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EPISODE 174 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


The hard truth is this:

One day your wife or your husband is going to go to bed ​alone​. One day, your kids  aren’t going to be able to call you on the phone and ask for advice. They won’t be able to share their wins, or challenges, or just hang out with you. ​You’ll be gone​.

What do you wish you would have said to them? What would you give to have one more  day with them? Or one more hug? Or kiss?

How about this:

Ever been trapped underwater? Not able to breathe? Looking at, and reaching for the  surface with your lungs start to burn… ​Panic sets in.

How much would you give for just ONE more breath?
That’s to give you a little insight into THE POWER OF ONE.

The sooner that you and I realize how precious and fragile the life that we have really is, the sooner we can get off the sidelines and jump in the game as the leader that we are.

We only have one shot in this life. One opportunity. Let’s not waste it.

Today’s episode of Greatness Quest is not one you should miss… 


Consider what you’d REGRET if you died tomorrow.


If you DIE TOMORROW, what would you regret?

“We only have one shot in this life. One opportunity. Let’s not waste it.” – Trevor Crane

We only have one shot in this life. One opportunity. Let’s not waste it.


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The hard truth is this. One day your wife or your husband, your significant other  is going to go to bed alone. One day, your kids aren’t going to be able to call you on the  phone and ask for advice. They won’t be able to share their wins, or challenges, or just  hang out with you. You’ll be gone. 

The subject for today’s episode of greatness quest is THE POWER OF ONE. I know  you’re gonna love the show. 


So I’m thinking a lot about this, about legacy, about what we leave behind. And  today I was reading and reflecting and meditating and studying. And I realized that we  have just one. 

We’ve got one life, one shot at being the husband or wife or father or mother one,  one opportunity right now. And this isn’t some bullshit emotional tactic to try to get your  attention right now. This is about as real as anything. 

Men die. Women die. Kids die. It’s a painful reality. But the sooner that you and I  realize how precious and fragile the life that we have really is, the sooner we can get off  the sidelines and jump in the game as the leader that we are. 

Instead of pretending and lying to ourselves that there’s always going to be  another time than a better time, that there’s always another tomorrow. We only have  one shot in this life. 

I was listening to every song I could come up with that had the word one in it. Thank you to sings a song called one great song fact. I may put it as the background  music for today’s show. And then as a song, I think it’s called ​Lose Yourself ​ . ​I’ve only got  one shot, one opportunity today. 
My challenge for you is brief. I’m not going to tell you a whole bunch of story. I’m  not going to talk to you for 30, 40 minutes. The reality is, is that one day, you and I are  not going to be here.  

So my request is it today, you take a moment to just consider what you would regret if tomorrow you’re knocking on the pearly gates. And you’re coming face to face  with your Creator or with life after death, or whatever it is that you believe in.  

And if you look back, what do you wish you would have done? 

I know that for me, when I had this moment here about asking this question. And  I did this briefly today, I’m going to go into a lot more depth. But I’m I wish I wish I would  have written a love letter to my wife. And to my kids. 

I wish I would have re done my will and included a video will as well where I  could give them a message about how much I love them. 

And what I would give to just hold them one more time and kiss them. Just one  moment. Just one kiss just one word. 

If you want to learn the power of one, stop breathing right now. Don’t take a  breath. Just stop breathing while you’re listening to me right now. And look down at your  watch and see how much how soon you want to take a breath. But don’t breathe yet. Just  hold it. 

I don’t know if you’ve ever been trapped underwater. Hold your breath. Don’t  breathe trapped underwater. And you can’t breathe. And you’re looking at the surface  and your lungs start to burn. You start to feel uncomfortable, feel uncomfortable. You  have one breath left. Potentially don’t waste it. 

I wish I had more life insurance. You can choose to breathe whenever you want to  breathe. But there is a power of one. I wish I finished the three books my daughter has  started. I wish that I had the course completed. 

And on the app that I want to give you about goals and setting amazing goals and  accomplishing them. And I want that not just to give to you. But to give to my kids. I want  them to know what I stand for. And what I lived for lived for. 

And I want to create more of my how tos and how and the courses and the things  that had transformed my life by the mentors that I have worked with and had the  privilege of being with and I want just one more shot. 

So my challenge to you today is to just think about what you wish you would have  done. If you check out of this life early before you want to what words do you wish you would have shared with the people that you leave behind? And that’s it. 

And I want to give you a lot of pump up and motivation and things from me about  what I think is important. I think what’s most important about influencing someone and  this today your job is to discover how to influence yourself to find out what already  influences someone and I don’t know that for you.  

I can’t jump into your head and into your heart. But I can I can challenge you to  ask the question what’s the one thing you would do? What’s the most important next thing? 

My goal here is to just help you to wake up to the truth the when we fully grasp  this idea that it becomes easier to wake up in the morning and it becomes easier to turn  our phone off and be more present with our family.
That it becomes easier to treat the what your wife and your kids and your  husband the way that they deserve to be treated and becomes easier for you to invest in  yourself and to take the whatever it takes action to get what you want so that you can  grow your business and your bank account to where you need it. 

Make it a magnificent.
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