself as a coach or consultant or something that you created yourself. And every time  I’ve started a new business, my temptation is to just paint this beautiful picture of a  future vision that will be so compelling that I want you to have. And that’s a very  important part as a leader, to be able to create that vision, you got to do that. But when  you’re in a sales conversation when you’re trying to create influence for yourself or for  others, I think there is nothing more powerful than ​PAIN​.

See, there’s two parts of it. When I went to my first Tony Robbins event, he wrote  up on the board. There’s two ​primary motivators​ – ​PAIN​ and ​PLEASURE​. And what I  have found is that one that will get you out of bed and get you doing whatever it is you  need to do is the ​PAIN​.

And see, if you don’t focus on that ​PAIN​ or you’re in a sales conversation or you’re  having a conversation of influence and you’re trying to influence your kid and other  human whatever it is, if you are not accessing the ​POWER OF THE DARK SIDE​, the  power of the ​PAIN​, the power of the ​pit of despair ​ that you may or may not be in and  you’re just not associated to it, then you’re missing out on the primary most important  part of the conversation. 

Few people have the courage and guts to go there, to willingly go there inside  themselves or to potentially lead another human there because it’s an uncomfortable  place to be, you know. That the dark can be a not happy place. It is a place where there is  suffering. It is a place where there is discontentment. And we don’t like to go there. We  like to distract ourselves and delude ourselves and medicate ourselves and watch  another Netflix special and not pay attention to the reality of something that is not  working right now. 

See, it is not possible to paint a picture of a new possibility, not a real one, until we  have clarity about what’s not working right now and some kind of discontentment in it.  And see, when you have access to that and you’re not scared of going there and you,  actually if you’re a leader, you should be inspired to lead others through that type of  clarity, to get them clear with the reality of right now. 

See, if something in your life or in their life is not working right now and and we  help people get clear with it or we do this in ourselves and we help ourselves get clear  about the power of the dark, of what we don’t want. See that my friends is FIRE, that is  like, that is frickin kryptonite to Superman, man. 

I remember I was lying in bed one time. I was running my business and I didn’t  want to get out of bed. My alarm went off. I don’t know if this happened for you whether  you work for a job. You got to work for yourself and the alarm goes off, man. And I hit  snooze, and then I did it again, and then I did it again. And I was just dreading getting up  to go, you know, attack my day. I wasn’t looking forward to the day.
And at the time I was running a water sports business and one would think I lived  in paradise, because that’s where we ran our business, out of Naples, Florida, the Ritz  Carlton. I had a parasail business and I was, one would think I should just jump out and  go hang out on a boat all day in the sun with girls in bikinis and make good money and  yada yada yada. 

But what got my ass out of bed, it wasn’t all that positive happy bullshit I’d  experienced before. That was not what’s going to get me out of bed. What got me out of  bed that day was imagining one of my employees who I didn’t trust, I liked him but I  didn’t trust him, running my business. I started to imagine him taking over and running  my business. And it was crazy, it jolted my nervous system with freaky adrenaline. And I  jumped right out of bed. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was like, that’s it. And God love this  kid, but I just didn’t trust him to go ahead and run my business. And then that fired me  up out of bed. 

One time, I was transitioning from my bankruptcy into selling my consulting  business consulting full time. And it was freaking me the fuck out. And I wasn’t  comfortable with what I was offering. I was incongruent in some way. And I missed 20  sales in a row.  

On the 5th one and on the 7th one and on the 10th one and on the 13th one, I  blamed the a-hole I was talking to. These idiots don’t know what they’re missing. I’m too,  you know, there’s something wrong with them. They’re too broke. I told all kinds of  bullshit stories. And at the 19th one, I was still telling that story. That there was something wrong with them. That I needed better people, whatever it was.  

On the 20th sale, I met with this gal at a coffee shop at the mall and I parked in the  mall like a more of those mall parking lots. And I met with this gal and she needed my  help. And I knew I could help her. I had helped people just like her create amazing  results and I led her through, I painted a picture for her of what life would be like having  all the things that she wanted. I future paced her, which is a phenomenal marketing  strategy, talking to her about, “Hey, don’t experience your pain. Don’t wallow in the pain  and the suffering and the challenges that you’re having right now.” Because I got  uncomfortable.  

