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The Most Powerful Questions
You Can Ask Yourself.

EPISODE 9 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


The thing that saved my life during the worst time of my life, were the questions I asked  myself. – Trevor Crane


What’s the gift?


A new mentor of mine, Garett J. White, founder of Wake Up Warrior, challenged me with these questions today, and challenged me to share them with you. This is the FOUNDATION of I want to help you tell your story.

The thing that saved my life during the worst time of my life, were the questions I asked myself. Answers to these questions can frame who you are. And how you can create extraordinary results.




ASK these questions, but more importantly ANSWER them.

Capture your answers to these questions in your success journal.


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Ask the question “What’s The Gift?” every day for the next days.


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Welcome, welcome, welcome. This is Trevor Crane​. Welcome to another Daily Dose of Greatness Quest.

Today we’re going to talk about the most powerful questions you can ask yourself. I think you’re really going to love today’s show. ​This is all about a new mentor of mine challenged me with this today and challenged me to actually share it with you, so I know you’re going to love it.


All right, guys. This is the foundation of everything. You know, I honestly believe this.

I just took a training from a friend of mine today. His name is Garrett J. White. He’s a founder of The Wake Up Warrior Movement, and I am part of this mastermind group with him for the next 12 months. I was talking to him today. Actually, he was talking to me, and he was asking me this question about the foundation of what has helped him create the most massive transformation. At one stage, when I filed my bankruptcy, the thing that saved my ass were the questions that I asked myself. I had this core question that I asked myself during the middle of when I was losing everything, when the woman I was in love with left me, when she took our daughter and left the state, when I was losing my house, when I was losing my cars, when I was looking in the mirror and I was very disappointed with the guy I was seeing.

You know, the question that kept me alive, quite frankly, is the question, what’s the gift? I ended up writing a book about this, by the way. If you want to get a free copy of this, you can go to WhatsTheGift.com, and you can get a free copy of that book. I share my insight into this question and how it transformed my life, but that’s actually not what today’s about. My point is that the questions we ask define who we become, and I’m going to give you some core powerful questions today that you can ask. That’s my challenge to you today is to ask these questions for yourself, so write these questions down, the ones I’m about to give you.

Yes. It’d be great for you to ask that core question every single day, multiple times a day, what’s the gift? No matter what, the horse shit that’s going on in your life, just ask the question of what’s the gift in this? Because no matter how bad it got, I knew that there was a gift in it. I was one of the happiest bankrupt guys, bankruptcy and lost everything, that you ever would have met. I didn’t want to slit my own throat because of this core question. I kept asking the question, until I found the answer.

Now, today though I want to give you some foundational questions that can frame who you are and how you’re going to go ahead and create extraordinary results, and so I’m going to give you those questions today. My challenge for you is to write these down, ask these questions, but more importantly, answer them. Pull out your success journal, whatever that is, and spend some time focused on answering these questions. I’ll answer them for you for myself here, so that I can be a little bit vulnerable and authentic with you about my answers to these.

Question number one is who are you? I know this is a very simple question, but I’ve been asked this question multiple times doing personal development things for years. I have to say that one of the first times I asked this question I didn’t have any idea what the answer was. I didn’t even know. It was just confusing. A mentor had asked me the question, and I’m like, “Who are you?”, as if I should know the answer. It seems like a pretty simple question, but I ended up sitting with it for days before I felt like I came up with an answer.

The first thing that came out of my mouth when I asked this question and answered it for myself today was that I am a father. Being that I just had a new baby, that makes sense that that would come up first. It’s where I have a lot of my energy, but I’m also a husband, and I don’t know necessarily … This isn’t about order. This is just what came up for me. I’m a brother. I’m a son. I’m a leader. I’m a student. I’m a finisher. Then, you know, I realized that I have these new questions that have created this new I am statement.

See, the most powerful force in the human personality is the way that you identify yourself. If you identify yourself with, “I am a loser,” or, “I am a suck hole,” or, “I am stupid,” or, “I am fat,” or, “Why do I always fail?”, you’re going to find an answer, and you’re going to find something that’s not going to serve you. What you want to come up with are better answers and better questions. I have three core questions that define who I am as a businessman, and as a change agent, and as someone who wants to make a difference and help more people. It is that I am a marketer, I am a closer, and I am a leader. I’d like to tell you I came up with those. Those are my questions.

