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EPISODE 85 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


On today’s Daily Dose of Greatness quest, I talk about taking ​THE​ ​CANCER OF MAYBE​. TRUST ME: It is a ​disease​ that needs to be REMOVED from your vocabulary. 

CONSIDER​: How often do you use the word MAYBE? How is that affecting your life?
Today’s challenge is to go on a “maybe” diet. Try to take the word “MAYBE” out of your  vocabulary. Try it for 30-days.

Instead, choose to become a CLOSER.

Yes or no.  

And try only collecting YES’S or NO’S. The in-between “maybe” shit will SUCK YOUR  SOUL OUT YOUR EYEBALLS.  


“Accepting a “maybe” is like swallowing cancer.” – Trevor Crane

Accepting a maybe is like swallowing cancer.

“There’s power in YES. There’s power in NO. But MAYBE is a cancer.” – Trevor Crane

There's power in yes. There's power in no. But maybe is a cancer.


How often do you use the word MAYBE? How is that affecting your life? 


Today’s challenge is to go on a “maybe” diet. Take the word “MAYBE” out of your  vocabulary. Try it for 30-days.

Instead, choose to become a CLOSER. Yes or no. And try only collecting YES’S or NO’S. The in-between “maybe” shit will SUCK YOUR SOUL OUT YOUR EYEBALLS.


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Hey guys welcome back on today’s podcast. I want to talk about ​THE CANCER OF  MAYBE​. The last few shows, I’ve talked about the power of NO and the power of saying  YES but I truly believe that using maybe is a cancer. That it’s time to cut out of your life. 

So sit back and relax and welcome to today’s daily dose of greatness quest. 


Alright guys, welcome back. I’m really happy that we’re talking about this because  the young sort of know or excuse me the decision to start saying yes, in my life was one  of the coolest things that have started shifting. Yes, I am gonna go ahead and create  amazing results. Yes, I’m going to take that risk. Yes, I’m going to become a scuba diver.  Yes, I’m going to, you know, whatever it is.  

And oftentimes we’re scared of saying yes. And then there are times in our lives  when we’re scared of saying no, and I think there’s power in both of those. But one of the  softener is that I think we fall into I just really recognize this that I started doing this the  other day with my daughter is that the word maybe is a cancer that I think it’s time for us  to get out of our vocabulary.  

Now, if you’re in sales, this is it. This is actually pretty obvious. You’ve probably  already experienced this the power of a YES. And the power of NO, you’re just like, thank  you for giving me a yes or no, and being decisive. But nobody wants to hear your maybe.  And just think about it. If you say maybe to your husband, maybe to your to your wife,  maybe to a girlfriend, maybe to a boyfriend, maybe to your kids, maybe to a client,  maybe to your mentor, nobody wants to hear it, nobody wants to hear about your  indecisiveness and all it does is it’s a decision to not make a decision. Maybe I’m going to  go now. 

I fell into this pattern with my daughter just the other day my daughter and I,  we’re gonna have bubble tea if you don’t have bubble tea, or boba tea or whatnot. But we  love it. There’s this name, it doesn’t really matter. But it was like, let’s let’s grow the ice  cream or whatever it is. And I wanted to go have bubble tea. And we were on vacation  and we wanted to go make this happen. But we ended up being busy and we didn’t  happen. So just the other day, you know, my my daughter said, Can we do it this morning? And I recognize that my answer was maybe.  

So here’s the thing. I thought that I was a decisive guy. I thought that I was a guy  that was now had conditioned myself to stop using the word maybe. But it showed up  just the other day, like two days ago with my daughter. And I realized what a gigantic  mistake it was. My daughter does not want to hear my maybe, my clients don’t want to  hear my maybe.  

I mean, let’s go back to the sales conversation. If you’re trying to make a sale and  somebody said, you get a yes you celebrate. If you get a no thank God, you got to know  because now you can focus on somebody else. But uh, maybe will suck your soul through  your eyeballs. it’ll it’ll, it’ll suck out your energy.  

A friend of mine went approached me and he said, Trevor want to have you  helped me make a sale. I’m about to travel overseas. And I’m he was a doctor and he was  going to go overseas. And he had the opportunity to meet with these big companies and  make this pitch and he wanted to make this pitch and make a big sale on his first visit. 
And so we work together he came to my house, why the big whiteboard in my  house and we crafted this whole plan. And he went out and he deployed the plan. And he  did it really well. And he came back from his trip. And I was so excited because I didn’t  meet with five clients. And he came back and he told me that he closed five deals. And I  was like, holy. But these were big multimillion dollar contracts for him.  

