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EPISODE 89 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today, is episode #89! DAMN! That’s 89 days in a row, of me posting the 2018 season of  the Greatness Quest Podcast!!! ​Damn – that feels good.
So, in honor of this accomplishment…
Today, ​I want to take you back in time…
To the best of 1989.  

What’s so special about 1989?
Well… it was a ​memorable​ year for me, because, I graduated from high school.

Get ready for BIG hair, tight jeans and ROCK AND ROLL!!! 

I was 17 years old, weighted about 145 pounds-dripping-wet, ​and the world was mine.
(Yes, I had a mullet. All the cool-kids did.) Today we’ll reminisce about:  

  • The best ARTISTS of 1989.
  • The best MOVIES of 1989.
  • And the best 1989 hit SONGS.

Your DAILY CHALLENGE today is going to be FUN!!!
And I’ll ask you to ​go on a journey to YOUR past​ ​to “rekindle” the spark inside of you  that used to light-up your life. ​Enjoy! 


“Sucking the marrow out of life doesn’t mean choking on the bone.” – Robin Williams as  John Keating in the 1989 movie Dead Poets Society

Sucking the marrow out of life doesn't mean choking on the bone


From the movie, ​Good Will Hunting:
Question from Will: [aka Matt Damon, yelling through the glass at some dude he was  going up against for a girl at a bar that night] 

“Do you like apples?” 

The dude: [talking through the glass on the inside] “Yeah.” 

Will: “Well, I got her number. How do you like them apples?” 

[then they got into a fight. Epic.]
(Link to the scene: ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcZPWkNY6x8​)

FYI – I was wrong on the podcast.

This quote is not from Dead Poets Society in 1989. Nope. This quote is from the movie, Good Will Hunting, 1997. My bad. But, I’m going to include it here, cause I still think it’s awesome. 


What’s a dream you had when you were younger that helped make life awesome? 


Do some research about 1989. Listen to a Top 1989 song. Watch a Top 1989 Music Video. Watch a to 1989 Movie.  

Now, answer this question:  

“What’s a dream you had when you were younger that helped make life awesome?”
Consider what ​it is​, and ​“if”​ you want to BRING IT BACK to your life today. 


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Today is Episode 89 of the daily dose of greatness quest. And this is an important  number for me because I graduated from high school in 1989. So today’s episode is  dedicated to all things. 1989. I’m going to take you back on a journey today. I hope you  love the show. 


So it’s true. I graduated from high school in 1989, we had 89 kids and our  graduating class. I guess that was a magic number. And this is a time that we had a lot of  stuff, a lot of cool stuff back then that we don’t have right now. Like for example, we had  big hair so they give you look at the rock bands from back then. And I’m just looking  online right now. The Billboard Hot like 10, 100 singles in 1989. We’ve got people like  Poison.  

And part of your challenge today is I’m going to say that I’m going to ask you to go  back and and do some research. Do some historical research and go back and listen to  one song from 1989. Listen and watch. watch one music video from 1989. You’re gonna  see the big hair I’m talking about. I specifically suggest you check out Every rose has its  thorn fun song. Can’t believe it has been that long. And you’ll see how ridiculous the  band Poison was up there.  

I want you to challenge you to watch a movie from 1989. I’m going to talk about  that just a little bit. And then I’m going to give you I’m gonna challenge you to, to rekindle  a dream that you may have had when you were younger. Either whether you were  around the 1989 or not. We’re going to talk about that today.  

Okay. So real quickly, what are some other artists in 1989? We had Milli Vanilli. Oh my gosh. That’s great. And Bette Midler came out with Wind Beneath My Wings. Who  else we have warrant Debbie Gibson, Bobby Brown, Phil Collins. Okay I grew up with this  stuff and in 1989 this was super cool. Still super cool today yeah yeah it is the movies at  the time Indiana Jones and Last Crusade, Dead Poets Society dude good movie. Back to  the Future Part to I did Ghostbusters two lethal weapon to oh my god one of my favorite  movies ever National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation.  

Okay, so I highly suggest that you go back and that’s my challenge for you today.  Do some research about 1989. Listen to a song, watch a video​, watch. At least I’m  talking to music video but watch a movie National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation  phenomenal all these phenomenal lethal weapon to phenomenal glory. Born on the  Fourth of July bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Oh my god, like this is bringing back so  many memories.
Now, 1989. You gotta remember. I was 17 years old, graduated high school, maybe  weighed a buck 45 dripping wet and thought I was an athlete. I like to play all the sports.  I played football, basketball, baseball and track that was everything my school had to  offer. And at the time, playing sports and being involved in all the school activities was  like the thing to do actually is the thing to do for me, because home life wasn’t always  awesome.  

