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EPISODE 144 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


What is the biggest lie you are currently telling yourself?

And, don’t just dismiss this question. ​You ARE lying to yourself.

The question is WHAT IS THE LIE?​ Whatever your current is, it’s probably different from  the lies you were telling yourself a year ago. And it will be different a year from now.

TRUTH IS​: There are these lies that we tell ourselves, every day. ​What are yours?  


What is the biggest lie you are currently telling yourself?  

“One lie can destroy a lifetime of integrity.” – Trevor Crane

One lie can destroy a lifetime of integrity.


Consider this question for yourself, “What are the lies that you’re telling yourself today?” 

Be honest and look at how your lies are affecting the different parts of your life.
Write your revelations in your journal. 


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Welcome back. On today’s show, we’re going to talk about lies, truth and lies.  What is the biggest lie you are currently telling yourself?  

This is a little homework assignment that someone else gave me. I’ve been  answering this question for myself. I found some profound value in it.
And I hope you love the show. 


Okay, so the core question today is, what is the biggest lie you are currently telling  yourself? Or what is the biggest lie you were telling yourself today. And the truth is, that  you are lying to yourself. There’s a lie that you’re telling yourself, there’s a lie that you’re  living, and it is whatever the current one is for you right now. And it’s probably different  year ago, and it’ll be different a year from now. 
But there are these lies that we tell ourselves. And my, some of my mentors gave  this question to me just recently, and I’ve been asking and answering it. And it has been  really powerful. And so I’ll share with you mine real quickly. 

And then challenge you to ask and answer this question. And then write down  your own revelations about your discovery, because I think it is pretty neat.  

And I’m going to share with you an episode tomorrow about something that’s like  an origin story of like, were like, what created me, and what are the things that  happened in my youth, and they kind of set some standards of who I’ve become as a  man, as a person as a grownup. We’re gonna talk about that for you as well, like, what’s  your hero origin story?  

But real brief, let’s just get into this about the core lies that I am currently telling  myself and everybody’s lying to themselves to some level. And so asking this question,  first of all, did not make me feel comfortable, and I call bullshit. I’m like, you know, I’m  not lying. I’m not a liar. And I don’t want you to even ask me the question.  

And I and I almost refuse to answer it, which is, if you have a gut reaction like that at all, then it’s possible, you might want to look a little bit more closely at it. And then  what happens is that maybe you’re just a little bit too sensitive, which means there’s  some truth to it, right? If somebody calls you a name, and it’s completely ridiculous, you  just think they’re, they’re kind of a crazy person.  

But as they call you a name and it sounds like it might be a little bit too close to  home, then you might get upset about it. Like, if somebody calls you a green frog. I  remember, this is a really great, like, way of looking at it. If somebody calls you a green  frog, you know, like, Oh, my God, you are a green frog.
You’re going to be like, okay, you’re not even really gonna argue with this person.  They’re just kind of nuts out of their mind. Because you’re like, I’m a human not a green  frog. I don’t even know what you’re thinking about. You don’t even get upset. You just  like, I’m sorry, you don’t even argue with them.
But if somebody calls you a liar, or procrastinator or rat bastard, or whatever it is,  that like, fires you up and like, makes you a little bit uncomfortable, and you get  defensive, then maybe there’s something a little close there. So hold on, on the liar part.  Where did I discover online? when i when i got over myself and I and I just, you know, ask the question again.
I’m like, Okay, hold on. Let’s assume that there is a place I’m lying. Where is it?  And I realized it’s everywhere. Okay, for me, and I don’t know what it is for you. Because  I’m asking you to ask and answer this question for yourself. But for me, the biggest lie on  telling myself is I can’t. 

And this is crazy, because I grew up with my father telling me that you know, the  his little dad-ism was, can’t never did nothing and can’t isn’t above I’ve. I’ve shared that  on previous episodes that I’ve got, I can’t isn’t even a word that we use in our house. But I  do make excuses. I make excuses for why I don’t do something.  

And it is that I can’t, I don’t have the time like, well, I don’t have the money I want  to, I don’t have the business that I want want. While another relationship I want, why I  don’t have the business that I want. And this is a sensitive subject as well, because I  already have a lot of those things. I’m happy with my body, I’m happy with my  relationship. I’m happy with my business. It’s great. I’m grateful for it.
But I’m also frustrated that it’s not better than it is. And so my story about why I don’t have it is I don’t have the time or the money. I’m not smart enough. I’m not good  enough. And I come up with a series, a litany of excuses. And every one of those excuses  is total and utter bullshit. But it is my reality.

It’s the it you know, Henry Ford said it that ​whether you think you can, or you  think you can’t, you’re usually right ​ . And so the thing that I realized when it comes to  the lies on telling myself for me, are all the excuses that I make about why that I don’t  have what I want. And we all want something that’s that’s something that we don’t have.  

I think if you’re honest, there’s some things that you want that you don’t have  there some things that you want, that are outside of your comfort zone, when it comes to  you doing something that you know you need to do that will just make you feel  uncomfortable you like I don’t want to do that.  

That scares me. And, and I have these fears. Like, I don’t know what the fears are  for you. But I know what some of them are for me, and some of those excuses for me.  

So my challenge for you today is to consider this question for yourself, what are  the lies that you’re telling, you’re telling yourself today, and then be honest about those  and look at how those are affecting the different parts of your life.  

And you’ve heard me talk about this before that I think there’s four categories of  your life that you can look at real easily, body being, balance and business. And look  about how these lives are showing up in your body other showing up in your being or  your connection with your spirituality and your truth later.  

And then your balance is your connection with your family. And then your  businesses, obviously your business and I look at my business, I see that this lie that I’ve  been telling myself of the excuses that I make that aren’t really real, but are ones that I  make that I don’t have the time, that I don’t know enough people, that I’m not smart  enough, that I’m not good enough, that people won’t trust me, you know, that I might  look stupid, that these things are holding me back from helping people.  

So what I wrote down in my journal, when it came to this, as I wrote down, I  wrote down these fears. And I wrote down these lies. But then the results of that, and this  is the key for me, and I don’t know what it is for you. And this I wrote in huge letters in  my journal is that I’m hurting other people.  

So you know, that hurts, that hurts bad. So these lies that I’m telling myself, not  just affect me, but they affect other people, they affect my family. And they also affect the  people that I might have the the opportunity to help. And then same thing when it comes  to my body, my balance of my being, and they do the same exercise.  

So that’s my challenge for you today is to think about this and journal it and  actually write down your answers. Pull out your journal, use a pen, use a pencil, pull out  your success journal, and write down your answers about how the lies you’re telling  yourself today are affecting your family.  

And if you’re just going to go ahead and just listen in to this and not really do it  and and go Oh, that’s nice. That’s cute. Trevor lies himself. But I don’t you know, they’re  there that that that right. There was probably one of the lies that you could be you could  go to get into.  

Because there are areas of your life that you were telling yourself some bullshit, I  don’t know what it is. But I would challenge you to look at it, write it down and come up  with your own revelations about now what you’re going to go do about it. 
And that’s all I got for you today. Tomorrow. I’m excited to share with you the  show where we’re going to talk about some of the things that happened to you when you  were younger, that defined who you are. This is super, super cool. And it actually is very  relevant to the lies that you’re telling yourself today. So these two kind of go together.  

I hope you plug in, do the exercise please today and then plug in tomorrow so that  you can learn this this this little evolution or an origin story, your own origin story and  I’m going to ask you some questions that are going to help you really jog your memory  and make you realize some amazing things. 

So I can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow and make today magnificent. 

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