That’s bullshit. Those are simple questions. I wasn’t the first one to come up with them. I’ve got a friend of mine called the Hardcore Closer. You know? The whole identity is that I am a closer, like I will close deals. I will make the sale. I will influence others when it comes to business. On the responsibility of I am a marketer … Remember, again, this is just my stuff and my answer to the question of who I am, but when I say I am a marketer, now I have to step up and align myself with that identity and become a master in my marketing to get people’s attention, to go ahead and find those people who want my help, so that I can lead. Then I am a closer, meaning I need to become a master of collecting a decision. A yes is great, and a no is awesome, but what is not acceptable is a maybe. I am a leader. Excuse me. I am a marketer. I am a closer.

Then the final one is I am a leader. Honestly, I had a conversation with myself and a board of directors that I carry in my head like a crazy person. I call it my Central Intelligence Agency, and I just renamed the group, by the way. It’s now my War Room, because the truth is I need to be going to war there. One of my mentors sat at that table in my mind, and I talked to myself as this person. I realized that I needed to step it up and that, “I am a market. I am a closer,” is awesome, but when it comes down to it, the person they need to work on is me. I am a leader, and that’s the gap that I have to go ahead and fill in.

Here I’m going to ask you your second question. Again, I’m not doing this to tell you everything about me. I’m trying to give you context, so you can go ahead and at least get some ideas about how you can answer these questions for yourself. I don’t know that there’s a right or a wrong answer here. It’s just that you need to come up with yours. So, the next question for you is why are you here? You could answer that as why are you here on that planet? That’s how I’ve often asked it, like what is my purpose? What is my vision?

I just saw Arnold Schwarzenegger deliver a speech about the five rules and his secrets to success. It was phenomenal, by the way. I just shared it on my Facebook wall. If you guys want to see that, you can check that out. But why am I here? Why did I show up and pay attention to …? I’m part of two mastermind mentoring groups right now, where I am not the leader. I am somebody that is there to learn and take my business and my life to the next level, and I am doing that because I need to associate with next level people to take me where I want to go, and I lead two mastermind and mentor groups as well, where I am doing the same thing for the people that I get to shepherd, and help, and serve. One’s around book, and one’s around business.

Now, why are you here? Why are you here on this podcast? Why are you here listening to this? Why are you paying attention to the things that you’re paying attention to? I know what it is for me? I mean, I tune in to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger talk about his secrets to success, or I tune in to listen to my mentors, or I tune in here to podcasts like what I’m creating for you right now, because I know what it is. I want more.

Now, this is my answer, not yours. I don’t know what your challenges are right now, but I want to have it all. This is my answer to the question of why I am here. In order to do that, and to find my voice, and to lead, and to step up and create the results that I want in the world, I don’t have a choice, but I have to commit to this daily discipline of leading this podcast and many other disciplines that it’s time for me to step up to whole new level to become 300 times the man, and the leader, and the father, and the husband, and the businessman that I want to be.

The third question for you today is where are you at today? I’ll tell you what. When I read this, when I learned this from my mentor this morning, I was pretty proud of myself. He talks about, Garrett J. White talks about four areas of our life, you know, body, being, balance, and business. I assessed all mine, and I gave myself sevens. I was like, “Man, this is pretty cool. Where am I at, man?” I did my own 1 to 10, right? This isn’t how he told me to answer it. This is just he asked the question. I’m asking you the question, and you need to figure out how you’re going to define it, but for myself I gave myself sevens, man. I gave my own little 1 through 10, gave myself sevens.

Then I was exercising earlier today, and on this run, when I was exercising … I’m pretty stoked, by the way, because I just got over a surgery recently, a knee surgery, and I was so excited that I have rehabbed my knee to the point where I can run around at least and do lunges and squats and things. I’m looking forward to playing soccer and doing cool stuff in the near future, but I was on this run. Instead of listening to audio books, and instead of doing a lot of things to feel inspired by others, I spoke to myself. I had my War Room meeting, my CIA round table meeting with my Board of Directors.

One of them say there and fucking yelled at me, as me. This is me yelling to me, as me in my own War Room, and called bullshit on all of my numbers. Yeah. Compared to what most people have, maybe a seven …. A seven made me feel good. I have a great relationship with my wife. I have a great relationship with my clients, and I do great things as a father, but it’s not anywhere close to my standard of what I ultimately want for myself. The truth is if I look at it authentically and I tell the honest truth to you, I can’t admit to you that I’m living at tens, man. All right. I’m living at sevens. See?

