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EPISODE 112 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today, I share with you the failures that happened in my life which turned out to be THE  BEST THINGS THAT NEVER HAPPENED.
I believe there’s magic in finding the real GIFT behind our troubles and difficulties and our failures. 


Think about something you wanted in the past… REALLY badly… but you “failed” to get  it. Or keep it. Maybe it was a JOB. Or a RELATIONSHIP. Or a BUSINESS. 

Think about one of those things that you DIDN’T get…
Now, answer this question: 

“Why is it a BLESSING that you didn’t get it?” 


“Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.” – Garth Brooks

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers


“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” – Henry Ford

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently


Think of something that used to be a GOAL that you really wanted… a goal that you were  striving for personally or professionally. 

And then you did not get it.  

You did not win. You failed. 

But then it was the best thing that never happened.  

You didn’t get that job. You didn’t stay with that girl.  

But you found the next thing which was the best thing. 

What are they for you? 

What’s the best thing that never happened to you? 


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Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. I’m Trevor Crane. And every  single day now, I’m trying to bring you something to help your life and business go to the  next level.  

And today’s subject is about THE BEST THING THAT NEVER HAPPENED. And I  know you’re gonna love this show. 


Hey guys, so welcome to the show. I have been doing my podcast now for over 100  episodes every day. Pretty excited about that, because I think that has been adding a lot  of value, have shared with you a lot of stories, a lot of our journey. 

I shared with you guys how we swam with pigs and dolphins and done some cool  stuff. And I’ve shared with you some things that made me feel vulnerable of the night  scare me and whatnot. 
But I was thinking recently and I don’t have your guys remember that song by  Garth Brooks. Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers. That’s a daily quote of the  day by the way, sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.
That’s actually what today is about are the best things that happened to you and  me that never happened. Because sometimes I think we plan these big goals and these  big dreams we want things to happen.  

We’re like I’m you know, I’m in love. And I hope I’m with this woman or this guy  for the rest of my life. And then, the best thing never happens and we break up. 

Because we want our business to be phenomenal and we’re in one business or  another. And then the best thing in the world happens that we lose that business. And I  think there’s a magic and finding the real gift behind the trouble and the heartache and whatnot.
But I was thinking about the times in my life when this has happened to me.  When I was a teenager, I had my first job ever other than working with my dad, which I  don’t know that I would call a job because, you know, his guy had just, those are things I  just had to do. But I got a job working at a gas station and that was a job I got fired from.

And I got fired because I put transmission fluid they someone came by the the gas  station and I would feed gas. I was like 16 years old, 15 or 16 years old. And somebody  said, Can you put oil in my car? And so what I did is I grabbed a thing of transmission  fluid. I’m like, which one would you like? And he goes the white one or gold one or  whatever wasn’t. 

So I grabbed it and I filled up his engine with transmission fluid. By the way,  you’re not supposed to do that. And they fired me for that one because I didn’t know any  different. I asked the dude What do you want and he bought it but I lost it now is a bad  thing like food but thank God like I wasn’t like the gas station dude right?  

And then when I was in high school I had my first girlfriend How about you? You  remember your first girlfriend first boyfriend and I was in love with her she was my first  and I wanted to be with her forever and I remember telling her one time I’m so grateful  you’re the only person that ever been intimate with. 

I just think this is gonna be amazing and last record she broke up with me within  like a couple weeks apparently she wanted to have a couple different flavors taste the  other ice cream that was out there. 

And I was heartbroken but like thank god right and I’ve been I went I was a serial  monogamous for a while so I can’t tell you how many times as in a relationship with  someone in like one that the last forever and then it didn’t. Thank God for unanswered  prayers. The best thing that ever happened was that that never happened. 
So my question for you as a my challenge for you, and I’m gonna tell you a couple  more stories here, but I think you get the premise is that I want you to think of something  that used to be a goal that you really wanted a goal that’s something they’d like you were  you were striving for it at personally, professionally. 
And then you did not get it. You did not win. You failed the test. You failed, you  miserable bastard. You failed. But then it was the best thing that never happened. You  didn’t get that job. You didn’t stay with that girl. But you you found the next thing which  was the best thing. Maybe there’s a couple things down the line. But what are they for  you? 

