The most valuable gift I can give you
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EPISODE 125 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


I thought to myself, what’s the MOST VALUABLE gift I could possibly give you…for FREE. 

Today’s episode is an inside look into a paid consulting session with me.  

I share THE 4 CORE questions that I ask to my high paying clients. For context, this is  from a “blueprint session” that I do with my clients who,​​ want to write a book.

Or improve their marketing. Or make more money. Or help more people. 

It’s golden.
These questions can help you craft a branding message, a presentation, a blog, a FB Live,  or a message for your book. IDEALLY​: It’s going to help you attract and convert more  ideal clients. 


“Your IDEAL CLIENTS are oftentimes the YOU of the past.” – Trevor Crane

Your ideal clients are oftentimes the you of the past


Ask and answer these questions:

1. “Who” is your book for?​ – This is your target audience.
2. “What” is it about?​ – Your book should be about the core problems that your target audience is facing.  
3. “Why” does it matter?
4. “What’s next?”




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Welcome back to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today, I wanted to give  you some value for free, but typically something that I only give for a fee.  

And, you know, if you’re following me here on my podcast, I just want to honor  you. I want to give you something that I think is a massive value.
And today is an inside look and into a consulting session with me, and some of the  core questions that I asked to my high paying clients. And I just did the session with a  few people today. It was phenomenal. 
And I want to give you these skills. So this is going to help you craft a branding  message, a message for your book. It’s going to help you attract and convert ideal clients.  I’m going to title this episode later, because I can’t even think of what to title it right now.  I just want to give you some massive value today.
So take out your pen, you ready to take some notes. And let’s get going. 


Okay, so imagine that you just invested a big sum of money with me, because you  are absolutely confident that you’re going to get some massive value out of it. In fact, you  shouldn’t invest money with anyone in this, you are absolutely sure that you’re going to  get something out of it, or get some kind of money back guarantee. That’s what I offer.  

So when I meet with my clients, I’ll give them a chance to get their money back. If  they think I blow smoke up your ass. If they don’t get the value that they wanted to  receive, then I give them their money back. I think that that’s only fair.  

And I’m sure you do this, you whether you bought something at Walmart, or from  Amazon, and you didn’t like it. So you returned it. So that happens. And don’t be a  jackass. And just try to screw people. And if you do that, then you’re gonna get, you’re not  going to reap what you sow.  

But in the context, I want you to just go ahead and pretend that you pulled out  your credit card. And it you You gave me a decent sum of money. Because here’s what I  find. You you tend to get, you tend to get, we humans tend to get what we what we pay  for, you know, if we if we don’t pay, we value things based on what we pay for them. 

So if we don’t pay, we typically won’t pay attention. And right now you get my  advice to you on a free podcast. My biggest fear is that you’ll take it for what you’ll take it  for what it you you paid for it now what it’s worth, but what you paid for it, which is  nothing because you get it for free.
In future, I’ll probably not even share a daily podcast like this and give all the  value that I try to give. Because I want to give it to people who actually appreciate it and  love it. But you are here and you’re listening. And you’re giving me your most precious  gift, which is your time.  

So in return, I want to give you my most precious precious gift is, which is one of  the strategies I use with my clients when I’m helping them bridge the gap of like  branding themselves, marketing themselves, creating a message writing a book.  

And this is a context from a blueprint session that I do with my clients who want  to write a new book. This is one of the things I go over with them. And so I told you, I  advise that you pull out a piece of paper and a pen or your journal. And I want you to  take notes.  

So the first thing I want you to do is draw a big circle on the page is about as big as  the page will fit. And what you’re going to draw inside of that are three other circles and  their concentric circles, they get smaller and smaller. So it’s a target, basically drawing a  target.  

And I’m going to give you four questions to go ahead and write down inside of  each of those rings. So on the outside ring, I want you to write down the word “WHO”  with a question mark. 

On the next ring inside, you want to write down the word “WHAT” and the next  ring is ‘WHY”. And then on the very inside the the bullseye in the center of the circle is  just what so it’s who Excuse me. Yeah? Who, what, why, and actually “WHAT’S NEXT”. 