But I was so excited for him. I was like, really, when do you start? And he’s like,  well, not sure yet, because. And he started telling a story I come to find out and it didn’t  take but a couple of minutes for me to figure out with him. He didn’t close one of those  deals. He didn’t get the contract or the money. What he got was a very firm and happy  maybe. But all that happened is he came home proud of himself that he had succeeded.  I’m making sales that he did not make.  

My wife is really good at this. My wife doesn’t count a sale until the money hits the  bank. And I used to get really excited like, Oh, I just got somebody that you know it so in.  But maybes are killing you. They’re killing your business. They’re killing your success.  They’re killing it. They’re a cancer. They need to be cut out.  

And here’s the thing. I forgot that this word maybe is such a dangerous question.  What I when I saw it is when I looked into my daughter’s eyes when she when she asked me Can we go have bubble tea this morning. And it was early in the morning, 9am. We’re  getting our passport the other day because we’re on a trip to the Bahamas here really  soon. And our passport is expired. And my daughter’s eyes fell when I told her maybe  she was gonna be happy with Yeah, she probably wouldn’t have been happy with it. No,  it wasn’t even possible at that stage to go for bubble tea. at nine o’clock in the morning. I  wouldn’t even go to Starbucks or something. But I saw her eyes fall and she was so  disappointed inside. And it made me realize I just used that. Maybe I said maybe we can.  

And I think that this is something that you should cut out of your life. I have seen  so many places where this has caused me challenges and probably causing you  challenges. So here’s my challenge for you today. I challenge you to take the word maybe  out of your vocabulary choose to become a closer. A closer is someone who says I will  accept an yes I will accept it. No, but it is black and white. It is not gray fuzziness.  

I met a guy at an event just recently. And everything this kid said was gray. It was  always like I kinda sorta feel and it just everything about our conversation started  driving me insane. Because he made no choices. Nothing was black. Nothing was white. I  said Hey, are you going to invest in this new program? And he was like, Well, I’m kind of  sort of thinking. And I was like, he was driving me frickin insane.
And here’s my challenge to you is, I think that the people around you that you  were saying maybe too, and the person that you’re looking at in the mirror is actually  sick and tired of you saying maybe and just discover the power of saying yes, and the  power of saying no, and give it as a gift to your clients.  

You know, if you’re in sales, and you want to you’re trying to make a sale to  somebody, you know, when do you want to make the sale? Do you want to make it  sometime? Do you want to make it next month? Do you want to wait for them to talk to  their spouse or their husband? Or go ahead and think about it or do more research? Or  when do you really wish you could make the sale right now. You know, that’s when I  want the sale right now.  

Make a decision. Yes. Or make a decision. No, but don’t give me your maybe. I  would just I want you to look at your life. And to see where maybe is causing you pain.  Maybe I’m going to go on vacation. Maybe I’m going to go ahead and start that business.  Maybe we’re going to go for ice cream. Because I saw my daughter’s eyes fall. And I realized that I was using this as a softener. It makes it really easy that I can do this as a  closer in life and in business. Like oh man, yes. I’m in Yes. No, not you know, and I try to  incentivize people with sales. And I’m like, hey, if you do this today, I’m going to give you  a bonus. If you do this right now, I might give you a discount. If you do this right now,  here’s what it’s going to mean to you.  

But just go ahead and look at your life and decide where it is that you should be  cutting maybe out of the equation and just take a 30 day diet of getting maybe just take it  out of your own life and see the power of how that shows up for you. Because there’s a  power in Yes.And there was a power and no and both of those will give you some  amazing gifts.  

Okay, so that’s all I got for you today. I hope you join me tomorrow on today’s on  our podcast tomorrow on today’s podcast. Jesus. Come on tomorrow’s podcasts of  another daily dose of greatness quest. I’m pretty excited about it. I’m like Episode 85, 86  something like that. This is every single day in a row. You can tune in if you just go to my  website, go to ​trevorcrane.com​ and you can check it out. If you’re listening to this  already on my podcast.  

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow and make your life magnificent. 

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