When I was in college, because I’m going in chronological order here. I made my little list of a few things to get to remind myself and also to jog your memory about it’s  okay when things don’t work out the way that you the way did you plan because  sometimes it’s God’s plan universe is playing or whatever. Right? 

When I was in college, I was a freshman. And I thought I wanted to be a football  player. Because I’m such a big guy. I was like, you know, so fast and I’m so black and  white as a sheet. So Oh, by the way, for listening to this on podcast right now, I’m making  a video creating a video episode to go check it out on Facebook, go check it out on  YouTube channel and whatnot, and give me some love. Cuz I’m in my office right now. 

For those of you who are listening, and you’ll probably already know I’m not  black, not the same. I’m just saying I wasn’t the greatest athlete. There’s some  phenomenal white athletes by the way, and I’m just gonna seem like a racist bastard,  which I’m not. But hey, I wanted to play football just so happened that everybody else on  the team was better than me.  

So when I went to Glendale Community College out of high school, I went there on  academic scholarship. I did just barely good enough to get a little in state academic  community college scholarship, which paid my tuition was like $110 or something like  that. That’s the amount of scholarship that I was granted from my genius.  

But I wanted to play football and thank God I didn’t I didn’t make the team. I  certainly worked out with them. I certainly got my ass kicked for with them. I tried all  summer, my buddy, my buddy and roommate made the team and he was actually  brought in for athletic scholarship because he’s a bastard and he played for him.  

But thank God I didn’t, I wouldn’t got my ass kicked. I was like the smallest guy on  the team was the slowest guy on the team. Like I didn’t deserve to be there, but thank  God. Now it was it was a good five failed, right? But from there, I played all the  intramural sports, I play tennis, I played racquetball, I played a didn’t run track, or when  I played soccer, oh my god at some of my best moments of my life, playing soccer and  some of the most amazing things ever for like an intramural sport.  

And when I went to when I went to Arizona State, I played rugby and it was my  senior year and I fortunately got on the rugby team and I did well enough in that sport  like a I didn’t need to be as tall or as coordinate like it was a combination of sports for me  because I was pretty good all around but I was never really great at any one sport until rugby, baby. 

In rugby, I had my greatest you know physical fitness awesome story things. I  should tell you a story about my best touchdown or try that I made in rugby. One day I’ll  do that because it’s just badass and fun. But I these amazing things happen. I played  Arizona State rugby I scored the most touchdowns or what they call and rugby is a try on  my team. My my senior year my first year was freaking awesome. 

Like thank God I didn’t make the football team and have my ass handed to me. So  again I’m reminding you to think of what are the best things that never happened for you  that so that you you’re grateful for them and then also reminds you that the next thing  that you try that you fail at that maybe it’s okay that it didn’t work out for you. 

Because I had a business that was my water sports business for those of you You  don’t know I had a watersports business. After I was a scuba instructor I started a  parasailing water sports business out of the Ritz Carlton and Naples Florida and I was  running this water sports business we had waverunners and sailboats and kayaks and  my Paris sale business and I was doing well there I’ve been there about six years maybe  going on seven. 

And I was talking to the the guy that owned the water sports contract at the Ritz  Carlton and he was going to sell me the water sports contract instead of me  subcontracting from him and the best thing that never happened is that I didn’t get that  deal in fact that jackass was lying to me and I didn’t know that. 

Well, he and I were talking about this negotiating about he was negotiating with  somebody else on the side. And then I met with him on like a Monday at the bank to get  the money to buy the business and I was gonna This is gonna be the next you know,  decade of my life was running this watersports program there on the beach. 

And on Wednesday. I got a phone call Monday at the be at the bank with him  Wednesday. I got the phone call and he went ahead and gave the contract to someone  else. And not only did I not on the contract anymore, I was fired. 