So real briefly, let’s go ahead and go into this. So if you are writing a book and you  are right, you want to be writing a book for a particular audience. The first question that  you need to answer is, who is this book for?  

And by the way, this is the criteria that I use when I’m trying help somebody craft  a message that connects and helps change people’s lives. I use this in branding. I use this in marketing. If you do this on social media, and you’re looking to use paid advertising,  one of the important things you’re going to put a message in front of you want to know  who are you targeting. 

Are you targeting a little kids? Are you talking to high school kids? Are you talking  to kids that are drug addicts? Are you talking to kids who have some kind of weird  addiction? You know, what is it? Are they suicidal? Is it Mom? Does it dad’s is it old men, old women? 

Like you need to choose because those different audiences have different needs  have different desires. And to all too often when I find my clients and I’ve done the same  thing is we I try to tell my story. And I tried to write a book or a message or marketing  message or whatever. And I get confused sometimes about who I’m talking to.  

But it’s one of the most important questions you can ask and answer. And I can’t  tell you how many, many times it’s like every time that I help a client with these  questions. They get value, massive value, and it takes time, this is something that you get  answered right away, you’re like, Oh, my God. Well, I already know and maybe have  total clarity. And maybe you don’t. 

In fact, I would challenge you that you don’t, that there’s a another level of clarity  that you actually should get. And that is by getting crystal clear about the who. And  here’s what you need to do next, like your action plan on this is that if you’re going to  write a book, you should know who is it for? 

Like and I’m going to give you an action plan in just a second about about what to  do next. But here’s the thing you need to decide who you most want to serve. And you got  a few choices on that. 

Oftentimes the best people that for some reason this, my clients will often find  that the people that they want to help or people that are just like them that have already  but but like a few years ago, people who you know, because you know how to help  yourself, you know how the, you’re already be an expert in something you’ve already  figured this out. 

You figured out how to come back from bankruptcy, or how to build your life  back after you got out of prison. Or how to deal with a big loss, or how people with  finances or health or weight loss or whatever it is, you’re already phenomenal at that. And who do you most want to help and serve. 

Now sometimes I get to do again, is look in the mirror and then look back in the  past just a little bit. And someone that looks just like you that had the same goals and  desires. And this is also someone you probably like quite a lot, you know, the you in the  past that you just wish that you would have had someone like you go back in time and  like give you all of the insights and greatness that you have.  

And oftentimes I find that this is the avatar, our ideal clients will sometimes be the  me of the past that you have the past and it might be somebody entirely different. You  might be targeting doctors or lawyers or chiropractors or whatever it is. And it doesn’t  really matter. But you do need to be clean.  

And the clearer you are with this, the more value you can deliver your client. So  when you’re in when you do this. 

I’ll give you an example. My wife saw thought that she wanted to serve female  entrepreneurs. And so she when she put her marketing out and she connected with  female entrepreneurs, she started paying for ads and guess what she she found clients  and you found a female entrepreneur where she can she can help.
And she made a $3,500 one month that she put this message out it was pretty cool.  She’s have pretty happy about that she made a profit 3500 is not bad. But she hired a  marketing team. And one of the first things they did is asked her this question of who  and they drilled it down a little deeper. 
And they found out that made that her best client, the one that she’s actually best  at helping that she can help create the most rewards. And this is at the time she evolved  since then, but its financial advisors and so instead of and not just any financial advisor,  but a female financial advisor.  

And so when they dove into this who a little deeper, they did new marketing and  the marketing landed with this audience even better than it did with only female  entrepreneurs because she was talking right to them.
And her message made a bigger impact with these women and my wife made that  next month she did similar marketing campaign out just to a different audience or a  more niche audience. My wife made over $35,000 it was a 10 x experience of her result because she got more clear about her who. 

So my challenge for us I’m going to give you these things today and I want you to  drill them down. You need to ask and answer the question and go deep. And if you use  the marketing strategy that is this phenomenal marketing strategy of I learned this I  learned this time and time again. 

And just most recently I learned it again in Russell Bronson’s book called expert  secrets. If you haven’t gotten this book, you should get it and just committed to memory.  I’m going through it I’m reading it I think the third time right now second or third time  going through the whole thing start to finish start to finish. So like everything in this freakin book. It’s an amazing book. So I’m gonna get it.  