In the middle of the conversation, she was telling me about how her life sucked  because she didn’t have the results that she wanted. And she got emotional about it. I  didn’t want her to get emotional. I’m a nice guy. I wanted her to see the future. And  honestly, I could solve her freakin problem so I didn’t allow her to associate to the pain  she was going through right now, the pit, the dark side.
And instead, I started painting a picture and started giving her ideas about all the  things that we could do together and how she could do this and be so amazing. And at  the end of the meeting, she hugged me. “Oh my gosh Trevor, this has been so amazing.  Thank you so much. I don’t think I’m gonna hire you, though. I think you gave me  enough tips today. I should go do it myself.”  

And I went back to my car. And had this walk of shame from the coffee shop to  my car thinking “What the hell just happened?” Like she loved me. She got all this value  from me, supposedly, she hugged my damn ass. But she didn’t hire me. 20 sales in a row.  I sat down in the car and I did not feel like I had helped her. I felt like I had punched her  in the stomach, like physically, like I had, felt like I had just instead of helping her, and  she was leaving with a smile on her face. I felt like I just slammed her in the stomach  with my fist as hard as I could. I felt like a fucking loser.  

And I sat in my car that day and cried and I cried, not because I was broke, which  is not the case. And I mean, I wasn’t, didn’t have a lot of money but it wasn’t gonna break  me. What I cried about was that I had the ability to help this chick and somehow I  screwed it up and I didn’t help her. 

And it wasn’t until that day that I recognize that in my sales process of my sales  system. And I teach this in my book called ​High Paying Clients​. If you haven’t gotten  that book, you should go pick it up. People read that all the time and they tell me that it’s  just this template for helping them get clients and close deals and they love this book.  Some people hate it. That’s cool. You’re always gonna have a troll or a hater. I don’t think  you really do anything phenomenal if you don’t have somebody that doesn’t like it. But in  that book, I shared that in that day I had to realize that I was leaving out a key  component in my sales strategy. And that was allowing someone to associate to the  darkness, to the pain and the pit.

So here’s my challenge for you today is to ​go ahead and figure out where in your  life you’re using softeners​. That you are not recognizing and appreciating in using the  power of the dark, the power of the pit, of associating to things that you are not happy  with right now. And emphasizing and maximizing those and burning them up and  making it potentially worse than it is right now. But future pace your life by living with  this substandard quality of a standard that you have. And magnify that pain so that you  can create a power inside of you that says frickin “That’s it, I’ve had enough.” And that  you are ready to change, where you are fed up.  

And when you’re leading a potential client through this conversation, it could just,  it doesn’t have to be that they’re pissed off and angry and fed up and can’t have enough.  It could be that they are just bored and you are wanting to and they want more. And you  need to have both. You need to have the pleasure and the pain. You need to have the  carrot and the stick. You need to have an association to both.  

But all too often, us happy go lucky motherfuckers are out there just trying to  paint a picture. Excuse me. We’re trying to paint a picture of everything as frickin rosy  and is going to be sunshine and rainbows. And if you just hire me, it’ll be amazing. And  we think because we created a new business plan or a new marketing plan that, gosh  darn it, it’s gonna work out. Well, you know what? It’s probably fucking not. Because it’s  going to have problems. You’re going to fall on your frickin face. You’re gonna need some  bloody help. Which is why my whole business exists, because we need help.  

I am out here to help people every single day like trying to be a frickin superhero looking for people that I can help. And I want you to do the same thing. I want you to  find someone that you can help. So do the daily challenge that find the place that you  could use the power of darkness and go there. Experience it. Magnify it so that it fires  you up and it’s that burning desire to do something that will shake your ass.

And for today’s daily quote, I’m going to bring you Master Yoda, ​“Do or do not. There is no try.​” Hold on. I need to make it better.

Yoda​: ​Always with you, what cannot be done. Hear you nothing that I say? You  must unlearn what you have learned.

Trevor​: Now, I know what you might be thinking. All right, I’ll give it a try. Oh no  you don’t. Don’t give me that shit.

Yoda​: ​No! Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.

Well, that’s about all the fun I can have a Star Wars today. Here’s the thing. I want  to give you my free book. I want to give you my book for free. It’s ​High Paying Clients​. I  love this book. It’s my first book. It helped me 10x my income. If you haven’t read this  yet, you gotta get this thing. Go to ​trevorcrane.com/freebook​, that’ll be my gift for you  today.

And I think I just I can’t help myself. I gotta do one more thing. Hold on.

Vader​: ​I am your father.

Trevor:​ No. No! That’s not true! That’s impossible!

Vader​: ​Search your feelings; you know it to be true!