We, my parents got my mom got remarried when I was in junior high. And so my  freshman year, all these new kids moved in, like my buddies had a had a dad and I had  mom and I said, Hey, we should get them together, then we can hang out all the time.  Well, for the next four years, they became my brothers. And I had four step brothers, one  step sister, and I come from family of three. I have two sisters. So we have eight kids in  the house.  

And money was always a challenge. My father was a horseshoer, or my dad, or  my step dad was a roofer. And life at home sucked. Because we were always in trouble  for something. There’s always fighting. There was always chores to be done, and  everything was always a wreck. And I just did everything I could to be involved at school  and anywhere else, anyplace else as often as possible, because I didn’t like it home. 
And so getting involved in sports, though, is one of the coolest things I ever did.  Because it taught me about team. I’ve always loved team sports, but it taught me how to  really succeed. I wasn’t the strongest guy I wasn’t the tallest guy wasn’t the fastest guy. I  don’t know. Probably you’re thinking listening to my voice. You’re like, Man, this guy  troubles gotta be risk. He’s probably we like the rock and listen to His voice right now. He  seems like he’s a big dude. You know, he’s probably like, solid like Tony Robbins. sighs  Yeah. More. The pint sized Guys, 
Look, that’s never been my experience. I was typically one of the smallest guys on the team. Call me little trip. So little Trev wasn’t the fastest. He wasn’t the smartest. He  wasn’t the fastest. I wasn’t the most coordinated. But I had heart, I had sickest and I had  to be smart. I tried to figure out how to get to play on the field.  

And so what I loved about sports is that I learned to tap into resources. I didn’t  know I had, I was much more willing to push myself beyond the what I thought was a  fair or appropriate or even possible because I started to love my team. Like they were my  family. I’ve always loved team sports, but I really got into them in high school.  

In fact, when I graduated high school and went to college, I went on academic  scholarship. That’s right. I oftentimes say that school did not come easy to me, which is  true, but it didn’t just well enough, my junior and senior year that I could get a little baby  academic scholarship to go to a general community college.  

So for two years is at a community college, which meant that they paid for my my  classes, and I think that maybe was 500 bucks. I don’t know how much it costs like them.  But it wasn’t that much money. But it was a hell of a lot more money than I had, because  we didn’t have any money. And so I had to beg, borrow, steal, to try to make enough  money to like pay for my apartment.  

But back in 1989, up until I went to I ended up finishing job you Junior College.  Oh, I’ll tell you what else I did. I thought I was such an athlete. I was going to play  football. I decided to play college football. My buddy was on 

TIMESTAMP: 6:41   

sports scholarship to go to play football because he was that asked named Sean  reader. When my best friends, we became roommates. I was like, man, if you could do it.  I could do it. How much bigger and faster and coordinated. Are you the me? Well,  apparently a lot. 


I didn’t make the team which was a tremendous failure. So soon as I got out of  school, I was celebrating because that’s finally out of my house. And I was living on my  own a man now and getting in all kinds of trouble. But but but really, it was depressing  to go out and be with all these kids on the field, try my hardest and find out that I’m not  as fast and not as coordinated. And not a sneaky as I needed to be to make the team.  

So I started off with the failure. Now I didn’t mean that I quit sports. But I’m now  reflecting on my life. And this is where I came in a little earlier. And I said, I’m giving you  homework today. 
Your challenge today is to do some homework about 1989. Why? Because I know  because I had a mullet back then. That’s why because because poison was cool back then.  And Jon Bon Jovi and Paula Abdul and all that cool stuff by the brown. And so go ahead  and look back at all the silliness back then watch us watch a music video, listen to a song  go watch one of the movies back then even Mel Gibson having bullet god bless them  when you watch Lethal Weapon 2.  

But I also want you to rekindle one of your dreams that you used to have or  something that used to do. They used to light you up now I’ve got two things that came  up for me today was thinking about 1989 and today’s show for you. And that is I love  playing sports. And I haven’t played a competitive sport not been part of the team for a  long time.  

Now, don’t get me wrong, like I exercise and I sometimes play a weekend warrior  type sport. I’ll go out in a weekend or a week here, there, you know, I’ll play something.  And I’ve always prided myself that I knew enough about all different kinds of sports  because I played them so many in high school.  