Okay. So he talks about an ask campaign and an ass campaign is basically the  strategy that he learned from someone else and it goes Frank Kern probably shared with  him the first time I can’t remember I need to read the book few more times before I  remember everything in the book for verbatim but I asked them pain is three things you  know, I asked campaign is how you figure out what already influences your client.  

Okay, that’s what an ass campaign actually is. It helps you craft a message for  your market and what you do with an ass campaign is number one, you want to find an  audience that is hot people that are hot and passionate about your subject matter  whatever it is that you’re into. 
So find the hot audience and then the second thing is you ask them what they  want. And then the third thing catch this this is really high level shit you give it to them.  You find a hot target audience. You ask them what they want and then you give it to  them. 

I’ve learned this from mentor after mentor after mentor. I just recently met rich  Jeff Walker for the first time face to face and and he’s a very successful online marketer  for years he’s Tony Robbins interviewed him for money master the game and there’s  there’s a lot of value this guy brings.  

He’s one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. This absolutely was a sweetheart  and so I find that some of those successful people you meet are the sweetest nicest people  ever, and that Brendan Bouchard recently and he was just a frickin sweetheart. 

I want to met Richard Branson, a billionaire, he was a freakin sweetheart like this.  I’ve met some amazing people. And I don’t hang out with them all the time. I’m not trying  to name drop, I’ve met these people in passing here in there. And I’m just been surprised  how amazing they are. Hold on. I’m getting off on a tangent. 

But my point here is that you want to make sure you are connecting with who you  want to most help. And try to dial that in. And the deeper you get with that, the more  value you can bring that core person and you can talk right to them. Okay. 

And a lot of my mentors and some of the people I just mentioned to you are giving  you the same advice so I’m sharing with you phenomenal advice that you can take for  free and just applies a that’s nice, or you can actually just dive in and go deep.
And as you start to talk to an interview and talk to these people that are your core  clients and find out how this is going the second rung of this thing what you want to talk  to them about what do you offer what do you help people with? What’s the deal like what  is it what what you know, if you are you’re going to offer pizza? Are you going to call Are  you going to brand yourself as like Joe Bob super duper amazing pizza?  

Or if you’re driving down the road people want to you and you are hungry what  signs are you looking for? You’re looking for pizza topping. So these ice cream like you’re  looking for these basic things.  

And all too often I find that when people are writing their book like what is your  book going to be about? What is the message of your email? What is the message of your  social media post, whatever? It is oftentimes you come up with all these creative frickin  willy nilly names they like we think but they’re just confusing a shit. 

My sister has a bed and breakfast in Alaska. And my mom has a bed and breakfast  in Alaska. They both own homes or they bought extra rental properties and whatnot.  And they have a bed and breakfast and they use Airbnb is one of their tools to try to find  people that want to come stay in their place.
And my mom named her bed and breakfast, Goldilocks Bed and Breakfast. And  my sister named hers, Cranky Crow bed and breakfast. And she’s got a couple of other  names for some of our other locations. And we were talking about it and a few years ago  is helping my mom name what she does. And she called it Goldilocks bed and breakfast.

And we were talking about that as her domain name. Now, I don’t know about  you. But I don’t even know how to spell Goldilocks. Like I might get it right. But I’m not  really sure it’s a long name.  

And I don’t know if you’ve ever owned a domain name or had an email address  that was really long and awkward and hard to tell somebody and they kept getting it  wrong. And you have to like, sound it out, spell it out and say no see, like cat. Not like  Kate, not k like King. And it’s really awkward.  

So the simpler names often the better. And nobody Ain’t nobody anywhere  searching for Goldilocks in context bed and breakfast now that maybe they would be the  best records in the world. But it wasn’t helping or any.  

So what we did is we decided to get better at describing what she did. And so my  mom lives on an island called Kodiak in Alaska. And some people go to Kodiak, Alaska. 

And if you go there, you might do a search for Let me think about it. You might  want to stay at a hotel. But you know, they’re kind of there hotel experiences that you  can have like a much nicer experience. Sometimes by going to bed and breakfast.  