So a partnership that we’d had for six years and now me about to take over the  program. I got nothing. I got nothing zilch and I lost that entire business and I fought for  about six months to you’re trying to keep my watersports business afloat.

But the best thing that never happened for me was that I lost that watersports  contract because I decided I needed to make a shift that this was not the next decade of  my life.  

And I decided to go into a new industry, one that I’d never been in, but one that  set me free. I made more money in my next business, which is an environmental  protection company, which was the sexy name that I had for a street cleaning company  where we did some environmental stuff as well. 
But I had these gigantic street cleaning trucks and instead of having hundreds and  thousands of clients every every year in my water sports business where I made 50  bucks a pop I had a handful of clients are done. clients and he paid me hundreds of  thousands of dollars or millions of dollars. And that made a bunch of money like, dude,  thank God that that guy jacked me out of the water sports contract.
So again, my challenge for you, what’s the best thing that never happened for  you? And one of those things was losing that business now, and my wife and my  environmental protection company ran that for two, three years, making great money,  very proud of myself thinking that hung the moon.  

But I also realized that I wanted out it wasn’t the business for me. It didn’t call to  my heart. I was actually bored to tears with it. And there’s a lot of things I didn’t like  about it. And so do I burned three businesses to the ground.  

This is one of them. I was in the transition of trying to sell it. I didn’t like a  business partner that I was working with. And I ended up destroying that company. Now  I had wanted to sell it but the best thing that never happened for me in this context with  that businesses, I lost it now. I wished I could have sold it for millions of dollars and all of  that. 

But what happened is that precipitated my bankruptcy, which I certainly never  wanted to happen. But it was one of the best things that ever happened.  

I lost the woman I was with. I was in love with this woman. We’d had a daughter  together and I wanted to spend forever with her. I didn’t ask her to marry me, but it was  I was thinking about it like it would have been nice but weren’t really happy. And I was  the problem.

I didn’t want to just ask her to marry me based on circumstance. I wanted to ask  her to marry me because I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and I had hoped  that would be the case that’s what I wanted to happen. 

But the best thing that never happened is that we broke up and we just so happen  to break up when I lost everything. When I lost all my money in my house. I’m like big  surprise. Like I lost everything and she wants to bail on me like that’s probably a pretty  smart decision but at my body when I certainly did not lie to a lot of other things that  happen. 

I wanted to win the lawsuit against this jackass. I wouldn’t do not go bankrupt. I  wanted to keep the business, I wanted to sell it. I wanted to be with the woman. I wanted  to all work out the best thing that never happened. 

I lost all of that. And I met my wife when I was at the bottom of the bottom. The  best thing that never happened was all that stuff I had wanted to happen. And then,  yeah, I got it. I didn’t like the business member. I told her I wanted out of that business. I  was trying to sell it and get out. 
And what ended up happening is, I found the right woman and I found the right  relationship. And I found the right business for me. See, on the side, I had been doing  business coaching and consulting. And then it worked kind of, well. I was doing good at  it. But I didn’t really start that full time until after I had met my wife and things really  worked out for me.  

So my question to you again is for is to just have you think about the times in your  life, the things in your life that used to want really bad maybe something you really,  really, really, really tried for and you failed miserably. You didn’t get it. You thought I’d  make you happy you didn’t get it and it’s the best thing that could have happened to you.  

That’s my challenge for you today. That’s all I got for you today is just to think  about what’s the best thing that never happened because it’s coming. The next is there’s  another one coming for all of us and I don’t know what it is like I hope all my frickin  dreams come true.  

But those times that we fail and I’ve still got I’ve got this poster Muhammad Ali  here in the background and talks about when I’ve been doing a lot of studying with him lately. I know he’s not here anymore. But I’ve been reading his book and watching his  videos and watching his interviews and he had talked about the how the defeated you  can rise up and become stronger than they ever were before. So just because you lose  doesn’t make you a loser. The only thing that makes you losers if you just choose not to  get up.  

That’s all I got for you today. Make today magnificent. I can’t wait to see tomorrow  on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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