And when I went to college, I learned to play rugby man I sport was a big kind of  that part of my life because it challenged me and now it’s been a lot of my time in the  professional world. And I work with mostly entrepreneurs and business owners and  people want to be entrepreneurs and I and I help them craft a story and a message that  matters so that they can connect with an audience that likes their stuff, so I can help  them that’s why I started the publishing company to help you craft the message that  connects with your audience and to to craft a profitable path for you to monetize your  mission.  

And I feel like that’s a sport businesses a sport but I realize I’m missing the  challenge and the camaraderie and how I would like leave it all out on the field and  almost died to try to to win the game. Not just for me, but for my team. So I don’t know  about you, what is it that used to do in the past that used to light you up and give you fire  that you maybe haven’t done a long time because I’m now committed that before the end of the year, I’m going to start a sport whether it’s football, excuse me, my family, every  football problem will be wrong, because those things might hurt me because I’m 46 now.  

And I still think I’m a badass and I play like I’m a little kid. But I don’t really want  to jump around and get tackled by a whole bunch people maybe break something, but I  will play soccer. I will join softball or baseball I’ll do something you know I play Polo  with my dad and once while on a visit. And but that’s not it. I want to join a team. I don’t  know what you want to do figured out what do you want to do? Well, something used to  do that lit you up. And as I’m also looking back it’s reminding me of one of the things I  really love doing. 
One of the things I’m looking forward to this year is for the first time in a long  time. I’m taking a trip with friends and family. We’re going overseas. We’re going to go to  the Bahamas and I’m taking my clients for the first time. Now one of the businesses I had  at one stage I did pretty well with and I had a lot of fun was an adventure tours  company. I used to hire a boat and we became a scuba instructor at one stage. And I  would take people out and we go to the Bahamas, I go to take them to Turks and Caicos, I  go to go the Galapagos Islands and I charted this boat and we got have this amazing  adventure and I realized that I need to start doing that again.  

And I’m taking clients so for the first time we’ve got our mastermind meeting in  the Bahamas and in July we’re going to go out for almost a week and we’re going to hang  out and grow each other’s businesses and also have a badass fun but I’m doing that I’m  realizing that I want to go back to where I try did a boat and take people out because we  go anywhere and do anything. 

So I want you to stay tuned because you’re probably going to see me talking about  that here a lot it’s gonna be next week but before the end of the year you’re gonna hear  me talking about the new retreats we’re going to be doing doing something completely  awesome and fun. Why? Because we frickin we should do what we love and do what is  fun. So what is it for you I just told you share with you two things. And I’m rekindling  something that made life awesome.

So here’s the question for you today. ​What’s a dream you had when you were  younger that helped make life awesome?​ I’ll say it again. What’s a dream you had  when you were younger that help make life awesome? And see if you can go ahead and find a way to go out and bring that dream back to life today, whatever that means for  you.  


So my daily quote I was looking up since in honor of Robin Williams and Dead  Poets Society. I’m going to share with you a quote from from that movie. And this is  where Robin Williams was acting as john Keating in the 1990, 1989 movie, Dead Poets  Society. “​Sucking the marrow out of life doesn’t mean choking on the bone.” “Sucking the marrow out of life doesn’t mean choking on the bone.”  

That’s my challenge for you, man. Figure out how you can suck more marrow out  of life but don’t choke on the bone. And I really like that scene where movie where Matt  Damon it means that girl out of the bar I think that’s this movie dead poet society I think  it’s the same one where he needs this girl out and he’s like any and he was trying to  compete for in a bar and minions of almost getting in a fight. Maybe I think he does get  in a fight.  


And he walks up to this diner and slaps up a thing in the wall and knocks knocks  on the window and he’s like, “Hey, do you like apples?” Like what do you like apples?  Because I gotta know number. “How do you like them apples?” That’s another daily  quote which I think is awesome.  

Alright that’s all I got for you today. 1989 imagine me with a big old mullet I had  one and then it was cool back then it was cool and bring back some do your homework  today have some fun and bring back a dream so you can make today even more  awesome.  

That’s all I got for you. Stay tuned and please rate this show go to Amazon excuse  me go to iTunes and give us some love on iTunes and take a screenshot of that and email  it to me go to ​support@trevorcrane.com​ and I will send you more my books for free send  you free book I’ll give you an immediate digital downloads. I think one of my favorite  books is High Paying Clients because it teaches you how you can go get you some high  paying clients. All right. And I said that grammatically incorrect that did that on purpose. 


I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. 

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