You can say someone’s amazing home that maybe a more comfortable bed, a little  bit of a unique experience. Sometimes it’s better priced, and even more convenient and  easy and fun. And you have this amazing experience.  

And so you might just go to think about it. You’re standing on an island in Kodiak,  Alaska. So you might search for Let me guess Kodiak, B and B and my mom now owns a  domain name Kodiak b&b. And lo and behold, she shows up number one on Google. 

Now she’s done almost nothing. I gave her a lot of advice. And I sent her to some  different marketing people to try to help her with her website. There’s so much only so  much your son can do with her.
But my sister is jealous as hell. Because my mom’s Bed and Breakfast that she  doesn’t do anything for hardly and marketing. She does maybe one or two small, teeny  tiny things. My mom gets all over business. She probably makes 30, 40, 50 grand a year. I  don’t know exactly what she makes on this bed breakfast just because she properly  named it. 

What is it about the Cranky Crow Bed and Breakfast that my sister owns. She just sent me a brochure and said hey what do you think about this crazy amazing brochure  I’m making I want people to know what I do and then one of my my thing and she  started off right up at the top Frankie grow bed and breakfast.  

And I said to her I mean it maybe that’s amazing. And maybe I’m just wrong. But  you know what? It didn’t make any sense to me. I don’t even know what a cranky crow is  and and certainly not it doesn’t make it I I don’t mind it being called cranky crow. But  why not Alaska’s best bed and breakfast or something like that. Like a bed and  breakfast?  

Like, just put that up at the top. So I know what it is like, give me pizza first, then  tell me it’s Joe’s pizza. So Can people know what you are talking about? Or does it take  you 10 freakin minutes to describe it. And then they are still confused.  

I’m sure you’ve all met people at networking events. And they come in and they  try to introduce themselves. I tell you what they do. And they don’t shut the fuck up. And  then eventually you’re you’re like, you walk away confused.  

And like you say they were speaking English. But you have absolutely no idea who  they are what they do, and you don’t frickin care because they didn’t do a simple job of  explaining what they do or what this book is about, or what your message is about. Get  some clarity around this. 

The next riung in on the circle on the target is why would this group care. And  there’s two parts of why there are problems that you address that this is why people  might care and, and results that you deliver. Like when I have a problem. I want to get it  solved. 
When I got a speeding ticket. I didn’t want to pay the speeding ticket. I look online  for somebody to solve my problem. And I searched for keywords that are around getting  out of speeding tickets and ended up buying a book about how to get out of speeding  tickets.  

And I ended up getting out of all my speeding tickets for a while I had a perfect  driving record, not because I was perfect. But because I applied the principles I learned  in like how to get out of the speeding ticket was I’ll give you a short version of this. Hire a  lawyer. 

You can look online and you can find the lawyer you give them a couple hundred  bucks. And they can typically get you out of almost any speeding ticket. As long as you’re  not drunk driving being a jackass. And please don’t take my advice on that. But go talk to  an attorney. 

But I want you to consider two things. What are the core problems you solve? Or  the core problems your core client is facing? And what do they want? 

So back to the Ask campaign if you’re going to go ahead and use the ass campaign  and you find a hungry market hungry and I love this. Whatever you think you got.  They’re there. They’re uniquely passionate about it.  

And then you ask them what they want Pokemon cards or or Game of Thrones  t-shirts. And guess what you get it to them when you talk to them about their biggest  frustrations, concerns and challenges.  

This is part of the sales process that I typically use with clients health and get clear  about what is really going on for them. And I get clear about those products rooms. And I  can use that in my marketing. This is phenomenal shit to put in your book, by the way,  and I’m going to share with you where he put it on the front cover. Or, or if you’re on the  back cover. 

If you look at Tim Ferriss book, The Four Hour Workweek, he’s it’s an amazing  book. If you haven’t read it, it’s on my shelf. And I love it because I love talking about the  title and subtitle because it asks and answers these questions. So let’s look at it real quick.  The book title is called a four hour workweek. The Four Hour Workweek. 
So my question for you is, who is this book for?  