That suggests that there’s only a minor shift that I need to make to take my life to the next level in these areas, and I had to challenge myself. There was nobody else I was talking to but me on this run. I do it out loud, by the way. I record these conversations, so I can pretend like I called Tony Robbins. I talk to him, because he’s the chairman at my Board of Directors round table or War Room now. I gave myself the score of a three across the board, not because my life isn’t fricking awesome right now, and yeah, I need to spend more time in gratitude and being grateful for it, but right now I just need to be authentic about the gap between where I am and where I want to go. Where I truly am at, three is generous, compared to where I want to go.

My challenge to you is to ask and answer these three questions. Then I’m going to give you two more. Where do you want to go? You know, one of the first things that Arnold Schwarzenegger just said on this presentation, where he said these were his secrets for success, is he got crystal clear about his vision, like what do you want? Quite honestly, I have defined that in many ways. I’ve defined that with my relationship. I’ve defined that as being a father. You know? I’ve created some goals that sound nice. I say that I want to make a million dollars a year, and that sounds cool. I can brag about that, and it sounds cool, but the truth is I’m not close to that yet, not even close. Even saying that is betraying the trust that I might have with you that I’m anywhere close to that.

That said, I also don’t feel like it’s far away, but the truth is I had to assess where I was at, where I’m at, and where I want to go. In my body being balanced, and business, and however the categories of life you have, let’s just say that one is professional and one is personal. Where do you want to go? The truth is that even when I say, “I want to make a million dollars a month, and I want to give away a million dollars a year,” I haven’t clearly defined it to the degree that Arnold Schwarzenegger did. I’m not going to tell you all about it, but he saw himself, as a 15 year old in Austria, moving to America, becoming a movie star, becoming a world champion bodybuilder. He saw it all. He saw it all, and everything he did was to make that reality come true. My question for you is where do you want to go?

The final question for you today is what’s standing in your way of getting there? One of the things that’s standing in the way of me getting there is just defining with clarity what it is that I want. Oftentimes when I seek mentoring from another human or I choose to give mentoring, and coaching, and support to somebody that I’m helping create a result, a result that I’ve already created, like helping people write a great book, and change the world with their message, and attract more clients, and build their brand, and grow their business, and master their marketing to the degree that I have learned to master my marketing, but is not even close to what is next for me, you know, the first thing I got to do is help people get clarity.

What’s lacking for me is the thinking big enough and getting a clear enough picture of precisely and exactly who this man is that I shall become when I’m, excuse me, 300 times more powerful than I am today in all of these areas, that I’m 300 times a better husband, and a better father, and a better businessman, and a better leader, and a better giver. So, then I also broke it down into the categories. You can do this personally and professionally. You can choose, body, being, balance, and business. Again, that’s not my creation. Hey, man, you can break your life into whatever categories you think are appropriate for you. Tony Robbins has his wheel of life. That is something that I focused on early on in a mentor that I sought that led me. He didn’t say, “Follow me, brother.” He said, “Become the leader that will stand beside me and walk with me.”

That’s what I guess my challenge is for you today is to consider these questions and to take on this challenge for the day, to ask and answer these questions for yourself. If you want to be a total baller, take it to the next level and share this with the next person. Do what I just did today, because I didn’t come up with today’s exercise. This wasn’t my great epiphany of what I was going to share with you today. This was what I was told to do. I was told to ask these questions, to answer them myself, and then to teach and share this with someone else, which is what I did. So, I’m going to challenge you today to also, if you want to, take this to the next level and talk to somebody about it. Share somebody with this.

If you want to go ahead and take me up on getting one of my books that actually helped save my life, and I’ve got a 30 day goal setting challenge in it, I think it’s a phenomenal strategy. It’s about the mindset and meaning you have, even when life is dishing the most awful shit to you ever. ​I’ll send you my book for free. It’s called What’s the Gift? Go to WhatsTheGift.com.​ You can pick that up. It comes with a free 30 day challenge. In fact, you know what? You can cheat it, if you want. You can go find the bonus link for it. Just go to Amazon. Search for the book. If you want to just go get all the bonuses and take the 30 day challenge in and of itself, just go … I think you go to WhatsTheGift.com/bonus, and you can pick that up as well.

Anyway, I’m out. Take this as a challenge. Go ask and answer these questions and create a powerful answers for you, so that you have a foundation for your success moving forward.

That’s it. Trevor, I’m out. Talk to you tomorrow.

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