But who would want a book about a four hour workweek? Let’s think about it.  What does the average American work like? How many hours a week he might answer  this question. The average american works in North America works 40 hours a week. If  they own their own business they run they work hard in that you know. 

There’s a phrase that I heard years ago that the best thing about owning your own  businesses, you get to work any hundred hours a week you want you to just take so this  book could potentially be for anybody who has a job that works nine to five. This book  could potentially be for anybody who runs her own business and is working more than four hours.  

Who is this for? This might also be for somebody who believes that there is a  possibility that wants to work less and have more I kind of get it just in the title I kind of  know who it’s for.  

And it sounds like it’s for frickin anybody who has a job and anybody who’s their  boss. So that’s like almost everybody on the planet except for people who call bullshit  and say I’m not into that I don’t believe it right? This is people that might be positive  thinkers.  

Alright, so let’s go look at the rest of the sometime. What is it about? Well, this is  about this isn’t like a chess trick question. What is the Book about will do that for our  work week. It’s probably got some tips in there about some Four Hour Work Week stuff.  Right? Russell Brunson wrote the book expert secrets I just told you about it.  

What do you think that book is about? Maybe some secrets that are experts have?  And I might want to know, right. 

So like, that’s, that’s it. And let’s look at the subtitle of the four hour workweek.  The first thing it talks about on the subtitle is escape the nine to five. So again, who is this  book for? Well, it’s for people who are working a nine to five who is that employees, cool  employees who think that working the nine to five is something they need to escape from.  

Do you think there’s anybody driving around in traffic in the morning or in the  evening, and they wish they weren’t. And they felt like their job was a prison and they  need to escape? Do you want to escape from a phenomenal relationship? You want to  escape the best sex you’ve ever had? No, you want to escape from prison? That’s where  you want to escape from.  

So why does this matter? Why might this book matter to somebody is the escape  the nine to five a problem or result? It’s a problem. It’s a problem that people wish they  could escape from. What is the promise for the result, a four hour workweek.  

This is what this book is about. It answers the who answers of what it answers  and why. And if we go further into the subtitle, it says, escape the nine to five, live  anywhere is live anywhere, is that a result or a problem living anywhere as a result, what’s the opposite of living anywhere having to live in Minnesota, or Mississippi or  Manhattan and being stuck in traffic wherever it is that you don’t want to be, and you  wish. 

Maybe this group might wish that they could live anywhere now, people who love  their job and love traffic and love what they do, and don’t want to travel, this book is not  for them.  

But those people who look at that and say, shit, this is a problem. And I wish I  could live anywhere this book might be for them, for the dreamers, for the people who  want to think outside the box live anywhere.  

And then the last part of the subtitle is join the new rich join the new rich, that’s a  result. This is why people might want to read this book about you. But I heard that title.  And I was like, hmm,there was one who is the new rich like, Can I like, and this actually  says, you can join them. What’s the opposite of the new rich, the old poor, which is,  which is their problem, right?  

So it’s who,it’s what, it’s why. 

And then the final part of this target when you hit a bull’s eye, when you’re  figuring out your marketing message, or your branding, I want you to consider what you  want them to do next, if you get somebody’s attention.  

And let’s say you want to you want to serve hungry people. What do you got  pizza? Why might they care? Because it’s hot, fresh and fast. Or something like that.  Okay. Or McDonalds? They’re hungry, right? 
So you kind of get it, we get we get the analogy. But what do you want them to do  next? You want them to call and you want them to order you want them to pull into your  drive through? What do you want them to do?  

Now, all too often when I talked to people about their books, they say, Oh, I know.  I want them to buy my book. Well, I get it. Then that cool. They buy your book. Now.  What? And they’re like, well, they have my book.  

And then they’ll have my book. And I’ll be like, yeah, and then what? what he  wants them to do? Well, then I want them to read it. Okay. And then what do you want  them to? Do? I want to do like it. Okay, cool. And after they like it? What do you want them to do? I want them to learn from it. Okay, cool.  

And now that they learn from it, what do you want them to do? I want it to change  their life and inspire them. And then there’ll be better moms and better dads. And better  husbands. Okay, cool.  

And then what? What? And then and then I will I want them to share it with  people. Cool. And then what? What do you want them to do? What by your next book?  Oh, yeah, that’s it. I want to buy my next book. Cool.  

And then one like, how are you going to help them? How much value do you think  you’ll get out of your book? Well, they’ll get a lot of value, it’s going to be amazing. Okay,  that’s cool. They’re going to get this value out of your book, out of your email, out of your  facebook live out of whatever it is. 

What do you want them to do next? How could you add the most value humanly  possible with them if they were to work with you? What could you do to add even more  value beyond the book and I share with them. 

I’m sharing with you that I bought all of Tony Robbins books. I think I bought  them all. And I know because to recent books money master the game and unshakable  and they’re two great books I’m very proud of that and there are sitting on my bookshelf  right now and you know what I should have read them and I feel a little embarrassed  telling you that I haven’t. 

But here’s the thing. I feel good that I bought haven’t read them here’s the thing  most people won’t read your book most people won’t lead your email most people won’t  watch your video most people who buy your course won’t start it most people who start  it won’t finish you put all this your blood sweat and tears and this amazing message of  your book or your or your email or whatever it is that you’re giving them more your course. 

And even Tony Robbins the best in the in the world on the planet of creating  amazing transformation for people I own is damn book and I haven’t read but how has  Tony changed my life was everywhere he’s he he’s on social media cool he’s given me  courses cool. I got more value from this courses by the way than I did his books because  it took those courses and I took them multiple times.  

And then what he did is he provided events for me and then went to these events  and I invested in his master University and I traveled around the world not just go to his  events but then they go volunteer at these events and then get certified and then or  whatever I did I just kept going back and going back and going back and getting more  and getting more and then learning by teaching. 

So Tony Robbins decided to change my life he had to do frickin everything from  me you degree write a book about it he had to go ahead and teach a seminar about it he  invited me to my event the Betsy had to give me an opportunity to grow as a leader so  that I can go back into those environments and give back and teach all the shit that I just  learned yet I haven’t read his books. 

But he changed my life and I didn’t do it. We didn’t do it once you can do it twice.  He’s in it for over a decade. And he’s done it because he found better ways to serve me  and guess what I’ve given him I’ve partnered with about a quarter million dollars with a  my money to buy to give to him or the cost that I’ve had to travel around the world to  give to to attend his events. 

And it has been the best investment I’ve ever made. And when I say that quarter  million that let’s throw in my wife as well because she and I both we actually met  volunteering at a Tony Robbins event.  

So I owe my relationship to Tony because I met my wife at an event. So how are  you going to help people next once they get your book your book is the beginning your  email is the beginning your Facebook Live is the beginning your introductory $47 course  is the beginning. What’s the next step? 

Nobody goes to the Great Pyramids of Egypt and they and they take pictures of the  first step and the first rock and then fucking bail nobody goes up and in like oh yeah, look at that. That beautiful foundational rock and that’s it.  

The pyramids are phenomenal because of all the levels that the extra levels of of  awesomeness that go into the sky and actually I’ve never been there so I’m just I’m just  guessing I can’t wait to go. that’s one of my dream places to visit. But I want you to think  of the next steps. 

Your book is the beginning it’s a phenomenal foundation. I mean you can’t build the top of the pyramid if you don’t have the bottom and these questions these four core  questions who, what, why and what’s next or my gift to you you know the fact that you’re  following me and you’re investing time and energy in and you in your you you like this  content and we’ve connected in some way. 

I just want to help you I love to help you craft a message that made a difference to  people so that you in learn to clarified and continue to clarify your message to that  makes a difference in people and changes the world. 

That’s all I got for you today. My challenge for you is to try to apply this stuff. I’ve  asked you to answer the four questions I gave you here and ask an answer them not just  today not just a marble for the rest of your life continually considered a push the  envelope and figuring out how to dig deeper. To ask and answer these questions so that  you can better serve people. 

So that’s all I got for you today and I was a little long. I think you’re awesome.  That’s why I gave it to you. I hope you enjoyed it. 

And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. 

To get even more awesomeness, which means all my best stuff, download my app  by texting ​Trevor​ to ​36260​. It will show up right on your cell phone.

The most valuable gift I can give you